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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

Port Charles seemed a little slow to me today…and so did some of its residents.


I guess not every day can be like the past couple of days with the high drama, and not every day can be like the days we had last week with all the romance and couple-time, so here’s to being thankful that not every day will be like today either.


So slow goes it…

Siobhan must really be so emotionally distressed that her brain has slowed down and her ears seem to have stopped working as well. I have tried to listen to both Theo’s voice and The Balkan’s voice without watching the screen, and still cannot understand why Siobhan doesn’t realize that Theo is The Balkan. Or why does she think that it’s a good idea to hang around deserted street corners when you are dealing with a crazy man? Well, other than she’s just being a little slow.

I really want Lucky to be the one to solve a crime for once, I really do. He’s a good guy, and he does try his best to be a good good guy. Which is why it is so disappointing when I hear Lucky make a remark to Jason, who can be credited with solving most of the crimes to have taken place in Port Charles over the last decade or so, (unless he has committed them himself), that sounds like a surefire way to fall flat on your face. Yeah, Lucky telling Jason that when he and Siobhan catch The Balkan, Jason and Dante are going to owe them one hell of an apology. I almost laughed, but instead, I ended up shaking my head in shame for Lucky. Oh, Lucky. You couldn’t even catch your girlfriend sleeping with your brother and they were doing it right under your nose! But, once again, you show such confidence that you make me want to believe. (I know, I’m a sucker for Cowboy!) I really knew Lucky was in trouble when he tried to take on this assignment with only Siobhan to help, dressed in basically the one disguise Lucky has – a hoodie, a scarf, and a little dirt on his face. *sigh* As if to prove that when it comes to crime-solving, Lucky really is a little slow, he never even saw the threat coming. Shawn knocked his ass out before could even figure out he was there. Let’s just hope he doesn’t now suffocate on his scarf while lying there.

Dante has never been my favorite character. In fact, if Dante were a real person, I wouldn’t like him either. I am not a fan of the sanctimonious. Neither is Carly. Now, I know that when Michael told Dante about what happened to him at Pentonville, Dante felt badly, but guys – feeling badly doesn’t undo it. I know that Dante took on a huge pile of guilt, but that doesn’t change anything that happened to Michael either. And when Dante said to Carly, Go ahead, pull the trigger. You can’t hate me more that I hate myself right now,” I first shook my head again, then thought, “Damn, he really is a little slow.” That kind of seemingly virtuous self-pity would burn my ass! I’d probably have shot him just for that, and claimed temporary insanity. Certainly Carly has heard enough over the past 24 hours to claim insanity, no? Dante can never make up for what his holier-than-thou attitude cost Michael. Now the least he could do is cut the “Woe is me” crap. Dante better hope that this time, his mother shows up in time to keep him from getting shot.

Now that Jason knows about The Balkan’s plan to grab Brenda at her wedding, he is a little concerned about the security risk, and not just to Brenda. All of Sonny’s children will be at the wedding…Sam will be at the wedding…The Quartermaines will most likely be at the wedding. There is a huge potential fro collateral damage! So, Jason has the right idea about postponing or moving the wedding to less-conspicuous venue, like the PH. But Brenda? She’s more than a little slow. She’s as dumb as a rock, and more self-centered than I know how to explain. “How is it a trap if you know about it?” Gee, Brenda, if you knew there was a bomb under your car, would it make it less of a trap? Would you still get in it just because you knew it was a trap? How does knowing about it make it NOT a trap? Ugh…does she even hear herself? I am praying that the soap gods allow this wedding to happen so that Brenda can get the hell out of Jason’s life!

For some reason, no one can see me on Twitter. In fact of the dozens of tweets I sent on Wednesday, only one showed up on my timeline, and it seemed to be the only one anyone else saw, as well. I’m trying to get that figured out. However, I can see everyone else’s tweets, and I noticed that a lot of people seemed to be confused, or even annoyed, about why Michael seemed to suddenly tell “everyone” about the secret he’s been living with since last summer.

Here’s the thing that makes me think that the writers were pretty on target with the way they played this out, although no one reacts the same. I did say yesterday that I thought the truth was going to set Michael free in many ways. It has. That doesn’t mean he’s cured, or magically better. It just means that he’s not holding in that huge, dark secret on his own anymore. And listen, Michael didn’t tell “everyone”. He told his Uncle Jason, and his mother. The next day he told Abby, mostly because he wanted to help her be able to share her truth if she was hiding it, and he told his brother. And listen, once you’ve held something in for so long because of shame, and then let it out and realize, probably for the first time, that it wasn’t your fault, and that you have nothing to be ashamed of, you need to tell a few people. I think it was good for Michael. As for Michael not running to tell Sony, I totally got that too. Telling Sonny will probably be the hardest for Michael.

Overall, I think the writers did a great job with how Michael has reacted before, during, and now after the reveal. I’m really proud of how this storyline was done so far. And if this storyline has helped even one person realize that telling those you care about an inconvenient truth like this, while seeing that the people who love you will still love you and stand by you, then General Hospital has done a great public service.


Sam must be trying to keep herself really busy with work so she doesn’t drive herself crazy thinking about the procedure, the baby she lost, and the possibility of a new baby. I am hoping that as Jason has had a rough few days, he will be in need of some Sam Love really soon. I am also hoping that as their story unfolds, we won’t have too many occasions to think that Jason is a little slow when it comes to Sam, plus one.

However, his track record isn’t exactly on his side, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed.


Much love,




February 3

2005: This is the Jason that stole my heart!

2006:  Yes, Sam definitely needs some hospital time!


2010: I loved these scenes, especially: “You’re so wrong, Diane!” 😉



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2 responses

  1. trini

    I’m not happy with Jason and Dante hanging out drinking beer,etc. I HATE when people feelings about another’s victimization is more important than the victim. My hate for Dante is not decreasing. I’m like you Angelique, dante would not be a friend of mine. But he’s the annoying type that would hang around the cool people talking too much and trying to hard. Olivia did the world a disservice by not teaching Dante humility and to listen more and speak less. He must think that if he talks a lot and uses LOTS of words, we won’t notice that he’s an IDIOT. Mini rant over.

    Yesterday was kind of slow. Hope we get Jasam today.

    February 3, 2011 at 10:48 am

  2. luv4jasam

    New link up for SID poll

    February 3, 2011 at 11:48 am

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