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Who says Love in the Afternoon is dead and gone?

They should have check out the episode player on and watch today’s GH…as Love was not just alive and well, but filling us with hope, and all things beautiful!

I have to tell you that truly I cannot remember the last time that I literally wished away the weekend, one day at a time, just so that I could finally tune into General Hospital! More telling than that is the fact that our cliffhanger had NOTHING to do with finding out who had died or been blown up…it had nothing to do with who The Balkan’s helpers are, or who shredded Brenda’s dress, flooded her wedding site, or tossed her hair extensions.

Oh! That last thing hasn’t happened yet?

Sorry. My mistake.


My point, dear friends, is that since Thursday, I was counting down the minutes to 3 p.m. EST so that I could tune into cliffhangers of a different kind.

Cliffhangers that, at least for me, did not include shootouts, suspense, or danger. Perhaps for LuSh fans they did.

The cliffhangers that left me hanging involved…



Love. In the afternoon.

Can you imagine?

What surprised me even more was that Monday’s Valentine’s Day episode DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Sometimes, we get so excited about what’s to come on our beloved soap, and then we get less than what we imagined, and are left wanting.

However, Cupid – being channeled by the talented Tracey Thomson today, changed all that!

I would think that fanbases across the board were just thrilled with how Valentine’s Day unfolded in Port Charles, and for that reason I have to think that our GH Writing team struck gold! I am so proud of them for getting it right!

Think about this, GHers, (and you’ll also be able to see it in our JaSam’s Day In History section), for many years all we got on Valentine’s Day was the second week of a crisis of some kind. For the longest time, those we love to watch in love were, on Valentine’s Day, up to their ears in dangers such as explosions, fires, serial killers, terrorists, killer viruses, or even serial kidnappers, instead of being up to their ears in bubble baths or romance!

I know for sure that for years we have all complained about what has been missing on GH, especially around the most romantic day of the year, but let’s give credit where credit is due!

Last year we got some romance, and this year, we got more than just romance. We got full blown love stories!

I hope, and will keep my fingers crossed, that each of you reading this today will take the time to thank the writers and TPTB for that wonderful gift, even if you’ve already done so. Just so you know, there are people out there right now committed to making 500 “evil calls” per day…

Surely, being driven by love and passion, ours has to be the winning side here, no?

Let’s prove it!

Now…Moving on to our Valentine’s Day episode, let’s talk LOVE!

Lucky and Siobhan are really going to have to work on their romantic tendencies. Perhaps Cupid is not omnipresent…and just couldn’t get to Ireland in time to salvage their Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps Cupid was just so pleased with all he did accomplish in Port Charles that he kept watching his handiwork over and over…like we all did! The point is that Lucky and Siobhan seem to be on the opposite side of romance right now. I have to agree with so many of you who thought their “Irish Adventure” just didn’t belong on today’s episode. It was like finding a worm in the middle of your apple, I know. I really do want to love Lucky and Siobhan together. In fact, I think I do. Perhaps my meds are keeping me from being able to make sense of all the twists and turns, but I just can’t seem to be able to pick a side to stand on with Siobhan, and then stay there. I keep going back and forth, because SIOBHAN keeps going back and forth! I just cannot keep up. Maybe when my head is not in the clouds of all this Valentine Amore, I’ll be able to sort it all out. For now, I just have to lay Lucky and Siobhan aside. I wish Lucky would proceed with caution for a little while longer, just until he has it all figured out. He is so emotionally entangled that it drives me a little nuts. When I saw Lucky tearing up, I thought, “If he starts crying over this chick, I am gonna give him something to cry about!” Lucky, please! Someone find Laura and tell her that her son needs to resolve his mommy issues! ‘Til then…Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed for these two crazy kids.

Sonny and Brenda managed to rid themselves of the Witch, The Lion(Cub) and The Wardrober in time to spend some time together on Valentine’s Day, and I imagine that their fans were thrilled. Sonny took a stand when he walked in with his flowers for his bride, and his Alpha Male personality scared everyone away; except for Brenda. She melted into his arms, and they had a couple of sweet moments before realizing that The Wedding Saboteur had struck again when Brenda opened up Sonny’s wedding ring box and …GASP! It was gone! *cue scary music*

(By the way, I truly believe that was the only Balkan-related reminder and cliffhanger we should have dealt with for today!)

