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It’s usually true that when one door closes, another door opens. It’s the cycle of life, the natural evolution of things. We were never meant to stay still long enough that our lives become stagnant. We were meant to keep moving, to keep changing, to keep growing. Just the other day, I was having this conversation my BFF, @rosieshadow. Sometimes when a door closes, we think the world has shut us out – and shut us down, but if we’re smart, we will see that it was when those doors closed that we were able to walk through doors of greater opportunities, new experiences, and personal growth. Yes, Life is like…A SERIES OF DOORS. The same holds true even in the fictional lives of our favorite PC residents…

They say sometimes you have to close the DOOR on the past and open up the windows in order to let the light of new possibilities in. The handsome Prince Nikolas has grown up in some dark places. Sure, he grew up on the sunny, warm islands of Greece, but his surroundings and environment have always been dark. Darkly twisted, tragic, and unbalanced are the Cassadines. Nikolas seemed destined to surround himself with that same dark sense of doom and gloom, not just literally by living at Wyndemere, but also figuratively by getting involved in a tragic alliance with Liz Webber. When talking to the deeper-than-appears Brook Lynn, Nikolas admitted that he could only explain being with Liz as “temporary insanity”. Hmmm. I am beginning to see a pattern here. (Who remembers Jason admitting Lucky that the Jason that was with Liz, and lied and kept secrets from everyone wasn’t him?) Liz was certainly adding to the darkness surrounding Nikolas. He always seemed to be brooding or scowling. Until he came across the nearly drowned, down-on-her-luck Brook Lynn Ashton. Slowly but surely, little rays of light moments have been streaming in; and Nik seems to scowl less and smile more. There seems to be a spring in his step now instead of the faltering steps of man who’s unsure of everything he used to know about himself. I love the dynamic between Nik and Brook. Throw open those windows, and let the new possibilities shine in!

What happens behind closed DOORS should stay behind closed DOORS. I guess since Robin only had parents around for about 10% of her lifetime, no one ever took the time to each Robin this life lesson. It wasn’t something she would learn in at PC High or even Princeton, though it is an ivy-league school. No, this is a life lesson, and someone with some life experience has to take the time to teach it. I understand that what Patrick and Lisa did they did while working together. I get that. But they weren’t caught having sex in the supply closet, like Patrick and Robin have been, and they weren’t spotted making out in the hospital elevator. From the beginning, it has been Robin to loudly and publicly broadcast, at the most inopportune times I might add, everything that was going on between her husband and his ex-lover. There’s just no need for that. Moreover, now everyone is looking at Robin as though she’s the unhinged one. If only Robin had dealt with this privately, she might not look the Loon. Robin’s gotta get a grip and stop mouthing off the entire dossier on her marital problems. Especially since Lisa’s back at work, and just wants to know if anyone missed her. (This story gets pulled back from the edge of monotony by Brianna Brown every single time! She is the one thing that can keep this story going! Good for her!)

Keep playing with DOORS and someone’s gonna get hurt. One game that has always given me anxiety is when the kids are running around playing and opening and slamming doors to hide from, and then find one another. Almost always, someone gets hurt. Pinched fingers. Stubbed toe. A bump on the forehead, or a split lip. The ways you can get hurt are many, but the end result is the same. Someone’s left hurting. Maxie keeps playing with doors. Behind each door, there’s a different man. First she moved on from Spinelli, and opened up the door that led to Dr. Matt Hunter, all the while peeking in on Lucky whenever she needed to talk, get a drink, fight over lamps, or get kissed senseless. It seems that with all the opening and slamming of doors, the men in her game are starting to get a little tired of it. Spinelli has all but called her a “ho”, and has seemingly moved on to worshipping another fashionista – Brenda. Matt has gotten a little tired of having the door slammed in his face, and Lucky is a little busy lately to play. Maxie needs to stop playing with doors. Spinelli already got his heart trampled, Matt has gotten his ego bruised a little bit, and Lucky just can’t afford to play childish games anymore. Maxie needs to grow up!

