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Well, GHers, it’s  OFFICIAL!

Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos have officially tied the knot and are now Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corinthos!

Sure, it was a little touch and go there for a few tense moments, but they actually got over all those hurdles and made it to the actual “I Dos”.

Good for them. Now whatever is behind them in their individual pasts are just that: behind them. All that matters now is what happens from this day forward. As a symbol of that mindset of moving on, Sonny and Brenda moved right into the celebration phase of their nuptials, and set the tone for their reception by being truly happy about finally joining their lives in happy matrimony. For those of us who’ve been watching for years, and know just how unlikely we thought marriage was for Brenda and Sonny as a couple, we know what a huge feat that really was. As much as Brenda has gotten on my nerves since her return, I am happy for all of those Sonny and Brenda fans that held on all these years! Congratulations to all of you!

It must have been a jagged little pill to swallow for Carly, although she had a larger reception line than the bride, so maybe it wasn’t a total loss. Her boys were genuinely concerned for her, and Spinelli was filled with regret. Jax didn’t help his case by telling Carly that he expected nothing less. *wince* And Carly answered by pointing out that he was probably disappointed that her plan didn’t work. I may be in the minority here, but I am very saddened by the apparent collapse of Carly’s and Jax’s marriage. While I can be #TeamCarly occasionally when she’s about to torture someone I wouldn’t mind being tortured, her kind of crazy isn’t really something I can take too often. Jax does ground Carly, and keeps her from completely blowing into Jason’s life at all hours of the night. More than that, the Jacks Family represents the last of the standing traditional families in Port Charles. You know: a mom, a dad, and kids all under one roof. I think there is so much story for them in just their attempts to raise their kids and keep them alive while they all dally in the world of Sonny and Jason, and as long as Uncle Jerry may still be out there. I hope somehow they work it out. Carly’s reception line continued with Lulu wondering if Carly was ever going to tell her the truth, which I found to be rather nervy, considering Lulu never told Carly any pertinent information when the shoe was on her foot. And of course, Uncle Luke wanted to let Caroline know that they’d make a great team someday. Yet, I would think that the most exciting exchange of Carly’s evening was when Sonny approached her, I must say that I expected something else entirely. I really expected that Sonny would hand Carly her ass and send her on her way. But no. I really, really loved that entire exchange between them, – even when Carly told Sonny that she really just wants him to be happy. Sonny knows who Carly is, and I was touched to see that in a low moment for her, he didn’t forget. He honored their love for each other. When Sonny flashed Carly those dimples and kissed her cheek, I actually got teary. It was a very sweet moment. From this day forward, I hope Carly can remember and respect their love, in its newest form, the way Sonny did.

Sonny’s oldest really has a long way to go before we can say the same thing about him. He hasn’t honored or respected his love for Lulu at all; I don’t care what he says. I am really glad that Lulu has Tracy for a stepmom, and she should be too. Tracy got right in Dante’s face after Lulu was (once again) humiliated by Dante’s secrets, and told him to leave her the hell alone. Tracy is absolutely right. Lulu deserved full disclosure. The saddest thing is that she gave Dante the opportunity to give her just that – several times. He didn’t. Dante also didn’t take Tracy’s advice, and showed up at Lulu’s…literally asking to be yelled at, kicked, or punched. Lulu took him up on it and let him have it. I guess from this day forward, Dante will have to think twice about lying to Lulu. But I’m hoping even more that from this day forward, Lulu will rethink what a healthy relationship looks like.

Weddings tend to make those who are in love feel euphoric, and those who aren’t, feel a little lost. Patrick and Robin are in a unique position as they are in love, but lost at the moment. How bittersweet it was to hear them recall their own wedding day, only to have to remind themselves that they are going home to empty, separate beds. Forever isn’t always as longwinded as one believes on the day you exchange your vows. I think Patrick is really trying. He’s saying all the right things, and he’s doing all the right things, and he’s being as patient as he knows how to be. Robin just isn’t there yet. People react to betrayal differently, so I don’t know that anyone could judge Robin too harshly. I’m not sure that I could ever get over infidelity, so I will certainly not be coming down on her about where she’s at emotionally. I just found myself wishing that Robin could hear and see how hard Patrick is fighting, and when I saw her ask him to dance, I felt she did just that. I hope for Emma’s sake, and from this day forward, they’ll keep moving in the same direction one step at a time.