Well, Robin and Patrick fans, I bet today left you PANTING! What a clever, out-of- the-ordinary, but totally romantic way of getting those two to reconnect, and remind not just their fans, but each other, how they fell in love in the first place. I felt Patrick was totally in his element. Knowing he’s hot, and acting like it, totally works for him – much better than the feeling sorry for himself husband. Good for him for digging deep and finding that PLAYER that Robin knocks constantly, but fell in love with anyway. And hey – just because he stopped being a player doesn’t mean he has to stop being playful in his approach to his marriage! Not only was Terrell completely thrown off his game, but so was Robin! That kiss was hot and sweet at the same time, and that is quite a feat! Way to go, Writers! Way to freakin’ go!

The best part of the Robin and Patrick moment was that they were both so into each other’s orbits, that no one even noticed all the trouble Lisa was going through to try and sabotage their evening! This was definitely another HUGE point for the writers, because we all understand that our couples have to endure some angst and periods of them being against the world, but sometimes, especially on Valentine’s Day, we just want to see our couples leave the villain in the dust. I thought it was immensely well-written, and a totally crafty way to write Lisa’s plot gone wrong. When Lisa realized that Patrick didn’t seem to be feeling any of the effects of the drug she slipped him, and then we see her realizing that she is…that was fabulous! I loved that! And of course, the fact that Johnny showed up at just the right time thanks to his “spying barmaid” was just icing on the cake. I loved that Terrell noticed that Lisa really isn’t as together as she wants him to believe. I also loved that once John wrestled her out of Jake’s and got her back to his place, he broke down and talked to Lisa about Claudia, even though she totally blew off his kindness because she is still obsessed with Patrick. I really like the dynamic between those two, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for these two desperados.

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Finally, I am convinced that Ms. Tracy Thomson sat and watched all of the past YouTube clips where Jason and Sam talked about having a baby before writing today’s scenes. Why do I believe that? Because these scenes were not just “another talk” about whether or not Sam was pregnant. These scenes were about the years and years of high hopes and disappointments  – for the both of them. In every word Jason and Sam said to each other, I heard it, and I felt it. Every word was just right, and at just the right moment! I fell back in love with Jason Morgan today, and from what I saw on Twitter, I wasn’t the only one.

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I think that Steve and Kelly did some reminiscing of their past storylines on their own before taping of these scenes as well, because my goodness…they really brought their A-Game to those scenes! That was as close to perfection as I can recall on GH in a long time. I am almost ashamed to say this, but there were moments where I had to stop and talk myself down, because I totally seemed to forget that they are fictional characters…for entire scenes! I mean, one second I was laughing right along with them over burned toast stories, and the next I was balling and wishing that I could be their surrogate!

There truly was so much to love about Jason and Sam’s Valentine’s evening. It was a fan’s dream, because they addressed so much and seemed to take not steps – but STRIDES in their relationship, and we owe that to both the writer, and Steve and Kelly.

There were so many great moments!

Sam trying to act nonchalant about the pregnancy test, and Jason not being able to, was vintage JaSam! I loved it. But there was more…A whole eight and a half minutes of Jason and Sam…also vintage JaSam!

When Sam asked Jason why he was with her, and he answered, “Because I know what my life is like without you, and I want you in it,” it was more than the words that convinced me. Jason gave Sam a look that would have melted the remaining four inches of ice I have outside! And all of the scenes where Sam tried putting off the call to get the results, and Jason gently nudged before finally asking her to do it as a favor to him were just so perfectly tormented, that I was torn for them.

When Sam hung up the phone and turned around with that forced smile and said, “I’m not pregnant,” I heard myself sob…aloud! Kelly made me feel Sam’s pain so deeply that I was amazed myself. And Steve managed to look so pained and careful that my heart broke for Jason too.

I thought it was a huge moment as Sam tried to convince Jason that things turned out as they should since he gave up Jake in order to keep him safe, and Jason held up his hand and said, “I know that’s what I wanted,” then paused and asked her, “What do you want?” Jason was desperately fighting to hide the depth of his sorrow, but needed to hear what she was feeling.

