Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Well, GHers, I just realized that my blog headline went from Heaven to Hell in one day. Only General Hospital can make that happen, people!

It’s true that HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED, but in Port Charles, scorn isn’t the only thing that might make for some fury.

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN…kept from information on a vintage dress. I love Diane Days in Port Charles! I love that when she walked into The Penthouse (I will no longer refer to it as Jason’s Penthouse, as it hasn’t really been his in months), she was determined to see The Wizard, I mean Brenda, and wasn’t going to be dissuaded that easily. Seeing her man wrestling his brother all over the apartment like a 6-year old barely registered with her until she wanted Max to physically move Spinelli out of her way. When Max couldn’t do it because of his “separated shoulder”, and Spinelli refused to allow The Judicious One access to his Divine One, it really ruffled Diane’s feathers. Once again – not a good move, Spin. When Max and Spin had each ticked her off one too many times, she nearly pushed Mr. Grasshopper across the room and off the terrace her damned self, and let Max know just how lonely his bed would be. Then she stalked out of there leaving them to their Brenda fascination. (Diane is so smart!)

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMANquickly replaced. When Liz Webber returned to Wyndemere and realized that Nikolas had not been sitting in the turret room pining away for her, but had instead been jet setting around Europe with the younger, prettier, even-bigger-blue-eyed Brook Lynn, she nearly flinched from the slap to her ego. What a sour puss Liz instantly plastered on her face! Really, what did she think? That Nikolas would just stare out the window facing west, willing her to return to his waiting arms…and bed? Nikolas has finally remembered the secret to being the object of Liz’s desire: be the one thing she can’t have – at least without a fight. Liz wanted Nik when she couldn’t have him – when it was forbidden and just plain dirty. She wanted Lucky immediately after because he couldn’t stand to look at her. She wanted Jason when he was Sam’s or Courtney’s, but when he was free, he was too dangerous and not what she wanted. When Liz left Port Charles this summer, she left feeling suffocated by Nik’s desire to work things out. Now he has worked things out without her, and now she’ll want him, and be jealous, and worry about his Princely Persona. Liz – jump out the turret room window! You are so freakin’ predictable! I hope Nik and Brook get physical soon, just to burn your butt!

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMANcheated on. Robin is not the warmest and fuzziest of women, but it still surprises me when she can manage to appear so cold and unaffected by her marriage falling apart. I’ve been more sentimental if my husband and I blamed each other for forgetting to buy cream for the morning coffee, and left to work without kissing and making up. I guess it will take some time for Patrick to chip away at the layers of ice surrounding his wifey.

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMANrobbed of $10,000,000. Tracy is as sweet and welcoming as a possum whose tree branch is being compromised. Certainly Luke couldn’t expect outstretched arms and a romp in the backroom of The Haunted Star, but cracking a bottle over his head? I bet he didn’t expect that either. Tracy finally thawed out enough to offer Luke a second chance…with conditions. All she wants is her $10 million back…with interest. Awww…is that all? Good luck, Luke!

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMANyes, scorned. I lost respect for Claire Walsh the moment she kissed Sonny, but now what I feel for her is nothing short of contempt. Her anger and resentment for Sonny drove her to threaten Michael, which even though she was only bluffing, was still enough to make Michael go in his pants. Hasn’t that kid been through enough? Claire is such a bitch. As if that weren’t low enough, Claire then allows the dirty, twisted Ronnie to convince her to use the threat of sending Michael back to prison once again by blackmailing Jason into testifying about and handing over information on Sonny. Does this chick realize who she’s playing with? I don’t understand why Claire considers this her only avenue for revenge. Sonny is an egotistical machista. All Claire had to do was spread the rumor that Sonny had a “size issue”. That would ruin any chance of his living in peace ever again.


Finally, I understand that soon we will see that…

HELL KNOWS NO FURY LIKE A WOMANtaken for granted for way too long.

