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Have you ever noticed how often in life we need to run interference for those we care about? As a friend, sibling, lover, spouse, it’s our responsibility to jump in and help when we can…if we truly care.

My entire teenaged years were one big football game when you count all the times my sister and I ran interference for each other.

All over Port Charles we’ve had people running interference for those they care about.

And I’m not just talking about Steve, Coleman, and of course, scene-stealer, Dante, tring to run interference between the about to brawl Bensonhurst Girls. (no comment) And I’m not even talking about Nik trying to run interference between the broad Brook Lynn was a couple of weeks ago, to the fine lady he wants her to be.

I’m talking major interference running!


Robin and Patrick are breaking my heart, and I’m not even a big Scrubs fan. Their heartbreak is just so incredibly real, and so prevalent among marriages, that you cannot help but feel for them for ending up here. Robin and Patrick have a long road ahead of them. Do I believe Patrick is truly, genuinely sorry? Absolutely. But it doesn’t really matter. As we’ve all told our kids in serious situations: “Sorry doesn’t fix it.” Robin told Patrick what she expected of him, and Patrick promised to meet her demands, but she’s right. He promised on their wedding day, too. That didn’t stop him from sleeping with the first woman who didn’t care about his vows, and threw herself at him. What I really am loving about this storyline is that both Robin and Patrick have family members who care about them. And both have people who are trying to run interference. Robin has Mac, and Patrick has Matt. A couple of M&M’s. I get Mac. For those of you who have daughters, just think about your reaction to someone having treated your daughter like this. Imagine someone having so little regard for the vows he made to her, and then sleeping with the 1 in 5 women who was going to turn psychotic after sleeping together, and having that woman kidnap, terrorize, and nearly cause your daughter’s death. I’m thinking that my hubby would be doing a lot more than running interference, I’m thinking he’d run the S.O.B. out of town! And Matt, while he loves Robin, and genuinely cares for her happiness and well-being, he cares about his brother’s well-being too. Matt doesn’t want Patrick to rush back into this marriage out of some huge sense of obligation, and then end up doing the same thing down the line with one of the 4 out of 5 other women. Remember that Matt and Patrick share the same philandering, lying, living-a-double-life father. Matt believes deep down that Patrick is just fulfilling his destiny. Both of these guys are right to run interference with those they love, as long as they respect the final decisions each of them makes.

Dante and Lulu were in Ireland trying to run interference for Lucky, who’s working on the case of his career. However, they’ve been nothing but a nuisance and they blew his cover to at least one person – Siobhan. I am so glad that Interpol decided to run real interference on Lucky’s behalf, and sent them both home. This is Lucky’s story, and I wish Dante would stop tripping into everyone else’s storylines! Yet, it seems he is about to trip into his dad’s storyline, as he is transfixed on Brenda’s picture, and keeps having flashbacks involving a scream that sounds eerily familiar. Who will run interference for Dante and Brenda when their past comes crashing into Sonny’s future with his long-lost love? I can’t wait to find out!

Sonny is the classic, heart-stomping playboy women get warned about their whole lives. He’ll wine you, dine, pursue you, make you the center of his universe, and whisper pretty things in your ear…until he’s had you. Then suddenly your appeal diminishes considerably in his eyes, and you go from being the center of his universe to being lost on space. This kind of guy’s behavior is so text-book, that if you actually allow yourself to get sucked into his game, you shouldn’t expect any sympathy from anyone. You dug your own hole, made your own bed, charted your own course toward disaster. The formerly savvy, hard-nosed and equally hard-assed prosecutor known as Claire Walsh did just that. She knew who Sonny was. She had files on the man – probably an entire sexual history and behavioral notes from an expert profiler. Claire had co-workers and acquaintances warn her, explain Sonny’s modus operandi in layman’s terms, she still went for it. Claire lost her brain, her panties, and her dignity in one fell swoop, and she has no one to blame but herself. I think to myself that maybe of Sonny had offered to take her to NYC to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway instead of the island, maybe she could at least claim to have been thrown off guard. If he had given her a track suit to play tennis in instead of a dress to wear to the casino, she could have claimed that she thought it was going to be different with her. Even if Sonny had said he wouldn’t have sex with her on his flying babymaker, Claire would have had a reason to believe that she was about to be the one who was different. But none of those things happened. Sonny made all of the same tacky, practiced, over-used plays a player of his caliber would make. In fact, he may as well have drawn out the plays like a coach would on her Federal Prosecutor SmartBoard with all the little xxxs and ooos showing how she would get trampled and left on the field battered and bruised, and Claire was still gonna go play and be her won cheerleader all at once. Why? It’s a mysterious phenomena to me. I don’t understand it. When Claire came huffing and puffing through Sonny’s door, as if she was still coming off their passionate romp in the air, with tropical flowers and beer in her hand, she made me kind of sick to my stomach. I was embarrassed for her. With her big, federal investigative skills, she saw the champagne, the glass with the lipstick on the rim, and figured out that Sonny had already moved on – leaving Claire in the used pile. Wow. Now, in a classic case of the woman scorned, Claire went back to her own turf, cried for about a minute, and then immediately rethought her game-day strategy. Sonny’s in big trouble. And guess who’ll be left to run interference for Sonny? The lesser mortals of his world – Diane, Jason, and possibly Michael. Sonny just doesn’t deserve it. I don’t care how adorable those dimples are!

