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“What We Can Live With”

Dearly Beloved GHers, we are gathered here today to join together what actually played out onscreen, and our thoughts about those scenes.


When making Life Decisions, whether you’re a mobster or a sharp legal eagle with a penchant for great shoes…it all comes down to “What You Can Live With.”

Most of us could not wait to see what would happen today – as a very rare Monday Cliffhanger left us counting down the minutes to Tuesday’s episode.

So let’s not waste time …

Lucky Spencer was *this close* to boarding a plane and leaving behind a really adventurous phase in his life. Not only that, but Lucky took off from Port Charles, NY on a dangerous mission to rescue Siobhan’s sister from The Balkan’s men, with only Siobhan to help him. I was kinda bummed that there was no one around to actually see Lucky walk away from that dangerous mission in one piece – and have that mission: accomplished. Then along comes Trouble, wanting to follow him home. The upside I see to this right off the bat is that at least Lucky will have an eyewitness to his success! Lucky is a good guy where it counts. He doesn’t want Siobhan putting herself in harm’s way anymore just because of her connection to him. I thought it was great that Lucky even cared to ask “What Siobhan Can Live With.” I thought it was even greater that Siobhan reminded Lucky that he’s not the first dangerous guy she’s gotten caught up with. After a tense moment at the boarding desk, Lucky and Siobhan are headed back “home,” for however long it can that for Siobhan.

Speaking of home, Lucky has some pretty complicated entanglements there, and Liz and her boys are a huge part of that. It seems those entanglements are about to grow even more “entangled.” Liz, who has to explain her sordid Baby Daddy history with the new doc, Terrell, heard something that just might make that history one daddy less sordid. Monica, whom I was thrilled to see, (though I would have loved even more to see and hear her take at the Corinthos wedding) mentioned to Liz that having seen Lucky’s baby pictures, she thinks Baby Aiden looks most like Lucky – not Nikolas. This made me chuckle just a little. You would think that Monica, having seen more than Jason’s baby pictures, would have seen some kind of resemblance between Jake and her son, Jason. No? But, anyway, I have my own cherished theory on that, so let’s file that for another day. Back to Liz’s current dilemma. She had three babies, three supposed baby daddies, and yet no one to call her own when it comes to love. What’s a girl to do? Well, if you’re Liz, you go down the list of options, and then usually you pick the one you cannot have, and then you go after him. She has tried that with Nikolas, but Brook Lynn is a little tougher to chase away than Liz bargained for. So, while the money options were probably best with Nik, especially since she blew Jason’s $5 million, the bottom line will be “What Liz Can Live With.” I don’t think she can take much more of being alone…so look out Lucky! You may be on Liz’s radar again; and I feel sorry for any guy who ends up there.

So…Mrs. Balkan is committed enough to her bald, criminal mind of a hubby to crawl into some cave just to be near him. (I know – a cave?) Apparently, Suzanne has been married to Theo for quite some time, as they parented Aleksander together. It appears that Suzanne is clear on the fact that Theo is a crime figure of some sort, and it seems she was okay with that all those years. However, somewhere along the way, there was a moment of reflection and it all came down to “What Suzanne Can Live With.” We all heard Suzanne’s version of what happened when she and Brenda met up in Africa. We all know that Brenda was pregnant when she arrived, and by the time she woke up, there was no baby. However, Suzanne lied to Mr. Balkan and told him that she knew of Brenda’s miscarriage, but not that she was there. And she never told him before now, which makes me think there’s more to this. You see, I think that Suzanne was able to live with a lot of things, but knowing that Theo had a hand in making their son the violent man he was described as was all she was willing to live with. Perhaps she couldn’t take the risk that he’d do it to another son – or grandson. Which begs the question…did Brenda really miscarry? We shall see…

You all know I was totally Team Carly on exposing Brenda and Dante’s secret, but sometimes Carly just takes it to a whole other level, and I have to slink into my chair and cover my eyes in shame. Just the fact that Carly was there, with her hand on the documentation, was enough to make Brenda ‘fess up. There was no need to grandstand, and make a scene in front of her boys, and in front of Kristina and Molly, who love and count Carly a friend. Just making sure that Sonny and Lulu knew their secret – whatever it was, should have been enough. But we all know Carly. It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t “What Carly Can Live With.” No, Carly had to make sure to make a grand entrance, she had to be sure to have all eyes on her, and to make sure that everyone heard all about that incriminating evidence she had. However, it backfired. Miserably. Carly was told to “shut, up, sit down, or leave” by the very man she was trying to save. She proved to her kids, to her current husband, whom I don’t even think she noticed, and to everyone else in the room, that she is consumed with payback. Now in the eyes of every one of those kids, the memory of this happy occasion for them is now a little tarnished. Carly has the ability to eat up an entire room and she forgets anyone is there. That’s not cool, especially when your kids have to see you that way. In the end, will she be able to live with what she’s done?

Although we all knew about the secret Brenda and Dante were keeping, none of us were really sure about what the secret really was. So Brenda’s impending confession at the very altar at her wedding was enough to get me to put the phones on silent, and to have my beverage and snack five minutes before GH began. I didn’t want to miss one syllable of the confession, especially since we had to endure all of those Brenda/Dante flashbacks for so long! It turns out that the secret was rather boring. It wasn’t Dante’s baby, they say they didn’t even sleep together, and it seems it wasn’t even Jax’s baby, but Aleksander’s. Brenda did have an intimate relationship with this man from her past, whom she speaks of with nothing but disdain and regret. Hmmm. I guess while she could live with sleeping with him, co-parenting a child with him was more than “What Brenda Can Live With.” Enter star struck, painfully upstanding citizen and upholder of the law, Dante Falconeri, and Brenda seemed to have her out. I find it amazing that Dante was willing to do all he did for Brenda, and is still willing to keep secrets with and for her, and they weren’t even having a physical affair. How boring.

