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One of the worst experiences in life is to have someone look you in the eye and say the words, “I Told You So.”

I’m not even sure what it is about being on the receiving end of an “I Told You So” that makes it so annoying. Maybe it’s because we had the chance to take a different road, or do things a different way. Maybe we were warned off about a friend, a lover, a family member, or even given some medical advice, and ignored the warning.

Why is this so heavily on my mind?

A couple of months ago, my neurosurgeon warned that if I didn’t have another major surgery on my back, the terrible spasms and pain in my leg probably would not go away on their own. The problem was that in my own head, after my last major and almost deadly surgery, I decided that I would never have another major surgery like that again. I just thought being alive was more important than possibly not living with spasms, as nothing is guaranteed from the surgery anyway. When I explained that to my dr., he gave me that look that said, “Okay, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”

Well, this afternoon as I was walking down my staircase, holding both the railing and the wall because I am a little paranoid about falling and undoing what has already been done, I got such a sudden and sharp spasm that my leg completely collapsed on me and propelled me forward down the rest of the way, where I slammed into the banister, the wall, and finally my hubby, who’d just sat down after a long day with a newly poured mug of hot coffee, and tried to move to help, but it all happened so fast!

Thank GOD, I was already half way down, or I don’t know that I’d be stuck here with both my legs iced and up…it could have been much worse. So, yes, I was bathed in vanilla cream flavored coffee, I have bruises I cannot yet explain, I think I may have sprained my arm and ankle trying to break my fall, and both of my knees and legs took a beating and a half, but do you know the first words I said once I stopped sobbing forty minutes later?

“The doctor is going to tell me that HE TOLD ME SO!”

I know. I am so mature, and have such a clear sense of what’s important, don’t I?


If my hubby weren’t so worried and feeling sorry for me, he might have asked me if I was “freakin’ kidding him!”

But, as I lounged here, freshly showered and bandaged, rewatching today’s GH, (because he it was either this or bed – hubby’s orders) and tried to think about what to say before the pain meds took over, one thing was painfully clear.

Whatever it is, being wrong, with all of the injured pride (and sometimes physical injuries as well) *cough*  that come from being wrong, is hard enough.

Having to face someone and have them remind you that they were right all along is just too much, and not just for me

Our fictional favorites in Port Charles are either hearing it already or about to, but either way, it’s just no fun!

I JUST said that Lucky made the comment that brought all of this on his own head, didn’t I? I knew that Lucky warning Jason that he and Siobhan would catch The Balkan AND that Jason and Dante would owe them an apology was asking for it. I also kinda knew that Lucky’s plan would end badly. If I were in the position to tell Lucky I told him so, I would, but Jason sure is. Jason reminds Lucky that this could have been a setup from the beginning. He warns him that he’s too involved emotionally to be objective and safe. He does and says everything that a good friend would without being mean. Lucky still doesn’t quit while he’s ahead. So when Jason finally has the opportunity to tell Lucky, “I Told You So,” it will have been well earned.

I know that very recently, Robin was the one running around the hospital acting as though she were the unhinged one. And I know that she should have stopped throwing around accusations about Lisa until she had some concrete proof. But still, Robin did tell everyone that Lisa was still after her husband, and that she would stop at nothing to get him back because she is crazy. No one believed her. Well suddenly, Steve, who basically buried his head in the pile of papers he’s always carrying around, and turned his back on Robin even though he knows her to be nothing but a smart, kind, well-liked doctor and only knows Lisa to be a manipulative, obsessed, black-mailing bitch, is a little suspicious of Lisa. Hmmm. I wonder who else will have to get hurt before people start to remember that Robin did try to warn them all. And I have a feeling that Robin’s “I Told You So,” will be among the most annoying of all time. She does have a gift, after all.

Everyone told Dante that how he handled Michael’s confession was the wrong way to go. EVERYONE. Except for Lulu, who believed he walked on water. Carly not only told him, but vowed to make him pay. Now that Carly knows just how bad that decision of Dante’s really worked out for her firstborn son, she was back; and NOT just to say, “I Told You So”, but to say it while pointing a gun at him. Classic Carly. Carly was SOOOOO right when she told Dante that what he should have done was confess to the crime he committed on Brenda’s behalf so that HE could go to prison to protect Michael instead of Jason having to make the sacrifice. Hell, he could have at least moved to get Michael in protective custody, but that didn’t happen either. As a mother, all Carly can think about is that NOTHING can undo the damage now. It’s hard not to totally side with Carly on this, folks. It was Dante’s arrogance about knowing best that made what he did such a jagged little pill to swallow, and that was BEFORE everyone knew what happened to Michael while in Pentonville. When Carly told Dante he would pay, I hope Dante really believed her. If not, Carly will be happy to deliver another “I Told You So” as she watches his life implode. And somehow, she’ll do it with a smile.

