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Happy Tuesday, GHers!

Port Charles may be a small suburb with an even smaller population, but oh my – how TANGLED it is!

Seems everyone we know is TANGLED up in some kind of tense and entangled situation, relationship, or partnership. It seems that getting UN-TANGLED may not be as easy as it appears.

John Zacchara really got himself TANGLED up in a dangerous and questionable situation when he walked into Lisa and her syringe at GH, but I bet nothing was more questionable than the scene that Olivia walked in on. Finding your man all sweaty and weak on a couch with some blonde chick kneeling in front of him is one hell of a scene. Yet I guess Dante got his detective skills from his mama, because she wasn’t buying what John and Lisa were trying to sell her. Seems you can’t sell that Brooklyn Bridge to the babe from Brooklyn. Olivia knew exactly what she was walking into. Though Liv knew John wasn’t getting the kind of attention from Lisa that would be considered cheating, she did call him out on his lies, and well she should. She also called him out on hurting her with the idea of what it appeared he was doing, just so that she wouldn’t figure out what he really was. John has really sunk to a new low. John knows exactly what he’s doing, and he knows exactly what it’s costing others…like Robin.

Speaking of Robin, she is so TANGLED up in her anger and resentment, that I am just about convinced that she won’t ever allow her estranged husband Patrick to UN-TANGLE himself from his mistake. Each time he tries, she pushes him right back into it. Even on the rare occasion he’s not apologizing, perhaps in  an effort to give the subject a rest, Robin is throwing it all in his face. I am almost sure that if Robin had actually taken the advice of one of the people who cares about her and went to therapy, the therapist would tell her that constantly reminding Patrick about his lover is probably not a good thing. I’m starting to fear that if Robin keeps trying to convince Patrick that he still wants Lisa so badly, she may actually succeed. *sigh*

Perhaps what Robin needs is something else to focus on than Patrick and Lisa’s affair. It’s a good thing that needy, grumpy, hypochondriac Theo Hoffman parked his “festering flesh” in the hospital, and in doing so immediately got TANGLED up with so many different people. I thought it was interesting that Theo picked the day that Dante was sitting in the waiting area, and the body from Jersey was ordered up to Port Charles to decide he couldn’t deal with the “brain tumor” pressing against his brain. Hmmm…makes for some good speculation. I’ve also loved Daniel Benzali since his days on Murder One, so I am excited. I just hope that with all these people on the canvas and one less writer, they can actually write him as well as he deserves.

Dante is one busy guy. From coming up with ideas with Jason and Sam, to ordering up dead bodies and second autopsies at GH, to being called in to do security detail for the woman haunting his dreams – he is all over the place! So Dante and Brenda will be riding around in a limo all alone…does this mean we’ll have to watch more “flashbacks”? Really all I want is to know what the freakin’ secret is, and just how TANGLED Brenda and  Dante really were in the past. It seems to me that Dante seemed a little miffed that Brenda wanted to spend the night in Sonny’s “embrace”. I wish we all knew why! *rolling my eyes*

I have to tell you guys, and I’m sure I’ve said it before…I used to LOVE Sonny and Brenda! Even when she last came to Port Charles in 2003, I was thrilled to have her back and sorry to see her go. This time…not so much. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something has changed. Even as I watched Sonny and Brenda get all steamy and TANGLED in each other’s arms, (and they did seem quite tangled, no?) I tried to get really excited,  but…it just didn’t happen. Listen. Let me make one thing clear. I will watch Sonny and Brenda rub heads like the Coneheads and not complain as long as it keeps Brenda the hell away from our Jason and Sam! I’m just sayin’…it’s just not there for me. Perhaps it’ll pick up…maybe they just need to get past the awkwardness, but I wish my favorite soap wasn’t willing to risk losing any more footing in the ratings in the meantime. I say dial it back until the numbers get back into normal range…but what do I know. I;m just a viewer…like you.

Moving on…

Michael is way TANGLED up…inside. His reactions to Abby’s situation are Michael’s coping mechanism with what happened to him. Since he couldn’t defend himself during the most traumatic event of his life, he is hypersensitive when it comes to defending whenever and whoever else he can. Jason got that right, and I get that so well. Jason was right about that, but what I don’t get is why he won’t help Michael recognize it and then … deal with it? What is it about Michael’s truth that scares Jason so much? Isn’t it better to get it out and dealt with while someone who cares about Michael, like Jason, is there to help. I don’t understand why he’d rather ignore it and hope it won’t come out at the wrong time and with the wrong person? Jason had the perfect opportunity to talk to Michael about it and ask Michael those very questions yesterday. He didn’t. Instead, he warned Sam that Michael shouldn’t be in that situation. And I guess Jason plans to drop everything and run the next 5,000 times Michael trips over a trigger. Or maybe Jason thinks that Michael being friends with a stripper is the only trigger he’ll ever face. I really wish Sam would smack him upside the head and remind Jason that Michael is no longer ten and that he has to deal with real life, real people, and real situations at some point. Why not now?

I wish that Sam didn’t have to end up TANGLED up in all of Jason’s ENTANGLEMENTS, but she does because her heart is so TANGLED with his. Michael, Carly, Brenda, Jerry, The Balkan…Sam has found herself TANGLED with them all because of Jason. I wonder when Jason will realize that what Sam brings to his life is so much simpler and enriching than what he brings to hers. Sure, Jason brings love and joy to Sam’s life, and that seems to be enough for her, but I wish something would cause Jason to stop and take stock of what Sam has brought to his life and what he’s brought to hers. I have a feeling it could cause Jason to have an epiphany…and I hope that epiphany brings him to his knees…for more than one reason.

‘Til then…I will try to be as patient as I can…hopefully you will too!

Much love,




December 7

2004: Someone give this chick a BABY! Really – those were the only words I ever heard that little girl utter in the whole time she played Kristina! Honestly, Kelly managed to accomplish an amazing feat!

2005: I love how Sam has always had Jason’s back! And OMG – I love the way Jason kisses her in this scene. What I didn’t love so much? Carly!

2006: There is a JaSam scene here…and a sweet one!

2009: I love when Jason tries to make things better with a kiss! *sigh*



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2 responses

  1. Traveler

    Hope you are feeling better!!
    Thanks for another great blog…… As usual I love your take on GH especially JaSam!! Hoping to see Jason on his knee’s soon…
    Still really enjoy “This Day in JaSam History”. So many WONDERFUL JaSam scenes over the years….

    December 8, 2010 at 2:01 am

  2. Ana

    Hello Angelique,
    As always great blog today. I just wanted to let you know that you are so right on the Brenda and Sonny part. It seems as the spark has gone there scenes are nothing like they use to be.

    December 8, 2010 at 4:15 am

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