Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


As viewers, we often see much more than what our friends in Port Charles can see, so we have to be a bit understanding when we watch them all tripping over themselves and making fools of themselves… because “APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING!”

For instance:

  • Isn’t it funny that Patrick saw Robin talk to a “half-naked Terrell” at his hotel room door, watched Terrell invite Robin in, watched her accept and disappear inside, and immediately decided that they were having sex? My mother always said that people judge by their own standards, and well – we all know what Patrick’s standards have been in the past. Lisa didn’t even have to be half-naked when Patrick stepped into her apartment, and they ended up having sex, so surely we know what his point of reference is. Of course, we all saw that Terrell went and got dressed before sitting down with Robin to a steak dinner that just “couldn’t go back.,” but hey, Patrick couldn’t see that. Once Patrick got over the mental picture he’d painted for himself, he did go right to Steve and ask about Terrell’s arrival in Port Charles. That was constructive! Now if only anyone would recall that Lisa came to Port Charles also from Texas not that much longer ago than Terrell, perhaps someone would make a connection without needing McCall & Jackal, P.I.! *rme* I did love that we got to see Dr. Matt Hunter doing something other than trying to convince Maxie Jones that he is quite a catch. Matt reminded big bro in no uncertain terms that APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING! I also really loved that Matt was prepared to go on up to Terrell’s room and “tell a really tall tale” that would get Robin out of there! I firmly believe that this concerted effort we’re seeing to remind us of the connections people in PC have to one another, whether by family or by friendship, is a step in the right direction. I think we will ultimately see better ratings – because people relate to connections. As for Patrick, he watched Robin leave with Terrell, but I think rather than assume the worst again, he’s going to work at getting his wife and family back, regardless of his fears.
  • Hey, Doctor Flat-Leaver, I hope you are a little more devoted to the women you date than you are to your sister! In this house, my son knows that he has to learn to treat his sisters well before he can treat some other girl well, I guess those Webber parents really were absent from their kids’ lives! Steven insisted on taking “Peanut” for a much needed night out, and then proceeded to leave her flat for Olivia, knowing that Nikolas was there with his new flame. To add insult to his negligent injury of his sister, Steven even got almost as caught up in Brook’s heated performance as Nik did. Even when Brook’s performance left Lizzy out in the cold over at Nik’s table, Steven was oblivious. He didn’t een notice when she left! Way to go, Big Brother! Steven may act like he’s all about his little sister, but obviously… APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING!
  • Steven may not have seen what we saw, but I am sure glad we did! I love that Brook totally acted as though Liz wasn’t a threat, because really Liz is only a threat in her own delusional little mind. Nik was right. Brook Lynn handled herself with grace and class, and didn’t take Liz’s stale bait. More than that, I’m so glad that we got to watch as Nik let Liz know that her jig is up. Liz tried getting Brook to go back to Bensonhurst, then she tried keeping Nik busy with baby gym classes until Aiden is old enough to get his own gym membership, and when that didn’t seem to cool the steamy connection Nik and Brook had going, she tried milking Nik for a ride home. I think I actually applauded when Nik said he would walk her outside and call her ass a cab! Yeah, Lizzie, you may have appeared to be working your old black heart magic, but APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING!
  • It may seem to superhero-wannabe Dante that he may have talked Michael down from the ledge on going after Franco, but dude: APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING! To me, it seemed that Michael was playing a little bit of reverse psychology on his big brother. In getting Dante to talk about how well the justice system works, he was actually able to corner him about his decision to leave the force. Classic Psych 101. Yes, this is what Michael should be doing during this critical time of trying to deal with what he finally admitted to himself and everyone he loves: counseling his grown brother on his problems and subsequent life decisions! As if that wasn’t enough to get on my nerves, along comes Lulu, and Michael then has to add couples’ counseling to his repertoire! Can I just take Dante’s badge and send him back to Bensonhurst myself?
  • So everyone think s Carly was the one to tear Brenda’s ugly wedding dress to shreds, and was also the one to set off the sprinkler system at the Archer Pavilion resulting in its being five inches under water. Everyone except for me…and maybe Jason. People, APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING, especially on soaps! I said after the dress incident that my money was on Suzanne, and I felt today’s appearance confirmed it. If only all this sabotage actually got Brenda to agree to an elopement…where I wouldn’t have to actually watch the nuptials, how happy I’d be. I might even send Suzanne flowers! I think we are going to see really soon how and why Suzanne would resort to sabotage, but I do have to ask why it hasn’t crossed anyone else’s mind? Suzanne has made no secret of hiding her disapproval for Brenda’s choice to marry Sonny, or of her disapproval for Sonny himself. Why would it be so hard to believe that she would do whatever it took to keep this marriage from happening? Oh well, either way, since Brenda refuses to have a wedding without “all of the little children” as if she were freakin’ Mother Goose, I would rather that Suzanne just cut the crap and let Brenda say, “I do,” and “I’m moving out,” before anything else can happen to stop her.
  • When it comes to the Love of His Life, Jason can be a little dim-witted. Obviously, when Sam said yesterday that she wanted to talk about something that actually existed (I don’t know – like their relationship, their love for each other, the costumes she keeps stashed at his place?), our resident Love Dork took that to mean that Sam must want to talk about The Mystery of the Shredded Wedding Dress, and by extension, Brenda and Robin’s suspicions, and why he doesn’t think Carly did it. *bangs head* And our Sam, because she constantly confuses being supportive with being way-too-longsuffering (I know there are other words, but I will not bash Sam – she is my favorite character), she seems to enjoy the challenge of working on and possibly solving a case with her real-life Hard-On, oops, I meant Hardy Boy. Yeah, Sam seems to be okay with all this deflecting and averting the life-changing situation at hand, but we all know the truth: APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING! I think that if Sam takes one moment to sit down, take a deep breath, and think it all, she will immediately be faced with that scary word again: POSSIBILITY. And I don’t think Sam wants to go there. As for Jason, I think he’s going to see really soon just how deceiving not only appearances can be, but also assurances from someone who is too scared to think about it any other way. Every time Sam says, “I can’t possibly be pregnant,” I am very thankful that Sam’s baby will have no recollection of what’s being said outside her safe little cocoon.


 Keep believing in miracles…ours is coming!


P.S. – I am soooo excited about today’s episode! See why, if you haven’t already!

Did I mention that when it came to Sam he was a little dim?




February 10

2005:  Okay – if we can’t get Sam in the hospital, can we get them both on the run again?! 


2010: Part 1: and Part 2: Awww…Just a couple more reasons Liz is my favorite character to HATE! Loved Jason planning something special with Kristina for Sam! And the rest – well even that worked out for us!



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