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When you live in Port Charles, you find yourself considering the differences between WHAT’S SAFE AND NOT SAFE, quite often. It’s just the nature of the beast. It’s what happened when you share a tony town with not only organized crime family, but also with a certifiable Greek family who has more literal skeletons in their dark, dank castle than they do secrets, a powerful family with more connections than the switchboard of the Metro Court Hotel, and public servants who have been accused of everything from sleeping with the enemy, to killing international bad guys, to running down your daughter’s abusive boyfriend.

Yup, WHAT”S SAFE AND NOT SAFE isn’t always easy to figure out in PC, but let’s try together.

You’re considered pretty lucky when you move to Port Charles and survive serial killers, hotel fires or explosions, mob wars, train collisions, and mysterious viruses.

It’s no wonder that Sonny, who isn’t usually considered to be the coolest, calmest, or most collected of the bunch, is the one making sense when he tries to explain to Michael the difference between safe and not safe. Can I tell you that those scenes between Sonny and Michael were actually kinda heartwarming? But…*sigh*… If only Sonny and Carly would take some interest in talking to and guiding Michael when he wasn’t in the middle of a crisis, perhaps Michael could place a little more stock in his parents’ advice. Sonny cracks me up sometimes. “Madison Prep, SAFE. This girl, Abby, NOT SAFE.” Oh Sonny, you explaining safety to Michael is so ironic that it hurts. And Carly? Really Carly, you are trying to pay this girl to get out of town? Some would say that had Carly left town years ago, or at least stopped involving her children in every aspect of Sonny’s life, perhaps Michael and Morgan would have been much safer than they have been. It hurt Carly to hear it, but Michael needed to say it to Carly – she made a lot of bad choices when Michael was little. That’s why Michael was always making bad choices – he was always trying to clean up after her. I know that it hurt Carly, and I truly did feel for her, but Carly had it coming. If she was as involved with her son’s life before this Abby thing as she was in going after Dante and Brenda, she might feel confident about being able to influence Michael, but instead she’s operating on panic mode. When it comes to Sonny and Carly, these two are possibly the worst possible experts on WHAT’S SAFE AND NOT SAFE. Especially for their kids.

Jason’s head is spinning from trying to keep Brenda safe; not just from The Balkan, but from herself. I finally see why he’s so concerned. Brenda obviously has no clue just how insensitive and heartless she sounds when she talks about her wedding incessantly in the face of a civil suit over the death of another human being. Even if Theo weren’t The Balkan, I could see how he would be disgusted with Brenda’s breezy attitude towards Aleksander’s family. She’s acting like a princess who needs coddling instead of a woman who understands the kind of loss the family of the man she shot is feeling. Jason can strong arm Spinelli and insult Diane all he wants in his need to keep Brenda safe, but it won’t help. The Balkan himself is deciding WHAT’S SAFE AND NOT SAFE.

Dante is another victim of the Brenda Factor. He’s distracted, telling half-truths, and a little consumed with keeping Brenda out of harms’ way. Lulu is finally starting to come around to the fact that Dante may seem dreamy and noble and wonderful, but he is NOT perfect. He is a man. Human, flawed, and capable of hurting her. I love that Lulu is not going against her instincts…finally! It’s about time. Lulu asking Dante about his feelings for Brenda was the best thing she’s done for herself in ages. In the end, it will be Lulu’s heart hanging in the balance between WHAT’S SAFE AND NOT SAFE.

Our beautiful, wonderful, self-sufficient Sam has truly evolved over the past few years, hasn’t she? Sam now supports herself, has her own life, her own family, her own career, and her own interests outside of Jason’s world. I love it. I believe that things happen in stages. I believe that there was once a time that Sam needed the stability that Jason offered her. I even believe that after living her whole life the way Sam had before Jason, it was pretty normal for Sam to cling on to something that felt better than anything she had ever experienced. That was then. As one point, that best thing stopped being the best thing, and it started to hurt. The best thing Sam did then was to let go. Sure, there were some bad choices and mistakes afterwards, but there was also some much needed growth and self-reflection. The person who emerged from the dust was not the same person who went into it. Sam doesn’t sit around these days wondering is Jason needs a backrub or a hug or a bubble bath. Sure, when she has time she’s willing to do any of those things for and with him, but our Miss Independent Sam doesn’t have the kind of free time she once had. I love that. I love that now it’s Jason who has to wake up alone and wonder where she went. I love that Jason has to ask Sam if she has time for him. It shows that our Sam has become her own person. She knows who she is, and that she can stand alone. She is with Jason because she loves him and he loves her, and they love being together. Not because she needs him, or his penthouse, or his help. They are on equal footing now, and Sam has nothing to prove. Sam is in a totally different place now. This is why it makes sense that now that Sam isn’t completely obsessed with having Jason’s baby, it would finally become a possibility. As a Sam Fan First, I was thrilled with Sam’s reaction to the news that there is a new procedure that could address her “fertility issues.” Sam was taken aback, but she immediately realized that her life is good. She likes what she and Jason have right now. That is where every person contemplating parenthood should be before becoming parents. Children cannot fix a relationship or bring you closer, but when things are already good, and love and respect are the most important things in your relationship, a child can only make things greater. The only thing left to hamper any happiness that could come from some baby news is that long, tedious debate over “WHAT’S SAFE AND NOT SAFE.”


I say let’s get it over with, and move on to the happiness that’s eluded us since 2004.

Time for my sis to get me a new t-shirt: Team JaSam Baby!




January  10 

2005:  Will we ever get a bubble bath scene?


January 11

2005: One of my favorite scenes from The Early Days! We need some more of this kind of privacy!

2006: Baby Convos…

2008: I know these were tough to watch, but they are important to where Jason and Sam are today. Listen carefully to what Sam says to Jason in these scenes.

2010: Jason and Sam = LOVE!



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3 responses

  1. trini

    Totally agree and I say bring on the baby 🙂

    January 11, 2011 at 6:28 pm

  2. samjase

    I’m in love with your blog today (as always)! Every word you wrote hit home!

    Sam…wonderful, adorable, strong, independent, supportive, heart-of-gold Sam. I want so much for her. I want her fulfilled….to have what she wants with the man she loves so much. The other facets of her life seem to have taken shape…for which I’m grateful, now–I want to see her floating on cloud 9 with the man she loves. She deserves to have it all…because she gives her all to everyone she loves. It’s her turn now.

    The writing IS SO MUCH BETTER! Can’t stress it enough.

    I wrote Brian Frons and A. Sweeney a thank you e-mail…stressing gratitude for the better writing..the balance…the consistency, etc. Of course I thanked them for the upcoming Jasam s/l. Loving GH more and more each day…especially with what’s ahead for Jasam.

    Thanks again, Angelique, for providing this forum for all of the Jasam/GH fans. Bravo!

    January 11, 2011 at 7:52 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for another great Blog!!
    *Sighs*.. Our Sam.. I want it ALL for her, she deserves it ALL!! Love reading what you said about where she is now and how far she has come..
    Now that there is a possibility of a JaSam Baby coming… Yikes.. Im scared to actually believe. I cant believe how many years we have been waiting… Could this actually be the year it happens???
    2008 Clip – Such a GREAT JaSam scene even if its hard to watch. Sam was “spot on” with what she said to Jason…
    Wow… Sometimes it hits me.. How far JaSam have come over the years.. I love, love, love them!!

    January 11, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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