Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Happy Hump Day, GHers!

What could be worse than a nightmare in the middle of the night?

Several nightmares before you even lay your head on the pillow for a good night’s rest.

So was the case in Port Charles…and abroad…

Tracy Quartermaine has faced one nightmare after another, thanks to her lying, cheating, fake husband – Luke Spencer. Not only was she rudely awakened to the fact that they were never really legally married, but to make it even worse, he  barely stuck around long enough to offer an apology that at least sounded believable before stealing $10 million from Tracy and taking off. Of course Tracy is angry, but she was more afraid than anything else. You see, Tracy’s worst nightmare would have been to never see Luke again, because as infuriating and hurtful as he is, she would rather put up with that than to never see him again. It wasn’t easy for Tracy to go to Lucky to ask him to find Luke and bring him home, but it was probably harder to lie to Lulu when she asked her to tell Lucky to call off the search. I have a feeling that when Luke comes barreling into Port Charles again, he will bring a whole new set of nightmares for Tracy. Hang tough, Tracy!

Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh may have been too…umm…engaged in the act to have seen it coming, but she has unleashed a living nightmare upon her life. Claire turned her back, (or was it onto her back?) on her one goal, which was to bring Sonny down. Thus, she turned her back on her career, a lifetime of preparation, hard work, continued education, and the trust of her superiors and the American people, whom she serves as a federal prosecutor, for a few rounds with Sonny? Really? The gossip, sneers, and shaking heads alone would be enough to make me suicidal! “The Big O of a Lifetime” wouldn’t be worth losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself! How will Claire face herself in the morning? Or next week, when it all sinks in and Sonny lays eyes on Brenda again? I have a feeling Claire is going to want to reenact one of Sonny’s nightmares from his childhood. I think she’ll squish Sonny’s strawberries…just like in his story.

The women may still think Sonny’s hot, but Sonny is one cold son of a bitch. I don’t care how soulfully he looked into her eyes, or how sweetly he kissed her, or how many times he helped her achieve…success of the intimate kind. Sonny knows he is using Claire to erase the nightmare of Brenda moving on; to get the sting of seeing, but not having, Brenda off his mind. He knows exactly what Claire stands to lose by being with him, and he doesn’t even care. My goodness, Sonny has connections of all kinds in the town he rules unlawfully. Are you telling me that if Sonny had an itch, he couldn’t find someone who was willing to help him scratch? There’s gotta be a Bada-Bing Club in NY for men of Sonny’s ilk, no? As if Sonny’s complete lack of conscience wasn’t bad enough, he then had the nerve to be horrified at walking in on another one of his worst nightmares: Max and Diane getting it on, after they’d “eaten his porridge”. Sonny even called them “disgusting”! Ummm, Pot, meet Kettle!

Poor Max and Diane had already lived through everyone’s worst nightmare: Being caught in the act by your boss. Boss to both of you. On his terrace. Outdoors. After having eaten his dinner. Which he comes looking for. With quite the appetite. And the chick he just…worked up the appetite with. Oh, the humiliation! May I just pause here to say that Max and Diane really impress me with their “ardor”? They obviously want each other so badly that they risk just about anything in order to be together. Including some pretty serious scrapes and contusions from the stone terrace. Wow. That’s one fulfilling relationship. Getting back to their joint humiliation, it seemed that Diane got over hers a lot faster than poor Max did. Within seconds of Diane being caught red-handed, and red negligeed, Diane has the presence of mind to lecture Claire Walsh on her foolishness. This is why Diane Rocks! Nothing seems to slow her down, or make her back down. Even when Sonny calls her back to tell her off, she immediately turns the tables on Sonny, leaving him kinda speechless! I love it! I bet that for Diane, it made the evening’s faux pas just about worth it.

Does anyone remember the “walking” booties every baby had back in the day? The ones with two little silver bells intertwined in the laces? This was before someone realized they were a choking hazard to toddlers and young children? Well, I’m thinking about getting Michael a pair of those silver bells for each of his Vans…or whatever he’s wearing on those feet that only seem to lead to people about to get it on! What a nightmare! In fact, this is a recurring nightmare for him – he has seen more action than most teens dream of! I mean really, poor Michael! Is Father Coates still around? Maybe he can refer Michael to a seminary…oh never mind. I watched the miniseries, “The Thornbirds”…and the movie, “Doubt.” With his luck… I guess the only solution is mine. Michael needs to alert people to his approaching, it’s the only way. Thank God that after seeing Jax and Carly nearly go at it in the living room, Michael didn’t speed on over to his dad’s to catch Claire… eating his dad’s strawberries… O_0 (There just wasn’t anyway around that) Or even Max and Diane… At least with Dante and Lulu bound for Ireland, Michael may be able to enjoy some peace, quiet, and a non-sexual environment for a few days.

