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Cupid got a day off in Port Charles, as this year’s Valentine’s DaySet-ups and Surprises were handled by the resident experts.


Let me begin by saying that I just love Spinelli in Writer Mode! I love to see him concentrating, and I love to see him lost in thought before he starts passionately plunking away at his keyboard! Whether he’s working alone, or with Diane, I really am enjoying Spin’s book storyline a whole lot more than I ever thought I would…

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Which is why I was really, REALLY annoyed to have Lulu interrupt his process, and with such a thoughtless and selfish request!  Listen, I get that Lulu wants to surprise her ex, (or is it current boyfriend? I’ve lost track!) but to ask Spinelli to go over and talk to Dante, whom by the way is not Spin’s favorite person, about losing Maxie, when clearly it’s still such a painful subject, was not just self-seeking, but incredibly insensitive on Lulu’s part. I thought that when Spin pointed out exactly that to Lulu, she might back off, but no. Spin is a great friend, a much better friend than I could have been in that situation…I just hope Lulu remembers that before she comes to him for another favor. She may even want to try doing something nice for Spin for a change – just a thought. Lulu’s questionable plan did work, as Spin was able to completely keep Dante stuck to his seat with his mind-numbing dribble until her arrival. I hope she offered a heartfelt thank you as he passed her in the hall! On a positive Lante note, I thought it was a very nice touch for the writers to revisit the history between Dante and Lulu and the opera. So this is the 2nd year in a row that Lulu sets up a Valentine’s Day surprise for her man. I just hope that at some point, he makes it up to her.

Perhaps Lulu could have employed her big brother Ethan to come over and occupy Dante’s time if Ethan weren’t enjoying a couple of beers with his good mate, John. I like that Ethan and John have really been good friends to one another, and in the spirit of that friendship, Ethan once again tries to warn John away from The Dark Side of the certifiable Dr. Lisa Niles. Of course, John argues that she’s hot, but I think most of us can see that his real attraction to Lisa is that she reminds him so much of his certifiable sister Claudia. I think that’s why we saw John become a little defensive of Lisa when talking to Patrick, and I also think it’s why even though he admits to Ethan that Maxie is a friend and he wouldn’t want her to get hurt, he’s still willing to cover for Lisa. Even if his friend Maxie looks like a vindictive, liar trying to set Lisa up. This should be interesting.

I am so glad to report that Robin and Patrick really are as smart as their titles suggest. It took them but a few minutes to figure out that they’d both been set up – from the fake patient consult, to the wrong room number at the Metro Court – this had Lisa’s name written all over it. At least our medical staff can solve a crime, which is much more than we can say about Detective Dumbass and crew! I think Patrick might have been a little happier over the win had Robin not been so quick to make clear that she didn’t think Terrell had anything to do with it. I also think he would have been a lot less pissed if he didn’t have to stand by and watch Terrell ask Robin out before he could. We’ve gotta hand it to Dr. Jackson – he is quick! Patrick better step up his game…or he may have to sit it out!

And sit it out he did. Patrick followed his wife and her new shadow over to Jake’s, and found a table where he can sulk in the corners. Problem is – no one seems to notice Lisa lying in wait for her next victim – as quietly and as sneaky as the viper she is. Lisa watched and waited, and then slinked out long enough to distract the waitress while she slipped something into Patrick’s beer. Perhaps Patrick should be keeping one eye on Lisa…

You all know that when he is away from the PCPD, I really do love Mac. I love his character, I love the actor, and I love the fact that he’s always been a good guy and deserves some really good karma! I didn’t really think that Mac could do anything else to improve my opinion of him, but he did. Even though he tried to tell the scheming 2/3 of the Davis Daughters that their “matchmaking had to stop”, the minute Mac saw Alexis walk through that door, he sensed that she couldn’t really take an embarrassment on top of the stressful day she’s had. Alexis is right. Mac really is “kinda wonderful!” For all his talk about setting boundaries, in the end, Mac couldn’t deal with the disappointment he saw on Krissy and Molly’s faces. I would think that Kristina and Molly have fabulous taste in picking their neurotic mom’s romantic interest. I don’t think Georgie and Maxie ever had reason to complain about how it worked out for them.

Speaking of Molly and Maxie – I’d say they earned honorary cupid wings this Valentine’s Day! Each of them was as concerned about our Jason and Sam as we were!

