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“Ask Me No Questions, And I’ll Tell You No Lies”…

GHers, we’d have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack than finding an honest person in Port Charles among today’s players.

Thing is, they are all such good liars, that they have all adopted …”Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies” as their personal code.

The only way to get truthful answers out of any of these people is to NEVER ask them any questions!

Luke Spencer lies like a rug! My goodness, he is milking this fake illness for all it’s worth! It got him back in to the Quartermaine Mansion, so at least one mission is accomplished, and it seems to have gotten him back into Tracy’s good graces, so I guess that’s another one he can check off his list. Knowing Luke the way we do, I’m sure that somewhere on that list is getting his hands on some of the Quartermaine cash, but he’s probably not going to rush that one…you know, he doesn’t want to show his hand before the time is right. I do love that Luke’s lies have brought the entire Q-Clan together. It’s great to see Monica, Edward, and Alice!

I’m not really sure what Lisa’s intentions were in going over to see Robin at Uncle Mac’s house, but I guess it’s a really good thing she did. With Robin falling down the stairs and knocking herself out, who knows what might have happened to that adorable little Emma! I have to say that I was stumped by Lisa’s behavior. I mean, of course, I didn’t really expect her to leave Robin to die, but when she went in calling Robin “Sweetie”, it kinda threw me for a loop! It works for Lisa’s plan that she was able to play the hero, because now Robin will really look crazy when she accuses Lisa of trying to hurt her or Emma. Lucky for Robin, it appears that Liz has informed Lisa that she’s got Robin’s back. *rolling my eyes*

Ummm…where exactly does Liz get off? Is it me or is Liz really only good at playing two roles? Saccharin sweet angel, or Snarky Snark. I mean does this chick have a middle ground? The look she gave Lisa when Lisa asked about Emma’s party was something else! If Liz only knew that the last nurse to get on Lisa’s nerves ended up at the bottom of a stairwell – dead, with a broken neck. The minute Liz opened her mouth, she was in snark mode, and it only got worse as she went along, but when said, “I’m no saint, so I’m not going to presume to judge your affair with a married man,” I was like, “Really?” Liz ONLY knows how to get hot for a man when either he belongs to someone else (Zander, Jason) or when she does (Nikolas). In fact, all three of her “little angels” have been conceived not in love, but in a web of lies and deceit, and I include Aiden because no one would have been able to hide his paternity if she hadn’t been sleeping with Nikolas all that time. And as far as being Robin’s friend irrevocably, it didn’t stop Liz from sleeping with Emily’s man. How about when Liz actually had the nerve to say to Lisa, “You parade your professionalism around here, and being all the victim, just knowing that your very presence pushes her buttons”? If Liz were to replace the word professionalism with the words, “Saint Act”, and the phrase “pushes her buttons” with “makes people wanna hurl”, she would be describing herself! Yes, Liz, Karma is a bitch. But so are you.

Sonny is about to get caught lying to all the people he lied to about setting the bomb in John’s car that almost killed John and his daughter. How many people did he look square in the eyes and swear that he didn’t do it? Kristina, Alexis, Olivia, Dante, Kristina…all of those people are about to be bitten in the behind for putting their trust in a man who has never really done anything to earn it. Sonny asked Dante to tell Kristina that all he ever wanted was to protect her, because he loved her. *sigh* Is Sonny still really this ignorant? Not only is Kristina going to be devastated, she is probably going to be left incapable of believing anything her father ever says again. How sad. If only Sonny would learn a lesson from this experience, but I already know that probably will not happen.

Speaking of Dante, the more he lies and covers up this secret he and Brenda have, the more I find myself revisiting his betrayal of his brother, Michael, and the aftermath, and the more I find myself getting angry at him. Dante deserves to have the wrath of Carly, Jason, Lulu, and everyone else who has reason to resent his self-righteous hypocrisy. Dante told Ronnie yesterday that Sonny would have to pay for his crime. I just wonder if Dante will be that willing to pay for the dead body they pulled out of the Jersey swamp. Just when Jason lets Dante know that he knows about Dante guarding Brenda n 2007, and asked Dante if he and Brenda were keeping any secrets, Dante turns the conversation around and makes it about Lucky, and the missing Siobhan. What a snake!

