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The thing about our favorite players on General Hospital is that they’re not always wrong, and they’re not always right. Sometimes we love them and hate the things they do that still make us hate them, and sometimes we hate them because we love the things they do to make us hate them.

There are times that we cringe at the choices they make, and there are times that we smile and wish we could climb through the screen and give them a hug.

Thanks to Patrick, for being the one to point out that we can love people even when they’re not always right. Really, I kinda felt for Patrick here. He’s unintentionally taking three steps back with Robin after he seemed to take one forward. By telling Robin the hard truth, that not always is she right – or that even Lisa isn’t always wrong (even though we the viewers know that she is), he pissed her off. Robin has a penchant for sounding so incredibly self-righteous that one almost forgets that she really is the victim in all of this. Truly, she has inadvertently helped Lisa garner some compassion along the way with her over-the-top reactions to everything she does. Poor Patrick. He just can’t seem to get a win no matter what he says.

Lisa isn’t always doing the wrong thing, but she’s hardly ever doing the right thing, either. I have to say, that while I hate what Lisa has done to a formerly good marriage, I do really like her villainess style. I loved, loved, loved her scenes with Ethan and John and how she pretended to care about John before she realized Ethan knew the truth. Lisa is so convincing it’s scary! I’m glad John and Ethan have her number: Lisa’s smart, she’s gorgeous, and she’s a fine doctor, but she’s barking mad. I hope these two proceed with caution.

John doesn’t always do the wrong thing, but certainly he doesn’t always do the right thing, as he finally explained to Ethan, and to us, why the hell he shot at the man who was stalking Sam. Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, sometimes I wonder about just how stupid he can be. While John has his problems with Sonny, Jason has always been good to him. In fact, John is still alive because of Jason. Knowing that someone was stalking Sam, and not telling Jason is a big no-no. Shooting at him before he could tell Jason and Sam what they needed to know was another no-no. I am disappointed in him. He’s lucky he even got me to crack a smile…but who could resist John calling Ethan Ethel?


Lucky Spencer hasn’t always been wrong about the women in his life, but he sure as hell hasn’t always been right. I am growing very restless about what the hell Siobhan is hiding from Lucky. With every passing day and that continued Irish accent, my hopes that she is really a secret agent are dwindling. Lucky really enjoys her company, he is earnestly concerned for her, and he is working his tail off to keep her safe. I just hope that this time, his instincts and mine were right and Siobhan will turn out to be a good guy – or girl.

Tracy usually does the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right reason, but she hardly ever does anything for right for the wrong reasons, either. However, I do believe she is marrying Luke for the right reason: because she loves him – more than she would ever admit. I even think she believes she’s doing the right thing when she’s planning a “champagne wedding on Luke’s beer budget”. I think Tracy thinks that if she keeps pushing Luke, he’ll break before the wedding and run, and it will at least save her the humiliation of being left at the alter on the day of her wedding. How sad.

Nikolas may not even remember what the wrong thing – or the right thing – even are anymore. But I would like to suggest that Nikolas bringing Brook into his life, for whatever reason, was the right thing. I really like the way she lifts his dark mood whenever she’s around him, and I love that she always seems to be flirting with him. I think Nik needs that right about now. As a matter of fact, Brook is what Nikolas needs right now. I may not always be wrong, but I sure hope I am right on this. I hope they explore this a little further and give us a hot, new romance for Nik. And then I hope they flaunt it all over town.

I will admit that our beloved Sam is not always right, but certainly she is not always wrong, either. I really believe that Sam had the right idea when she heard that Michael was asking Jason’s help in finding “someone.” I think Sam heard what I did. Michael thought he wanted someone to sleep with, but Sam and I knew that he really didn’t. All he needed was the opportunity to admit, even to himself, that something terrible had in fact happened to him. Those moments with Abby forced him to do just that, and that’s what Sam was counting on. The fact that she hears Michael saying that Abby has been a catalyst for him to talk, to open up, and to even think about the future again, was all an added bonus. Sure, now there is the issue of Abby’s “customers” to worry about, but I think more good came out of this than anything else. Until Carly. Now Sam must defend her position on not interfering. Good luck, Sam! I’m on your side, but I’ll have my fingers crossed anyway. Carly is a nightmare in Mama Bear mode!

Jason isn’t always right in predicting what his enemies will do, but he isn’t always wrong. Dante as a partner seems to change those odds a bit. Jason should have just shot Jerry the moment he laid eyes on him. Thanks to Dante, he didn’t. Now Jasey-poo and Dante are right back where they started – Square One. Jerry needs to be eliminated if the people Jason loves and cares about are ever going to be safe again, and Jason knows that. Now Jerry has escaped once more, and the body ended right back up where it started…in the water. Wait ‘til Daddy Balkan finds out!

I just cannot wait to see who The Balkan is. Maybe once we figure it out, we’ll be one step closer to ridding ourselves of this nuisance once and for all.

Guess which nuisance I’m talking about…





December 15

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2 responses

  1. trini

    So tired of Dante.

    December 15, 2010 at 5:49 pm

  2. JasamFan

    Haha.. I wonder..

    and please can we get that pink crap out of Jason’s living room already. We have had to look at it far too long.. however if they wait much longer then they can just add the other Valentine’s decorations to it!

    Mele Kalikimaka!

    Peace & Love

    December 15, 2010 at 7:19 pm

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