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I love that Monday’s episode of General Hospital did not disappoint as being the episode to follow a Cliffhanger Friday! The episode was amazing, and believe it or not, I am still smiling like a fool! But we’ll get to that later.

Yesterday’s episode was about DEAD ENDS and ONE WAY STREETS.

A dead end is a problem. There’s no way out. You’re stuck, trapped, and have t o find a way to back out of it without causing any damage. The reason they put up a warning sign at a DEAD END is so that you know before you go down that road what you are dealing with; what a hassle it’s going to be.

A ONE WAY STREET is different. All the cars face in one direction. It’s calmer, but you can still move around, and NO ONE GETS IN except the right way.

Some of the relationships in Port Charles remind me of DEAD ENDS and ONE WAY STREETS.

Patrick and Robin seemed to be Living the Sweet Life on a ONE WAY STREET for quite some time now. They were both facing life in the same direction, they were living a quiet life, but that life was moving, progressing, getting better. Then, last November, Patrick’s old girlfriend moved to Port Charles, and Patrick made the mistake of letting Lisa in the wrong way. She was getting too close, too chummy, too “reminiscent” of a life long ago, and a time way back, when that shouldn’t have mattered anymore. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it happen, but when someone comes barreling down a ONE-WAY STREET the wrong way, chances are there will be a head-on collision, and someone’s gonna get hurt. That’s exactly what happened in the Drakes’ Marriage. Lisa had been on a collision course for a while now, doing lots of damage as she came barreling into Robin and Patrick’s marriage. And then the inevitable happened, Lisa, the woman who wasn’t able to secure Patrick’s love in the past, slammed into Robin, the woman who has Patrick’s love now, and the life Lisa thought should have been hers. I will say this again and again, but the extremely talented Brianna Brown has been doing a phenomenal job with this role. Yesterday, I had to fight the urge to feel sorry for her; so convincing was her portrayal of the hurt, scorned woman. She deserves a contract. If not on GH, then some other soap needs to scoop her up and sign her! Lisa has now managed to move angry, suspicious Patrick into believing that she needs help, not prison, as is on her way to Shady Brook. It seems Lisa is still fighting for Patrick’s attention, and guess what? She may even be winning it, as Patrick stayed with Lisa, while Robin sat on her hospital bed alone. Yes, folks. There is a reason the signs are up. Heed them. Proceed with caution. Don’t let anyone come into your safe place the wrong way. For the Drakes, it may be a little too late.

Have I mentioned lately that I love the dynamic Carolyn Hennesy brings to the show? I’m sure I must have done, so let me just tell you that dynamic is hypercharged when Diane shares scenes with Alexis. I love the “older and wiser” girl talks they have, and I love, love, love when they rag on Sonny.  I also loved Alexis’ “I Have Walked This Walk” warnings for the clueless Claire Walsh. I laughed out loud at Alexis telling Claire that she herself “had gotten knocked up by a manic-depressive mobster”, and that Claire should use a condom. I had to shake my head at Claire’s stupidity. Really, I did. How can someone so intelligent, clever, and self-possessed be taken in so easily by DIMPLES? Oh, but it happens every day, folks. Even if Diane had joined the conversation and helped Alexis convince Claire that being with Sonny is a DEAD END, Claire would have refused to see the sign. *sigh* Well, it seems that she’s about to get smacked in the head with said sign.

Sonny deserves to get run over by the soon-to-come-barreling=towards-him Claire, as he is now trying to woo Brenda back onto their own Dead End. My goodness, Sonny! Could he at least have the decency to shower away Claire’s “evidence” before moving onto Brenda! YUK!

