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Nothing makes me more suspicious of a person than when they say, “Trust Me.”

Many times people don’t actually come right out and say it, but they are asking you to trust them by expecting you to stand by them, to have their back, or to go to bat for them when you don’t really have a reason to at the moment.

Robin has been pulling the “Trust Me” card with her colleagues about their resident hypochondriac, Theo Hoffman, since he arrived. First, all he needed was a little attention. Now that he shared with Robin that he lost someone near and dear, Robin is all the more determined to help heal his soul. With every crazed complaint or whimsical memory Theo shares with Robin, he is whispering “Trust Me, I just need you”, and he couldn’t have picked a better doctor to pull it off with. Robin already thinks that everyone needs her, even when they don’t know it. To have someone who actually and OBVIOUSLY needs her, well that just rubs her ego the right way. I wonder how Robin will deal with it if Theo is not just a sweet and kooky old man who just needs her time and attention.

John doesn’t trust Lisa and Lisa doesn’t rust John, yet with everything they ask of each other via blackmail, they say, “Trust Me’, even if not with the words. Neither of them have another choice, do they? John is fainting all over the place (Sad – considering Jason had been shot twice and Jason was not only carrying his own weight, but Sam’s as well before he made “mad, passionate love” with her.) I have to agree with Lisa that John is not as good as he thinks. Maybe it’s the added weight of that chest hair.*shrugs* Lisa has to keep John alive just to save her own ass now that Olivia knows. Regardless of the barbs and low-blows, each of these two partners in crimes committed needs an accomplice more than they need someone they can trust. And so this little game will continue, until someone gets busted, or killed. By the looks of things, one is bound to happen sooner, rather than later. With Robin watching Lisa like a hawk, it’s only a matter of time before Lisa’s wide-eyed “Trust Me” look loses its effect.

Abby hasn’t really said the words “Trust Me” to Michael, but she makes him want to trust her, even when he has nothing to fight off Kristina’s suspicions with. Michael has found in Abby someone he can talk to without making them cry or without making them go off and have someone else murdered. Michael has found a safe place where he can release those secret fears and those hidden details of what happened to him. Because of that, Michael wants to believe her trustworthy and above all of Kristina’s accusations. Michael truly believes that Abby is saying, “Trust Me”, while Kristina is only hearing her say, “Trust Fund.”

Michael hasn’t really said the words, “Trust Me” to Abby, either. However, regardless of his age, Michael has proven to be something that Abby hasn’t seen much of: a gentleman. Abby finds herself telling Michael a whole lot, and even though Michael committed a serious faux pas in offering to pay her for her time, she was able to see that it wasn’t done to hurt her. Certainly, at the moment, Michael did something that left Abby with little trust, but once she was able to think it through, she came out still hearing Michael’s actions say, “Trust Me.”

Bringing Lucky midnight snacks, and pretending to talk with a family that loves and is worried about you are actions that lend themselves to saying to Lucky, “Trust Me”, without saying the words. But Siobhan took it one step further and actually did say the words. “Trust Me” she said to Lucky, and batted her smilin’ Irish eyes at him. The one thing that keeps me trusting Siobhan myself is that her plan went off without a hitch, and Lucky wasn’t hurt or cheated out of actually getting what he was sent to get. Whoever she’s working for, she hasn’t really chosen them over Lucky, which keeps me believing that she can be on the right side of the law. However, when it’s said and done, I’m still not sure Lucky won’t be hurt, as he truly trusts Siobhan, and has told her all of his secrets. How will he feel when he finds that she had secrets all along? So far, everything she’s said and done has said, “Trust Me”, but Lucky doesn’t know all she’s said and done, does he?

When Dante told Lulu that he was going to be honest with her about Brenda, he was basically telling her, “Trust Me” on everything else about Brenda. That was his one chance to be honest with her. It was the golden opportunity to come clean. He didn’t. Still, Lulu trusts him blindly. This story reminds me so much of a certain storyline in late 2006/early 2007, and I truly feel for Lante fans. Once again, Lulu was asking her man to trust her when he asked him about his hangover, and once again, Dante was within reach of being free from the secrets, and once again, he didn’t. He purposely idea bout what had him so upset. Lulu has been hearing, “Trust Me” all along from Dante, but it seems that she may have heard an unexpected truth from Michael. Let’s see what Lulu does with that.

The problem with Carly is that she has said, “Trust Me” one too many times. Here she is trying to warn anyone who will listen that Sonny is jumping into this Brenda fantasy completely deaf, dumb, and blind, and no one wants to hear it. This is what happens when you cry “Wolf” one too many times. Jason knows that Carly is on to something, but he’s hoping to keep that truth from hurting Michael, and deep down, I don’t really think that Jason cares that much about what Brenda and Dante did. It’s none of his business. That’s not going to stop Carly, though. She is determined to expose the two lying secret-keeping Dante and Brenda for who they really are. “Trust ME”, what happens next is going to be HUGE!

When Jason opened his PH door and Steve walked in, I know many people were hopeful about what their conversation would entail. Many shared their speculations about what these scenes would mean with me when Scott tweeted that he and Steve would be sharing a scene. I giggled then. Some expected Jason to implore Steve to help him reconnect with his past with some kind of “Trust Me” speech about good intentions towards Ms. Webber and her three rugrats. I giggled then too. When Steve Webber entered the PH and Jason’s realm, people wondered, “Would they discuss Steve’s little sister, “Peanut”, or would they discuss his nephews’ lost trust fund?” Would Jason ask Steve for an update on, or to convey a message to the Chief of Staff’s favorite nurse? Ummm…NO. It was very clear that the nurse was the furthest thing from Jason’s mind. Seeing her brother didn’t stir his feelings or memories, and in fact, Jason remained Stone Cold about the issue at hand: the body they all hope The Balkan will come looking for. The only “Trust Me” exchanged between Jason and Steve was the unspoken reminder that Steve really didn’t want to get in the way of what Jason wanted. I LOVED IT!

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December 10

2004:  These scenes were hard to watch as a JaSam fan in the early stages fo their relationship. It seemed we’d take one step forward and three steps back at every turn. My favorite part was when Jason stopped Sam’s had from pounding the elevator button, and admitted he wanted her to stay. *sigh*

 2008: How many of you screamed right along with me at the end of these scenes? Oh…another JaSam beginning.

2009: Look how far they’d come in one year! How sweet! JaSam Is Love!



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