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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

As I sit here typing, I am watching even more snow fall here in Jersey. *sigh*

The snowflakes look more like feathers than flakes, and I’m guessing we’ll be snowed in at least until tomorrow. However, I’m not that bummed about the possibility as I normally would be. Wanna know why?

Because yesterday’s General Hospital made me happy about the prospect of sitting home with a fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate and watching.

What a great episode we got on Tuesday!

I was really, really impressed with the quality of what we got onscreen. Stories were being told, followed up, and fleshed out. People were having conversations again. Relationships and relationship issues were faced instead of just mentioned and forgotten. (ALL VERY BELIEVABLE)

I imagine that during yesterday’s episode there was something for just about everyone!

Molly’s new friend, Stranger Shawn turned out to be a really nice guy who was in the right place at the right time. (BELIEVABLE) I could totally see why even Carly would want to do something nice for the burly ex-marine by making his stay at the MetroCourt complimentary. (BELIEVABLE) Too bad Shawn later met The Balkan in some back alley, and we now know he has a job to do for him. (Gee, I wonder what it is…) Also great for Molly is that she was able to sit and talk things out with her mom. All of her fears, her self-diagnosing, and her obvious tendencies to obsess about it (BELIEVABLE!) were all there for Alexis to take note of, and formulate a plan of action to help her youngest. Thank goodness! I love Davis Girls scenes, but I love Davis Girls storylines even more! I hope this brings those girls together as they rally around Molly.

Speaking of family units, we also got a bit of a Spencer Clan reunion as Lulu was able to hear both of her big brothers weigh in on her seemingly failed relationship with Dante over at Jake’s. (BELIEVABLE) I’ve gotta hand it to Lucky for not reminding Lulu that she totally had this coming! He is much more gracious that I would have been. Still, it was nice to see family connecting – no matter the reason. I also loved how yesterday’s writer, Karen Harris (whose remaining scripts, sadly, are probably nearing their end) had Siobhan interjecting between Lucky’s time with his siblings. (BELIEVABLE) It seemed like something you’d totally see. Very nice! I hate the fact that Lucky is getting jerked around. I hate to see him on the losing end of a relationship again, but I am hoping that in the end, this works out for him. He deserves some happiness, don’t ya think? I thought is was also nice that Ethan was talking about Maya with obvious affection, and not just his token Spencer fear. While Ethan plays cool and aloof well, it’s nice to hear him tell it how it really is. (BELIEVABLE) It’s nice that we are finally hearing about the emotions that drive our characters. Good stuff. It’s also nice that we see how those emotions make our characters behave. Lulu went home to a pint of ice cream and tears, and comfy sweats that won’t remind her to count calories. (BELIEVABLE) When Dante came knocking to invite her to the opera, I could appreciate the depth of Lulu’s pain. Not that I felt for her, because as you all know, I happen to think that Lulu had it coming, but I will say that I could see how much it was hurting her to fight her feelings. (BELIEVABLE)

Jason and his concerns for Michael are more than BELIEVABLE, they are palpable. In everything Jason does, in every word he says about Michael, you can almost see the very things he’s seeing: the first time he held him, the first time he fed him, or went to visit his crib during those first nights at home. I think Jason sees first steps, and first words, and firsts of all kinds. That’s why yesterday’s dialogue was not only BELIEVABLE, but poignant. After Jason ran around town breaking up a fight between Abby and her ex-boyfriend, talking to Abby and trying to convince her to give Michael the chance to decide for himself, and then fighting off the gun-wielding idiot Brandon, Jason still had to face the one thing that probably made his heart beat faster than any of the things I mentioned earlier. He had to face that fact that Michael seems ready to talk about the one thing Jason knows happened, but can’t bear to hear, almost as much as Michael can’t bear to say it! (SO BELIEVABLE!) Those moments with Jason and Michael actually had me on the edge of my seat. I am so ready for Michael to release this truth, so it can stop taking up all of that space inside him, and inside Jason. Until Michael releases it, neither him nor Jason will be sure that he can truly live with it and not be destroyed. I am more than ready for them to face it. Together.