Dante and Lulu are in a precarious situation. They seem to have it together on a ONE WAY STREET of their own, but they’re so busy pushing their way into everyone else’s ‘hood, that they seem destined to crash…and burn. An older, wiser friend used to always tell me at the beginning of my marriage that unless I learned how to enjoy the quiet times with the man I loved as much as I enjoyed the excitement, that all-consuming fire would fizzle out rather quickly, and we’d be left with nothing but the ashes. How right she was. No relationship can last long term if they are fueled only by passion and excitement. You need to have those moments where the sound of silence is more exciting than the buzz and hum of what comes next. Lulu and Dante seem to have lost that. I guess all that whipped cream and candles kind of romance seems to have set the bar for what is fun and exciting, and so now Lulu feels a need to risk her life, and live dangerously, and follow in the thrilling footsteps of the Spencers who came before her. Hmmm, I wish Lulu had an older, wiser friend to remind her that when you drive to close to the edge of the cliff, you just might end up going over. That’s a different kind of DEAD END altogether, isn’t it? It seems that Dante has spotted that famous face…of Cartullo. We’ll see what happens to life on Lante Way next.

Am I the only one still smiling about how well life is going on Jasam Boulevard? (Fun Fact: the word boulevard is most often assigned to very scenic streets, with clearly defined boundaries) Jason and Sam are a ONE WAY STREET model if I’ve ever seen one on a soap! Everything between these two faces the same life direction, they can only go ONE WAY – and that’s bigger and better, and thanks to Jason, they’ve proven that NO ONE – NOT EVEN BRENDA – is gonna come barreling towards them, because they are taking every precaution to keep that from happening.

I love that Jason asked Sam if she wanted to break up. It shows that her feelings, and her desires are still most important. As long as she didn’t really want to break up, he knew his next logical step would be to ask her, “Do you love me?” and come on – once she said, “Yes,” so easily and without a single breath of hesitation, he knew there wasn’t gonna be any of that breaking-up nonsense.

I have to say that I am always so impressed at the vulnerability Steve portrays in Jason in moments like yesterday’s. When Jason asked Sam those two questions, you could feel his susceptibility to getting hurt if her answers were not what they turned out to be, and the fact that Steve could go from Stone Cold mobster to that needy is amazing, and speaks volumes of his abilities! Sam is fighting herself every step of the way. Does she fight? Does she protect herself? Does she walk away? The only things she knows for sure is that she loves Jason, and even more importantly, and more EPIC, especially for Sam, she knows Jason loves her.  That’s huge, and it’s what gives her the courage to hold on, and keep moving forward.

I truly loved everything about yesterday’s JaSam scenes. I loved how Jason reassured Sam so much in 3 minutes:

“You know that I love you. I’m not gonna let you walk way because of Brenda.”

“There is no competition. Sam, you’re the one I wanna be with, NOT Brenda.”

“You know you don’t have to try so hard. You’re very easy to love.” Sam says, “Not always.” Jason answers, “It doesn’t matter. You’re the one I wanna be with.”

“I never want you to question how I feel about you.”

“I thought you liked it here,” inferring that he wasn’t ready to let the idea of living together go, and that he was disappointed she didn’t say YES!

Not only did I love the words they exchanged, I loved the stuff that wasn’t spoken.

Like Jason rubbing Sam’s knee. (*thud*)

Jason telling her that it didn’t matter that she wasn’t always easy to love, because it really did say it all didn’t it? Past mistakes, bad choices? They no longer matter. Jason loves Sam. They’ve forgiven each other. They’ve moved past the Ugly. She is the one he wants to be with. PERIOD.

What about the cute scene with Sam saying, “This way we won’t be on top of each – uh, besides….” We could see that they both got an immediate mental picture of just that, and the look on Jason’s face and the rare smile and even rarer laughter was just off-the-charts incredible!

Honestly, Sam brings a happiness and a lightness to Jason’s tortured, heavy heart that no one can even begin to touch! And Kelly brings a feeling of such authenticity to her scenes with Steve – it’s unlike any other actress I’ve seen him work with. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

What about that tickle Jason gave Sam, followed by the kiss, and the leg-rubbing?!? (stop giggling about my Target experience!)

It was all so natural and real and convincing! No other couple can pull that off!

Yes, Michael had to come and ruin the moment, but at least we know his scenes with Jason will lead to more progression in JaSam’s storyline, so I’ll take it without too much groaning.

