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“I Love The Way You Lie”

Morning, GHers!

Isn’t it funny that sometimes the people we care about can look us right in the face and lie through their teeth? Funnier still is that sometimes, even when we know they’re lying, we have to take a step back and say, “Wow. I’ve gotta hand it to you. That was good. Maybe even convincing.”

As viewers of our favorite soap, we watch the lies building up, and hear them come tumbling out of people’s mouths daily. Sometimes, even when we hate the lie and love the liar or love the liar and hate the lie, we find ourselves thinking as we watch, “I love the way you lie.”

Some people are that good…or that bad.

Siobhan, I love the way you lie. I’m not sure what Siobhan is lying about, but I know she’s lying about something. I just hope it’s not something that can hurt Lucky. I love to see Lucky smiling from his heart again. He’s a good guy when he’s not being judgmental, and deserves some happiness. I seem to think there a few clues peeking out at us, or they could just be my suspicious nature. For instance, the other day, Siobhan told Lucky that maybe she should be the one guarding him. Hmmm, maybe she already is. Whatever she’s hiding, I hope she was lying for all the right reasons…

Carly, I love the way you lie. In Carly’s mind, she’s not lying when she tells Michael and Jason that she’s not going after Dante. In her mind, Karma is catching up. Never mind that she’s done all the footwork, investigating, and case building for Karma. And I guess the fact that she drew Karma a map and drew a big, red arrow for Karma to find Dante with shouldn’t matter. People are just supposed to believe that Carly had nothing to do with Dante’s downfall. I have to say that there is absolutely no sarcasm when I say that in this case, I love the way she lies!

Dante, I love the way you lie. I also love the fact that the more you lie, the more you’ll have to answer for when your lies come crashing down on you! If there is one characteristic I cannot stand in a person, it’s hypocrisy. Dante is a MASTER HYPOCRITE. He does it so well. I mean, how do you convince yourself that what you did to Michael – what you cost your brother and can never give back – all the while knowing that you covered up a murder for a woman you barely knew is justified? How does he do it and still have the nerve to look himself in the mirror? When Dante had that conversation with his father, I had to marvel at the way Dante keeps piling up the lies. And if there’s a person who will use someone else’s lies to justify his own misdeeds, it’s Sonny. Dante also lied to Lulu on a night she was begging for honesty. How much more his truth will hurt her when it finally comes out. Karma is a BITCH, and with Carly on her side – I’d run fast and far if I were Dante.

Sonny, I love the way you lie…to yourself. You really believe that Brenda’s entire world and past were all about you. As if for the past eight years since she’s been gone, Sonny has been all about Brenda. Umm, when you were marrying, divorcing, marrying, and divorcing Carly, Brenda was a non-issue. As if there was no Sam, Reese, Emily, or Kate after Brenda? Yet, Sonny tells Dante that he doesn’t get why Brenda didn’t call him the minute her feet touched American soil back in 2007. Sonny, please! Perhaps if he were a little more honest with himself he’d be able to admit that Brenda wasn’t all about him while not in his orbit. Then maybe he’d be able to see that his son is lying about the history he shares with the one and only Brenda. I cannot wait ‘til that truth shoots Sonny like a bullet right between the eyes.

Claire I love the way you lie…also to yourself. It must be the one thing the women Sonny sleeps with get out of their relationship when he tosses them to the curb like yesterday’s recycling. They all learn one of Sonny’s worst habits of lying to oneself. Claire is not just lying to everyone else about how professionally she handled the assignment to bring Sonny down, she is also lying to herself. Nothing Claire has done has been in the interests of upholding, enforcing, respecting, or even representing the law. If Claire thinks for one second that her motives for everything she’s done while on this case are not completely transparent, she’s nuts. I am happy that Alexis, who once lied to herself as well in order to sleep with Sonny, was there to point Ms. Walsh in the right direction. Unfortunately, it seems that someone will have to drag Claire towards the right direction. Let’s just hope it’s not in a body bag or a straight jacket, as that has been the way most women end up leaving Sonny’s world.

