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A Stroll Through JaSam’s 2010 Calendar…

Happy New Year, GHers!

I was thinking that before we can really look forward to another JaSam Year In History, we should really take a look together at the past year and take a moment to appreciate the moments and events that helped Jason and Sam grow and move forward.  

There were times that we thought Jason and Sam were at a standstill this past year, but I think that’s why it’s so important to take a look back. Sometimes we can’t rally see things when we’re in the middle of a situation, but once it has passed, we are able to look at it more clearly. There are many rumors about what’s coming for them in the coming year, but we can’t really be talking abut the future if they hadn’t had this past year.

So, let’s take a look at those big moments. Let’s turn the pages of our 2010 JaSam Calendar together, and see the moments that helped shape what 2011 will look like.

THEN we’ll be ready to start of 2011 with renewed hope and positive energy and LOVE!

I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate our very own SOAP NEW YEAR”S EVE on our Sunday Drive. I know that New Year’s Eve was technically last night, but for us in Soap World, our New Year doesn’t kick off until Monday. So – TECHNICALLY Sunday is OUR New Year’s Eve!


It’s my blog – and so I get to name the holidays. Ha!

JaSam’s Year In Review~ 2010


January 13: These scenes not only remind us that Jason never thought there was a choice between the woman he LOVES and Lulu, but there is also a huge reference to Sam not being a mother. That stricken look on Sam’s face reminds us that just because Sam hasn’t talked about that hole in her soul, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still ache like crazy. Hmmm….


February 8: These moments between Jason and Sam while she was holding Baby Josslyn made me tear up then, and they still do. I just think they were meant to create a yearning in all of us viewers!

February 15: How cute and fun were these scenes (Gotta love Diane!), but more than that, it reminded Jason that Sam has never tried to change him. She loves him and accepts him as he is, and he has a greater appreciation for that with every passing day (and year!)

February 16: There were so many things to love about this episode! The writers realized that we LOVE seeing our favorites celebrate the same holidays we celebrate, and I remember how high the ratings were for these scenes! Jason and Sam are wonderful together, and they are so uniquely “them”. The cuteness with Molly, Kristina, and then Alexis and Mac also reminded us that Jason never forgets how important family is to Sam, and he wants to give her that, even when it cuts into his “romantic time” with her. That’s beautiful! The little talk Jason and Sam had was so sweet, Jason reading to her from the gun magazine was adorable, and the makeout time was heaven. The entire Valentine’s Day celebration was definitely a highlight of the year for me. What about you?


March 10: (seems I wasn’t the only one who loved these scenes as the vidder called them the Best Moment of March) These scenes made us all think of a JaSam wedding and honeymoon all in one fell swoop. I think it was seeing them in white – more subliminal messages from TPTB. Jason and Sam are really one of the few couples EVER on Daytime who can pack so much into one scene, and they do it so damned well! They were sweet, romantic, sexy, and hot all at once. And once again, they showed us that they would make really great parents. Jason and Sam also made me think that “Tennis” doesn’t really have to be boring!


March 17: These scenes of Jason taking care of Sam during the Kristina crisis helped remind Jason that Sam was really, really hurt in her past. They also reminded us that Jason loves Sam so much that he wants to help her be whole again. I really loved Jason during this crisis.


April 16: I know there were many of us complaining that Sam kissed him while he was apologizing, but really – who wouldn’t?

April 21: I love that they revisited Jason’s decision, and he clarified to Sam what she means to him.


May 12: How happy was I when the writers remembered Sam’s birthday? Sweet moments!

May 17, 19, 20:


June 1: These scenes were too sweet!

June 21: Two words: Conjugal visits.


July 1: Sam is Jason’s rock! And what a different Jason we saw with all these PDA’s!

July 29: *Tears*


August 23 & 24: Gosh, I love these two in Action Mode!

August 25:

August 26, 27, and 30:

August 31: I really enjoyed the dynamic between Lucky and JaSam! Love Jealous Jason!


September 1: I love Jason taking care of Sam! She deserves some TLC!

September 2: I love Jason’s comparison of Sam and Brenda! So did Sam!

September 3: I love when Jason and Sam talk…

September 8: Sam IS Better Than Brenda…I’m just glad Sam heard him say it!

September 13:

September 14:


October 4: Is it wrong that Jason was so crushed that Sam wanted to break up? And my friend, JaSamsDestiny will remember that these scenes inspired the Target Groping Situation.


October 28: Only Jason and Sam make “Hide and Seek” sexy!

October 29: *sigh*


November 11: I love the way Jason looks at Sam when she says she would shout her regrets from the rooftops! Pure Love and Respect!

November 16: JaSam Sweetness!

November 23: I just adored these scenes!


December 1: Jason is panic mode over Sam is so damned SEXY!

December 2: I love that Jason keeps asking Sam to move in!

December 3: Why do I love the way Jason slammed into her on the ground?

December 21: Jason needing Sam and making Christmas traditions all in one episode! Yummy!

December 22: Next Christmas, their tree may need to be a little bigger…

I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring us…but I am very grateful for all that 2010 brought us, too!

Sometimes we just forget.


See you tomorrow for our Soapy New Year’s Eve Drive!

Can’t wait!



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  1. JasamFan

    This was an awesome blog.. love looking back over all things Jasam and the beautiful year they have had. Looking forward to what 2011 will bring this beautiful couple!

    Peace & Love

    January 2, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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