While Jason is off being the Uncaped Crusader of everyone and anyone, Sam is…where exactly? I don’t think that Sam needs to be with Jason at every moment, but would it kill Jason to check on her? Visit her at work, her apartment, the park? Jason has taken the time to listen to Suzanne, to Carly, to Maxie, and oh Lord, Brenda and her incessant screeching and whining more than anyone else. But did he hear what Sam said the last time they were together? The time he had to convince her not to walk away? Jason asked her if she was happy, which led me to believe that he cares for her happiness. Sam gave him an answer, but it was more than just a yes or no. Sam said, “Yes. I am happy. I am always happy when I am with you.” To which Jason answers, “There is no competition. Sam, you’re the one I want to be with.” Certainly it would appear that Jason and Sam are at least on the same page when it comes to understanding that being in a relationship means being together to a certain extent – it means spending time with one another, being in close proximity at least occasionally, and seeing each other at least more than once a week. No? Yet Jason is either moping around the house directing woman traffic in and out of The Penthouse, or he’s out protecting Michael like a guard dog, or trying to keep Sonny from behaving like a female dog in heat. I imagine that for Sam, it can get old. Tiresome. Lonely.

I also imagine that if, within that period of less-than-closeness, something was to test Sam’s limits, she would find her limits to be far less tenable. And really, who could blame her?

Sometimes those we love need to be shaken out of their stupor. Sometimes they need a wake-up call. Sometimes they need to come to all FIVE of their SENSES.

Perhaps Jason needs to: smell the coffee, hear the sounding alarm, see the writing on the wall, feel the shift in paradigm, and maybe even get another taste of how bland life without his Fair Samantha can be. Perhaps the only way to make all of that happen is for Sam to force them into motion. Jason is too clueless to realize that the same ol’, same ol’ has just gotten too old.

Jason needs some help in figuring it out. Luckily, Sam has never failed to be what Jason needs, even when it wasn’t easy for her, or him.

When Jason needed a champion, Sam stood up to anyone and anything. When he, the big, bad mob enforcer needed someone to fight his battles, she fought with all she had. When he needed a reality check, she told him the truth, even if it was hard to swallow. When he needed a listening ear, she was quiet and pensive. When he needed someone to chase away the sorrows, she talked his ear off. When Jason needed back-up, she became a gun-wielding Bonnie to his Clyde, when he needed healing she was an angel in the night. When Jason needed space, Sam didn’t hesitate to give it, even though she wanted desperately to hold on with all she had. When Jason made the choice to die, she helped him face it, even though she was the one dying. And when death finally came knocking, Sam gave Jason a reason to want to live, in spite of the risks; in spite of his fears. Yup, Sam has always given Jason what he needs.

Even when it wasn’t easy for us to watch.

I believe that no matter what comes next; Sam will give Jason what he needs most. Even if he doesn’t realize it, and even if she has to tear her own heart out to do it. It’s who she is, and it’s what puts her in a league of her own – and separates her from Liz, Courtney, Robin, and even Carly.

Let’s do our part to give our couple what they need: support. Undying, unflinching support. Don’t just get disgruntled and turn off the TV when they don’t get airtime. If you must turn off the TV in this era of All Things Brenda, then use that time to call, email, Facebook, and tweet every person that has the power to change things!

Call ABC! Call the Comment Lines, Call freakin’ Brian Frons, and email and snail mail them ALL, but DO NOT do nothing! Be willing to be what JaSam needs, even when it isn’t easy or convenient.

To quote my favorite heroine: “In the end, Love will win out!”

I believe…




October 14

2005:  I know that Manny was a sick S.O.B., but I cannot help but giggle at how good he was at it! Then suddenly I’m crying at just how much love Jason and Sam really share. He falls in love…again.

2006:  So there were no scenes for this date, but there was a GH promo released. That promo said it all: Loyalthy Or True Love! The GH Writers know what’s up! LOL

2009: Part 1: and Part 2:  Sometimes Alexis makes me want to run HER over if her hybrid! I loved these scenes – I loved how good Jason was to Sam here.



