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Please take a moment to go the ABC site and click to watch yeserday’s episode again. Even if you just listen to the other parts while reading today’s blog post, and just click back on to watch the JaSam parts, we will be letting TPTB know just how much we LOVED the gift of yesterday’s episode! (Which is very important!) Also, please “LIKE” this episode! LET’S KEEP THE JASAM LOVE GOING!

Beloved GHers…we’ve waited a long time for this day.

Jason and Sam, recognized by their SMUSH NAME – JaSam, were gushed over and deemed a SUPERCOUPLE by the network that decided to give the viewers back the couple whose Love Story rivals any other on Daytime TV.

In case you missed it, here’s the link: Credit: Dominoes and Tequila, and Thanks to @JaSamsDestiny for sending it to me!

So JaSam fans may not be stealing ballots out of the magazines, or buying enough magazines to fill a recycling plant, but they still have the distinguished honor of being the fanbase of the real supercouple. Our couple is onscreen, and our couple was called irresistible, passionate, and a couple that never gives up on love. Smackdown indeed.   

So, if you’ve watched the episode, as I have (several times), it kind of leaves you wondering, “Why this episode?”

Not that anyone is complaining – as that episode is VINTAGE JASAM at it’s ABSOLUTE BEST, but certainly there had to be a reason they chose that particular episode out of the hundreds of possibilities. What are your thoughts?

Here are mine:

I think that Sam and Jason were both looking for a way to be together – a way to be alone and away from the madness of their lives.

Not much has changed, has it? Jason and Sam are still always looking for a moment of quiet alone time – and for a way to be together and away from the madness.

I think Jason and Sam went to Hawaii knowing that no matter what else happened, they still had something people rarely find: TRUE LOVE.

Jason and Sam understand that they could lose what they have at any given moment, but they also know that what they have is worth having, no matter the risk: TRUE LOVE.

I think that as much as Sam was trying to live in the moment, she was deathly afraid of the impending loss, and how she would face it.

Sometimes Sam’s ability to live in the moment with Jason boggles my mind. Just like in Hawaii, they can’t really make any plans, because life can change in a moment. No other woman has ever been able to live in that reality for very long. In fact, every woman before Sam found that the fantasy of being with Jason ended the moment the realities of his life pressed in on them. And no one but Sam thought that a life with Jason was worth the trade-offs. While Sam does a really good job of sharing Jason’s life, and making the best of it, I think that her quiet moments of late, the moments where she kind of sits back and watches from the outside looking in, have been moments where she is deathly afraid of losing what she and Jason have, and how she would face it. This is not to say that Sam is insecure. I just think that Sam has a reflex that still leads her to believe that there is no way that she can have the love she’s found for very long. Add to that the fact that Brenda has taken over their lives more than living in the MOB ever has, and no one can really blame Sam for fearing loss.

I think it speaks volumes that all of Jason’s responsibilities and promises made have crowded Sam so far out of Jason’s inner circle, that she would be more afraid of losing Jason alive, than she would be of losing Jason to mob violence or a tragic accident.

Now, if you’re asking me what my hopes are about why this episode, I would have to quote Sam: “Seriously, I can have anything I want?”

I would once again have to quote Sam. “I want us (JaSam and all their fans ) to make a baby!”


I know that Sam has learned to be content with her life, and that she no longer allows being a mother fill her every thought, but I have to say, that I want a JaSam baby. I want Jason and Sam to share more of the precious moments they shared when FATE brought them together. I want to see Jason fuss over Sam and what she ate or drank. I want him to worry about what’s stressing her. I want to see him light up when he feels their baby kick, or when he sees their baby on the sonogram monitor. I want Jason and Sam to make plans for their baby, and I want to see them bond over the life they made together.

I know that Jason has a child already, but like Sam, Jason has never really had any of the things I mentioned above. He mistakenly became a sperm donor to Liz’s baby, and then every beautiful thing that can come from being a parent was ripped away from him. The way it was ripped away from Sam.

I want them both to have that chance again, but especially Sam. She deserves to have a baby to shower with all of that unselfish, pure, and healing love she has all saved up inside her heart. She deserves to have a baby that’s “a little bit of her, a whole lot of Jason,” so that she “could grow up to be brave and practical like Jason”, and “beautiful and stubborn like Sam.” Either way, “be boy or girl,” both Sam and Jason deserve to have a “child conceived in so much love.”

Something has to help Jason close the door on the promises he’s made to everyone else, and move on to the promises he has made to Sam over the years, and has never kept.

A baby might allow Jason to do that without overwhelming guilt. But so would the possibility of losing Sam, the one true love of his life.

Whichever way the writers plan to move ahead with this storyline, I think it’s important to remember and rewatch the ABC promos at the beginning of this post.

I don’t think they’ve brought us this far for nothing.

Long Live JaSam’s Love!

I still believe,




October 28

2005: Sam’s love for Jason has saved his life so many times…he truly owes her his life!

2008:  I know you are all confused about the date on this one, but just watch – I remember watching this and thinking exactly what this vidder was thinking. Just watch Jason’s reaction to what Sonny is saying…it was the real first clue that Jason and Sam were gonng find their way back somehow! BEAUTIFUL! Please give the vidder some love for taking the time to put it together!

 2009: Jason’s priorities have been taking over their lives for so much of this reunion! *sigh* I give Sam a lot of credit!



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Our couple is counting on US!




2 responses

  1. Jessica

    Just reading the title made me smile like a fool! Great post, I truly agree with you on all counts.

    Thanks for your hard work everyday 🙂

    October 28, 2010 at 8:26 pm

  2. Karlene

    I agree with you once again on every point, Angelique. My only thing is that I think Jason and Sam should have twins, a boy and girl. Boy named Daniel Alan after her brother and his father. Girl named Lila Emily after his grandmother and sister. 😉 I’ve always believed that they should have twins b/c they deserve them and with all the love they both can give, it can be given to both kids with extra so they keep up the spice in their romance. I’m just happy to see that Sam is back on my screen more than once a week 😀 Keep up the excellent writing and I’ll keep reading.
    JASAM Love Always,

    October 28, 2010 at 11:04 pm

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