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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…And Towards The Future

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You know, this blog has been so many things for me. It’s a place where I found my words again. ūüėČ

It’s the one thing that keeps me sane while I’m home still trying to get back to normal…and back to my life.

It’s the place where I’ve met and made so many special friends, whom I just could not imagine my life without now.

You guys truly have no idea how much you all mean to  me, and how much I love and appreciate you all.

This week’s Futuristic and Romantic Sunday Drive is dedicated to a very special friend, Jenn!

Jenn completely blew my mind (in the best way possible) on Friday night. After meeting our gorgeous Kelly Monaco at her¬†Fan Event, (Jenn’s first) I got a tweet from Jenn. It made my entire weekend, and it reminded of why I am¬†so thankful for the connections I’ve made here.¬† Take a look at that tweet…her thoughtfulness still makes me a little weepy! (And by the way, you should be following her, too! @jenncorb)

I KKKNNNOOOOOWWWW! How awesome was that??? I am still so excited!

So, to show Jenn that I think she is EVEN sweeter than she thinks me…

“This Drive’s For You!”

Love ya!


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Friends, it has been a deeply emotional, incredibly satisfying, and unbelievably romantic week as far as our favorite couple goes.

Let me ask you this?

“Have YOU Ever Been In Love?”

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…with a Soap Supercouple, like I am with JaSam?

JaSam inspires me to believe that the best is yet to come for them!

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(most importantly for ABC and the entire soap genre, they make me believe in the magical powers of LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON!

They are the reason that I am committed to General Hospital.

They are the reason I tune in everyday in hopes of catching some JaSam Magic.

And I have to say… I am so ready for Jason and Sam to take the next step in their relationship.

I want them to move forward.

I want a proposal.

I want a wedding.

I want a JaSam baby.

I want it ALL for JaSam!

This week, I want to make sure that you all understand my vision, so we’re taking a drive through the future I envision for Jason and Sam.

Prepare to be *dazzled* by the pure beauty of their Love Story…

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I need to dig for a handkerchief when I watch this one…”JaSam Wedding: It Was You”¬†Credit: Destined4Delena

Listen, we’ve had it both ways…Jason asking Sam three times, and Sam even asking Jason once…the point is, I don’t care how it goes down – I just want a JaSam wedding! These next two vids are a His & Hers set. A proposal from a “Him”, and then one from a “Her”. Both are extremely beautiful!

“Marry Me”¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Marry Me”¬†Credit: JaaSamBrucasLover

Wouldn’t it be music to my ears to hear these words? “Let’s Get Married”¬†Credit: zaltana1

This is another Beauty! “I Want To Spend My Life With You”¬†Credit: jasonandsamslovechil

The most amazing thing about Jason and Sam – and the ONE thing that has allowed them to get through everything and to this juncture, is that they were able to look at each other with¬† “Eyes Of Grace”¬†Credit: mep62084

And let’s face it…the day I see a promo like this next vid, I may need a crash cart! “JaSam: Baby Promo” (fan made)¬†Credit: mcdela02

Wouldn’t another pregnancy journey be just “Beautiful”?¬†Credit: sarahCG

And…”There You’ll Be”¬†Credit: ¬†Jasamis4evr

Try not¬†to completely lose it with this next one! Get out that hanky again! *sniff* “I See The Moon”¬†Credit: aproditebeauty



February 19


February 20

2006: THIS IS LOVE, people!

2009: Part 1:¬†Part 2:¬†¬†Jason acting like a dad to Spin…and the events that lead up to Jason asking Sam¬†for her help! *be still my heart*

Make it a COMMITMENT to keep asking The Writers to keep adding to the FABULOSITY that is JaSam’s Love Story!


