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Why is it that the truth is often so hard to tell, GHers?

In the end, those who choose not to tell the truth can almost always backtrack and find the different times that they could have and didn’t, and then lament over what it cost to hold it in.

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital reminded us all that sometimes The Truth Really Shall Set You Free, but other times the truth can…

Well, let’s recap.

Siobhan has been lying to Lucky basically since she came over with him from the Emerald Isle, but she finally decided to come clean and tell him the truth about her working for The Balkan. I have to admit that Siobhan turned me from wanting to pull her hair out to feeling sorry for her a little bit. When Siobhan was talking about her sister and how responsible she felt for what happened to her, I truly felt for Siobhan’s plight. As a big sister myself, I can tell you that my sister got on my nerves most of my life…but as she got older, she did so less often. I would absolutely lose my mind if anything happened to my sister, and if it were technically my fault because of the guy I chose to get involved with, I’d work for The Balkan my damned self. (Other than her accent) I think we can all cut Siobhan a little slack for lying to Lucky…unfortunately for her, The Balkan won’t. In her case, I think The Truth Shall Put Her In Greater Danger…as she may unknowingly confide too much in the wrong person, with her unknown enemy posing as her overly concerned attorney. Hopefully Lucky will do better at keeping her safe than he has at figuring her out.

Brenda finally decided to utter the giant secret that’s been haunting her for months. She was indeed pregnant, but apparently got sick with a fever, and when she woke up, her baby boy was gone. Hmmm. I guess the devil is in the details here, as we still don’t know who fathered this baby, and we still don’t know how many months pregnant she was when she got ill. All of those things are still important, even if I’m not sure that they are really holding our interest. I would imagine that if the baby were born at a sustainable stage of pregnancy, there would have been some kind of handling of the baby’s body. If that didn’t happen, I’d have lots of questions for Suzanne about where the baby “went.” I didn’t hear any mention of that, so I guess the writers are leaving it open depending on what happens with VMG’s contract. While this secret Brenda and Dante have been sitting on may have felt good to finally talk about, I do believe that The Truth Shall Set Dante and Lulu’s Relationship Back. In a case of perfectly sucky timing, Lulu walks in just as Brenda goes weeping into Dante’s arms. Once again, Dante hurts Lulu, and while she may have given him a “free pass”, she is still not taking him back. I wonder if Dante will think this latest secret between him and Brenda was really worth keeping when Lulu finds out that there is yet another secret.

Carly is just about the biggest hypocrite in the world! My goodness – it wasn’t that long ago that Carly slept with Sonny on his living room couch because Sonny was having a bad week or some other lame reason, and she NEVER even told Jax! Yet, Carly was so angered and jealous by the discovery that Jax went to London (ALONE) to help Interpol help Brenda, that she just cannot forgive him and tells him that their marriage is over. Well, poor Morgan! He just got used to the fact that Jax, who isn’t his bio-dad, was going to be his legal dad, and now Carly rips the rug right out from under him…again. Too bad Morgan can’t divorce Carly, and really –  too bad that Jax doesn’t get to pick his own friends, considering that Carly either sleeps with, or tries to sleep with, hers. Sometimes, when you’re in the kind of relationship Jax settled for, you find out that The Truth Can Get You Kicked Out!

So, since Brenda is really just clueless when it comes to her selfishness, she thinks nothing of going to visit Jax right on the heels of rubbing her husband’s secret in Carly’s face. I was really happy that Jax called her out on that. It was just a bitchy, self-centered thing to do, and I think that you should never kick the favor-doer in the teeth, and that’s exactly what Brenda did when she decided to use Jax’s kindness against Carly. Brenda has been like the “Snowpocalypse” storm moving across the U.S. She takes up a lot of space, she barrels down on everyone’s life, and she causes a lot of damage. I think that finally, The Truth Of That Is Starting To Dawn On Brenda.

It’s a good thing Jason’s latest housemate was out destroying relationships, as the PH continued to be a the closest thing to a therapist’s office that Michael has seen since Dr. Thomas, and that was so traumatic, that he probably blocked it out of his memory. Michael continued to let that truth and its ugly, painful details that have been torturing him for months come flooding out. As hard as it was to watch, *tears*, I truly believe The Truth Shall Set Michael Free in a lot of ways. A truth like that keeps you locked up. It’s like being in Pentonville, except instead of prison bars, guilt, shame, and pain are what keep you living like an inmate. As hard as it was for Michael to admit what had happened to him, and as difficult as it was to tell the people who love you most in the world – like Jason and Carly, I imagine Michael felt a lot today like he did on the day he was released from prison. Sure, life can never be the same, but at least you get the chance to live again. You’ve survived, and now it’s all about looking forward. You know, even though Carly’s mothering skills have been less than acceptable to me, I was very happy that she insisted on Michael getting counseling. I think our Michael is on his way to healing.

If we all thought back to the day Michael was released from prison, we’d remember the one drawback to that great moment. It was the moment that we saw the doors slamming shut on Jason’s cell, and we were all reminded that Michael’s freedom still meant Jason’s incarceration. I kinda felt like today was a lot like that day. Sure, for Michael the truth set him free, but for Jason, I think The Truth Slammed The Doors Shut On Whatever Hope Jason May Have Had About Fatherhood. I just think that hearing Michael’s truth, even though I think Jason knew it all along, made Jason force himself to take on all the blame and responsibility for what happened to Michael, just like he did when he took on a prison sentence for the very same reasons. Now, before you think I’ve jumped ship on the possibility of a JaSam Baby, understand this: that will never happen.

Just like when everything looked the bleakest and most hopeless for Jason when Michael was released and Jason remained in lockup, I believe Jason’s closer to being set free than he can ever imagine!

If we remember, when Jason was still facing three – five years after Michael’s release, he wasn’t exactly the model of HOPE and LIGHT. He tended to focus on the doom and gloom of it all because he didn’t want to shortchange Sam, and wanted to be realistic to the point of pessimism. On the other hand, Sam tried to keep Jason focused on the possibilities on “the other side” of doom and gloom.

In their battle between doom and hope, we know that Sam was the clear winner. Jason told Sam “she got him through” his time in prison. He has also more recently told her that “just knowing she was there waiting for him made all the difference in the world.”

I believe that Sam will be the one to get Jason through this new prison now that Michael is free. I believe that once again, he’s closer to being set free from the fears that slammed those doors of hope shut. Once again, I think Sam will “get him through it,” and I think that her love and the possibility of having both Sam and the baby they’ve always wanted waiting on the other side of fear will “make all the difference in the world.”

Sam’s love has always had the power to make Jason believe in things he was afraid to believe in before. I believe this time, their love for each other, and for the baby they create in love, will give Jason the power to walk away from that cellblock of guilt and fear, and never look back.

I believe…I hope you do too!




February 2

2005: I loved that Jason believed in Sam!

2006:  Sam needs another stint in the hospital so she can get some attention!


2009:  Once you barf past the Liz scenes, Jason and Sam in action mode will help you feel better!




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