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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

As a kid, my sister and I heard it  ALL the time. “Never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

I’m sure you’ve heard it too at least once in your life. It seems our friends in Port Charles would benefit from my mom’s advice.

Actually, Kristina would benefit from anything her mother had to say. Perhaps Alexis needs to schedule some “Mommy and Me” time with her daughter. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that when Kristina was going through the trauma of being beaten by her boyfriends and blaming Ethan, I was one of those who tried to get everyone to put on Kristina’s Uggs and walk a mile through her experience. I defended her confusion and fear, and stood by her because, like so many of you, I understood where she was coming from. I tried to get people not to judge her too harshly without understanding her plight. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard Kristina being so judgmental about Abby. Really, Kristina? You are going to ask what Abby does for a living, and then you are going to decide that because of what she does for a living, she MUST be after Michael for his money? Kristina, who has been judged by what her father does for a living her WHOLE life. Kristina, who has so been judged by what her mother has done (and allegedly done) to those living until crossing paths with Alexis. (Luis Alcazar, Claudia and her lost baby, and of course – Kiefer) Kristina, who has been judged so harshly by what happened to Kiefer because of what she said and did about him – even though it was all true. Kristina is the last person who should be judging anyone! And to tryand crap on Sam for introducing Michael and Abby was just wrong. More wrong? Kristina telling Michael that Abby doesn’s want to be his friend. This coming from the girl whom everyone tried to convince that Kiefer was not with her to be her loyal and loving boyfriend. Everyone including Michael. I’m not sure that I would be taking much advice from Kristina on her judgement of character. I won’t be naive and sing Abby’s longterm praises, as the writers could make her a mass murderer next Tuesday, but I will say this. Abby has provided Michael the ONLY opportunity to feel comfortable enough to actually voice what happened to him at Pentonville, and what it did to him. Michael couldn’t even share those thoughts with Jason, who gave up his love and life to be in there with him. Already Abby has helped Michael, so I really wish that Kristina, and everyone else talking crap about her “profession” would walk a mile in her shoes before judging her.

As for Abby, I think she has been abused in different ways by different people. It’s why Abby really doesn’t see anything wrong with men treating her the way they do – even outside of the club, because deep down, I don’t think she has the self-worth or value one needs in order to feel as though you deserve better. It is the same reason that she is able to not judge Michael, or want to react to his confessions with tears, hysterics, or with telling him she’s going to call a therapist. So at least for the moment, Michael doesn’t feel as though he’s walking through this nightmare alone, because Abby has walked perhaps more than a mile in Michael’s shoes.

It seems that our town historian and future novelist, Molly, wants to write about one of the town’s patriarchs, Edward Quartermaine. I’m glad someone does. (smile) I love that Molly gets right to the point on things, but never sounds as though she is judging. She just genuinely wants to know the answers to her questions. I have to say that I really loved the answers to the questions Molly had for Edward. I may not agree with them, or support them, but I really loved that in his head, Edward does everything he does for family. That was a big moment in General Hospital’s history – and we got to revisit it because a 12-year-old was willing to walk a mile on an old man’s shoes without judging. I love that.

Ethan and Maya are not my favorite couple, but they’re a couple, and they have their issues. It seems that Maya wants to work through those issues, in spite of her own issues with being with guys like Ethan. She truly did try to walk a few steps in Ethan’s shoes to understand why he might be straying already, but Ethan obviously gets his charm and sensitivity from his father. Realizing that their marriage may not be worth the effort, Ethan was forced to run quite a few steps to try to get Maya back. Perhaps these two need to take the time to walk a mile backwards and get off to a better start…at the beginning. I’m not judging.

Siobhan seems to really care about Lucky, so much so that she was willing to FLY several hundred miles to follow him to NYC because she wants to keep him safe. Are alarm bells going off for anyone else? Something is SOOOO up with out redhead, and as much as I love that Lucky is getting laid and it doesn’t involve selling his soul to the devil known as Liz, I also don’t want Liz to be able to say to Lucky that she “told him so.” I couldn’t take it. Why Lucky is not questioning why Siobhan has Agent Bates’ number on speed dial or why she is channeling his kinder, lovelier ex, Sam with her back-up plans. I think we can all agree that Siobhan is not who she says she is. I just hope that whoever she is, she comes down on the right side of this. I don’t want Lucky hurt anymore! I wish Lucky would take the time to try to figure out why Siobhan seems to have walked a mile in an undercover agent’s soft-soled shoes.