Luke, I love the way you lie. The lies come tripping off his tongue almost as smoothly as a poem. How do you ever trust anything that comes out of Luke’s mouth when you know his history of lying like a rug? I would think that for a woman like Tracy Quartermaine, loving a man like Luke is torture. Do I believe that Luke really cares about Tracy? Yeah, I do, but mostly I think Luke loves the life style Tracy’s money can help maintain.  In another rush of B.S., Luke tells Tracy that “they are rich in what matters: Love, respect, passion.” And they “may get cranky and bitch and complain, but neither one of us would change a thing.” He wants to “cut to the chase and get married.” I loved Tracy’s equally sentimental approach to Luke: “No pre-nup, no nothing.” LOL.

Spinelli, I love the way you lie. I may not love much of anything that Spin has done or said since Brenda’s arrival in PC, but I do love the way he worked the frazzled Maximista. Women like Maxie, who had the opportunity to cheat on, be forgiven, loved and adored by, and then walk away from, someone like Spin, are able to do it because they know they can. And they usually know they can, because they’ve tried it and gotten away with it. As long as Maxie thinks that Spin can be won over and reminded that she is his number one, she feels free to go on about her life without even a worried brow. BUT, the second Maxie feels threatened by the possibility that she may be replaced in Spin’s life, she is overwhelmed by the need to be NUMBER ONE again. It seems that Spin has finally figured it out, and has decided to use the information to his advantage. While Spin certainly didn’t tell any untruths, he may have slightly exaggerated his “smittenness” with the Disastrous One, and it earned him some “lips.” Listen, I would rather have Spin singing the praises of Maxie ANY DAY before hearing one more bit of delusional prose dribbling from his lips about Brenda.

Michael, I love the way you lie in order to protect yourself and the ones you love from the terrible truth that haunts you. But the reason I love it is because it’s going to help someone figure out that something’s wrong, and hopefully it will be someone who’s not afraid to hear the truth. Michael is completely terrified of anyone figuring out what happened to him at Pentonville. Not only is Michael trying desperately to bury those memories, he is determined to keep anyone else from trying to dig them up. When his reaction to Abby was sheer terror that she may have figured it out, I really, really felt for Michael. I believe that it may take some more awkward moments, and even some misunderstandings, but I believe Abby may be the only one that can help Michael get to a place where the possibility of addressing what happened won’t send Michael into a tailspin – probably not the best choice of words in this situation.

Jason you are my exception. I cannot stand the way you lie to yourself over and over about what you are able to take care of. You want to take care of Brenda and keep her safe. You want to take care of Carly and keep her from destroying those she loves, and ultimately destroying herself in the process. You want to take care of The Balkan, and solve crimes that you or your organization didn’t commit, and you want to watch over the city of Gotham, I mean Port Charles, like an Un-caped Crusader, without even the help of a sidekick. Most sad to me is that you even think you can take care of Fair Samantha and the relationship you swear means the world to you, all while taking care of everything and everyone else. Why must the weight of the world be on your shoulders? I mean, listen, I know your shoulders are oh-so-broad, and oh-so-strong, and OH-SO-SEXY, but really, why must you be the Superhero for everyone? Why is it that you can give such wise, and sound advice to everyone around you and yet not hear yourself talking? You told Michael to stay on the path, to not worry about Carly or the choices she makes, and to live his own life. Hmmm. Yet, Sam has consistently and quietly taken a back seat to every choice not only Carly has made, but also the choices Sonny, Michael, Morgan, Josslyn, and now Brenda make. I am surprised that Jason doesn’t get a call or text whenever Josslyn, his godchild, decides she doesn’t want to eat strained green beans. Certainly Jason has given Carly permission to do just that. And it’s no wonder that Brenda feels justified in calling The Penthouse “our house” when those awful pink things are still littering the place, and people come to visit her Divine Dullness at their leisure, as if Brenda did in fact own the place. And what will keep Brenda from calling Jason away from Sam the next time he’s holding her, or kissing her, or getting naked with her, when Jason allowed Brenda to call him home just so that she could throw a 5 year-old tantrum and have someone to witness it? And Jason didn’t even tell her that the next time she called him for NOTHING, he would have Carly come babysit her ass! Jason lied to Sam when he said this will be over soon, because the truth is that The Balkan hasn’t even come to town yet, so the danger threatening his beloved Sam and the life they both want, is Jason himself, and his inability to stop being the savior.