For men who cheat, or even dream of cheating, a chick like Lisa is their worst nightmare! I mean the very premise of risking life as you know it is that the person cheating is looking for a carefree, spontaneous, easy affair with no entanglements. So not the case with Patrick and Lisa! From the moment Patrick had to face Lisa the morning after, there has been tension, quickly turning to nerve-wracking dread, to where we are now – flat out fear. I will never understand why men, or even women, take these kinds of chances! I can bet my butt that when Patrick tells Robin that he regrets it, he really does. In fact, I’d bet that Patrick would stay far away from Lisa if he had any idea this could turn so quickly, and so ugly! I have to say here that I am sorely disappointed in one of my favorite people in Port Charles. Mac Scorpio is the Police Commissioner of Port Charles, a ‘burb riddled by mob activity, enough crime to require the hiring of NYPD detectives, and rich, snobby kids who can be just as dangerous to a quiet neighborhood. How is it that Mac Scorpio doesn’t have an alarm system? I have an alarm system and as I sit here typing on my bed, the alarm system is on because I’m home alone…and the last mob activity in my city was when a cast member of the Sopranos stopped by a local pizzeria on his way to his location shoot. I mean, come on – how is it that Mac doesn’t have each of those doors wired to trip the alarm. Doesn’t he worry about someone he’s put away coming after him? And didn’t Robin and Emma go live with Uncle Mac because his house was safer? Lisa was able to come in, hide out while Patrick and Robin discussed their plan in greater detail, and then she was able to switch out Robin’s HIV meds with some kind of barbiturates. I have to say that as disappointed as I am in the lack of security in this situation, I am really enjoying this storyline. In the end, Robin and Patrick may have a long road back to trust and a good relationship, but if nothing less, they will have to work together on fighting Lisa, who has turned out to be everyone’s worst nightmare.

Jason has already endured a few nightmares on his mission trip to keep Brenda safe. A party. A tux. Having to hear her whine, bitch, moan, and God help us all…laugh. No wonder Jason seems destined to become an alcoholic. I don’t drink, but I need a tranquilizer to get through every episode that Jason is in Rome. You see, this whole situation is my worst nightmare. Better yet, it’s a series of nightmares, playing out on my screen, and there’s no way to wake up from them until the writers decide. You see, first of all, the last thing I wanted was for Jason and Sam to be apart. They have been interrupted, separated by everyone else’s kids run wild, family emergencies, mob violence, Freaky Franco, prison, needy friends, prison again, and now Brenda. When will it be enough? Another nightmare was hearing Brenda utter the word Greece. To my ears, it was a sacrilege! When Jason left Sam sitting on the couch, she and her plans for a romantic adventure to Greece were close by, but the chance to even talk about Greece was still so far away. Now Jason is talking about Greece with Brenda – who’s closer and needier than I can stand, and his beloved Sam is the one who is still so far away. It’s enough to break my heart. Did Jason have a moment of realization when Brenda mentioned Greece? A moment of regret? I have to tell myself he did, and I’ll tell you why. While trapped at the cabin fighting off Lopez’s men, Jason told Sam that while he was in prison – the hardest, loneliest nightmare of his life, he thought about her everyday. He told Sam it kept him sane; kept him going. (clip: ) Of course Jason was thinking about Sam! Would I have liked to see him go out on the terrace and call Sam to tell her? Yes! Would I have liked to see him back home and in Sam’s arms? Of course, but this is our lot of angst – our shared nightmare, and I will take it, and wait to see what we get out of it, all the time remembering that Jason ends that clip I provided by telling Sam he was going to make sure he never lost her again. I have to believe that. We have to believe that. Why? Because if we stop believing, we stop fighting. Yesterday, Steve’s Twitter was full of tweets from other fanbase diehards, telling him how thrilled they were about his scenes with VMG. I could count on one hand how many tweets there were from JaSam fans telling him how much they miss him and Kelly sharing scenes, or how much they look forward to more Jason and Sam! That cannot happen. We have to fill Steve’s tweet feed with JaSam Love and Hope and Expectations! We have to let him know how much we are expecting the good things to come from this “bump on the road” and let him know that nothing compares to Jason and Sam!