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I thought the writers really played all of those scenes at the PH beautifully. From the moment Sam walked in on Jason packing, and it was his turn to play dumb, I was smiling. I love to see PC’s big, brawny and brave enforcer fumble over his words as he tried to get Sam to have dinner with him. *thud*

And Sam’s reaction to that invitation? SWEETNESS.

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Add Molly to the mix – and my heart melts, honestly it does. Can I just say? Haley Pullos is adorable and plays Molly’s precociousness in a way that one can’t help but love her! In her scenes with Jason and Sam, I think we could all see a little bit of Steve and Kelly come through, because really – how can anyone resist Haley’s enthusiasm and infectious smile? How funny that Molly wanted to see what was in the bag, and just didn’t get that it was a surprise…just between them. LOL!

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Of course those scenes with Molly reminded us all what wonderful parents Jason and Sam would have been to a little girl, but you know what else it reminded me of? How inclusive Sam and her family have been to Jason. Molly and Kristina aren’t just Sam’s sisters, they’re kinda Jason’s little sisters, too. He loves them and enjoys them just as much as Sam does, and they’ve given Jason something he’s probably missed since Michael became Sonny’s family: A Family…of his own.

Liz was never willing to extend that to Jason for more than five minutes, even though Jake is (supposedly) family in the deepest sense of the word.

Well done on reminding us all of the contrast, writers, well done.

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I also loved that Maxie stopped by looking for Sam and saw what Jason was up to. I laughed at her “Woah, woah, woah,” and I loved that Maxie acknowledged what was probably the most important fact: that Sam would have loved anything Jason would have wanted to do that night. I must admit that I loved Maxie’s touch on the evening a little more than Jason’s, and I think it was too sweet that Scary Jason wasn’t embarrassed that Maxie knew he was in the kitchen cooking for his Fair Samantha.

The things he’ll do for love.


I also thought the role reversal was a nice touch. While Jason was cooking and preparing for a night of romance, Sam was out there facing her biggest fear, and to top it off, she had to face Liz, too. Ugh. Of course, Nurse Snark couldn’t just call Dr. Lee and let her know Sam was there, she had to look in the computer and then she had to comment on how “it just couldn’t be right” that Sam would be there for a pregnancy test. Really, Liz? I love that Sam rose above it, and just asked where it was and walked away. Yet, I am most glad that we are all seeing Liz’s character, and I don’t mean as in her fictional character, but as in who Liz really is, come through. Liz assumed that Sam was there and that Jason didn’t know what she was up to, because as I said yesterday, people judge by their own standards, and we all know Liz’s pregnancy test was a big secret. (Liz must have been reading the spoilers that the Jiz fans have been sending me for months!) So when Sam told Liz to give her a call, Liz was so looking forward to blowing what she assumes is Sam’s secret out of the water, that she was willing to break the law to do it.

So that we are all clear, Liz calling Jason is a violation of Sam’s privacy. In fact, HIPPA laws are so serious, that even though I am married to my husband, and even though he goes with me to all of my appointments, I have to sign a form each year letting them know that in case they try to reach me and can’t, it’s okay for my doctors to leave a message or discuss my treatment with my husband. I have to give them my consent to talk to him about my medical care!

What Liz did was wrong on so many levels – and she knows better than that. She just didn’t care. That’s okay. It was Liz who reminded Lisa recently that Karma is a bitch, and that she will catch up. So, look out Liz!

Thankfully, nothing could ruin our JaSam Valentine’s Surprise…

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I am more and more impressed with Jason’s sensitivity towards Sam through this. Not only did he take the time to set up this amazing Valentine’s Day Surprise for her, and not only did he make sure to reassure her of his love and appreciation for her first, he then very gently let her know that the results were ready without sounding anything but concerned.

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Jason, I love you again.

I cannot wait until Monday’s scenes! Valentine’s Day is our wedding anniversary (yes, my hubby and I celebrate every single anniversary we can nail down with a date). I am hoping that whatever we have planned for that day, Cupid allows me my window of opportunity to watch GH, because I’m not sure I can wait a minute longer than 3:00 p.m. to see how this plays out, especially since I’ve seen this Preview:

*whispers* And I must admit – I have heard some very intriguing rumors…let’s see what Cupid brings us this year!

Have a fabulous weekend, GHers! I hope you are all surrounded by love and friendship as meaningful as the love and friendship you’ve offered me over this past year and a half.

I love you all!




February 11

2005:  Can someone in wardrobe find Sam this bra? Her boobs never looked better! 😉

2009: No comment.

2010: I loved how Jason admitted that the him that was with Liz wasn’t really “him”, and I loved how Jason immediately told Sam the truth about this “encounter”. This is when I knew for sure that Jason and Sam were going to be just fine! 



