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I know last time I posted, I was admiring the beautiful feather-like snowflakes falling outside my window, but I have to tell you that I am SOOOOO over this snow! Talk about cabin fever…

My beloved Becky, if I could take the plane ride, I would trade my snowy ‘burb for your gorgeous weather and “Blue Hawaii” in a heartbeat! You’d be making snowmen ‘til net week here in Jersey!


So…What a great week it’s been on General Hospital!

What a difference a couple of weeks make! I am so loving the balance – the really fabulous dialogue, and just the return to SOAP-iness! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The return of drama, that familiar feeling of anticipation at the end of the episode, and the excitement about the next one. And what about the renewed focus on relationships, and romance? The changes have not only been wonderful – they have been very much needed…and very much APPRECIATED!

And some still insist they aren’t listening when we all, email, write!

*shaking my head*

Wednesday and Thursday were outstanding. I love that there are so many stories to follow, and so many things to care about. Sure, I have my absolute favorites, but it’s wonderful to be able to love…and to hate lots of different people, and lots of different stories.

There’s a lot going on in Port Charles right now, and things are really heating up everywhere, and that’s probably because people are Fighting Fire With Fire.

Dr. Terrell Jackson got on Dr. Patrick Drake’s nerves right away, and instead of trying to play it off a little, Patrick acted like a jealous jerk. That did not deter Terrell in the slightest, however. Instead Terrell decided to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE, or at least Electricity. You’ve gotta love the realness of Terrell’s plot to be Robin’s hero! He thought he had three days to go to and figure out how to fix her garage door, until pain in the butt Robin decided she didn’t really want to wait three days! I actually chuckled – YES! CHUCKLED during that scene of Terrell’s reaction. And guess what? I chuckled again during the scene where Terrell tells Robin he’s done, and tries to head out the door before Robin can test it. It’s nice to have some fun moments during GH! We can all use a laugh! While Terrell wasn’t able to fix the garage door himself, he was able to save the day, AND get Robin all excited about a brand new garage door thanks to his handy-man referral…right AFTER Patrick gloated just a few moments too soon! Hmmm…Patrick really needs to rein it in a little.

I am absolutely LOVING that Brook Lynn has Liz’s number, and that she’s not afraid to dial it up in front of Nikolas. Carly, Sam, and even poor Rebecca all had Liz’s number, but didn’t have the freedom to use it because both Lucky and Jason were convinced that Liz was fragile and saintly. It would have been considered sacrilegious to accuse her of any wrongdoing, and just downright painful to hear her being defended. Why bother?  Whereas with Nikolas, since Liz was anything but saintly, and Brook knows it, she doesn’t have to pretend to buy into the Saint Liz crap, because Nik doesn’t. How fun! Liz SWORE she had Brook beat when she manipulated Nik into having dinner with her and Aiden, but not so! When I saw Brook letting the air out of the tire, I squealed with delight! Finally, someone is taking Liz on and FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE! Brook thought one good manipulation deserved another, and showed up with her flat “right outside Liz’s door!” Sure, Liz wasn’t buying it, but really – how many of us ever bought the happenstances that landed Liz in a certain PH or turret room? Watching Liz sulk as she realized she wasn’t getting rid of Brook anytime soon was so satisfying! So was Nik calling Brook out on her scheme, and then Brook calling Nik out on the fact that he was really happy to see her! LOVE IT! I am Team Brook all the way!

So Twitter was AFIRE with talk of Johnny and Lulu being in each other’s orbits again. Lulu, being a good ex-girlfriend, helped Johnny back to his place only to find Lisa tearing up the place. Obviously Lisa doesn’t trust Johnny or his games. His random visits and public displays of affection leave her cold, but I’d bet his blackmailing her has the opposite effect. So I guess Dr. Niles decided to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE and try to end their little partnership on her own terms. I loved the way she played it off, by saying they occasionally hook up, and I thought it was too funny how Johnny kept having fun with puns like “needle in a haystack.” Even after Lisa left, the nice scenes continued. I imagine that the JoLu fans were left clamoring for more after hearing Johnny and Lulu exchange some sweet words. Good stuff!

Lucky has finally started to get a clue. He is finally catching on to Siobhan’s shady behavior and decided that if he can’t get her to give up the charade, he’ll just have to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE! Lucky found out exactly what Siobhan wanted to know – the venue for Brenda’s wedding. Then he purposely told her it would be somewhere else, and off she went, right to The Balkan. I doubt that Lucky has figured out that it’s The Balkan she’s working for, but at least he didn’t really believe she was heading out for groceries! One step at a time for Lucky, I guess. Thankfully, Jason showed up in time to lend his Superhero powers to the case.


