Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Don’t you just hate it when you get the sense that Something More Is Going On than what you can see, hear, or know for sure?

Some people never worry about those things you know. There are actually people who are completely okay and at ease with what’s right in front on them and never ever have to fight that feeling.

I’m not one of those people. I always think that Something More Is Going On than the obvious. Trust me, it can be a tiresome instinct to possess.

A few of our Port Charles friends may have understood exactly what I was saying today. Just about everyone – not everyone, but almost everyone seemed to be able to sense that there was Something More Is Going On…

Dante totally knew Something More Is Going On with Carly, but unless he’s going to “bug” her, he cannot even imagine that Carly is about to publicize his and Brenda’s “baby secret” sky high! Carly is in full-blown, no-holds-barred BITCH mode. I cannot even imagine how Carly goes home and picks up that adorable little Josslyn and says cutesy things because she just always seems to be uptight and angry! Carly should check in with her mom, Bobbie at the hospital and get her blood-pressure checked! I am worried about what this is doing to her health. Okay, no I’m not, but if we ever saw Jax anymore, I bet he would be. As for Dante, I would think that he needs to tweak his approach. I don’t think going tit-for-tat with Carly is really going to help him at all. If Dante didn’t already think he knew it all, someone might actually share that tidbit of advice, but…oh well.

So, it seems that not only does Alexis not talk to 12-year-old Molly about not walking around town by herself, especially after dark, it seems she has also never discussed Stranger Danger either. *sigh* Poor Molly. Not only is she walking around alone after self-diagnosing, (It’s a miracle of God that none of my children do that, as I am FAMOUS for self-diagnosing) she had to be the one to witness the only traffic accident in Port Charles for the year. Thankfully, (I guess) along comes Stranger Shawn, and helps my sweet, little Molly to make the connections between what triggered her reaction and what might be causing the changes in her behavior. When Molly said, “I’m broken inside”, I melted. (That Hayley is just amazing!) Who knew that it would be a stranger to know that there was Something More Going On? Not me, but I guess I’ll take it. At least Molly can explore Post Traumatic Stress Disorder instead of being convinced that she’s “very bi-polar” like Uncle Sonny.

Lucky, who isn’t usually one of the first to pick up on the more subtle clues, actually told Siobhan to “Cut the bull!” Wow. I am impressed. Lucky actually seems pretty sure that Something More Is Going On with the mysterious Siobhan. Hopefully, he’ll get to the truth soon – for all of us! I just have one question. What the heck are Lucky’s “Clackers”?

So, Lulu knew that Something More Is Going On as far as what her big brother Lucky knew concerning Dante and Brenda. And…surprise, surprise – she’s pissed. Well, I guess it was fun while it lasted – that truce on hating Lulu I had going for about a day. What the hell is wrong with her? Is she REALLY this hypocritical, or is she suffering from some undiagnosed memory disorder? Lulu not only knew that Lucky’s wife had repaid his cheating with some cheating of her own, she also knew that Jason, not Lucky, was Jake’s father, and for months, she went around lying to Lucky, and begging Jason to keep lying to him. Then for months, she knew that Dante was a cop working inside the organization that runs right through her family and friends – people who have been really good to Lulu over the years. She knew all along that Dante was working to take Sonny, Jason and their organization down. She never told anyone because of her loyalty to them, even though their lives would be blown apart! Lulu is a screeching, sanctimonious brat sometimes, and she wouldn’t know loyalty if it showed up in a page of Crimson!

Everyone seems to know that Something More Is Going On with Michael, but probably no one more than Jason. Jason has known more than he himself can deal with since the beginning, but he can barely bring himself to accept the truth himself. So, he just waits and breathes deeply whenever Michael seems like he’s ready to open up – or blow up, but Michael has done neither. So Jason reaches out to the only one that seems able to  break down those walls Michael has put up – Abby. Kristina knows something is wrong too, but she couldn’t even begin to wrap her brain around what it is, so in her privileged little mind, she thinks she can fix it. It’s too bad that privileged little mind of hers to work properly when she was getting the crap beat out of her, huh. Listen, you all know I defended Kristina while she was a victim of domestic violence, but I cannot defend someone who would judge someone else on decisions that don’t match your idea of a good one. Kristina actually had the nerve to ask Michael where his common sense was? Michael really is a good brother. If he wasn’t, he would have socked Kristina with the very same question about her own decision making with Keifer. Yes, Something More Really Is Going On with Michael, and as hard as it may be to hear, I think we’re about to find out exactly what it is. This I will tell you, the two plusses I see in this storyline, no matter what the truth is, its that Chad Duell is just doing a phenomenal job with showing us the many layers of Michael’s feelings, and also – it’s just really great to see someone grab Dante by the neck!


As good as Jason is with knowing that Something More Is Going On with just about everyone else in town, he is so caught up that he cannot even see that our Sam is holding on to something huge herself. Sam is a rock. I could sense her inner struggle with knowing what she knows and having to continually put her feelings, her needs, and her time with Jason aside for everyone and everything else. I had a vision that Brandon would take that gun and pistol whip Jason over his head, and that perhaps the head injury would give Jason and Sam two things: 1) Some “out of commission time” for our local Superhero, and 2) Some romantic time for Jason and Sam, since they seem to have some of their sweetest, most romantic moments when one of them is in a hospital bed. (Think about it – we rarely see a JaSam vid without at least one hospital scene)


I am so ready for Jason and Sam to have DESTINY intervene on their behalf! I want something BIG to happen that will make those two crazy kids take stock of what’s important, and make their relationship a priority for once. I want for Jason and Sam for Something More To Be Going On than just everyone else’s problems!

Is that too much to ask?

I don’t know, but I’m going to keep on asking every time I call that comment line or email or drop them a nice piece of snail mail.

Will you do the same?




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3 responses

  1. samjase

    It amazes me how spot on you always are with your thoughts about gh in general, and especialy Jasam.

    I am constantly asking myself why I am so emotionally invested in Jasam. Why are they so engraved in my heart? I’ve NEVER

    January 25, 2011 at 11:02 am

    • samjase

      OOOOOPS…I hit the wrong button…

      I was about to say I’ve NEVER felt the way I feel about any soap couple the way I feel about Jasam. I actually worry about them and find myself thinking about them WAY TOO MUCH!
      It’s kind of out of character for me. Nevertheless…I look forward to your blog every day. I may not comment every day, but..I’m certainly reading it and smiling or shaking my head in agreement with you.

      We’re off to a start anyway with Jasam’s story. It’ll take some time for the writers to focus on them with Micheal’s reveal and the the wedding coming up. Are Jasam worth the wait? YOU BET.

      The calls and e-mails will continue to let TPTB know how I feel about the best couple by far.

      Thanks Angelique…!

      January 25, 2011 at 11:06 am

  2. Karlene

    If only Jason wasn’t such a man in not understanding certain cues, we wouldn’t be getting as frustrated as we are about him not realizing that Sam has a lot on her mind that he doesn’t realize. Thank you Angelique for putting everything that people are feeling in this blog. Btw, I came across this article and wanted to share it with you and the rest of the readersof this amazing blog.

    Keep spreading the Jasam love with nothing but positive thoughts!!
    JASAM Love Always,

    January 26, 2011 at 2:49 am

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