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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…With Our Favorite Valentines!

What an amazing week we JaSammers had! General Hospital has managed to do something they hadn’t done for me in a really long time, and that is make me desperate to get through the weekend just to pick up where we left off!

Only JaSam can do that!

I wanted us to enjoy some classic JaSam romance, along with some new and improved JaSam sexiness. After all, it is Valentine’s Weekend!

I hope you enjoy the vids, and that you take a moment to “Like” and maybe even comment our amazing vidders! Truly, what they do for all of us is a labor of LOVE, and they deserve some appreciation!


Off we go…

What would a Valentine’s Sunday Drive be without a couple of Valentine vids, huh? These two were very cute, and fit our theme nicely!

“My Funny Valentine”¬†Credit: lizzyfan20079

“My Valentine”¬†Credit: zaltana1

This vid is by a new vidder to our Sunday Drive, and it starts out with our favorite truth…”Since Mexico, everything’s changed.” I am so glad that Jason and Sam are still together and stronger than ever, because they are certainly “A Dream Worth Keeping”¬†Credit: Destined4Delena

There’s little I love more than JaSam’s big moments, and this vid has a nice collection. “There You’ll Be”¬†Credit: Jasamis4evr

What would a Valentine’s¬†Weekend¬†Drive be without a Michael Buble song playing? I love this song for them – because I think Sam is the first person to make Jason “Wanna Go Home”¬†Credit: Jabe87

I love stumbling across all these new JaSam vidders! And one of the things I have always loved most about JaSam is the way they look after each other! “Look After You”¬†Credit: lifeislove95

No other couple has the draw that Jason and Sam have for me…I “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

I have to admit, that every time I watch my JaSam onscreen, I am “Caught In A Moment”¬†Credit: Jasamis4evr

After all they’ve been through, I deeply believe¬†that Jason and Sam really can live the life of a “Real Life Fairytale”¬†Credit: PhickJaSam4eva

Awww…being that it’s my wedding anniversary weekend, I had to end our drive with this vid. This song is special to me and my hubby, and though this is a different version by a different artist than “our song”. I think the words work so beautifully for Jason and Sam as well. “Bless The Broken Road”¬†Credit: rayr702

Wishing you all a great Sunday and Love-filled Valentine’s Day!

You are ALL my Valentines!

Love you lots,




February 12

2007: What a laugh I got from the Spinelli scenes! LOL!

2009: I love how Jason takes off running when he realizes Sam is in trouble at the end!

2010:¬†Sam to the rescue…and then some JaSam parenting – the best in Port Charles! ūüôā

February 13

2006:¬†I loved the relationship Sam and Monica had. I hope they work on bringing that back!¬† WARNING: You may want to skip the end – Jarly Weirdness thanks to Carly’s fever! YUCK!

2008:¬†Even when they supposedly hated each other – there was¬†“something” there. Watch Jason flinch when he hears the TMK was after Sam and almost killed her!

2009: I will always be grateful for this god-awful toxic balls storyline! It reminded JaSam that they are Partners For Life!



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Our couple is counting on US!



2 responses

  1. samjase

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into making these wonderful memories come to life through the Sunday Drive.

    To all the vidders…you are amazing! What talent!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your hubby Angelique! Wishing you many, many more years of love and happiness together.

    Is it Monday yet???? What a looooong weekend this has been waiting for Jasam’s next scenes.

    February 13, 2011 at 7:28 pm

  2. trini

    Happy Anniversary Angelique ‚̧

    February 14, 2011 at 3:10 pm

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