Never try to push a DOOR when it clearly says, PULL. Carly was trying to do just that, and she was ignoring that it was clear as day. You see, Carly wants Brenda to be so busy with a hot, young, thing that she’ll have not time to come after Jax. So, she calls Johnny and tries to push him on Brenda. Problem is, that door is stuck – ‘cause Johnny’s still stuck on Olivia, and Carly can try pulling him away all she wants, but I don’t see him getting unstuck any time soon. UNLESS, Olivia doesn’t stop her revolving door of feelings for Sonny.

You have to know when to step in and out of a revolving DOOR, or you’ll be going in circles forever. How many times has Olivia jumped in and out of the revolving door between Sonny and John? And she always seems to jump out on the wrong side, at the wrong time. Once gain, Olivia comes out in defense of Sonny. Did John roll his yes onscreen? Who can blame him? Unless Olivia intends to be going in circles endlessly, she needs to jump in, pick her side, and then stay out of the trap that revolving door represents.

There are just some people you pray will never darken your DOOR. For Claire Walsh, that person just became Carly. I thought that Claire would have to be nuts to not recognize the danger in threatening Michael with prison, considering who his father and uncle are. But Silly Me! The real danger is in forgetting who his mother is. In what can only be an instant Soap Classic, Carly threatened to “burn her life to the ground!” (Our friend @soapfanfiction’s favorite line of the day, if not the week!) Wow! Kudos to Thursday’s script writer, Mary Sue Price for that little gem of Carly fierceness! Claire was backing out of her lapse in judgment faster than you can say, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. Of course she’s not going to send Michael back to prison. She’s admitted to both his parents that she was acting a fool. Now she’ll have to focus all her energies on Sonny. Again.

If you have a closet full of skeletons, it’s probably best you keep that DOOR bolted! Dante and Brenda had some kind of connection before meeting in Port Charles, and for days we’ve all taken a Drive Down Memory Lane with DANTE! (Not my idea of fun!)I find myself wishing daily that they would just fast forward to the good stuff – you know the real meat of this story. Mostly it’s because I cannot stand seeing Dante’s Uniformed Hair, but also because I want to know what the hell Brenda is hiding. I think Dante not only knows, but is hiding the same secret…or skeleton. Dante may want to stop leaving that closet door open by constantly bringing up pictures of him and Brenda and staring as if he could be transported back in time. Just sayin’…

In case you haven’t already figured it out, the common thread in today’s theme was DOORS, and we have Sonny’s conversation with Jason to thank. Sonny was explaining to Jason how he tried to move on from Brenda, and thought he was going to be able to do it with Claire. Sonny explained that you know – there’s “something about her” that made it easy for Sonny to spend time with and like her. (I happen to think it’s the one thing all women have in common, but I think Sonny was truly trying to be a little less shallow here, so I’ll let it go) Sonny then went on to explain to Jason that he was doing just fine…then Brenda “drops from the sky.” Sonny says they’re both scared, and neither knows if they want to “do this” again. Jason tries explaining to Sonny that Brenda is still a little messed up over him, and isn’t sure she can trust herself to be around Sonny. What struck me about this entire conversation was when Sonny said it feels like “he’s opening a room where all of his feelings are.” Wow. Deep. Sonny’s litany goes on and he tells Jason that when the door is closed, he can get on with his life – good or bad. He was able to enjoy other people, and have a good time, until he opened that door leading back to Brenda. Then it’s all about Brenda. (As it is for Guza) Sonny says there’s just something between them, and that he doesn’t want to play games, and that he wants them to take that chance again. Jason’s take: Brenda doesn’t agree. Sonny’s not buying that, though. Sonny thinks she just needs some convincing. We’ll see.