Why do I get the feeling that the whole conversation between Theo and Robin are much deeper than what we’re actually hearing? I felt that he was issuing warnings at Robin, like when he said that she would soon see just how sick he really is. I think we’ll have plenty of cause for all of us to have to walk a mile in his shoes before judging what he does next, if he is in fact who we think he is.


How many miles between here and Rome? I wonder because I wish that Brenda would walk, swim, sail, or fly the thousands of miles between PC and Rome, and leave our screens once again. Brenda continues to find ways to make me crazy. One minute she’s TANGLED with Sonny and about to get horizontal with him, and the next, she’s batting (no comments please) her eyelashes at Dante, and acting uber excited about being alone in the back of a limo with him. Listen, Brenda…no one likes an interloper. And considering you have interloped in just about EVERY relationship in Port Charles, I would be very, very thoughtful about staying in a town where you have more enemies than friends. I literally heard the cries of angry Lulu and Sonny fans everywhere when Brenda looked into Dante’ eyes and declared sappily, “You’re my hero!”  I’m not a fan of either pairing and I just wanted to take those Cartullo knock-offs and KNOCK HER THE HELL OUT! How selfish is it of her to purposely try to keep every guy in PC on a leash, with no thought to the women they love and who love them? I swear that I saw Dante’s head swell onscreen! And just when she gets the poor sap about ready to spill his guts about what happened in New York, she takes a call from Sonny and calls him “Sweetheart.” Wow. Brenda is incapable of thinking about anyone else’s feelings because she would never walk two steps in someone else’s shoes, unless, as in the case of the hooker’s knock-offs, it would benefit HER. What a selfish, self-centered &$%#@!

When I look at Port Charles from my computer screen, I see a town full of people who are different in many ways. I see people who are willing to give people a chance, and people who aren’t. I see people who look down and judge others from high atop their pedestals or look up from their comfy, overstuffed and privileged chairs. Very rarely do we have the opportunity to connect with people like the rest of us – people who are aware of their imperfections, and try on enough of other people’s shoes to keep themselves from becoming judgemental and harsh. That’s why I love Molly. It’s why I love Sam.

But it’s also why I love to scream at my television at the characters I love but don’t always like, and it’s why I love to hate the characters I cannot stand. It’s what makes soap watching fun and one of my favorite pastimes.

Let’s love and love to hate…but let’s have fun doing it! If not, why bother?



December 8

2004: See how Sam treats people even after they crap on her? SAM is my EVERYDAY HERO! Wasn’t this a big day for us JaSam lovers?

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2006: Not JaSam but  I loved what Jason said about Sam and the baby here. Too bad he and Lulu forgot so quickly!

2008: Sam has always given Jason more than he gives her.




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4 responses

  1. Karlene

    Wonderful blog as usual 🙂 I just wanted to let you and everyone else at this great blog to know what I just found out on Facebook:
    JAMES FRANCO IS RETURNING FOR 2 DAYS IN FEBRUARY!!!! All the info is on that page on the GH website!!!! I can’t wait for him to return b/c then Jason and Sam will have PLENTY of air time 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    JASAM Love Always,

    December 9, 2010 at 2:16 am

  2. Karlene

    Another article on James Franco’s return to GH:
    JASAM Love Always,

    December 9, 2010 at 2:32 am

  3. Angie

    Angelique, Thanks for all your hard work insight. Always find your perspective very thought provoking. I totally agree with you on the Brenda thing. Wow Brenda sure knows how to put on her charms. Poor stupid Dante just drool on her every word. So glad Jason is immune to that. Ooops didn’t mean to ramble.

    December 9, 2010 at 11:58 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for another enjoyable blog!!

    Hope we get more JaSam soon. Funny not seeing either of them for 2 days.. I will believe they are together having some fun!!

    December 9, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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