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TGIF, GHers!

I’m hoping that the end of another week brings us even closer to the end of this season of “setup” for Sweeps. I am so ready to move on…what about you?

Not so ready to move on from their situations, relationships, and states of being are our friends in Port Charles.

Sometimes It’s So Hard To Walk Away.

Tracy, in spite of her anger and complete lack of trust in Luke Spencer, is once again finding that It’s So Hard To Walk Away. Sure, Luke is a drunk and a gambler, and completely untrustworthy, but he also cares about Tracy in his own way, and when he’s around, Tracy feels a little less alone in this world. Of course she’s having a hard time walking away, because she loves him. Luke has found – surprisingly, that It’s So Hard To Walk Away for him, too. Luke has certainly developed relationship phobias – even relation claustrophobia over the years, but he does love Tracy, and though her money is a big part of it – it’s not all of it. I do believe Luke when he says that. Luke has found in Tracy his equal on so many levels, and at this juncture in life, I think he appreciates that. Tracy gives him a run for her money, and she keeps him off balance. She cares about his kids, and despite the fact that she laughed out loud when Luke was faking his heart attack, she really does care about Luke. She’s not emotional or needy – at least not admittedly so, and she gives Luke his space. What’s not to love? All those things mean It’s So Hard To Walk Away for the both of them.

Robin and Patrick are facing the cold, hard facts that their marriage is in shambles. While Robin is convinced that it’s over, Patrick thinks it can be salvaged and rebuilt. The one thing they can both agree on is that It’s So Hard To Walk Away. Robin faces an uphill battle because not only does she have to stare the other woman in the face daily, her instincts are on overdrive, and Robin seems to be bordering on paranoia. Robin has never been a passive, gentle soul to begin with, but now that she thinks (and rightly so) that Lisa is out to get her, she sounds like an overbearing, unreasonably suspicious, jealous wife. I do feel for Robin, but if only she would be willing to listen to anyone giving her advice about not going off on Lisa – Epiphany, Steve, Maxie, and even Patrick have all tried, maybe she wouldn’t be such an easy mark. All of this makes it harder for Patrick to make inroads with their relationship, but I do believe he is genuinely sorry, and that he wants to work it out. Unfortunately for Patrick, Robin is not as convinced.

Sonny just boggles my mind. One minute he’s asking Suzanne about Brenda sightings, the next he’s awaiting Claire at a restaurant. What is he doing? Even if he thinks Claire invited him, which obviously she did not, I don’t understand why he wants to drag this woman through another round of “You’re Not The One.” I would think that Sonny might realize that if Claire is any more scorned than she already was – all bets are off. She will come after him with everything she’s got. *sigh* Sonny knows that he isn’t going to be able to move on while Brenda is in his universe because It’s So Hard To Walk Away.

And Claire – really? I don’t care if she believes Sonny had a change of heart and sent for her in Cinderella’s carriage! Claire needs to dig down deep and scrape up at least a morsel of self-respect! Sonny really must have some amazing moves because apparently It’s So Hard To Walk Away for so many of them.

Take Brenda…my goodness, I know I’m not the only one who is sick to death of seeing and hearing her cry to anyone that will listen that she needs to stay away from Sonny, but can’t trust herself to. Eight years have gone by and she still finds It’s So Hard To Walk Away. Even Sonny’s DNA must be that powerful because another man Brenda can’t seem to stop thinking about is Sonny’s firstborn, Dante. Every time Brenda is alone, she thinks about gelato, Dante, and their secret. Every time they come face to face they seem to be suspended in time – their breaths catch, their eyes glaze over, and we’re all left wondering if they even remember Sonny and Lulu. Hmmm, I believe It’s So Hard To Walk Away from the secret they share, that it’s going to end up hurting many different people in many different ways.

Jax and Carly have recognized that It’s So Hard To Walk Away. Of course it is  – they do love each other immensely. They’ve overcome some huge obstacles. They have a successful hotel to run, a beautiful family to keep together, two small children that still need them to co-parent, and a marriage that encompasses all of that. The real issue for Carly and Jax is they really can’t decide what’s harder – walking away or working out their issues. It seemed they were making real progress – Jax learned how to use Brenda as a parallel to Carly and Jason, and that seemed to even out the playing field…for about 5 minutes. Just as Jax had put that argument to bed, and was about to do the same with his wife, Olivia, a.k.a. KillJoy, puts a damper on their ardor. I have to say that Carly had some very valid points. Jax had no right to even explore a decision like that without discussing it with his wife, and Carly was right on when she said there’s no such thing as his or her money – they are married. Jax is definitely wrong on renovating the hotel to accommodate Brenda – and Carly is also right on the fact that bringing Brenda to the MetroCourt also brings Brenda’s dangers to the MetroCourt.

