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You know what’s unfair? That sometimes some people have all the luck.

As I watched Tuesday’s GH, I realized that it’s not just me Life discriminates against. Sometimes Life is not fair to a lot of people. Yet other times, it seems that when it comes to fairness, some people get more than their “Fair Share.”

You know what’s unfair? Michael has been through hell, he really has. Yet, somehow, Dante has managed to “arrest” Michael’s trauma and make it about him…it’s really an incredible thing to witness. Dante really just needs to suck it up and remind himself that NOTHING happened to him! It happened to Michael, and it happened after Dante got him sent to prison. Sure, it may not ALL be Dante’s fault, but he doesn’t get to play the victim here either! Speaking of…

You know what’s unfair? Dante, in his “Woe Is Me” Parade which is winding its way through town, has managed to get Lulu to be the Grand Marshall. I thought it really sucked that Lulu would give Michael even more to feel guilty about by telling him and Carly that Dante wants to quit the police force, and she guesses it’s “because of what’s going on with Michael.” Not cool, Lulu. And definitely not fair to drop that at Michael’s feet! Most unfair? That Lulu then “figures out” Michael’s secret, and now it’s a secret she and Dante can commiserate and bond over. Really?

You know what’s unfair? In my lifetime, I have tried to get two people at one place for various reasons…a blind date, a surprise anniversary party, and even a joint birthday party. NEVER have I had the luck that Dr. Lisa Niles had in getting it ALL done in less than a day! Lisa managed to overhear that Patrick has her plan with Johnny pegged, and immediately stepped her game into high gear. If Lisa should ever lose her medical license, she has a bright future in event planning. Lisa not only got Terrell to go set up what looked like a “Molly Lansing Special”, she got Robin to go to the Metro Court in search of Patrick, she got the desk clerk at the Metro Court to sing like a bird for only $20, AND she also got said clerk to give Robin the wrong room number! Wow!

You know what’s unfair? Nikolas sniffed around Liz like a lost puppy for months, and Liz treated him like something a lost puppy would leave behind – and would ultimately get stepped in. That didn’t deter him, though. No. There were times Nikolas nipped at her heels, there were times he whined as she left, and there were times he panted after her. Liz barely noticed; and if she did, she didn’t care. Now that Liz has seen that Lucky has moved on, and she knows that Jason has moved on, and she’s hearing that Nik is moving on, she decides that Nik is the one she wants. The thing about Liz is that she really believes that all she has to do is share some sweet, maternal anecdotes about Baby Aiden, and her motherly aura will reel Nikolas right back in to her Venus Flytrap. First of al all, I don’t think it was Liz’s *clears throat* “motherly side” that reeled Nik in to begin with. Secondly, at this point, I think Liz could have shown up at Jake’s wearing nothing but an apron and baby powder, and I don’t think she could have torn Nik’s attention from watching Brook Lynn do her thing. You know what? Good for Nik – I bet having a younger, hotter woman tell him he gives her “Fever”, especially the kind that will not require a nurse’s attention, has been very restorative to Nik’s bruised ego. Watching Liz have a snark meltdown during Brook’s performance was about the fairest thing I saw all day in Port Charles! That kind of  Fairness could not have been served to a more deserving person!

You know what’s unfair?  That Brenda gets to bitch about Carly to Sonny as if Carly hasn’t been the one to hold the pieces of Sonny together for the past several years. I really hate that Sonny just sits there and takes it – as if he doesn’t know better. First Love or not, Brenda cannot compare what she has brought to Sonny’s life to what Carly has. Say what you want about Carly, but whenever push came to shove, she was always there for Sonny! She married him, divorced him, slept with him, fought with him, fought for him, lied for him and to him, and did whatever it took to make sure he was okay. Where the hell has Brenda been all these years? Is she kidding? I am so done with Brenda that I no longer even enjoy hating her. She just dances on my last nerve every time I have to see or hear her! And you know how I said yesterday that I cannot take Brenda referring to Carly as a “girl” – I could swear she read the damned blog and did it 54 times today on purpose! I hope Brenda’s the one to take off after this wedding…

