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“Are You Happy?”

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

What are you up to today? Getting ready for the holiday? Cooking, baking, running around? No matter what is on your list of things to get done, don’t forget to take the time to be THANKFUL! We have so much to be grateful for!

As soap fans, we have a lot to be happy about, too!

We still have our soap on the air, and it seems that ratings are turning around. Yes…I am happy! Are you?

Yesterday in Port Charles, lots of people were about happiness. Whether theirs or the happiness of others, happiness was definitely on the brain.

Lisa sure is happy. She’s happy that John Zacchara ever had the notion to come to her to try to influence her decision during Sonny’s murder trial! Thanks to that little attempt to break the law, Lisa was able to use John to cover her latest crime, and her tell-tale syringe. Lisa is the most manipulative person I’ve seen in a long while. She oozes a sex vibe all over just about every man she comes into contact with. Did you see her on the pier cozying up to Nikolas? If Brook doesn’t show up soon, she may find herself out of a job! Then she turns around and shares her umbrella, and later her secrets with John at the Metro Court. It seems that Lisa has convinced him of her overwhelming desire to clear her name. And just like that, John aligned, or shall I say misaligned, himself with the wrong side of the right thing to do. Are you happy, Lisa? It would seem so. The better question would be…Are you happy, John? Happy turning on your friends? Happy helping a psychopath? We’ll see.

Robin and Patrick don’t seem very happy these days, and why would they? They are struggling with the fallout of an affair, and they seem to be determined to get in their own way on the road to healing. I have to say that usually I find that Robin is just too damned sanctimonious to take a step back and see what perhaps she can do differently to move this relationship forward. However, yesterday Patrick reminded us all that he still has a God complex. What the hell was Patrick thinking when he went to Nikolas and told him that Matt heard Maxie say she wanted to frame Lisa? Really, Patrick? And if that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to basically say that Maxie was a known liar with an overactive imagination. Wow. Are you happy, Patrick? Now you have managed to make your wife not only sound as though she’s either losing her mind and trying to frame Lisa, but also that she’s recruiting her family to help do the same. Nice job, Patrick! For once, I cannot really blame Robin for being hard on Patrick. He had it coming, and he deserved every angry word Robin hurled at him. The question then is…Robin, are you happy? Are you happy with the state of this relationship? What’s gotta give? What’s GONNA give? Maybe it’s time to think about those answers!

Dante seems to always be one decibel below Lulu’s range of hearing when he’s talking about his past with Brenda. It seems that everyone has noticed Dante’s fascination with Brenda, even if they don’t want to address it. *cough* (Lulu) I have to ask…Lulu, are you happy? Are you happy knowing that you are lying to yourself every time you ignore what you already know about Dante? And really…Dante are you happy? Happy knowing that you keep building up the future Lulu is envisioning with you, even though you’re building it on a pile of lies and half-truths that is going to crumble any second now? All the kisses and sweet words you whisper aren’t going to change what you didn’t say; what you didn’t tell her.

Brenda and Sonny seem to be happy for the moment as well. Maybe it was the aura of Sonny’s old apartment – the memories it held, the reminders of a love that seems to keep escaping them. Maybe it was the rain – the remembrances the sound of the rain brought to mind. Maybe it was the way it felt to kiss your one great love. Everyone knows what that feels like, right? Sonny and Brenda seemed to be completely cut off from the outside world while they were there together. Brenda admitted to Sonny that no one has ever loved her as much as he did, and she has never loved anyone as much as she’s loved him. Are you happy, Sonny? Are you happy to know that no one can replace you in her life?  Are you happy to hear that even though you once left her broken and tangled up in herself that she still trusts you with the small part of her, scary secret that she’s shared with Jason? You know it was killing Sonny that Jason knew something about Brenda that he just didn’t. And what about Brenda? Brenda, are you happy? Happy that after you made Jason keep all these secrets for you, thy come spilling out of your mouth the first time Sonny kisses you while the rain comes down all around you? I have to admit that it was one more point against Brenda on my mental list. Another thing I just didn’t understand is why she and Dante keep telling half-truths, while still keeping secrets. Wouldn’t it just be better to rip the band-aid off once and for all? Will Sonny and Brenda’s happiness survive the rest of the secrets Brenda is keeping with Dante? Only time will tell.