Making A Difference For JaSam…Every Day! 

VOTE: (KEEP VOTING! Some people are just freaking out about the most recent results!)

AND also: 

Please vote for our Kelly Monaco! Vote as often as you can!  😉…-10-dances-vote

Call: ABC: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583 

Facebook GH FEEDBACK PAGE: FLOOD THAT PAGE WITH POSITIVE JASAM LOVE DAILY! THIS is the page that gets attention from those who matter! PLEASE, please, please remember not to make it only about wanting JaSam – that gets overlooked as “fanbase crap”. Use solid, honest, but tactful language letting them know what you think the strengths were on that particular day, and if that’s Steve and Kelly, that’s fine – but this is NOT the place to go all ga-ga because we got some make-out time. Remember to use their names (character/actor) separately, i.e. Kelly and Steve instead of Stelly, and Jason and Sam instead of JaSam. You can also calmly state what you think the weaknesses were, such as overused characters, storyline inconsistencies, or not enough use of the history of our dearest characters and vets. EVERY PHONE CALL, EMAIL, FACEBOOK POST COUNTS – SO REALLY GIVE IT YOUR ALL! 


Snail Mail: Remember to GUSH, THANK THEM, and SHOW LOVE for what we’re getting with our JaSam! PLEASE: Leave out frustrations, bashing, anger, and other couples!

Bob, Guza, Head Writer
Jill Farren-Phelps, Exec. Producer 
Elizabeth Korte, Editor
c/o ABC-TV 
4151 Prospect Avenue  
Hollywood, CA  90027
Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair 
Disney Media Networks Division
500 S. Buena Vista St. 
Burbank, CA  91521

In the coming days, we should have some more to share, but get to writing or typing those letters A.S.A.P.!

Our couple is counting on US!



3 responses

  1. Let me applaud your blog…STANDING OVATION!

    I’m adding one thought! “Hell knows no fury like a JASAM FAN scorned”…I’m angry and I’m not going to take it anymore. I will be doubling up my calls, e-mails and letters…and, YES…damn it..I’ll be nice, but have no doubt, they’re going to hear from me. JOIN ME! I think SB and KM need our love too. They need to know how much we miss them and how much MORE we want for them.

    I want so much for Sam. Am I just going to continue to watch the BRENDA BARRETT HOUR from now until she decides to take her skinny butt out of PC? Sorry…that’s how I feel.

    October 14, 2010 at 3:10 pm

  2. Angelique I applaud your blog and can’t live with out it.

    as iI agree with samjase we are not going to take this anymore. I call comment line everyday and I am calling from Montreal Canada, I email frons, and send Guza letters. SB and KM have so much talent for it to wasted on Brenda Barrett storyline. I tweet SB and KM all the ime telling them how much I love them and how amazing they are together. No other 2 actors can make every scene seem so real and bring so much depth into their caracter. Jasams love is epic and special and GH needs not to forget it. Agree with you about Sam she has done so much and given her self so much to Jason. These two deserve a happy ending. although there are so many rumors abouy our couple, I do hope Guza keeps them together because we have waited a long time.

    Love to read your blog and it alwasy gives me hope for our couple. I wish they knew how great of a fan ans advocate you are for them.

    have a goos one talk to you soon.

    October 14, 2010 at 8:50 pm

  3. Cam

    And maybe that’s why today Sonny said to Jason, “you don’t know what it’s like being in such a dark place.” Could it be, Jase soon will? And Brenda – listening to her today, one could swear she’s offering her own views and well as someone elses POV in the not to distant future.

    Hummm – where are we going with these stories?

    Could it be the theme for sweeps might be “reflections of the past is in fact a mirror of the future?”

    [HUGS to my Bella Mia!]


    October 15, 2010 at 4:52 pm

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