Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“Good, Great…Fabulous!”

I find it very encouraging when I watch an episode of General Hospital and like Sam, have to search for a bunch of adjectives to describe it!

I really do believe that General Hospital’s “Big Peeps” really have been listening to what we’ve been saying for months. I think the numbers spoke for themselves, and we saw changes happening with more frequency and more significance, even when they didn’t always seem to make sense at the moment..

As I watched Monday, I did see more than just the fabulosity of Michele Val Jean’s turn with the script, and it made me happy. While we can always expect good stuff from MVJ, she does not have any control over the direction that the storylines will take. So I was thrilled that within Monday’s script I felt hopeful about the fact that there really is a new direction for all of our favorites.

Did you see them too?

One thing that goes without saying is that GH has some of the best actors around. I think it’s a good sign to see those actors interacting more with each other, and in so many ways!

For instance, I am really enjoying the fact that Brook Lynn is the link that brings Nikolas back into Luke’s orbit, especially with Lulu and Lucky to busy with their own lives to do it. I also really enjoy Brook’s interactions with her Granny, and I love that Luke and Tracy’s latest storyline gave us the  opportunity to see not only Ethan and Maya, but Mac, and surprise, surprise…Alexis, who seemed a little embarrassed that she had to face Mac in her PJ’s. How cute were those scenes?

Family and Friends used to be the biggest draw of GH, and I’m happy to once again see scenes that bring both those things to our screens – and they didn’t have to involve a wedding, a funeral, or an annual crisis. Just everyday happenings.That’s good!

Another thing that GH has always been famous for is it’s love of Adventure Couples…and while I never thought Lucky would be part of that, except as a third wheel in Jason and Sam’s adventures, the writers have moved him into his own storyline with Siobhan. And – hey, Luke and Laura’s offspring should be involved in seom danger and intrigue for love’s sake! It’s only natural! When JJ came back as Lucky, I think TPTB knew they wanted to keep him around longterm. When the LL2 reunion didn’t get the reaction they expected or wanted, I think they had some decisions to make, and those included giving JJ a story he could sink his teeth into, or risk losing him again. I’m not sure anyone expected Siobhan to be as “keepable” as she turned out, but she kinda grew on people, and I think her chemistry with JJ is just right. Obviously the Lucky & Liz era is over…at least for now, but they realized there was no need to lose another key piece of the Spencer clan, so Lucky moved on. As much as I still hope they can lose her accent, I am happy that Lucky has a reason for smiling again! That’s great!

I also think it’s been great that they’ve kinda reigned in that “Brenda Factor” a bit. Remember when every scene and conversation was about her, and all of our favorites seemed to be buried under the Brenda Rubble? I know there are still some days that they could pull back on that even a little further, but overall, it has been much, MUCH better, and if you don’t believe me – check the ratings lately. We are back in the 2’s range, and that’s something to be really grateful for! I also think that they are finally appealing to the biggest fanbase which was excited about her return  – the Brenda and Sonny fans. Brenda and Sonny are planning their future – hopefully she’ll be out of the PH soon, and the fans that waited ever so patiently for the continuation of their big love story finally have something to be happy about. Now if only someone could get Brenda to realize that she is no longer the teen Sonny wooed and won over – perhaps she will stop referring to Carly as a “girl”. (That really gets on my last nerve!) My bet is on the fact that Suzanne is the person who ripped Brenda’s dress to shreds…I’m not quite sure how she got in or out without anyone noticing her – it is after all the home of PC’s Mob Enforcer – but hey, it is a soap! Whoever it was, they better not do anything else to keep this wedding from happening. I want Brenda as far away from Jason and Sam as possible! That would be Awesome!

One of the things GH used to be really good at was portraying “Girlfriends”. Somehow over the years, our favorite ladies on the show became a bit more catty and a little less friendly. The result has been a real shortage of all the fun stuff that comes from those relationships. However, it seems the shortage may be over! Not only have they remembered that Brenda has a BFF in Robin, they remembered that Sam and Maxie are friends, and they added Lulu to the mix…and I have to say that I really loved those scenes, even with Lulu! I really miss Sam when she’s not onscreen. I miss Maxie when she’s not onscreen. So it’s great that the writers remember that they have other connections in town other than the men they are dating, and then the writers honor those connections with some light, enjoyable scenes that also help move story along! Having Maxie and then Lulu push Sam on the possibility that she “could” be the 1 in 10,000 is exactly why we all need girlfriends! Every other time they have explored this baby storyline with Jason and Sam, our Sam was left to wait out Jason’s Superhero Shenanigans before he could come home to give her the time to discuss her missed periods, whether or not she would allow herself to think about a baby, and even whether or not she should take a test. I am so glad that this time Sam had girlfriends pushing her to do it and reminding her that yes – “it could happen!” Isn’t that what all of us have been doing for each other for MONTHS?!? Convincing each other that a JaSam Baby could happen? I know how great it’s been for me to have that – I think Sam deserves the very same thing! That was Terrific!