I’m ready for whatever comes next. I have been fortified with JaSam Love and Fabulosity!

Thanks, GH!

Speaking of which, the faithful JaSam fans at JaSamRadio have asked me to team up with them in getting all of you to team up with me in teaming up for JaSam! Got it? LOL!

We are starting a new campaign which involves a different strategy. We would like everyone to take to writing TPTB via snail mail. We need to reach the higher ups and let them know how we’re feeling about our Jason and Sam. You know all that gushing I see going on Twitter after a day like yesterday? The “Big Cheeses” need to hear and see all of that. In our Making A Difference for JaSam section, the names/addresses of everyone we need to contact will be there from now on. Are JaSam worth investing a couple of bucks per week in stamps? I hope so! Let’s do this! Let’s take a moment to share our JaSam Love with those who matter most!

The Power Truly Is In Our Hands!

Will you use it?

Much love,




October 5

2005: Part 1: Part 2: Sonny to Jason: “Sam’s good for you.”


Skipped 2006 ON PURPOSE! 😉



Making A Difference For JaSam…Every Day! 

VOTE: (Amazingly, KELLY made it BACK IN THE TOP 5, JaSam made it ALL THE WAY TO #2, and NOW the poll is no longer available!  We’ll keep checking for it to be back up)

AND also: (Thanks luv4jasam!) 

Please vote for our Kelly Monaco! Vote as often as you can!  😉…-10-dances-vote

Call: ABC: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583 

Facebook:!/generalhospital FLOOD THAT PAGE WITH POSITIVE JASAM LOVE DAILY! It gets attention from those who matter!



Snail Mail: Remember to GUSH, THANK THEM, and SHOW LOVE for what we’re getting with our JaSam! PLEASE: Leave out frustrations, bashing, anger, and other couples!

Bob, Guza, Head Writer
Jill Farren-Phelps, Exec. Producer 
Elizabeth Korte, Editor
c/o ABC-TV 
4151 Prospect Avenue  
Hollywood, CA  90027
Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair 
Disney Media Networks Division
500 S. Buena Vista St. 
Burbank, CA  91521

In the coming days, we should have some more to share, but get to writing or typing those letters A.S.A.P.!

Our couple is counting on US!


3 responses

  1. JasamFan

    WOW.. what an amazing day for Jasam.. Loved every second of them.

    Your blog said it all loved every word! What about the twinkle in Jason’s eyes omg I have missed that twinkle, he is so much in love with our girl Sam. I didn’t think I could be anymore in love with Jasam than I already am. But yesterdays magic proved me wrong. Jasons smile, and laugh were beautiful.. something he only does with Sam! OMG I LOVE THEM!!!

    Steve and Kelly can rock a scene like no one else!!

    Now to get out a pen and some paper and let TPTB know how much I love the direction they are taking the best couple in daytime history!

    Sam Jasons Heart
    Peace & Love

    October 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm

  2. Awesome blog. Absolutely awesome. I was like a complete lunatic during and after yesterday’s Jasam scenes. The line that YOU pointed out was the ONE SINGLE LINE from Jason that blew ME away. ..”IT DOESN’T MATTER”! I yelled…what did he say? “It doesn’t matter”..HOW AWESOME WAS THAT!!! How much did that say? How much thought went into that one simple short sentence? KUDOS to the writers!! That was a huge comment from Jason to Sam.

    I can’t believe the touching and the looks and the raised eye brow when Jason told Sam the dress was cute. I loved the tickleing…I loved everything. How sexy can one couple be without removing a stitch of clothing? The oooooooooooze sex appeal and natural chemistry.

    I won’t talk in depth about today’s episode with SB, Kelly and Chad. until tomorrow..but, I’ll tell you this..I THOUGHT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES I’VE SEEN in a long time. Talk about handling a sensitive subject beautifully. I adored it.

    I will continue to call and write….ALWAYS! Jasam are amazing…and the Kelly/Sam bashing will get fierce after yesterday and today (idiots out there)…so I’ll be knocking down doors to let TPTB know how amazing I think she is and they are together.

    October 5, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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