What would Jason do without his touchstone, Sam? Where would he be if he weren’t able to take a break from his many superhero duties, and occasionally lay down that burden of Brenda-Sonny-Carly-Boys Protector and walk into Sam’s waiting arms? What if on top of everything else he had to hold in, hold back, and hold together, Jason couldn’t tell the woman he loves that she was the one thing that held him together during his darkest time? The amazing thing about being in love is that it’s not just hearing how much you mean to the other person that fills you up, it’s the ability to release what that other person means to you that keeps you balanced. I love the way Jason goes from Stone Cold enforcer issuing threats, to Steaming Hot Lover moaning in Sam’s arms in seconds, and it is totally…you guessed it: BELIEVABLE.

When I watch Steven and Kelly do their thing as Jason and Sam onscreen, I totally believe that they need each other, support each other, and yes, LOVE EACH OTHER. It’s the reason they’ve always been my favorite couple. Their ability to make me buy into their love for each other is unlike any other couple’s – and trust me, as someone who still wants Ridge and Brook together after all they’ve been through, that’s saying something!

You know, another thing that dawned on me during Jason and Sam’s scenes yesterday is Kelly Monaco’s gift. There has always been something uniquely Kelly about her scenes, and yesterday, as I was watching, and she was in the midst of all these scenes of boisterous, excited, and excitable women, there she was…as serene and unruffled as can be. Even with what’s weighing so heavily upon her, Sam was quiet and calm, and she listened to Jason debrief and unload, and still she held herself together. I love that about Sam, and I love that about Kelly. Not many actresses can play a scene without naturally trying to occupy her space and her place within the scene, but Kelly commands my attention, because I know that if I look away from even her face, I’m going to miss something.

And the same seems true for Jason. Just yesterday, I complained that Jason is too caught up to realize that something more was going on with Sam, but all it takes is a look at her to know that something’s going on. I love when Jason gets it right! Even more, I love when Sam gets his attention so differently than all of the other women in his life – not by screeching or yelling or whining or demanding it. She gets it because Jason gets her. He knows her. He loves her.

I don’t know about any of you, but I literally got teary when Sam told Jason that the baby had been on her mind. The look he gave her, the way he touched her – it was all so realistic. So BELIEVABLE and appropriate for the moment. So them. I know it’s tearing Sam’s heart out to think that what she knows about the procedure could burden them both with thoughts of the future because of their fears over the past, and even the present. Yet, it’s tearing her heart out already because it’s still a possibility for something she’d just about given up on, and she fears sharing it. Our poor Sam.

Tuesday’s JaSam scenes were made of the magical stuff that reeled us all in and kept us all hooked. Watching them yesterday reminded me that what makes them the most BELIEVABLE Love Story, and therefore, the most meaningful to me, is that even without horses carrying them along the shore, or on-location romantic shoots, or without an elaborate wedding to their name (YET), or without long, sweet montages of their earliest moments, Jason and Sam STILL make me teary when they share their love in the simplest of ways.

Jason and Sam are simply, and most believably LOVE.

Let’s see what today brings…




January 26

2005: Alexis really was something else! And JaSam were breaking my heart here! Although, I loved Jason telling Courtney he was in love with Sam!

2007: Tears, tears, and more tears!

2009: Lucky was a dork here!



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2 responses

  1. trini

    Ditto Angelique, and thank you for putting into words what we ALL feel.

    Stay warm 🙂

    January 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm

  2. JasamFan

    My dear sweet Angelique.. how I wish I could trade places with you and play in all that snow while you relax on the beach. How wonderful that would be..

    Did you notice Jason smell Sam yesterday.. it was so cute.

    Agree with everything you said what a beautiful day it was in Port Charles.


    January 27, 2011 at 2:22 am

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