Yes, I agreed with Carly on many things, but she was completely on her own when she crossed the line with Jason. Even if Jason wasn’t in love with Sam, which he undeniably is, Carly crossed a line. It has been years since Jason slept with Carly…too many to even keep track of anymore. Now, I understand that sleeping with Jason is probably not something you forget easily, and I get It’s So Hard To Walk Away, but walk away they did, and her place in his life is strictly platonic, and that’s where Jason has placed it, so that’s where it will stay. Carly using Jason to hurt Jax or get his attention is just wrong.

Now, what makes this even worse is that Jason is most definitely in love with Sam, and she is the one who shares his life on an intimate level.


The fact that I have to ask should suggest that there may be some doubt there, and that is a problem. For those who wonder why Sam would question Jason’s loyalty or love, the better question would be, “Has Jason defined any clear boundaries to the other woman sharing his life, his time, his freakin’ Penthouse?”

I mean, what is intimacy? Webster’s Dictionary says, it’s the act of being intimate; something of a personal or private nature.

Can anyone now lend a little more understanding to why Sam might be questioning her place in Jason’s life? I know that all the spoilers have her as coming off jealous, but I just think the spoiler writers are getting lazy with their vocabulary. I don’t think Sam is jealous. I think she is questioning whom Jason is intimate with, other than her. And you know what? It’s a valid question!

Carly shares everything with Jason, down to the number of times she and Jax have had sex on his desk. She shares things with him of a personal or private matter all the time. THEY ARE INTIMATE!

And now there’s Brenda. Just yesterday, Jason was asking her to share her secret – her personal and private matters with him, even more so than she already had in Rome, and every time she cries! THEY ARE INTIMATE!

To make it even worse, there are no clear boundaries with any of these women, because Jason hasn’t put any boundaries in place! Carly hasn’t been given ONE boundary this entire go-around with Sam. Not a single, lonely “Call before you stop by”, or “Sam is the woman I love.”

Carly lives her life with under the code that SHE and HER KIDS are Jason’s FIRST priority. That has to change.

Brenda isn’t really clear on boundaries either. Even after she realized that Jason shares a life in Port Charles with a woman he loves, she still asked him why he couldn’t leave and guard her somewhere, anywhere else in the world! Brenda really thinks that Jason guarding her is his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

I can see why Carly and Brenda would have an issue, can’t you?

Then why isn’t Sam allowed to have an issue, or even ask where she fits in, or if she fits in at all? That’s not a sign of weakness! When it comes to my girls, I always repeat that fabulous piece of advice that we’ve all seen in a tweet or an email… “Never make someone a priority in your life, when they’ve only made you an option in theirs.”

Sam is our girl…she deserves the same advice!

Jason cannot treat Sam like an option. He must treat her like a priority!

Listen, don’t misunderstand me. I know that Jason and Carly will always be friends, he will always be there to catch her when she falls, blah, blah, and more blah. And I know that Jason feels responsible for the mental health challenged Brenda because he’s the only person she trusts in this big, scary world, yada, yada, and more yada. But if Jason doesn’t see that all of these intimacies are crowding out the intimacy he shares, and says he values with Sam, then he’s a fool. You know what? If Jason has forgotten what happens when there is a lack of boundaries, he needs to take his own Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane, and recall what led up to his losing Sam in the first place.

And you know what else? If things continue on this tragic path, and Jason keeps sharing intimacies with every other woman in his life, he shouldn’t be surprised when Sam decides that even though It’s So Hard To Walk Away…walk away she must, in order to save herself from another heartbreak.

I’m really hoping that it doesn’t have to come to that, but sometimes losing something is the only way you recognize its value.

Still believing that Love Will Win Out…




October 22

2004: I really think that at this point Jason was head over heels for Sam…just look at the way he looks at Sam when he walks in…his eyes completely light up. You could see his smile even before it’s on his face! *sigh*

2009: Oh, if only Jason had adopted this way of thinking back in 2006, when Alexis convinced Jason to walk away from Sam the first time. How different things would have been! 



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One response

  1. Traveler

    Bravo.. Bravo… Another standing ovation!!
    JaSam: I’m such a HUGE fan of them!! Huge, Huge, Huge and more Huge!! However…. Like you it doesn’t make me blind to their flaws.
    Right now.. I want so much more for Sam from Jason!! I would be devastated if they broke up (which I don’t think is going to happen). But if Sam took a break from Jason I too couldn’t blame her. I just hope Jason REALLY does wake up and see what he could lose by not making her a priority…..
    It’s So Hard To Walk Away from JaSam.. Something I don’t think I could ever do. I just want so much more for them……..

    October 22, 2010 at 1:24 pm

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