As for Dante’s literal partner in crime, there is no going back for Brenda in my book. I cannot see a way that she could make things right, and I cannot forgive her for how she has hurt my Sam. Not only is she selfishly taking up Jason’s life without any regard for Sam – after all, she knows that when Jason is sitting at her bedside in the middle of the night, he’s obviously not with Sam, she continues to lie to save her own ass, and hers and Dante’s secret. Brenda has not once uttered a word about the apology she owes Sam for making a stupid, self-seeking decision that could’ve gotten Sam killed!  Nor does she think about how this is still dangerous to Jason to be dealing with an enemy he knows nothing about, and has no idea about why he’s coming after Brenda. It leaves Jason with a huge disadvantage in this battle! It makes me sick that she can go spend time with Edward, take something that belonged to Lila, and then choose to lie to Jason’s face, even if it’s only because she’s not volunteering the truth.

My only hope is that when their “Secret” comes out, it blows their Servant Heart Facades sky high! The ASEC volunteer and Mr. Serve and Protect are not at all who they seem to be. I just cannot wait until everyone else sees what I see.

A day without Sam in Port Charles is like a day without sunshine…let’s hope it’s sunny and beautiful on Port Charles today!

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Have a great weekend!




November 5

2004: Check me into the Heartbreak Hotel! These scenes KILL ME EVERY TIME! *pass the tissues please*

2008: Awww…do you all remember how exciting it was to see Jason so concerned? I do!

2009: Sam is Jason’s ROCK!



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8 responses

  1. trini

    Emma is the most adorable child on GH. She is my favorite. 🙂
    Missed Sam yesterday. Lisa is wacko. Liz is hypocritical. Can’t stand Brenda. I was confused by Edward wanting Jason and Brenda to stay married; Brenda does not understand Jason except to use him. Jason redeemed himself with Sam and me. He is so in love with our girl. Does my fan gurl heart good. ❤

    November 5, 2010 at 1:14 pm

  2. jenn

    Here’s what I don’t get about Brenda and Dante and their big old secret – it’s JASON asking. This is not the cops, the Balkan, his mother, etc. Jason, you know – the guy who is a hitman, who protects everyone and their secrets, who is a master of cover-up, who never judges – why in the world would you worry about telling Jason that you (collectively) killed a guy 3 1/2 years ago and dumped the body. Some people might care, but Jason’s just going to use the information to make a plan. He’s not going to turn them in (even Dante, Jason just wouldn’t care that much). They both know this, so unless there is something else going on that’s not revealed to us yet – this is ridiculous to go with the big “secret.”

    Just my two cents. I hope Sam helps him figure it out soon. Missed her yesterday.

    November 5, 2010 at 1:24 pm

  3. Awesome blog…as always.

    Another cloudy day in PC. No Sam.

    Brenda has GOT TO GO! there a more annoying person on the planet? I don’t think so.

    Liz…you said it all! Right on the money!

    Jason…oh Jason…where are you? Get a grip man. You’re not even in control of your own life anymore! It’s like the peeps from outer space have invaded his penthouse, and he’s not even aware.

    That’s it. The ratings? OMG..!!!!

    November 5, 2010 at 3:35 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!!
    Bravo on the Lizzy part!! Love seeing it in writing, what Im feeling about her!!
    Keeping the JaSam Faith……..
    Have a GREAT weekend JaSammers……

    November 5, 2010 at 5:14 pm



    Performer of the Week: Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall. With all the brouhaha this week with the Balkan ambush, Brenda shooting the guy, Siobahn getting abducted, et cetera, the moment we enjoyed the most lasted for about two seconds, and it was the absolute DEATH STARE that Sam shot Brenda shortly after Brenda totally ruined their operation. There was so much in that look. Without a single word, Sam communicated how annoyed she was by Brenda screwing everything up, how much she resents Brenda taking up all of Jason’s time, her frustration that she’s not allowed to say any of this without looking like a bitch, and her annoyance that other women can’t be capable badasses like she is. Strong work from Kelly Monaco right there.

    November 5, 2010 at 6:20 pm

  6. Karlene

    As far as SoapNet is concerned, it’s about time that they realize how wonderful of an actress Kelly Monaco is w/o even saying a word. When Sam gave Brenda THE LOOK, it was priceless!! You could tell what Sam was thinking when she did it and she didn’t even have to say a word. Bravo to Kelly and to SoapNet for giving her credit where credit is due. I’m just hoping that Sam is back on my screen sooner rather than later. I’ve missed her since she was last on during Wednesday’s episode.
    JASAM Love Always,

    November 6, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    • AMEN to that! It is about time!

      November 7, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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