It was such a beautiful moment when Sam’s answer to Jason’s question began with “I have all I need,” and Jason immediately told Sam that she didn’t have to tell him what she thought he wanted to hear.

Then Jason did something I never thought he’d do. He asked her, “What do you feel?”

Jason Morgan. Not backing down from a conversation – but actually pushing for it – about emotions and feelings!

It was a wonder to behold, and behold I did – over and over.

Watching Sam as she allowed herself to really feel all those things she’s kept pushing back down away from the surface all this time was heartbreaking. When Sam finally broke down and cried, I did too. I felt Sam’s pain, but I also felt Jason’s.

I think Jason believes it’s wrong to wish for it, but it doesn’t change the fact that he wants to have a baby with Sam. He wants to be a father. He wants to share that experience with Sam, the one woman who has shared everything with him. He always has, and always did. Sure, he doesn’t waste time dreaming about it, but now that the possibility revisited their lives, Jason remembers how much he always wanted it. Jason won’t admit it to her – he would feel badly admitting to Sam that he wanted her to be pregnant, because he can’t bear to add to Sam’s pain. And he will never get over that she can’t get pregnant because she was shot instead of him.

So instead, Jason pushed down his own feelings much the same way Sam has, and moved to hold Sam while she cried. Jason gently asked if she wanted to look into having the procedure. He told her she was allowed to still want kids. Jason did everything right. He was perfectly supportive, and a great listener, and the man that Sam first fell in love with.

While the rest of us may have lost sight of that man after all they’ve been through, after all Sam has been through, I don’t think Sam ever did. And thank goodness she held on.

Jason is a keeper.

Even if he got her another necklace. *sigh*

And even if their night was interrupted by another one of Jason’s enemies. *sigh*

(Shawn soooooooo could have waited ‘til tomorrow!)

Sam still thinks Jason is worth it all.

And for today, so do I.



February 14

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2005: Sam and Jason in action mode ROCK! 

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2010: The first Valentine’s Day that made me happy!



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4 responses

  1. JasamFan

    You blog is beautiful.. and made me cry all over again as I read it.

    Today was indeed the best I have seen on GH in a long while. I really can’t add anything to what you have said here except.. BRAVO!

    Just like you I too fell in love with Jason all over again today.. and the reason I did.. because I LOVE the way Jason LOVES Sam!

    What a wonderful anniversary gift for you and Valentine’s gift for us all!

    SamJasonsHeart.. Jason made me proud today to have this as my twitter name.

    Time to shut down the computer, grab a box of tissues and watch it all over again before I head off to bed.

    Love and Hugs

    February 15, 2011 at 4:33 am

    • Hi, Becky!
      I agree…it was perfectly done!
      I’ve watched over and over…I hope they keep this up.
      It’s like waking up in ’04-’05. 😉
      I love your twitter name! 😉
      Love you!

      February 16, 2011 at 11:43 pm

  2. jenn


    Oh, thank you so much for finding the words for yesterday’s GH, because I am still sitting here with my jaw on the floor.

    Sweeps are about drama and excitement, as those past clips show us, but soaps are about romance and relationships and we, as their entire fan base, will turn in every year to watch epis like that, especially on such special days. (yes, yes, I am telling GH this also :).

    I too was absolutely in love with Jason yesterday (hold on, more tears… okay) and I was damn near in love with Steve too! Jason was perfect. The “I don’t need to know” “I do” exchange was wonderful. Jason, very gently reminding Sam that this potential child is his too, and he has almost as much at stake (I say almost because we know how fragile Sam is, it’s the only place she’s fragile, but it’s true.) From the planning of the evening to the compassion and love in every scene… I am just in awe. Everything was perfect. When I heard we were getting an “intruder” I assumed that he/she would show up somewhere around 3:05pm. To get all those scenes was amazing. And, the fact that Jason (and Sam) clearly had his number made me not mind as much. Love seeing them in control, gives hope that that s/l will go away as ours continues to build!!!!

    Have a wonderful day! I’ll be trying to wipe the silly grin off my face finally.

    February 15, 2011 at 10:52 am

    • You’re right…bring on the sweeps stuff, but let us enjoy our valentine’s day and some romance!
      Steve and Kelly are just amazing…………
      unlike any other pairing!

      February 16, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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