Jason and Sam have barely had reason to be happy these days. Their life together has been put on hold, pushed aside, and buried under the many responsibilities Jason feels compelled to carry. It’s hardly the way to pile up the sweet memories. Luckily for Sam, and especially for Jason, Sam has an amazing little sister with a hyperactive imagination when it comes to romance. And lucky for Molly, she has a friend in Spinelli. I was overjoyed when Jason came off that elevator and was so pleasantly surprised to see his Fair Samantha. I loved the way they walked into each others’ arms, and I loved how they immediately figured out that they’d been had. I think it says a lot about Jason that he was that willing to go with all of Molly’s and Spinelli’s plans for A Night Of Romance, including playing dress-up, all for sake of  indulging not just Molly, but Sam.

Click to view full size image

Can I just interject her and say that once again, we really have to credit Steve and Kelly and their working relationship with just how believable they make our JaSam. From Steve’s “Hey,” when Jason saw Sam, to the way Kelly put her arms around him, it was all authentic. Nothing about Jason and Sam feels contrived or forced, and we owe that to Steve and Kelly, and their amazing chemistry. You know, on the on momentous occasion when I met Steve, when it was time for our picture, I asked him to look at the camera the way Jason looks at Sam. He laughed. Seriously, though, the way Jason looked at Sam has the power to make me swoon, and I’m not usually a swooner!

Click to view full size image

I thought that Jason allowing Molly to give him instructions, and even a list, was sweet. I thought that Jason telling Sam that liked that idea, and then that he would pour the champagne and toast her, BUT that he had his own toast was even sweeter. Jason telling her that he loved her so much, and that he thought she was so beautiful was the sweetest.

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Too cute for words was the fact that Jason had “getting upstairs” on his mind, but cuter still was that he was willing to complete the list because he saw what it meant to Sam. When Jason stood up and put out his hand to her, I caught myself smiling at the screen like a damned fool. Jason is no stranger to romancing Sam. He has done it from the very beginning of their relationship, and has done it when she’s needed it most. So, yeah, right now Jason has lost his way a little. He’s taken her for granted. He’s dropped the ball. But I do, and I will give him credit for being big enough to allow a little 12-year-old and his grasshopper to set the stage, and to be a willing participant in giving Sam some of the romance she not only deserved, but needed. Those are the moments I love Jason Morgan most.

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When Sam took Jason’s hand to accept his dance, they showed us one more time why they are the hottest couple I have ever known. I have seen full-blown love scenes complete with partial nudity that sizzled less than watching the way Jason and Sam moved towards each other and then as close as they could get.

Click to view full size image

In fact, I think if you look closely, you can actually see the sparks.


Those were the hottest, SEXIEST 15 seconds on daytime yesterday!

The most beautiful moments of yesterday’s General Hospital were when Jason asked Sam, “Are you happy?’ and then reacted to her answering, “Very.”

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It gave us a rare glimpse at Jason’s vulnerability. This is not the first time that Jason has asked Sam this question in the past few weeks. Jason needs Sam to be happy. Jason wants Sam to be happy. More than that, he wants her to be happy with him. He wants to know that he can make her smile, that he can still make her happy, and that he can still make up for all the times she is disappointed, lonely, waiting. Jason wants to give to Sam a little of what she’s given to him.

Yes, when Jason asked Sam if she was happy, it was certainly a beautiful moment, but the most significant moment came when Jason heard Sam’s answer, and it seemed to fill him.

Then Fate seemed to ask, “Jason, are you happy?”

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And that smile was all the answer we needed.

That, my dear friends, is why we hold on and hold out for JaSam.

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Let’s remind each other whenever we seem to forget.

Love you all…



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November 24

2004: I loved so many things about these scenes! I love Jason and Sam’s reasctions to seeing each other at the elevator. And I loved how Jason never acknowledged Liz, even though she butted into their conversation, and how jealous Liz looked when Jason said he wanted to be the one to take Sam “home”. And I loved just how connected they were during this tragedy.