Making A Difference For JaSam…Every Day!¬†

VOTE: UPDATED LINK:¬†¬†(Don’t get lazy on voting here, friends! JASAM ARE BACK AT NUMBER ONE, AND SO IS KELLY! We need to be religious about voting, and we need to vote from every available electronic device ūüėČ)

AND also: 

Call: ABC: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583 

TWEET OUR FAVORITES: Tweet Steve and Kelly and try to counteract all of the negativity dumped there daily! Let them know what real fans look like, and let them know how much we enjoy ALL OF THEIR scenes, ESPECIALLY JaSam Scenes! Steve’s Official Twitter Is: @1SteveBurton¬†Kelly’s OFFICIAL Twitter Is: @KellyMonaco1

SOAPNET: Go on and share your favorite JaSam Storyline! Please make a commitment to this project! Especially since¬†the “other side” is filling it up with GARBAGE!

Facebook GH FEEDBACK PAGE:¬†FLOOD THAT PAGE WITH POSITIVE JASAM LOVE DAILY! THIS is the page that gets attention from those who matter! PLEASE, please, please remember not to make it only about wanting JaSam – that gets overlooked as “fanbase crap”. Use solid, honest, but tactful language letting them know what you think the strengths were on that particular day, and if that’s Steve and Kelly, that’s fine – but this is NOT¬†the place to go all ga-ga because we got some make-out time. Remember to use their names (character/actor) separately, i.e. Kelly and Steve instead of Stelly, and Jason and Sam instead of JaSam. You can also calmly state what you think the weaknesses were, such as overused characters, storyline inconsistencies, or not enough use of the history of our dearest characters and vets. EVERY PHONE CALL, EMAIL, FACEBOOK POST¬†COUNTS – SO REALLY¬†GIVE IT YOUR ALL!¬†


Snail Mail: Remember to GUSH, THANK THEM, and SHOW LOVE for what we’re getting with our JaSam! PLEASE: Leave out frustrations, bashing,¬†anger, and other couples!

Bob, Guza, Head Writer
Jill Farren-Phelps, Exec. Producer 
Elizabeth Korte, Editor
c/o ABC-TV 
4151 Prospect Avenue  
Hollywood, CA  90027
Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair 
Disney Media Networks Division
500 S. Buena Vista St. 
Burbank, CA  91521

Our couple is counting on US!



6 responses

  1. Zainab

    great job… its nice to find fellow jasamers that are so passionate abt Bonnie and Clyde, lol… your work is greatly appreciated and loved. keep it up

    February 20, 2011 at 5:58 am

  2. samjase

    I’m glad I am able to type this instead of saying what I feel out loud because after watching the clips and reading your blog..I’m all “verklempt”!!!

    The fan-made baby promo did me in! I really cried. Oh brother..this will be something else when that day comes. I too will need a “crash cart”! OMG.

    Jenn is a true friend to you getting that beautiful signed photo from Kelly. I believe you’ve got MORE FRIENDS than you realize as a result of your dedication to this blog and the best paring in daytime. It’s such a joy to come here and read your thoughts!!!

    I also want it ALL for Jasam. More than anything…I want the “old fashioned” sequence of events to occur. The proposal, the wedding and then a WANTED and planned baby for Jasam. I don’t want a “miracle” (an ooops baby)…just like Kelly said at her event this weekend. Jasam deserve to have the whole nine yards with all the bells and whistles that FIT THEM.

    Angelique…again thank you for EVERYTHING you do for the Jasam fans…a tried and true group of people who recognize the awesome relationship of Jason and Sam and have stuck with them through all the ups and downs. They’re certainly worth it!!!

    February 20, 2011 at 10:16 am

  3. sarah

    Angelique, I wish I knew how to send your entire blog,complete with vids and the comment above, to TPTB. Spot on! You speak for us all, as you always do. And the pictures used today are heavenly. I love this blog. And your gift of KM’s picture, inscribed to you, was truly lovely, and so deserved by you. What a sweet friend. Be well, and take care…blessings always.

    February 20, 2011 at 11:55 am

  4. luv4jasam

    New link for SID poll

    February 20, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    • Thanks for always bringing it over!
      Big Hugs!

      February 22, 2011 at 3:59 am

  5. Karlene

    Whenever you write a new blog entry, you make me fall even more in love with Jason and Sam all over(it happens that often!!). Jenn is completely awesome to get you that autograph from Ms. Monaco. Some good things are coming for our couple. Only the best for you, Angelique ūüôā
    JASAM Love Always,

    February 20, 2011 at 3:10 pm

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