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Forgive me, Ghers, for not posting sooner, but spent the whole day yesterday at appointments since my husband took the day off, and then had to watch the Yankees fight to stay alive with the family. It’s too bad our GH writers didn’t have Sonny promise all of his boys to take them to the World Series if the Yankees made it THIS YEAR, as it seems this would’ve been the year he wouldn’t have been held accountable. They are behind the Rangers 3-2 in the series, but oh well…so goes life on soaps. This year, we also don’t have the adorable Aaron Revfem to go on and on so believably about Jeter and A-Rod, and the rest of the Yankees. That makes me feel a little forlorn. I miss him.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes of GH have got me FEELING all kinds of things…it must be the combination of pain medication mixed with very little sleep.

This Dante and Brenda thing makes me FEEL…anxious (for it to be over)! I know that suspense is a big part of soaps, but my goodness…the flashbacks that both Dante and Brenda have been having about their “past connection” are just not giving us enough to go on! (LOL) Now add to that these new flashbacks of gunfire and Brenda screaming, and I just want this to draw to a conclusion…and sooner, rather than later.

Brenda herself makes me FEEL…impatient. I wish she would stop calling people to tell them to help keep Sonny away from her, when: a) she’s the one who keeps initiating contact, and b) goes melting into his arms every time I turn around. Brenda, please! Make up your mind…do you want Sonny or…his son? And who does Dante want? Between Brenda smiling at every flashback of Dante, and Dante staring at that magazine spread of her as if it were Playboy, I’m thinking, “Get a room – preferably one outside of The Penthouse, and work it out already!”

Brook Lynn and Nikolas make me FEEL…excited about the possibilities! Who knew that this pairing could really work, and make both characters so likable to me again? Not that I didn’t like either Nik or Brook before, but now I really enjoy having them on my screen, and I think it’s because they are really having a good time, both in character and out. I love the way Nik has lightened up, and seems all full of testosterone again. And I love that Brook is getting a chance to show that she’s not an evil, plotting slut who was out to destroy lives. Brook was just down on her luck, and desperate, and Carly capitalized on that. Brook is really, really, good for Nikolas and that whole Dark Castle! But do you know who Brook is BEST for?

If you guessed Liz, you are correct! Brook has Liz’s number pegged to the wall! I absolutely LOVED Brook’s dialogue with Liz! My goodness, I could’ve written it, as it’s all the stuff I’ve been saying for weeks! Brook’s scenes where she tells Liz exactly how it looks to most of us, make me FEEL…pumped! Liz never, EVER shows her true colors in front of the man she’s trying to convince of her Sainthood, but the minute their backs are turned, her inner skank takes over and she comes out swinging! It reminded me of how she used to play that crap with Jason and Sam, and I was so happy that Brook Lynn called her ass out! “Daammmnnn Girl,” Brook Lynn said. Oh yeah…her jig is up there. Liz may still have Nik fooled, but not Brook. And I think it’s about time!

You know, speaking of Liz, all of her scenes yesterday make me FEEL…vindicated. Liz proved so much about her character when she took the money that Jason set up in trust to provide for his son’s future…all 5 MILLION BUCKAROOS, and invested it in a risky, uncertain crap shoot investment out of what can only be called GREED. Saint Liz my foot! And can someone tell me what the hell Steve was talking about when he said Liz has visions of college funds and family vacations? She could have provided college tuition to ALL of the girls at Oprah’s school with $5 million! And vacations? She could have taken a family Disney vacation with her three illegitimate children, and all the illegitimate children she has yet to conceive, every year for the rest of her life using only the interest that Jason’s 5 million would have generated!  Call it like it is, Steve! Your sister, the one who accused Brook Lynn of being a gold digger, is the worst possible kind of gold digger! Brook Lynn has yet to give it up for money! Ugh! When will everyone else see what we see so clearly?

