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“What You Don’t Know”

I was a teen in the ‘80’s… when the Expose song, “What You Don’t Know” was a big hit. The lyrics of that song kept playing over and over in my head as I thought about today’s blog post.

You see, the song promises, “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You”, but in the house where I grew up, my mom convinced us that “What You Don’t Know Will Not Only Hurt You, But Make An Ass Out Of You!”

While I loved the girls of Expose and danced away many a night at the clubs to their very danceable songs, I have to side with my mother on this one.

I just said yesterday that I was not going to be naive and wax poetic about Siobhan and how good she was for Lucky, because I knew the writers could turn that around on me at any time. It seems I am a bit of a clairvoyant, as just yesterday, they did just that. It seems Siobhan is working with someone else on this little plan she sold Lucky on. Siobhan was successful in getting Lucky right where she wanted him, and right where she could leave him – while she went off to meet with her other partner. I am still hoping that Siobhan will turn out to be a double agent for Interpol, and that Lucky won’t end up being duped…again. Yes, Lucky, what you don’t know WILL hurt you.

Ethan and Maya decided to stay married mainly for the cool million Edward promised them. At times, not even the million seemed worth it to Maya, but I believe Edward managed to convince them that his motives for paying them to remain married far outweigh the impropriety of it all. I also think he managed them to try harder to make it work. Maya and Ethan, what you don’t know about Edward might just be a good thing in your case!

Carly has said more than once that the minute Sonny knew Dante was his son; Dante immediately became his favorite son. Dante is, after all, Sonny’s biological first born son, and Sonny really liked him even when Dante was Dominic. I think we could all agree that Sonny has definitely shown just how favored Dante is in Sonny’s eyes. I mean, if I found out that Dante had covered up a murder to protect Brenda and even got rid of the body, my reaction would have been much different than Sonny’s. I would have thrown his hypocrisy in his face, considering Dante’s refusal to cover up for his younger brother in the same, exact situation as Brenda’s cost Michael his innocence and changes him forever. But not Sonny. Sonny didn’t even seem to connect the two. In fact, he seemed almost thankful for how Dante had worked to protect Brenda. All I can come up with in defense of Sonny is that it must be the medication he’s taking for his BPD. *shrugs* I wonder what Sonny’s reaction will be when he finds out about this “big secret” that Dante and Brenda are keeping about their personal involvement. I wonder what it would have been if Sonny had tripped upon Dante while he was making drunken confessions about his past with Brenda. Oh, Sonny, what you don’t know will PISS YOU OFF!

Which brings to mind Dante’s purposely kept-in-the-dark girlfriend, Lulu. The poor girl sings Dante’s honorable praises all over town to whoever will listen. Lulu trusts Dante. Fully and completely. Lulu even felt badly about her distrust of Dante, and yet…she is still being lied to. That is just wrong. Lulu wrapped up a perfect opportunity for Dante to tell her the truth and he still only chose to give her the breadcrumbs of that Italian Hero Secret he’s hiding from everyone…well except for Brenda, and now Michael. When I watch Lulu cluelessly beaming at her family, I am reminded that people have tried to tell her to be careful and to tread carefully, but she just doesn’t want to hear it. Ummm, Lulu, what you don’t know will TOTALLY make an ass out of you!

Here’s something you won’t hear often: Robin and I have something in common. Theo Hoffman has completely managed to worm his way into Robin’s heart, just because “there’s something about him.” Did we not all think that he was who we think he is, I would totally be a sucker for him too. Lonely elderly people break my heart. When I was a teen at one of my first jobs at 7-11, I nearly lost my job because my boss noticed that I never ever charged an old guy named Charlie for his daily coffee and buttered roll after his daily dialysis. I ended up having to give up half my measly little check, and from then on, I just added the coffee and buttered roll to my weekly expense sheet. In the end, it was worth it. Charlie would come by every day and chat with me while I cleaned windows, swept, and stocked shelves. He shared life lessons with me, and taught me the value of learning from the mistakes of others. And whenever I was called in to cover a late shift, he would come by the store and sit there to make sure I was safe, even though he barely had the strength to swat a fly, like Theo does so convincingly. It didn’t matter, Charlie felt important and needed, and I felt good about meeting that immediate need. That’s what Robin is doing for Theo Hoffman on a grander scale. Sure, he can afford to pay for his stay, unlike my old friend Charlie, but that’s not the issue here. Theo needs attention, or so it appears to Robin, and even though she may be “cheating” a little bit on her paperwork, she’s doing it for noble reasons, and I can totally get behind that. Unfortunately, what Robin, and the  rest of us,  don’t really know about Theo Hoffman has the potential to blow Port Charles apart!

What Jason and Sam might not know yet, has the power to make a lot of us very happy JaSam fans! Rumors are swirling that Sam will soon find out that she’s carrying much more than a miracle baby. A JaSam baby will have the power to bring healing to a wound that Sam has carried quietly for over six years. A baby has the power to finally give Sam and Jason what should have been theirs long ago. A baby will also have the power to erase the unfairness of Jason having had a baby that came out of a drunken, painful ONS. A baby would have the power to finally give Sam a reason to believe that sometimes good things really do come to those who wait.

What a baby does NOT have the power to do is make a relationship work. Jason and Sam already have that, and that is why we can be excited. This baby will not have to carry the burden of bringing two people together that don’t belong together. Jason and Sam have already proven that. All these months that we have been yelling advice at Sam, Jason and Sam have really been proving to us that they have learned a few lessons along the way. And while they still have some left to learn, this baby’s job will not be to bring them together against all logic…this baby will just be a living, breathing symbol of what Love can do. I am thankful that this baby didn’t come when Sam was desperate to fill a void, or when Liz was pregnant and some people wanted to even the score. Jason has already seen that a baby does not a working relationship make. It cannot make up for all the ways that two people don’t understand or accept each other. A baby doesn’t change who people inherently are.

However, when  Love is already the riving force behind a couple, and when understand and acceptance fuel the fires that burn in their hearts for each other, then a baby can change everything…for the better. When two people already share everything that is good and wonderful, a baby can only add to magic. A baby can bring even more laughter and simpler reasons to smile. A baby can give you a reason to finally get a bigger, more shimmering Christmas tree. And it can give you a reason to have Thanksgiving dinner around your own table. A baby can give you a different reason to have to be energized at night, and a sweeter reason for late night drives. A baby can give you a reason to keep a different kind of photo box, and to shove that old box of pain to the far corners of your closet…and to even forget it exists.

What Jason and Sam don’t know is already giving people something to talk about.

A baby…A JaSam Baby…can and will give us all a reason to smile.



December 9

2004: Part 1: Part 2:  I have always loved this kiss, and the conversation after…as heartbreaking as it was!

2005: Part 1: Part 2: 

 2008: Sam was so gracious in these scenes

2009: I couldn’t resist the “Little Bitch” scenes! Thought you’d appreciate the laugh!



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2 responses

  1. trini

    Thinking about a Jasam baby brings tears of joy to my eyes. So many people are already waiting to show how much this baby will be loved. *sigh*

    December 9, 2010 at 4:02 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the great blog!!!
    Always feel extra lucky as I watch This Day in JaSam History to be a JaSam Fan!!!

    Looking forward to whats coming our JaSam way. Pink or Blue may all our JaSam wishes come true.. ❤

    December 9, 2010 at 11:29 pm

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