Poor Michael. He could not have gotten any less lucky about who his father if he had to play the lottery with a 1 in a million chance of scoring a good dad. While Mikey is twisting more and more into himself because of his weird feelings and strong reactions to be touched, Sonny is off exploring a whole different set of weird feelings and strong reactions to being touched. And where, by the way, is Carly? Off getting Post-its in her hair or paper clips in her…. Never mind. All that matters is that she’s alternately so worried about protecting her marriage against Brenda, and obsessed with making Dante pay, that she hasn’t even noticed that Michael is a ticking time bomb, and he’s Home Alone because Lulu and Dante are off playing “Let’s Pretend We’re Luke & Laura” in Ireland. This is the story of Michael’s life, isn’t it? Everyone is so good about causing, or failing to stop the events that are messing him up emotionally, but then they are so awful at seeing the signs that something is terribly wrong. Even Jason, who genuinely loves Michael enough to sacrifice even his own happiness for Michael’s, is paralyzed with fear and uncertainty about what to do next, or how to best help Michael. I really believe that Jason thinks it will all work itself out if they just give it time. Who remembers Jason’s reaction to Michael telling him that Sam thought he needed to talk about Pentonville? Jason nearly jumped out of his quiet-soled hitman boots! Jason is as terrified of acknowledging that something happened to Michael, as Michael is to relive what happened. Now Jason, who is Port Charles’ MVP Interference Runner, is stuck on the sidelines with some kind of emotional injury that leaves him unable to move, much less run the plays! Thank goodness Jason’s in love with a gorgeous chick with a tight-end, who can play just about every position on his life field. Sam has been Jason’s best offensive player, but she stuns as his defensive strategy. Whether she’s busy acting as a defensive end, or his safety, Sam is Jason’s go-to person, and she rarely fumbles. Michael has always been lucky to have Sam on his and Jason’s team. While everyone else is arguing over strategies and formations, our Sam is ready to run the plays, and score the touchdown. It’s why Jason – and all of us, are her biggest cheerleaders.

I believe that Sam’s intentions are always unselfish and good, and I believe that she has recognized that if Michael continues to try to bury what always seems to be bubbling at the surface, he’s going to hurt himself and someone else. Looking back, it’s always Sam who has run interference in getting Michael help. This time her methods may have been unorthodox, but let’s consider it a first down on a long, complicated play.

I commend Sam. She’s got the heart of a champion. It sure beats standing on the sidelines…or “making out under the bleachers.” If any of the other adults in Michael’s life actually got in the game, and ran some interference, we might actually make it to the goal line: which is getting Michael on the road to emotional victory.


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October 7

2005: Jason loves Sam so much….


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2 responses

  1. This is one of your best post and way to go football girl knowledge. ITA. ppl may not have liked Sam’s choice of intimacy assistance but she tried to make it as comfortable, non threatening and safe as possible. just think Abby moved to fast and should have just kept him tlkn something everyone else is avoiding doing because they don’t want to hear the actual words.

    Jason is going to have to get out of the way of his own pain and guilt in order to help “his Son” just like Sam made him do in 2005. He’s going to have to face what happened in order to help Michael face it too.

    And they have to get Dante to remove himself as the WORST GUARDIAN on the planet. U go out of town and notify NO ONE especially his parents that he is home alone becuz of a need to interfere and get a booty call.

    You have him sleep on the couch next to the open bedroom where you have sex with his cousin on a EVERY MINUTE basis. Where is the home inspection by his parole officer. Why don’t Carly, Jason or Sonny at least suggest he moves to Brooke’s old apt so he can have privacy and a BED. He would still be by Dumbte and his excellent guardianship of non caring.

    October 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm

  2. JasamFan

    LOL.. loved it.. you rock!

    Peace & Love

    October 7, 2010 at 11:11 pm

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