Carly and Jax make me FEEL…confused lately. Do they really want to work this out? Why is Carly sticking her nose in Sonny’s love life? She heard Claire say that she wasn’t going to go after Michael again, and Carly threatened to burn her life to the ground, certainly it was clear to Carly that Claire didn’t take it lightly. Could Carly stop scheming and planning long enough to work on her marriage? And what about Jax? Helping Brenda is one freakin’ thing, but building her a whole new apartment at the hotel? Really, Jax? He kinda deserves the hell that Carly is about to unleash on his behind. (I bet Jax was thinking that Olivia deserves to get fired for opening her big, fat mouth)

You know who doesn’t deserve the hell that Carly is about to unleash on Jax? Sam. Just the thought of Carly using Jason to prove something to Jax, without giving Sam a second though makes me FEEL…like burning Carly’s life to the ground my damned self. There are days that I really like Carly, and there are days that I root for her, and even see myself in her fierce Mama Bear role, but when she is so self-centered and self-absorbed that she hurts my Sam, well then Carly is as good as Dead To Me.

I wish that I could lay the blame at Carly’s feet, and Carly’s feet alone, but sadly I cannot. Jason is the one I would have to blame first and foremost. Jason has always allowed Carly to come barreling through his life like a bull in a china shop. And this time around, his relationship with Sam is just as fragile, even if he doesn’t see it. Jason’s cluelessness and ability to live in oblivion when it comes to what this does, and has always done, to Sam makes me FEEL…like calling up Papa Giambetti to come slap him upside the head like only he can! I don’t know what Jason thinks Sam is made of, but certainly she is not as unbreakable or as resilient as he, or even Sam, seem to want to believe. No matter what Jason whispers to Sam when she is within his reach, or what he does when they are out of sight, it means nothing if he has not placed Sam in a position of priority in his life. All the beautiful promises in the world, and we know Jason has made so many, cannot outshine the glaring truth staring at Sam day in and day out; and that is that as much as Jason says he doesn’t want to lose Sam, she is already lost under all of Jason’s priorities and responsibilities.

PLEASE. Don’t misunderstand my frustration for fear. I am not afraid or intimidated about the kiss. And I completely expect that Jason will tell Carly it ain’t happenin’, and he may even get upset. However, I also expect that he still won’t set boundaries. And you know what? Until that happens, he may as well say nothing at all, because Carly has never thought twice about dragging Jason out of his own life into hers. And Jason has never thought twice about allowing himself to be dragged. That’s all on him. We have all seen Carly put her marriages before Jason before. Why can’t he do the same for the ONE WOMAN who has never let him down, always had his back, and forever puts him first?

I would think Sam is just a little tired of sharing what should be hers – and that is the #1 spot in Jason’s heart. If she’s not yet, I imagine she will be soon.

I mean, how do all of these other priorities make Sam feel?

And if he were to lose Sam again…how would Jason feel?

I Have A FEELING that we’re about to get some answers to those questions…

Hold on tight…it may leave you FEELING all too much!



October 20

2005: Manny Ruiz is the creepiest villain ever! Hands down!

2009: I have a confession to make: when these scenes happened lAST YEAR, I really believed they were working their way towards a JaSam baby storyline! That moment when Jason is overwhelmed by his concern for Sam’s pain (about 1:25-1:38) makes me tear up even now! In fact, he was right there for her the entire time. I loved these scenes!

October 21

2004:  More incredible scenes…when Jason kissed her belly, I nearly screamed! And Kelly Monaco looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 😉

2005: Part 1:  Part 2: The famous, “I would do anything for you, I’d die for you,” scenes were in here!

2009: So sweet!



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4 responses

  1. I share your thoughts … all of them. I have a few of my own that I don’t think you’d want me to post on this blog.

    October 21, 2010 at 4:26 pm

  2. luv4jasam

    I have not watched yesterday and today’s show yet and from what I’ve heard it seems like it’s awfully boring.

    Love your blog always Angelique. You have such a great way with words and always tying the day’s show into a theme. I absolutely love it.

    By the way,the gh feedback page.. it does not look like it’s the official GH FB page. The photo on the left still has RH instead of Kelly and I have a feeling that the page is not the actual GH FB page which is this link: Why would they have a separate FB page and yet have a different banner to their official page?

    October 21, 2010 at 4:56 pm

  3. Jessica

    Haven’t commented in a while, but Im still here and still loving these fabulous posts! Love your opinions, & appreciate that you write almost everyday!!!! 🙂

    October 21, 2010 at 9:12 pm

  4. Traveler

    Bravo – Great Blog!!
    Love all you had to say especially about Carly/Sam AND Jason!! So, so true!! I really hope this is all leading up to Jason getting awake up call on how he needs to make Sam is #1 priority more often…….

    October 22, 2010 at 12:05 pm

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