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They say hindsight is 20/20, and Patrick is making quite a case for the old adage. Patrick couldn’t see what was right in front of him when he was headed head-first into Lisa’s trap. We all saw it, but not Patrick. Now that he has lost everything that matters, and now that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get it back, Patrick seems to have his EYES WIDE OPEN. Isn’t it just like a man to get it all together when it might be too late? What amazes me about Patrick is that even though he was blind as a bat when it came to sleeping with Lisa, he now sees things that not even the PCPD’s finest could see. Yup. Dr. Drake has put all the pieces of the “Syringe Puzzle” together, and figured out that Lisa handed off that incriminating evidence of her Looney Tunes attack on Robin to Johnny. Patrick’s eyes may be working well right now, but I have to wonder…is the neurosurgeon’s BRAIN working at all, because I am not sure it was a good idea for the surgeon who cannot afford to hurt his hand fighting to confront the Mob Prince who can easily make him disappear. Hmmm. Let’s hope John continues to be the good fella with a good heart, or that syringe and Lisa will be the least of Patrick’s problems!

I think it’s safe to say that Lucky rarely goes into romantic relationships with his EYES WIDE OPEN, but in the case of Siobhan, I dare to suggest that he may just be closing them on purpose. How could Lucky completely get past that conversation he had with Siobhan’s sister and the obvious lies Siobhan has been telling without an explanation? Isn’t he even curious about who the hell she was talking to all that time? I tell you that my kids ask me more questions about who I’m talking to on the phone than Lucky asked Siobhan! Lucky doesn’t seem to see any of the suspicious behaviors the little lass has been displaying, but everyone around him does! Oh, Lucky! Not even Lulu seemed to shake his butt awake, but I’d bet The Balkan can.

Speaking of Lulu, the worst possible thing about being played for a fool is when everything around you screamed at you to keep your EYES WIDE OPEN to what was going on right under your nose, and you looked away. Lulu was giving big brother Lucky advice about the dangers of falling for someone too quickly after heartache. *crickets chirping* Ummm, Lulu, perhaps if we are all quiet enough, you can hear YOURSELF! She is warning Lucky about the very trap she fell into! Lulu not only fell in love with Dante, but believed him to be the most noble, most honest, most perfect boyfriend in the world. So much so, that her friends and family paled in comparison to his awesomeness! It all sounds so sweet, until you are the family member she is choosing Dante over. I have a feeling that Lulu will eventually remember once hearing the same advice she gave Lucky. Unfortunately, it’ll be much too late for her.

Poor Michael. As if he hasn’t already seen all kinds of things he didn’t EVER want to see. Within a couple of days, he’s added to that unfortunate history. First, he watched Abby at work. It was more than he could take. Now before he could even recover, Michael is forced to watch Abby being paraded through the PCPD in her “work clothes” and in handcuffs, as she’s brought in for solicitation. Well, if anyone was worried about Michael not seeing the drawbacks of falling for a stripper, I would think that Michael certainly has his EYES WIDE OPEN now. I love that Michael gets that Abby is more that what she does for a living, because it shows that he has really learned some important life lessons over the past couple of years. I would say he’s about to learn a few more. I have a feeling that Abby’s arrest has a bit of a connection to Mommy Dearest, and I’m not sure that Michael is ready to have his eyes opened to that side of Carly. Sadly, I’m not sure Carly is ready to have her EYES WIDE OPEN to just how past being her little boy Michael really is.  If she couldn’t see it, I really wish she had listened, because Michael did try to warn her.

So Sonny thinks that Brenda is going into their marriage with her EYES WIDE OPEN. Diane isn’t really sure. Neither am I. I think that Brenda is living in a fantasy world (one where she thinks Jason needs her around), and for the rest of us, it’s created quite the nightmare. Sonny’s life is no less dangerous than it was fourteen (YES, 1-4!) years ago when he left Brenda at the altar, and it’s no less dangerous than it was four years ago when Kate got shot at the altar, and it’s no less dangerous than three years ago when Michael got shot at the warehouse. Nothing has changed. In fact, this time Brenda is bringing a whole new level of danger to her life with Sonny because she brings with her the threat of The Balkan thanks to her secret with Dante. Add to that the fact that Sonny now has an ex-wife, and two ex-lovers who all qualify as Baby Mamas, and four children, and I just don’t see how this time around can give Brenda OR Sonny the impression that they are headed towards wedded bliss. Thank goodness for the practical Diane! Only she has the cojones to tell Sonny that he can walk ‘til the wedding day with his head in the clouds, but it will not change the reality facing him and his bride-to-be. I will say that I am with Jason on this one. I don’t want ANYONE to interfere with the nuptuals…I want Brenda married to the equally delusional Sonny and OUT of the PH!

Which brings me to one more point about the Brenda situation…and I say this with my own EYES WIDE OPEN. There was a time when I believed that perhaps Brenda and Sam could be friends. I thought maybe Brenda would arrive in Port Charles, see that Jason was in a relationship where he is accepted, where he’s loved for who he is, and not what he can offer, and in need of  having his life back pronto so that he could move on with the love of his life. I thought maybe Brenda would be decent and a little less self-centered and realize that she was intruding, imposing, and insinuating herself in their shared life. I even thought that she would, if not move out a.s.a.p., then at least try to be friendly to Sam, so that Sam wouldn’t feel uncomfortable about being at Jason’s. Silly me. Brenda wouldn’t know kindness or selflessness if she saw them on a shelf in a boutique in Manhattan! As if that weren’t enough, she continues to disparage what Jason and Sam share. I think I got the clearest look at who Brenda is, and I like her even less than I did yesterday. I think Jason is reminded almost daily as well about just how different his Fair Samantha is than Brenda. I also think Jason looks at both Brenda and Sam with his baby blue EYES WIDE OPEN, and thanks his lucky stars that he picked the right woman to share the rest of his life with

I am still hoping that TPTB have seen our discontent and our hopes for changes with their own EYES WIDE OPEN, and that CHANGE truly is on the way…

‘Til then, keep calling, emailing, commenting, writing in, and making your voice heard!

It WILL pay off!

Much love,




January  14

2005: Today’s our Anniversary of The First Proposal! How sweet!



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2 responses

  1. trini

    I feel so sorry for Jason. They say a good deed doesn’t go unrewarded and he is getting his reward left and right. Maybe next time he will think before giving up his life to protect a nutcase *brenda*.

    Can’t wait for the confrontation between Sam and Carly, with Jason defending her and Michael and Carly, with him defending Abby. It’s about time Carly experienced some fall out for her out of control behavior.

    There were some crazy stuff this week on GH; made me say WTH? But compelling and soapy. I like when there are many stories being told at once. Something for everyone and the annoying ones are not on for long. Good job GH.

    Thanks Angelique for providing the space for us to share our Jasam love. McMorgan Baby 2011!

    January 14, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    • Thanks for being a faithful reader…if not for this blog for YOU GUYS, I may have taken up YOGA at 3, too!

      January 15, 2011 at 1:36 am

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