Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


How many times in your life have you been asked that question, GHers?

How many times have you asked that same question of someone else?

We seem to go through life one plan at a time, even when we don’t realize that we’ve formulated one. Some people are the other extreme: they can’t rest their head on their pillow until the entire next day is planned out – moment by moment.

In Port Charles, most plans go awry long before they’re put in motion; the exception being the devious and dangerous plans. Those seem to work all too well for all too long.

Once in a blue moon, however, Life has an altogether different plan that you didn’t choose, approve, or … find that bad.

Brook’s plan was to take Port Charles and Dante by storm, collect her earnings, and possibly John Zachara, and be on her merry way. That plan was aborted. Brook’s Plan B to get her manicured hands on some Quartermaine cash was exposed and abandoned, and Brook was left out in the cold. Cold rain, to be more precise. It seems that Nik’s kindness towards Brook Lynn started out with truly selfless motives. After all, Nikolas’ immortal love, Emily would have expected no less of him than to rescue her little cousin and offer her refuge from the storm, at least in the literal sense. However, it seems that the Dark Prince plans to offer her refuge from the figurative storms as well. I’m not really sure what kind of people Nikolas does business with, but perhaps he better start finding new associates before Liz gets back. Could you imagine what would have happened if Liz hadn’t gone to see Sarah? Would Nik have taken Liz and “The Lil’ Illegitimates” to this house party for the weekend? I guess it’s a good thing Liz went running to her sister’s. Nik’s plan for Brook Lynn may actually be a pretty good plan for him as well.

John Zacchara was a man with a plan. A pretty stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless. John thought he could confront Sonny, pull out his gun, and shoot him – finally avenging his sister’s death, and ridding the world of Sonny’s overpowering existence. People tried to tell John the plan was not a good one…but John is not what we educator types would consider “the brightest crayon in the box”, especially when he’s hell bent on revenge, and driven by anger. So, John lies in a hospital bed recovering from surgery to close the gaping hole in his chest left by Sonny’s gun, barely able to breathe on his own, but John sees the beginnings of another plan. Another stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless. Hey, Maya – thanks for planting the bright idea in John’s head by leaking to him that he was found unarmed. So here we go again…John plans to play the innocent victim and let Sonny be charged with an attempt to commit cold-blooded and premeditated murder. *screeching brakes sound* In comes Olivia telling John not to lie, right in front of Federal Prosecutor, Claire Walsh. Johnny almost came off that bed! As I’ve already stated, Olivia jumps from side to side so quickly, I’m starting to think she was a double-dutch champion. As hurt and angry as John was again, he doesn’t allow Liv to thwart his dastardly plan…but I’d bet John wasn’t planning on Michael coming by to call in his favor. On to plan C, D, E…where are we with that anyway?

Umm, if Sonny’s plan was to jump bail and become a fugitive of the law and fly under the radar in order to escape prison, it really isn’t going to pan out for him. Not only does Bernie have a big mouth – but Jason told Carly, who then went and told Jax, whose sole mission in life is to see Sonny behind bars! I wouldn’t be surprised if Jax didn’t call Claire, and every friend he has in the federal government, the minute he leaves Kelly’s! What was Carly thinking? But anyway back to Sonny’s BIG PLAN. Sonny doesn’t go rent some villa on the outskirts of town – he goes to stay at a home of a business partner! *smacks forehead* Yeah, Sonny, no one will think to look there! Next, he goes to Brenda’s hotel. Does he don a disguise? You know – a fedora, a Yankees cap – freakin’ sunglasses? No! Instead, his plan is to take the magazine of Brenda and start asking the wait staff at the hotel if they’ve seen her, showing them the mag pics! Listen, at my job, if some strange man walked up with pictures and stated asking about them, the police would be called – and while most of them are attractive, there are teachers at my job – not MODELS! Sonny’s plans are always as manic as he is! He then sits there – at the garden entrance – to await her arrival or departure. No wonder things go so much better when Jason runs the business! Sonny’s plan could use some help!

Okay…so I have a confession to make. You know how I find Brenda’s loud, spontaneous laugh to be oh-so-annoying? Well, I find her snort to be even more so! Each time she snorted, I wished Suzanne was there to smack her upside the head and tell her to behave like a lady! Anyway, let’s talk about Brenda’s plan. Brenda told Suzanne she has no plans to go back to Port Charles. She told Suzanne that she also doesn’t plan to let the people who have put their trust in her down either. Not Cartullo, not Murphy. She does plan, however, to be happy. Happy, happy, happy! Suzanne had to use her therapist voice to bring Brenda back from the edge, and stops pushing the issue. After all, I’m sure she doesn’t want Brenda having a breakdown over it. Brenda sounded convinced herself, and convincing to Suzanne, that she doesn’t want to go back, and that she doesn’t want to revisit her past, yet what does she do? She sits down and starts typing an email to her past. Brenda! What happened to the plan? What’s the plan now? I shudder to think.