I am hoping that instead of lining up at Sonny and Brenda’s wedding to congratulate them, people line up to say, “I Told You So!” As in…I told you this wedding was a danger not just to your narcissistic butts but to everyone else in attendance. Or…I told you that this wedding was a bad idea. Or…I told you that your secrets will always catch up with you! I mean the possibilities are endless for Sonny and Brenda. They are so absorbed with their wedding and their idea of perfection, that they aren’t even giving reality a whirl! How egocentric they both are! Ugh! Someone should lock them in “The House In The Woods” and leave them there away from all the people they basically stepped over, jumped over, and trampled just for the sake of their Big, Fat, Freak Wedding. Brenda actually had the nerve to talk about Carly not respecting other people’s relationships, when Brenda has come to PC and basically crapped all over every relationship in existence: Dante and Lulu, Carly and Jax, and of course, most affected: Jason and Sam! If only Shawn spent his time running into Brenda around town instead of Siobhan…how happy all those fanbases would be!

Does everyone remember the uproar over Sam introducing Abby and Michael back in October? I sure do! I remember my beloved Ro, Cam, and I having to engage in a Twitter smackdown with Richard, the SID guy, who kept referring to Abby as a prostitute that first day. That offeneded all of us to no end. He, and many others refused to believe that Sam saw the one thing no one else saw: that Michael was nearly bursting at the seams with whatever he was struggling with. And as much as Jason, Carly, Sonny, and even Dante love Michael, none of them really wanted to face those scary realities. Sam did the one thing she thought would help Michael realize that his issue was not about needing to have sex. I also think Sam knew that just telling him that would not be well-received, because Michael had convinced himself it was. He has to accept that for himself, even if it was the hard way. And sure enough, Michael realized that, but more importantly, Abby was a nice girl, who could understand fear and trauma. Now it seems that everyone…Jason, Sonny, Dante, Carly, and yes – even Richard, are loving what Abby was able to do for Michael. Sam is just too good of a person, girlfriend, or in Carly’s case – mortal enemy to say, “I Told You So”, because she’s just happy that her instincts were right. She’s too thrilled that Abby and Michael have both found the kind of healing love that she’s found with Jason to point it out to the doubters.

I’m not that gracious, especially when I have a big “I Told You So” waiting for me.

Hey, Richard, “We ALL Told You So!”




February 4

2005: Part 1: Part 2:  I wanted this s/l to be OVER, but Kelly did a FABULOUS job with this!


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5 responses

  1. trini

    Ok first I will express how sorry I am about your health. I can imagine how frightened you were and still am about the spasm and fall. It sounds like you have a lot of decisions to make and I pray for your wisdom and strength. ‘Fear not is said 365 times in the bible. Fear not..

    On the other hand I see your courage and sense of humor. You had me laughing especially in regards to Richard the SID guy, I feel your *nanananah* *tonguestuckout* moment. Good of you to give him a smack down. Sometimes we just got to go there and you can blame it on the meds LOL.

    Our fav show GH comtinues to rock, and our absolute favorite couple just makes me *swoon* . Take care and thank you.

    Just sent you up some prayers:)

    February 4, 2011 at 8:10 am

  2. sarah

    Joining in on prayers and good thoughts for your health, and wisdom…While you are pondering these decisions, know you will never be alone. God Bless! You are the best fan to be able to write about GH while going through all the trauma..You always “hit it” in your evaluations, and help us along the way. Can’t wait for the storyline to come, and most of all to know you are feeling stronger, and able to enjoy it as well. You are very cherished, Angelique…take care.

    February 4, 2011 at 11:56 am

  3. JasamFan

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this.. I hope you are feeling a little better today. Woke up this morning and heard my sister took a fall on the ice and now you.. to quote Jason “what am I going to do with you”.

    Sending you my love and prayers.. and hoping the Dr goes easy on you and doesn’t say “I told you so”.

    I love you!

    February 4, 2011 at 1:38 pm

  4. jenn

    Our Dear Angelique,

    I must stop reading your posts while on the treadmill. One day, the laughter, tears or desire to reply (yes, I am sitting now) is going to give me a nasty spill and land me on my own couch – likely with an “I told you so” to go with it. But, since I can never wait to read them, I might have to learn patience.

    I hope that today you are recovering quickly and waiting for our beloved JaSam to grace our screens.

    I have truly been enjoy Chad Duell this week, he has put together some tremendous performances. I enjoy almost as much following him on twitter. I have a sneaky feeling this young man is holding his own with Steve both on and OFF screen. Kudos to him!

    I wanted so badly for Jason to be able to lean on Sam yesterday, but was still proud of him for respecting Michael enough to stay quiet. I loved how relieved he looked that Sam noticed the difference in Michael. Our JaSam will get through this together in time…

    Off to finish today’s tasks before the show begins…


    February 4, 2011 at 2:08 pm

  5. Karlene

    Many prayers being sent your way for a good recovery and not an “I told you so” from your Dr. I watch all the episodes on the weekend so I can cure my GH fix but I do watch the Jason and Sam scenes on youtube daily. When Jason walked into the PH and saw his beloved waiting for him, it looked like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He always looks more relaxed and relieved when he sees Sam waiting for him, as was the case in yesterday’s scenes. Can’t wait to read the blog for today’s scenes 🙂
    JASAM Love Always,
    PS. I uploaded 2 new videos. I hope you get a chance to look at them and let me know what you think 😀

    February 4, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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