I know some of you are worried about how Sam will be hurt if Jason once again chooses Brenda over Sam, but I have to say that sometimes we have to be hurt in order to avoid a life of pain. If that’s what it takes for Sam to draw the line in the sand, or if that’s what it takes to cure Jason of his complex, then we must all wish for it to come, and come quickly. We should welcome a smackdown of Jason’s ego, because he doesn’t even think he has an ego problem. We should look forward to Jason feeling as though he’s lost everything, because only then will he value what he’s had all along. We should keep our fingers crossed for Sam to finally see that accepting Jason doesn’t mean that she has to accept being hurt or undervalued. Wanting to be a priority in the life of the person who claims to love you and need you shouldn’t be something that makes you feel selfish. When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone it’s important to teach them how to treat you. (Thanks, Dr. Phil!)  Letting people know what we need is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, and ourselves.

I didn’t include Sam on my list because I don’t think Sam is lying to herself. You can only lie when you know something else to be true. I don’t think Sam has realized that there is another truth yet. For all of us strong, empowered women who sometimes get impatient with Sam, let’s remember what gave us the power to be strong and empowered. Life experience. It teaches everyone something different. Sam hasn’t had many experiences where she learned that she had value, and should demand to be valued, without the fear of feeling selfish, or the fear of losing people. She has learned that she won’t ever allow herself to be mistreated or abused, but what we want her to do is another step in that direction of knowing one’s value. She’s not there yet, but let’s be patient.

I think that whatever comes next for Jason and Sam, they will both learn some new things. And that’s ALWAYS a good thing in a relationship.

Hold on…



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4 responses

  1. Frida

    Thank you for another great blog-entry! You always put things in perspective to me. 🙂 Jason has a hero-complex and isn´t even aware of it. He gave great advice to Michael yesterday and should really take it himself. And I agree about Sam. She has had so many awful experiences in her life that she doesn´t want to make demands because she´s afraid to be shot down and left alone. I know that good things are coming for our JaSam and I can´t wait to see Stelly’s awesome acting.

    November 18, 2010 at 12:51 pm

  2. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I think Sam is in a lose-lose position with this Jason/Brenda fiasco. If she makes demands, she appears jealous and selfish. If she sits by patiently..she appears like a doormat. IMO, she can’t win in this scenario. Having her sit by does seem her only choice if she’s to “accept” Jason as is. For most of us…”as is” isn’t good enough. For Sam, who has never loved or had been loved so completely by a man without being used and/or abused..she has no choice. Jason has filled that hole in heart that she never even knew was there before she met him. It’s do or die for her. Unfortunately, the “die” part is possibly (as spumored) to be the “kick in the head” that Jason gets and NEEDS to realize Sam is strong, but she’s human and needs the love that he holds in his heart for her to be there for her in GOOD TIMES AND BAD. This pattern of Jason’s has to stop.

    November 18, 2010 at 2:04 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for the wonderful and oh so true Blog!!
    Sighs… Jason.. Jason.. Jason.. Looking forward to him realizing he needs to start putting Sam first….
    From time to time I read your Blogs to my hushand because I love it so much I just HAVE TO SHARE…. Today’s was one I read him, well the JaSam parts that is…

    November 19, 2010 at 3:48 pm

  4. Karlene

    “Jason returns home to a romantic evening for himself and Sam, orchestrated by Molly and Spinelli.” According to, that is a spoiler for next week. I’m hoping that I don’t get as hyped about that as I did the “heart-to-heart” from this past Tuesday. However, I’m hoping TPTB get back to Jason and Sam actually being together b/c all this Brenda non-sense is starting to drive me batty!!
    JASAM Love Always,

    November 20, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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