So, it seems everyone has had it *up to here* with everyone else’s plans, and the fallout of those plans, interfering with Jason and Sam’s plans! I mean, Sam would’ve gotten more peace and quiet if Jason had laid her out on a gurney in the middle of General Hospital’s ER! Can’t they even make it through their plans to catch up on some much needed sleep? Alone time? Lovemaking? I wish Jason would have guards posted on every possible way of getting to the PH and not let anyone get to the third floor much less the PH floor! Or better yet, I wish Jason would PLAN some alone for his Fair Samantha on the roof, like the good ol’ days! (In fact I think I’ll suggest in today’s rounds of calls and emails) Jason and Sam have discussed so many plans…I just want to see them fulfill at least one. On another note, I am glad that Jason showed no hesitation in talking to Sam about Sonny and Brenda. I hope that in turn, Sam shows no hesitation in voicing her concerns to Jason. I want Jason and Sam to dwell in honesty and openness, so that when the chaos begins, their footing in what they share is strong and secure.

As for me, I plan to ignore the haters, to “fly above” the negativity, and focus on the positive. Jason and Sam are the strongest, most honest, and most experienced couple in Port Charles. They know what they have, and what they stand to lose. They’ve made promises in their hearts that most people can’t begin to honor even when the promises are made official by paper. I know that Jason may end up being pulled in a thousand different directions, but when I’m tempted to become disgruntled and impatient, I’m going to focus on that compass resting near Sam’s heart, and recall the vow Jason made. He will always find his way back to her…and hasn’t he proven that already?

Jason and Sam are together, and they’ve shared the screen every day for two straight weeks! More importantly, even in their shortest of scenes, Steve and Kelly pack all of their individual best into each moment to give us their collective MAGIC! Let’s plan to focus, enjoy, talk, and tweet about THAT! It’s the best PLAN we could have!

Wherever you are dear friends, whether in the path of a hurricane or not – stay safe and be well!

See you on the other side of whatever today’s scenes bring!

Much love,

Angelique 😉



September 3

2004: Oh, how I loved watching these scenes! I STILL get the chills at how Jason reacts to her declaration of acceptance! That’s good stuff right there, folks!!

2009: There are so many moments to love in these scenes, but my favorites: Jason looking nervous when Sam says they need to talk, and then so relieved when it’s just about the carnival. I love how apprehensive they are, and I love how spot-on Carly was about everything! This was a terrific JaSam day!



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3 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Thought I would share some gorgeous pics of Jason in a tux.. Fair warning Sam is nowhere around and Brenda is everywhere..

    Ugh why couldn’t this have been our girl Sam?

    Love the blog.. Happy Labor Day to all.. have fun and be safe!

    Sam Jasons Heart
    Peace and Love

    September 3, 2010 at 8:18 pm

  2. ejami+jasam

    I loved you’re entry. I’ve been a silent fan of this blog for a while now, and I would just like to say one thing. While I love Jason so much, I feel that in all this Brenda drama, he needs to step up. He knows that Sam can feel insecure, and rightly so. He was protective of Elizabeth, and we saw what he allowed to happen. He made her feel insecure and she lost everything. Sam has been through ENOUGH. Out of Jasam, I want Sam to be PROVEN as the love of his life. I simply adore how right they are for each other, especially in those scenes where they were being ambushed by the mob in the previous week. But that’s simply not why they are the love of each other’s life. When you have two people, who separately, are effective and good rounded people, not NEEDING anyone, and then you put them together, you get this awesome pairing. Liz, Courtney, Carly, Robin, Brenda, they all NEEDED a man in their life to complete them. Sam has never needed a man. Even when she was with Jax, Sonny and Lucky, she didn’t need them in her life. They were there, and you could see how unnecessary they became in the progress. Jason is perfect for Sam because he stands on his own.

    IMO, if tptb want to see the sparks they saw before, show Jason jumping through hoops to solidify their relationship. Marriage??? No, it is not the end of all excitement, oiy! A baby? Sam can risk her LIFE trying to carry their unexpected child to term. She is maternal, i think the writers are forgetting how wonderful that was to see such a transformation in her character. She went from salvage worker, to expecting mother, to devastation. Please, remind GH watchers of why Sam McCall has such a wide spread fan base.

    I appreciate the title of this blog, because I feel that GH writers don’t have a plan. And they desperately need one.

    September 5, 2010 at 2:56 pm

  3. trini

    10 straight days of Jasam. Woohoo!!!

    September 5, 2010 at 7:52 pm

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