 2008: Part One: and Part Two: Sam ROCKS!

2009: I love that Sam has the power to talk Jason down…I love that Jason knows it.



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8 responses

  1. OMG! I am crying! I, like Molly, love romance. Not contrived romance…but, the real deal! That’s Jasam! You feel their moments like yesterday down to your toes and straight to your heart. They are so awesome that it’s hard believe they’re a fictional couple on a daytime soap. I feel every emotion that they convey. It’s there. You can’t miss it! The chemistry! The natural ability to draw the viewer in and take part in their relationship is rare! Stelly does it every time!

    Angelique, you are truly a gem. We are blessed to have you as one of the leaders of the Jasam Team. Thank you so much for the blogs, the videos, the history clips..the heart and soul you put into each day’s comments.

    Maybe you and your loved ones have a blessed holiday!

    I’ve called the comment line several times, e-mailed ABC several times..and I want to get on a plane and hug every writer and Stelly for all they do for the Jasam fans.

    Looking forward to today and beyond..and I’m also going to enjoy the Jason Morgan Marathon Friday evening on Soapnet. Lots of beautiful Jasam included in those episodes.

    November 24, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    • ooops..meant to say..”may you and your loved ones have a blessed day..” no maybe about it.

      November 24, 2010 at 12:38 pm

  2. JasamFan

    I am very HAPPY. Jasam magic.. what a beautiful day it was for our favorite couple.

    Like I told TPTB, they don’t need to hit the sack to make me swoon. They say so much with just a touch or a look, which is what makes them a SUPERCOUPLE. The chemistry between Kelly and Steve is off the charts!

    Beautiful, magical, amazing, romantic.. yesterday was indeed a wonderful day to be a Jasam fan!

    Happy Thanksgiving Angelique.. Have a blessed day with your loved ones.
    I am thankful that I have you in my life!

    I love you!

    November 24, 2010 at 1:38 pm

  3. aproditebeauty

    Love how you totally captured everything about JaSam yesterday. This is the JaSam I fell in love with. The JaSam that we have missed and like you said the one we kept holding on to and the one we will never give up on. Thanks for all your awesome words about them and for bringing then to life for us. You are the best and you totally rock.

    November 24, 2010 at 3:11 pm

  4. Jessica

    Beautiful blog post! Agreed on all counts.

    November 24, 2010 at 6:13 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    The reason i just love Molly! Its not just because you looks at Jason for who he is her sisters boyfriend (they are so much more than that to each other)! Molly touches Jason heart in a way that amazes him! But she gives so much to Sam her older sister! Molly has made Sam feel apart of something that she never thought she would have….a family! Molly has given that to our girl more than Alexis or Christina!The way Jason extended his hand to Sam,Molly has extended her heart to her sister and Jason!That scene yesterday was awesome on so many levels! I too smiled at that TV the more I replayed it the more I smiled!
    Everyone have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

    November 25, 2010 at 12:18 am

  6. Karlene

    When I was watching the scenes on youtube yesterday(and today many times over), I couldn’t help but have a *HUGE* smile on my face! Molly took the words out of every Jasam fans heart by saying Sam should be your top priority and that Jason has been neglecting her. Spinelli is earning his way back into my good graces for being a co-conspirator with Molly and they worked very well together yesterday 🙂 TPTB owed us those scenes. They have been neglecting us. I also enjoyed when Robin was talking to Jason b/c they helped each other and now Sam is able to reap the benefits and help Jason open up more than ever before. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!
    JASAM Love Always,

    November 25, 2010 at 1:37 am

  7. luv4jasam

    Happy Thanksgiving Angelique and all the wonderful Jasammers.

    Awesome blog as always. I am so thankful that we got those wonderful magical awesome Jasam scenes that will sustain us through the Thanksgiving weekend. I am so excited for next week as it looks like we’re getting a lot of Sam and Jasam 🙂

    Last SID issue, Steve, Kelly and Jasam came in at #1 !!!! Just go to show that without any means to robovote from the other fanbase, we won it fair and square!

    New link for the new SID issue vote as it changes for every issue.

    November 25, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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