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You probably won’t ever hear me say this again, and my pastor would probably ask me to resign from my church office if he heard me utter these words, but THANK HEAVEN FOR SMALL FAVORS SUCH AS CHEATING SPOUSES AND BROKEN MARRIAGES! (But only on TV)


Because truly, The Drakes In Splitsville was the ONLY thing that saved us from another full day of, and I’m quoting Dante here, BRENDA FREAKIN’ BARRETT!

Thankfully, Robin finally tore herself away from discussing Brenda with Jax long enough to get home to her daughter and her family. And thankfully, Maxie, Mac, and Emma made time to acknowledge Robin’s birthday with a little surprise party. I was hoping for “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”, and the “Happy Birthday” song sung in Spanish by little Emma…ANYTHING that would prolong the amount of time before we had to cut to another scene where everyone everywhere was discussing Brenda, or worse – having discussions with Brenda. In Hispanic culture, it’s considered rude to not open your gifts in the presence of those who gifted you, and it becomes a pretty long, drawn out process with ooohhhs and aaahhhs, and someone usually taping every bow and ribbon to the back of a paper plate for use as a party hat. How I wished yesterday that one of my Tias was at Robin’s party to make it all happen. I did think it was a very nice scene when Robin realized that Patrick remembered her birthday. It was also very sweet that Patrick gifted her with something meaningful but not personally connected to their marriage. Though Robin can’t – or won’t – wear it, the gesture was one that might have begun the bridge building so badly needed in that relationship. Thank Heaven for small favors!

The Brendacentricity continued on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital.

You know it’s really serious when even the red-headed Irish lass across the ocean in Ireland is talking about Brenda Barrett! Wow. It seems that Lucky will now have to keep Siobhan safe as well as following the Balkan’s orders to “grab Brenda Barrett.” Thank Heaven for small favors…at least Lucky will have his hands too full to deal with his ex. Oh how I wish Lucky would take Siobhan back to Port Charles where Liz, who is about to return from her sojourn in California, could run into Lucky’s and find him in a “compromising position”, right after finding Nik and Brook Lynn in equally “compromising positions.” What a warm and appropriate welcome that would be!

Thank Heaven for small favors…Carly’s insecurities finally reminded her just how badly she wants to keep Jax from running back to Brenda. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Jax helps Carly stay out of Jason’s face, and dear God! Carly was in Jason’s face WAY TOO MUCH in the past few days! Jax and Carly’s sweetly reminiscent candlelit dinner reminded both of them just how much they stand to lose. Hopefully those reminders will last longer than the wax on those candles. They’re not usually well known for their ability to remain focused.

So, our “Flash From The Past” series starring Brenda and Dante continued. Thank Heaven for small favors…I was too comically relieved to be completely bored by all of Brenda and Dante’s scenes yesterday. Am I the only one who giggles when I’m watching those scenes? OHHHHHH! My eyes water from so much laughter! Dante’s hair is just a whole other blog, and the way they are making googly eyes at each other is entertaining if you just allow it to be. Let’s do that. Besides, anything that knocks Lulu down a peg or two from her high and lofty position as the honorable, do-no-wrong Detective Falconeri’s girlfriend is good storyline to me. Watching Dante thinking about nothing but Brenda while Lulu was completely clueless gave me a very real sense of satisfaction. And knowing that there is more to it is just plain fun, especially if it shows us that Dante wasn’t always as perfectly upstanding as he and Lulu would like everyone to believe. I also think that Sonny needs a good drop from his self-erected pedestal of being a god among men. And nothing will do that to you like knowing your “boy” is capable of rendering Brenda speechless. Bring on the Brante!

The main issue I had with Brenda on Tuesday’s episode was her conversation with Jason. It quickly erased all of the positives I’d convinced myself to create. It made me see that charity work or not, Brenda is still a selfish, self-centered brat, who doesn’t deserve Jason’s protection, loyalty or time. When Brenda walked in and said she was leaving Port Charles (where I mistakenly thought I could say the most heartfelt “Thank Heaven for small favors…) and Jason could either go with her or say good-bye, it was a red flashing light of warning that she was about to get on my last nerve! Then she had the cojones to ask Jason why he couldn’t guard her anywhere else, as if she didn’t JUST have a conversation with Sam, the woman Jason admitted to loving, (though he hasn’t really done a good job of showing it lately) where she apologized to Sam for making Jason be in Rome while his love was in NY!

Thank Heaven for small favors…Jason, though certainly not in my good graces these days, did earn a couple of points with me. First, he let her know that she is nothing but an inconvenience, and he did it in no uncertain terms. And secondly, he walked away from her selfish rant (which is the appropriate reaction to a juvenile tantrum) and disappeared into the kitchen.

Brenda makes me want to walk away from her too. She is so egocentric, that she went to Sonny’s knowing full well that it would turn out that way, and then wants to unleash her confusion-filled pain on Jason! “It’s your fault,” she accused, even though she knows Jason warned her to stay away from Sonny. Jason really isn’t as stone cold as people peg him, because I would’ve whipped out that gun and shot her just to shut her face! “Do you believe that there is a difference between being dead emotionally and being dead physically?” she asked Jason, being the drama queen everyone knows her to be.

Thank Heaven for small favors…Yes, Brenda, of course he now knows the difference – he spent two years being dead emotionally when he was entangled with Liz “The Ice Queen” Webber. Can Spinelli perhaps show his Divinely Dense One some footage of what Jason looked like during the period known as the Dark Age? We remember – he walked around with that blank expression perpetually frozen on his face, wringing his hands, and wishing he were anyone but himself. That’s what happens when you’re trapped in a toxic relationship, and if anyone is giving her sound advice, it’s Jason, who was brought back from being emotionally dead, and now feels a full range of real, passionate emotions again. Jason survived a toxic relationship of his own. What Brenda needs to do now is hear what Jason said: “Don’t go see him, don’t call, don’t visit.”

We know exactly how Jason figured out that it was the best course to follow when you’re around someone who isn’t good for you; when you barely survived a relationship that killed you slowly and painfully, leaving you unsure of whom you even were.

Thank Heaven for small favors…Jason has steered clear of that negative influence in his life, making him the number one authority on giving Brenda advice.

The difference and disadvantage for Brenda is that not everyone is as fortunate as Jason was to have a Fair Samantha to help him heal, and to find himself, and to finally help bring him back to life with love and faith and acceptance.

Thank Heaven for small favors…Jason did. Whether or not he will prove himself worthy remains to be seen. I, however, choose to believe.

Brenda better tread carefully, but I would rather she tread elsewhere, and the further away from Jason’s penthouse – the better.

 Until tomorrow…




October 13

2005:  Sam truly is Jason’s partner! I love when Manny called her “Sweetness!”

2006:  That Liz is such a conniving, devious bitch! I could kick her ass myslef!

2009: The DOCTOR (Molly) is in! These were great scenes…until Alexis showed up!



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