Sometimes Jason and Sam are so caught up in discussing Michael, Kristina, Carly, Brenda, The Balkan, Sonny, and everyone else in Port Charles, that we forget just how freakin’ cute they can be when it’s all about them! Am I the only one who remembers 2004 when Jason and Sam did nothing but talk – about themselves, about their lives, their families, about who they were and how they got there? I know I was in love with the idea of Jason and Sam long before that romance played out, and I credit that early magic to those conversations and the moments where you could just see them falling for each other. When Jason walked into the PH and Sam tried to hide the test, I was reminded of those early moments in their Love Story. I love how Steve and Kelly played those scenes! I caught myself grinning like a fool at the TV! Kelly always does a great job of trying to play things off, like when she said she was “Good, Great, Fabulous!” LOL! And Steve always manages to sound truly and genuinely concerned about Sam, like when he asked her, “Are you sick?” and it sounds as if his breath catches at the very thought of Sam being hurt or sick. That’s BEAUTIFUL!

Every word they said to each other had my full attention, because every word mattered to not just their story, but their past, and their future! I clearly saw Sam’s vulnerability towards believing there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that she could be pregnant, even though she talked about how sure she was that she can’t possibly be pregnant. And I loved that no matter what Jason has said recently in light of all that Michael has been through and the guilt he carries over it, he almost sounded…hopeful about the possibility himself. Jason has really been very sensitive to Sam’s feelings this time around, and it warms my heart. I cannot tell you how very excited I am about this storyline and how it will all play out in the weeks and months ahead. AND THERE BETTER BE LOTS OF FLASHBACKS TO SAM’S FIRST PREGNANCY!

I know they only had a couple of minutes together, but those scenes felt huge and meaningful, and that’s what soaps are all about, no? 

I think so…and it’s just FANTASTIC!

Hasta luego!




February 7

2005: Part 1: and Part 2: The way Jason says, “Sam, I love you,” in that first clip BREAKS MY HEART!  


February 8

2005:  I love how Sam came through for Jason here!

2006: Geez, how many times is Alexis going to hurt Sam?


2010: JaSam and that baby girl….too freakin’ cute!



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3 responses

  1. JasamFan

    HeyBabe.. Happy you are feeling better!

    Todays show was fabulous. Love, love, love the girls at Jake’s we need to see so much more of those types of scenes.

    Sam hiding the test from Jason so cute and Jason saying you hid something behind the pillow. Ladies night at Jakes $15.. Pregnancy test $11.. JaSam magic.. priceless!

    Love the writing going on and where GH is going with the s/l. What I would love more than anything is for Brenda to get the hell out, and for Sam and Jason to have more conversations.. like they use to.. is that too much to ask for? NO.. I don’t think it is.. and I believe things are heading in that direction for this amazing couple!

    Sam Jasons Heart!!!

    Love you!

    February 8, 2011 at 3:21 am

  2. jenn

    Funny, your title is how most of feel as we read through your blogs. Starts good (okay, “well” would be proper, but whatever), gets great and ends fabulously! Every day!

    Totally agree with on yesterday, and Friday. Lulu, Maxie, and Sam – awesome. JMB was cracking me up. I could get used to that Lulu. And Maxie, well, Kirsten has a gift for delivering those lines as only Maxie can. The combined, “Wham, preggers!” – I’m still laughing.

    Brenda, yeah, just get out. Before you make me hate VMG. Caused I loved Brenda before, I loved Sam Marquez on LV, and I don’t want it ruined. forever. Please.

    Jason and Sam, well, Kelly and Steve just live up to my expectations again and again. They are cute, funny, romantic, challenging, and more and I can’t get enough. The conversations are amazing, and the magic… (yes, JasamFan) priceless!

    Glad you’re feeling better. Still miss you on twitter!

    February 8, 2011 at 2:39 pm

  3. Deborah Sigel

    Maxie can be kind of annoying and way out there at times (ya’ think?) but yesterday she was great. Trying to be a good friend to Lulu and the Bam! You’re Preggers! Too funny. I can’t wait until she redecorates the regrettably pink room and changes it into the oh so desired pink nursery.

    February 8, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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