I wondered while that conversation was taking place if Jason heard the same things I heard. You see, I remember when Jason, who compartmentalizes everything, including relationships, shut the DOOR on Sam, and the life they had together. I remember he did that because dealing with what the lies he’d told and the secrets he’d kept had done to their once-in-a-lifetime love story was just too big and messy. Jason shut up all his big, scary feelings for Sam, all of their history, and he shut it away – just like he does with his Box of Pain, so that he doesn’t have to feel anything as long as that DOOR is closed. I wondered if Jason realized that for a while he too thought he was moving on, maybe even enjoying other people, and thought he was fine. As long as that door to Sam was closed. Then one day Sam dropped from the sky after she and he were thrown by a car bomb, and their lives mingled for a mystery here, a backup there, and a rescue that wiped the slate clean. I’m not sure how many of you remember the night Jason and Sam went to find and rescue Jake, Sam forced the issue of apologizing once more not only for what happened to Jake, but for the pain her silence caused. Jason, if you recall, was afraid to talk about it, hesitant to revisit those emotions, until he finally gave in and let them come out from behind that closed DOOR. What Jason found was that he really could move past the pain, because Sam had owned up to it, and her repentance was real. She proved it by risking her life to “pay back a debt” she felt she owed Jason, Jake, and even Liz.

From there on out, from the moment Jason opened up that DOOR to “the room where he kept all of his feelings”, it was all about Sam. Everything, and everyone else, fell flat.

Suddenly Jason wanted her input, he listened to her advice, and he even sought her out for cases where they had to share honeymoon suites. They went on adventures, saved just about everyone in the hospital from the big fire, and saved the entire population of PC from toxic spheres. They went on the run in search of Spin, saved him from a femme fatale, and worked together to keep Spin from federal prison. Jason then encouraged Sam to pursue her dream of becoming a PI, and even found a way to keep her close: by making Spin her partner.

Once that DOOR to his feelings about Sam was wide open, Jason’s feelings all came out in a rush. He turned to Sam when he was confused, scared, angry, and helpless. We all saw the moments along the way where they were both afraid and unsure. We saw the moments of connection, of electricity, of familiarity, of being two forces completely in sync, and of a complete trust in each other in spite of all the ways they’d hurt one another in the past.

Then came Mexico, and the last of the feelings that Jason had locked away demanded to be let out, and in fact, tore down the DOOR! Once Jason and Sam made that physical connection, they realized that all of the other connections had been made along the way. Now all they had to do was face their fears and apprehensions. As long as they didn’t talk about them.

I believe that a lot like Brenda, Sam may not trust herself around Jason in times like this. There are certain mistakes she never wants to make again, and certain pitfalls she wants to avoid at all costs. Sam may even be shoving her feelings behind a closed DOOR just as a means to protect herself.

Jason may, like Sonny, have some convincing to do in the near future. The problem is…

Shutting the stable DOOR after the horse has bolted is usually pretty useless. Jason may have to search far and wide for his prized “sure bet.” And this time, he may have to risk a whole lot in order to convince her to come back, and want to stay for good.

 I believe…




October 15

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4 responses

  1. trini

    This was an enjoyable read today. Thanks Angelique. I am glad we have this place to gush and go ga-ga about our Jasam love 😉

    October 15, 2010 at 11:15 am

  2. JasamFan

    Wow.. fabulous blog.. loved it all.

    What I loved most was your take on Jason.. Brought a tear to my eyes! You my friend never fail to amaze me with the beautiful words you write her.

    Love you and all you do!

    Peace & Love

    October 15, 2010 at 12:37 pm

  3. Traveler

    Another GREAT read!! Love how you connect us with JaSaon even on days/weeks we dont seen them together!!

    October 15, 2010 at 10:01 pm

  4. ITA 100% with this post. I just thought while Sonny was talking about shattering Brenda, her rebuiliding her life and being scared to try again with Sonny and have it happen again. That a Frakin Lightening bolt would have hit JM in the azz. But nooo. Jason if you watch Sam today vs the Sam of 04-05 she is not as open with her feelings to you. she is still protective of her heart and she is aware that her insecurities are playin out because of your in attention and priority lists. Lke she said she’s Standing in a a Purple Dress waiving look at me, see me and its Brenda this, Carly/Michael that. Sonny needs this. Spin is vunerable to that. And she’s still waving see me over her. Why do u think she took on the Lopez brothers ALONE who even u and Sonny acknowledged were Scary dangerous. I’m just glad these next few wks my frying pan upseide the head will finally get through the hair product and make a diffrnc

    October 16, 2010 at 10:17 am

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