Kristina has never been really good at keeping reality and her dreams straight. They seem to tangle in her pretty little head more often than not. I fear that Kristina spending most of her time at this wedding in the presence of, or even in the line of vision of Ethan Lovett is not going to help her. When Ethan told Kristina the less than fairy-tale version of his marriage to Maya, I could almost see the little CFL light bulbs lighting up above her. I can almost guarantee that from this day forward, Kristina is going to rededicate herself to making Ethan realize that she, not Maya, is the one for him.

The other Mr. and Mrs. of the moment were busy planning for a different kind of future: Life after Brenda. The Balkans (I think I like the sound of that) were going over some last minute details for the evening, which, if played right, should have been the worst night of Brenda’s life. Somehow I got the distinct feeling that Suzanne’s plans for their future don’t exactly match up with her hubby’s. Since finding out about Suzanne’s transgression, Theo seems a little cooler than normal. If I were Suzanne, I’d watch my back from this day forward.

Oh, how I wish I could have given our Fair Samantha the same advice! Sam walked into a trap neither she nor Jason seemed to anticipate. I had a feeling as I listened to Sam insisting that she should go with him, and Jason kept insisting that she shouldn’t be placed in danger, that they were going to regret how tat went down. Sam did tell Jason that she feared the Pine Barrens location was a trap to be ambushed, but Jason has one thing on his mind right now, and that’s getting The Balkan. I think that single-mindedness may have impaired his usually reliable judgment. Not only is Jason in pretty dire straits himself with Shawn hurt and down, and no backup, but Sam has stepped into the trap of the very person Jason was trying to protect her from by making her stay behind. Hmmm… from this day forward, I think Jason should give Sam’s point of view, especially when he’s this unwavering, a little more weight.

The one silver lining in this dark turn of events is that, as we have all decided, Jason is at his best when he is desperate over the possibility of losing Sam! If you’ve taken the time to watch our History Vids over the past few days, and even today, you’ll see a side of Jason that we rarely see. Fear is something Jason rarely feels – even in his line of work, so when we see him turned completely inside out by that fear; it sticks with you. I have a feeling we’re about to get some pretty memorable scenes for our Jason and Sam over the next couple of days…so from this day forward…try not to blink!




February 24

2005: This is so funny! I almost named my daughter Raven…loved that name on Edge of Night!

2006:  I thought the writers did a great job of of writing those Sonny and Sam scenes. I loved that Sam thanked him for Jason. I loved that Sonny told her to hold on to the thought of marrying Jason and having a baby together. It’s like what they’re still telling us a whopping SIX years later!

 2010: I love how Jason talks to Sam about everything, including business. Jason and Sam are as married as can be – they just don’t know it.

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2 responses

  1. jenn

    I could swoon over Jasam all day long. I had the biggest goosebumps when Sam turned her mirror in that car. I, by the way, never adjust my mirror, so I probably wouldn’t seen the guy for a few miles. (hahaha)

    It bothers me that STILL no one has asked where the baby is. Especially Sonny and Carly. Sonny should really want to know if he has a step-child somewhere, and Carly should want to stir up more trouble. Really – why has no one asked?

    And really, I think Sonny actually does owe Carly a thank you. First of all, it is much better that the secret came out while he still had the choice to marry Brenda. Second, without all those years of back and forth with Carly and the kids, no way he’s able to forgive Brenda. Carly has helped Sonny to be able to look past the moment at times and learn to prioritize. She may have had ill motives (doesn’t she always, or almost always) but she really did help me. AND, she gave herself the option of a big “I told you so
    later. Oh well.

    February 24, 2011 at 12:49 pm

  2. JasamFan

    Oh yeah.. It is about to get all kind of good with Sam and Jason. Nothing plays out better on our screen than Jason’s concern for Sam. Now the fact that he has just put her in that situation is going to make it that much better.

    These are the kind of scenes that Steve and Kelly rock.. That Stelly/Jasam magic is about to blow us away.. AGAIN!

    Love You!

    February 24, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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