If you’ve ever heard Steve talk about the fanbase wars, he gives credit to the non-couple fans for “hanging in there” and for hoping against hope! Hello! If they can hope against hope, what can we do with all the hope and promise we have? Use all of that pent up frustration and energy in a positive way. Get involved for our cause. Take a minute or two or three and flood every source we have with a voice for JaSam! Let’s not allow anyone to take down what we’ve waited so long for, or to turn our dream come true into another nightmare. Yes, I know that Steve doesn’t write the storylines, but he does get to have input. He’s their star. Period.

I believe this nightmare is almost over. I believe we’re about to wake up, because I believe Jason is about to wake up …to what he really has, and stands to lose, in his Fair Samantha.


Let the lyrics of this song, from Jason to Sam, be a reminder to Believe!

 Holding on to love,





September 22

2004: Loved Sam trying to get Jason to talk about it…

2005: My Love Fest with these scenes continues! Loved their talk, Jason wiping Sam’s tear, and of course…the trip upstairs!

2009: I love all the ways that this epi showed their rebuild! And the way Jason gestures with his head for her to get on at the end! YUM! 😉

I WANT TPTB TO KEEP BUILDING JASAM’S HISTORY, DON’T YOU? TELL THEM JUST THAT!_________________________________________________________________________

Making A Difference For JaSam…Every Day! 


AND also: (Thanks luv4jasam!) 

Call: ABC: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583 




5 responses

  1. I couldn’t wait until you posted today. I want to scream to every Jasam fan out there…GET ON THE PHONE, GET ON GH FACEBOOK, GET ON STEVE’S AND KELLY’S TWITTER…!!! Bombard him mostly with oos and ahhs about Jasam! Ask about the VPA with Kelly this Sunday. She’s on her way to Vancouver right now to do a Hallmark movie…WHICH I’M THRILLED ABOUT BTW.

    Yesterday made me twitch! I was watching Jason talking Brenda to sleep with a bedtime story about GREECE! What? I got sick to my stomach. CALL SAM…I WAS SCREAMING. Brenda’s sleeping now…go call Sam!!!! Tell her you’re thinking of her!

    Ok..I got that out of my system. I too believe…but I too need a tranquilizer to watch these Brazen scenes. I think today’s will more bonding…and then she’ll get drugged…he’ll save her life! This is Guza at his worst/best…angst.

    I’m more than hopeful about Jasam’s future…IF I LIVE THAT LONG TO WITNESS IT.

    ok…off to the phone and e-mail to TPTB. I’m staying positive on all communications….but, what I’d like to say, and what I actually say are two different things.

    I love you Angelique. You NEVER fail me. I actually laugh and cry when I read your blog…and watch the history clips. How in the world did the writers screw with this awesome couple? They are simply unmatched!!!

    Oh…btw…Sonny makes my skin crawl.

    September 22, 2010 at 10:06 am

  2. you totally crack me up the Bada-Bing Club in NY ……

    I’m going in patience and belief mode that JaSam goodness will soon return. I will not allow the negaters, haters and fair-weather fans stop me from my End game. Sunset, beach, candles, Maui and the wedding of Sam’s dreams.

    Stelly magic will Win in the End. I Believe.

    September 22, 2010 at 10:30 am

  3. Traveler

    Yesterday was a tough day for this JaSam Fan. I was sad and mad at the same time. However.. Im keeping the faith and looking at the big picture that is Stelly/Jasam!! They will make it thru this!!
    I have voted and tweeted……
    Thanks for the uplifting Blog!!

    September 22, 2010 at 11:05 am

  4. JasamFan

    Had a very busy day yesterday and did not get to watch GH. I did record it, now not sure if I want to watch.. but watch I will..ugh!

    When I get home today I will email and call TPTB and tweet Steve and Kelly and let them know how much I love Jasam. I will need to do this before I watch yesterdays show so I stay positive on my comments. Maybe a stop at Northshore to catch a wave and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii will put me in my happy place before I come home and watch the “Nightmare” unfold.

    Mahalo for all you do, and for knowing just what we need to hear. I hope this “Nightmare” will be over soon and Jason runs not walks back into Sam’s arms!

    Luv ya!

    Sam Jasons Heart
    Peace & Love

    September 22, 2010 at 11:29 am

  5. Sweet_JaSam

    When yesterdays episode was over I was sad and disappointed. I’ve waited three years to see my beloved JaSam get back to the place where they belong…in each others arms. Unfortuneatly Sam keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the pole and now I have to endure these JnB scenes that were making me a bit insecure for my beloved couple.

    After reading this blog and previous blogs my faith in the power of JaSam has been restored…thanks Angelique!

    I love JaSam/Stelly they are the main reason I watch GH.

    September 22, 2010 at 12:26 pm

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