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You know what’s unfair? That Jason and Sam – truly the reason so many of us tune in to watch every day, get about 3 minutes of meaningful conversation each time they’re on. Even more unfair is that half of that time is spent talking about other people! Bob Guza said he texted Franco the other day. Can I get Franco’s number? Because I want to ask him to kidnap Sam and not let Jason have her back until he has begged, pleaded and promised to make her first priority, especially now that everyone else on Jason’s Priority List has a Top Priority of their own! As for our Sam; she is being forced to do something she hasn’t done in years! She is running a con. On Jason! She was trying so hard to convince Jason that she is okay with not having a baby, that she almost made me believe her…almost. And I think Jason is running his own con. If you were listening and watching very carefully when Jason asked Sam, “Is it because of me?” after she said having a baby isn’t something she wants to pursue, you will see and hear that it is heartbreaking! Does anyone remember the Jason that was so afraid to get involved with Sam because he was afraid of looking at her one day and seeing fear in her eyes, the way he had once with Robin and with Liz and with Courtney? Sure, he ultimately took a chance on Sam, and she has certainly proved worth the risk, but now Jason has a new set of fears. I think every time he hears the word “baby”, he has flashbacks. Flashbacks of promising Baby Michael to keep him safe. Flashbacks of Liz coming out of that cabin in the woods and screaming those accusatory words: “Jason! You go find my baby!” And when he listens to Sam talk about her fear about not being able to carry a baby to term, I think he has the most painful flashback of all – of holding Sam in his arms and turning her around just in time to have a bullet perforate her uterus and take away her chances of carrying a baby to term – or at least 9,999 chances out of 10,000. Yet flashbacks aside, I believe Jason is terrified to want the same thing Sam is afraid to even acknowledge she wants: a baby. Their baby. A perfect combination of beauty and bravery, stubbornness and smarts. A risk so huge that once again, they might “have everything to lose.” So neither of them is going to push for Sam to “pee on a stick”, because deep down, it might keep hope alive.

I wish the writers would explore all of that onscreen. I wish they would let us hear all of that background, and watch all of those struggles and fears play out onscreen, like they did at the beginning of their Love Story.

You know what’s unfair? That torn wedding dresses, flooded pavilions, and teenage tantrums (Sad thing is I’m still talking about Brenda) are taking up so much of our time.

Hmmm…What to do about that?




February 9

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4 responses

  1. samjase

    You’re fabulous Angelique!!! Really fabulous! The entire blog was wonderful…but, the Jasam portion really got me!

    I watched Brenda’s scenes with Sonny…and I’m petty “girl”. She talks and I cringe. She is so absorbed in her own world and “happiness” that she doesn’t have a clue about Sonny and his hardships. I can’t even watch her on screen anymore. She’s going ahead with a wedding that could put everyone in harm’s way because she doesn’t want to “disappoint” the “little girls”..I was astounded! GMAB.

    Jasam. They break my heart..every single time. Jason wanted a child with Sam so badly. The day the Metro Court crisis started..he told Sam how he couldn’t wait until she was pregnant. He couldn’t wait to feel that baby kick and watch it grow inside her. He told her he would be right there with her, and that her first baby brought them together. Then the bombshell..he found out in the “hellavator” that he was a father. The rest is history. Heartbreak and lies and destruction for Sam and Jason.

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments. Jasam are really and truly the hook for me to watch GH. I want so much for them. Sam is not only in denial…she’s SCARED TO DEATH! Hopefully, there’s a big wedge of happiness ahead for Jason and Sam. I am certainly looking forward to some much deserved joy in their personal life together.

    February 9, 2011 at 10:40 am

  2. mique

    I read your blog everytime you update. i just wish that i had more of jason pov. does he want childs? or is he just trying to be supportive of sam? i also wish that they would give jasam more airtime. i really really hope that the tptb arent pulling our chains and by making us believe that we are getting a baby then change their minds and not give us one.

    February 9, 2011 at 10:47 am

  3. sarah

    Spot on, Angelique… you nailed Tuesday’s show on every turn. ITA on Botox and can’t wait until she leaves, however it is. Dante is a selfish jerk,Lulu the worst sort of enabler. And Jasam break my heart everytime. I just hope they work through it together, and finally open up as we have seen them do so many times before. It’s such thin ice they are treading,and they want so to please the other. Together is the key. TPTB need to keep that uppermost in mind. Thanks again for your wisdom. Keep well.

    February 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm

  4. JasamFan

    Never have two people on any show been able to make my heart fill with joy and love for them while breaking it at the same time. JaSam love.. Stelly magic what a beautiful thing!

    I hope they talk about what they really want and soon. They both need to say it out loud to each other.. sigh

    Love and Hugs!

    February 10, 2011 at 1:44 am

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