I’m so thankful that Jason and Sam are not in a place where they have to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE about anything, but they are certainly in a place where they are FIGHTING FEARS WITH BIGGER FEARS. Once again, Steve and Kelly did just a PHENOMENAL job of playing their scenes! That tension right after Jason asked her abut the pamphlet…I was biting my lip. And the way he asked her so tenderly if she was thinking about having the procedure…it melted the 19 inches of snow outside the window nearest to the TV. I was incredibly thankful that Jason didn’t say anything insensitive or just plain stupid. Most of all, I loved that he told Sam that he didn’t want her to give up something she wanted because of him. That was meaningful to me because when we look at Jason and Sam’s relationship, she has given up so much more than any of us could…like time alone with Jason, like first place on his list of priorities, like spontaneous love-making, which is an impossibility in that PH of his, which is busier than NY’s Penn Station.

Jason being supportive of Sam was about the best moment of 2011 for me so far. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. The writers did a great job of reminding us of Jason and Sam’s history and their past fears. That part when Jason told Sam she wouldn’t have needed the procedure if not for him, and Sam telling him that Manny Ruiz pulled the trigger just broke my heart because it reminded me of how they were torn apart back then. But the moment Jason stopped her and said, “You were in my arms, Sam!” took me aaaaallllll the way back to that scene on the Metro Court terrace where he told Sam to run to him, then told her how close she came to dying in his arms! I think it took them both back to that moment.

A baby, the procedure, the very need for the procedure, and the odds of it being successful – all of those things give Sam and Jason reason for pause. And reason to fear what could happen. Yet, this is not the Jason and Sam of 2006, or 2007. They still have fears. Probably even bigger, more real fears than they did back then. I just hope they also realized that in spite of the fears they have, they’re willing to overcome them for each other. Jason promised to support whatever decision Sam makes, because he loves her and that love surpasses any fear. And Sam, she reminded Jason that she loves him. Him, their life together, and the happiness they have, even with no baby. The one thing Sam once thought she needed more than anything, can’t replace the love she’s found again with Jason. She wouldn’t trade it.


The emotion in their conversation was so real and so sweet, that I had tears in my eyes.

Yes, I know that once again they were interrupted, and that once again their scenes could have been longer, but instead of sulking and giving into the frustration, I’m going to celebrate the fact that we’ve had them onscreen for 4 days this week.

I’m choosing to enjoy the fact that they have a story that’s all about them, even if it’s surrounded by everyone else’s story.

I am making the choice to enjoy every moment of their story, even if it takes a little longer.

Why rush a great thing?



January 27

2005: Stab me through the heart! *sniff*

2009: Happy days were here again!


January 28

2004: LOL! How funny to watch those scenes now!

2005: Sigh……….

2009: Awwwwww..remember how exciting this was?



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2 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Aloha Babe.. I have to say I am glad we both have insomnia. Checking to see if you have posted is the last thing I do each morning before I shut my computer and myself down for the night.. err morning!

    How I wish you were able to take that plane ride also.

    GH has been amazing this week. I have to say this is the first time in a long time that I haven’t used my ff button. I have loved everything that GH has shown me this week, I also love what they haven’t shown me.. Nice not so all things Brenda.

    As for JaSam well you said it all. OMG.. That conversation broke my heart also. No one can come close to the love that Sam and Jason share. My Jasam heart is over flowing with happiness!

    Love you!

    January 28, 2011 at 5:52 am

  2. jenn


    What a blessing to the rest of us that you write this blog. I always look forward to reading it, checking my email more often than usual on good days. Thank you so much!

    I too have been loving the balance. A story about Jasam surrounded by stories about others – YES! This is exactly what they are supposed to be doing, what makes it a soap. It’s so much easier to enjoy the whole show this way. I LOVE having a series of storylines that over lap rather than one that takes over the whole show.

    And Jasam… Aaaahhhh, teary eyes, goofy smiles, almost unbearable anticipation – thanks GH! I LOVE that I can’t wait to see the next show. I LOVE that I’ve been feeling that way all week. And I LOVE that ABC isn’t a pain about youtube, because I watch over and over again. (I’m copying this paragraph to send another email to ABC.) 🙂

    I thought the Wed-Thurs interaction was well written and well played. Although I would have loved to hear Jasam say he’d do the baby thing WITH Sam, I realize that’s unrealistic right now. At least he was trying to put her needs first, let her choose what was most important. And, I loved that he still blamed himself, that he feels as responsible for the damage done to Sam as he does Michael. He might be too hard on himself, but at least it’s consistent and Sam can see that and see his pain.

    One thing I’d like to see them touch on is not only the negative changes (danger, Michael’s problems, etc) that make Jason and Sam hesitant to have a child, but the positive changes in Sam’s life since last they discussed having kids. I’ve always thought that one of the main reasons Sam wanted a baby was that she wanted a family. Jason and a baby were supposed to be her family, and give her a sense of belonging. Now with Jason, Alexis, Molly, Krissy, and 7-yrs of interaction in PC, she has that. And I think that’s a major difference for her in deciding whether or not to have kids.

    Have a great day, Angelique! I’m guessing you have another snow day – we’re down to a 2-hr delay here. Yeah!

    January 28, 2011 at 9:46 am

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