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7 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Aloha Angelique,

    Hope you are feeling better everyday from that nasty fall you took. Would also like to wish you and your wonderful husband a Happy Anniversary! May your life together continue to be filled with laughter, respect craziness, and love!

    Oh how I loved Jason all tongue tied over what to say when he was busted by Sam. He was so sweet and looked like a teenager asking a girl out on a date for the first time. Will you have dinner with me.. haha.. as if Sam would have said no. Is it Monday yet?

    So am I the only one that wanted to jump into the tv and slap Liz.. this can’t be right.. WTF. I also loved the way Sam handled the situation and I loved the little smile she gave when she turned around as she was heading to her appointment. Poor Liz karma is a bitch and she is headed your way. From Nic saying I will walk you out and call you a cab.. by the way my favorite line on the show that day, to Sam getting a pregnancy test and Jason knowing about it, to Lucky moving on with Irish.

    Sam is Jason’s heart.. and Jason melted mine when he said to Maxie that he want’s Sam to know she comes first. I have waited so long to hear that.. now I can’t wait to see him prove that. It was indeed an amazing day in Port Charles. Is it Monday yet.. haha

    Love you babe!

    February 11, 2011 at 4:57 am

  2. L.

    Loved your post!!! You’re amazing!
    Just one thing: I also loved Lucky and Siobhan! Despite the fact they were in a dangerous, terrible situation, they found the time to connect and Lucky was sooo sweet!! I really wish the writers don’t ruin this chance to be happy too, since it is clear that Liz hasn’t earnt anything and still pays attention to anyne but him. If she really loved him, she wouldn’t go after Nik nor try to ruin Jasam relationship. She doesn’t deserve jason NOR Lucky. Jason has sam, I want Lucky to have “his” Sam too, and I think Siobhan is great for him!
    Anyway, I hope jason proposes to sam and really hope they finally have a baby!! Does anyone know why Sam gets sick??

    February 11, 2011 at 11:19 am

  3. sarah

    Happy Anniversary Angelique, to you and your soulmate. Many more HEALTHY happy days.
    Jason and Sam were awesome, and I tear up thinking of them now. Cannot wait for Monday, even tho “rumor” says they get interrupted yet AGAIN. Grrrr.
    As for that witch, hope her Karma bites her fatally……….Happy (long) weekend.

    February 11, 2011 at 11:30 am

  4. trini

    Thanks Angelique and happy anniversary. Ditto to what you said.

    Off topic rant – I wish all those LIZ fans threatening to stop watching GH if Rebecca is not rehired would stop talking and take action and GO AWAY already!!!

    February 11, 2011 at 11:53 pm

  5. Karlene

    Happy Anniversary in advance to you and your hubby!! I LOVED all the Jasam scenes and thought that they were very adorable with Molly and that Jason was actually respectful of Maxie b/c we have seen him be otherwise to her. I’m just hoping that the reason Liz was included in their scenes is b/c they are going to trash her character on her way out by showing how vindictive she can be that no one will ever forgive her and she won’t want to come back. Why does the weekend have to be so long?!?! It was an extra day b/c of the repeat episode and now I’m just salivating for Monday, especially after the preview!! Can I just say that I’m loving that TPTB are finally giving up previews?!?! The other stations have been giving the previews for goodness knows how long and we are finally getting them. I just hope they continue the previews after the 4 weeks. Have a good weekend!!
    JASAM Love Always,

    February 13, 2011 at 12:27 am

  6. mariam

    I have to agree I am loving how jase is being so supportive of sam through this baby thing. We all know he gave up jake and the danger he fears for his kids, yet not once did he discourage Sam. I was surprised. I didn’t think jase would be this open to the idea, especailly since he has a son that he gave up.

    The evening was all kinds of jasam sweetness. I like the initial hawaii idea. Loved that sam let jase have his surprise for her, and he seemed giddy leaving the ph with his black bag.

    Liz, I agree with the legal issues, but she just seemed so insensitive and intrusive too.

    I like the davis girls anywhere, with mac, sam, jase, alexis. Molly is always an amazing sister, especially to our large-hearted underdog (Sam), but Krissy is a good sis when she tries too. I do agree sam’s sisters are so accepting of jase.

    I enjoyed spin this epi with mikey/dante. Thanks for a great blog. Spreading the jasam love!!!

    February 13, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    • Keep spreading it, Friend!

      February 16, 2011 at 11:38 pm

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