Well, boring to all of us. I doubt Lesley Lu Spencer thought Dante and Brenda’s secret was very boring at all. In fact, it was much more excitement than Lulu could handle. It seems that every time she and Dante turn a corner in their relationship, there is another lie waiting to jump out at them, weapons drawn. Secrets hurt. They tear down whatever you’ve built up, and they steal whatever you’ve invested in a relationship. Lulu asked Dante to be honest after finding out about their last secret, and he failed her again. I’ll tell you what. I would not be surprised at all if this is just way more than “What Lulu Can Live With.” I wouldn’t blame her if she left Dante to handle all of the secrets alone, and walked in the other direction. He deserves no less.

Sonny Corinthos is a person that just cannot abide betrayal. It is one of his personal, fundamental beliefs. This is where it really pays off to have a longtime writer like (my personal favorite) Michele Val Jean writing these scenes. MVJ wrote Sonny from his heart, like only she would know it. When Sonny went after Brenda and confronted her about her fears, I thought, “Wow, our Sonny Boy is growing up!” That dialogue was beautifully written, and beautifully acted by Maurice Bernard. My favorite part was, “I want to forgive you, but it’s not what I do best.” So perfectly true, and so perfectly Sonny, and surprisingly – so perfectly vulnerable. A close second was when Sonny wouldn’t let Brenda take the easy way out. When she said she didn’t tell him because she thought he would leave her, Sonny answered, “As soon as someone says they love you, you wear a wire, you keep a secret”… Wow! What a great nod to their history without being sappy. Seriously, I gave MVJ *two thumbs WAY up* for her writing prowess! The best thing about Sonny’s scenes was that he’s been the same person for about as long as we’ve known him. In this instance, we watched, along with all of PC, as he becomes someone else. You see, even though Sonny has never been able to deal with lies or being betrayed, in that moment, when all of Brenda’s and Dante’s secrets were finally out, and Brenda walked away from him, it all came down to “What Sonny Can Live With.” In one split second, the answer Sonny always thought he knew, changed. It wasn’t the first time Brenda lied, and God knows, it probably wouldn’t be the last. Knowing that, Sonny decided he’d rather live with Brenda – and her lies, than without her once again. That’s pretty damned romantic.

 There are few things that excite me as much as Jason Morgan in “Don’t %&$^ With My Girl” mode. It just affects me in ways that probably are not normal. Steve Burton seems to get hotter when he is in intense scenes with Kelly Monaco. I don’t understand the phenomena. I don’t know if they practice looking really intense right before they shoot their scenes, or if it’s just one of those fluke things that happens once in a generation on daytime. I just know that when it’s happening, my big, fluffy slippers could catch on fire, and I would not be able to tear my eyes away from their scenes. It is MAGIC. Pure and simple.

Tuesday’s scene of Jason threatening big, scary Shawn reminded me of another new layer to Jason this time around. There is a much greater awareness of “What Jason Can Live With,” and what he cannot. Clearly, he cannot live with losing Sam. He has told her. We have heard it. No one doubted it…but when we see him reacting to Sam in danger, we see it. We feel it. We believe it.

While that’s incredibly splendid and romantic and just plain dreamy for all of us, it could be a problem for Jason and for Sam, because to his enemies, it’s a clear indication that Jason has a weakness. When Jason asked softly, “Sam, are you okay?”, we all wanted to melt like hot butter. However, Jason’s Stone Cold persona is what has kept him and his loved ones safe in the past. I would bet that what Shawn heard was a distraction.

That’s something that could prove deadly. Not just for Jason, but for Sam.

Even that risk is not enough to scare Sam away. Like Jason, she has figured out that being apart is a fate far worse than being safe or conventional. The danger isn’t just an adrenaline rush for her anymore, it is “What Sam Can Live With”, especially when the alternative is living without the love of her life.

That kind of high-octane Love Story is what Classic Soap was all about. Jason and Sam have the element of vintage danger and excitement, all while being romantic, down to a science. They’re just more modern, and way hotter. 


I cannot wait to see where these escapades lead for Jason and Sam this time around. I am thrilled by the reminder that close calls make Jason and Sam want to hold on to one another a whole lot tighter.






February 23

2005: I love when they work together to catch the bad guys!

2006: Part 1: Part 2:  Listen to what Sonny says about Sam…he seemed to forget that once. Jason is at his best when he is scared to death about losing the love of his life! I love it!

2009: How I LOVED these scenes between Jason and Sam. When Sam walked in, I loved the concern when he asked her, “How, how are you doing?” So sweet. And Jason telling Sam he needed her and couldn’t do it alone! CLASSIC JASAM!

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  1. JasamFan

    I agree.. THUD

    Jason has been on fire.. HOT HOT HOT. However he is never hotter then when he is protecting and loving our girl Sam.

    I can’t wait to see what is coming.. we know it is going to be amazing!

    Love ya and try and get some sleep.. oh and if you find a way to reset that clock let me know!

    February 23, 2011 at 4:44 am

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