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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…And Some Sweet Talking

It’s been a bit of a rough patch for us JaSammers…

Hardly a Sam sighting to speak of in the past couple of weeks…and even less JaSam. I know we need something to keep us going; to keep us motivated; to keep us from wanting to take up another pastime. So I thought I’d let Jason and Sam do some of their famous sweet talkin’….

This way they can do all the convincing!



This vid should have been  the official ABC vid for chronicling JaSam’s reunion! It’s a thing of beauty! Please read the vidder’s description. Hopefully we’re headed for another “Breakthrough” Credit: charmedp3f

This vid is one amazing storyteller! What an awesome job she did piecing this together – every clip is a testament to their EPIC love story!!! Enjoy! “Everytime Your Fall, Everytime You Try” Credit: 33beLIEve33

Hmmm. the beginning of this vid still gives me the chills…what a wonderful ride it takes you on! “Thank You” Credit: GGlvr06

Hold on…be strong; you’re about to take a journey with Jason and Sam through some of the biggest moments. Read the vidder’s kind warning. She ain’t kidding. “Tears Of An Angel” Credit: charmedp3f

The beginning of this vid reminds us that priorities have always been an issue for Jason, but he has always believed Sam to be on top of that list. “I’ll Be” Credit: JasamAreSoulmates

With everything that Jason and Sam have been through, it hasn’t always been easy to be their fan, but this vid shows us the hundreds of reason we’ll always take them back with “Arms Wide Open” Credit: DrEaMingGH

This is another all-encompassing vid with so many of JaSam’s defining moments highlighted…just gorgeous! “Come Back Down” Credit: eedernator

To know JaSam is to know that they are “Everything” a supercouple should be…romantic, tragic, passionate, tortured, adventurous, and even funny! Credit: jasonandsamslovechil

This vid is one heck of a collection of JaSam’s Love Story including heartbreak, triumph, and the best romance on television! “Soulmates” Credit: mk200019

One of my favorite movie themes is the soundtrack for this super-sweet medley of JaSam magic! “JaSam Lullaby” Credit: JessicaX3

These last two vids are extra special to me, because I just found out they were done by another one of my readers, Scooter5117! Thanks Karlene, for taking the time to make such beautifuk vids! We all really appreciate it!

This is just a too-cute mix of classic and recent! You’ll love it! “Paper Weight”

This one of my new favorite, and I love having ONE place where I can watch all of my favorite JaSam tender moments. Thanks, Karlene for your vids! “I Love Yous and Kisses”

So…were you convinced that Jason and Sam are worth holding on to, and even holding out for?

I was!


What an INCREDIBLE array of UBER TALENTED vidders, huh? Please take a moment to LIKE their vids, and maybe even comment…after all the time and effort they put in to giving us these amazing memories, they deserve a few seconds from all of us!

Thanks to all of our vidders! I so appreciate you!

Much love,




October 16

2006: Part 1 and Part 2 These don’t have JaSam, but they have the reason that many think Rick Lansing was responsible for switching Jake’s paternity results…it’s just one of those theories out there! LOL

2009: I loved these scenes!

October 17

2005: Tears, tears, tears…but worth it! That moment he looked back and realized he loved her? Magical

2006: Part 1: No JaSam together, but important conversations all around! Part 2: Finally, we get the magic back at the end of this clip! Soooo sweet!



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6 responses

  1. Whenever I’m Jasam down a beautiful Angeliqu lifts me back up. TO all u talented Vidders you couldn’t be represented by a better Cheering Section. You are talented and appreciated by all us fans.

    As for Jasam…strive for Patience and be rewarded with StellyMagic

    October 17, 2010 at 9:18 am

  2. A big fat hug and thank you for all you do for the members of the Jasam Super Couple Team. They’re the best, the vidders are the best and YOU are the best my dear for being there for us!

    Good times ahead for our beautiful couple!

    October 17, 2010 at 7:26 pm

  3. JasamFan

    Beautiful.. everyone of them. Thank you Angelique for all the time you take to bring us these amazing vids. And to the vidders.. you have so much talent, keep doing what you do we appreciate these vids more than you know. You guys rock!

    Peace & Love

    October 18, 2010 at 2:43 am

  4. Traveler

    What they all said above!! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!

    October 18, 2010 at 12:35 pm

  5. Karlene

    I’m honored to have my videos featured on the Drive. As I was making them, all I could think of is the Jasam fans and how much we needed to see them in scenes together b/c they haven’t been in so long. I’m glad that my work is being appreciated and shared by you, Angelique. I went to college for Video Production and have been trying to get a job at GH since I moved from upstate New York to Los Angeles. I’m still trying but if I ever get that elusive job, I will let you guys know 🙂
    JASAM Love Always,

    October 20, 2010 at 3:16 am

    • WOW! How cool is that? I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Karlene! 😉
      How great would that be?
      Well, I just favorited another one of your videos!
      Keep ’em coming!

      October 20, 2010 at 11:21 pm

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