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**Let me being by trying again for those of you who couldn’t see the tweet. Here is the link sent to me by @corinna_p and  posted by @neti07: . I LOVE JASAM FANS! **

GHers, I was reminded of something pretty important to us JaSammers yesterday, and I would like to share that reminder with all of you. A dear reader, Anne, emailed me a beautiful and heartfelt letter about The Power Of Love~JaSam Love. Anne shared that like many of us, she has never been so invested in a couple before, and she feels that with a little effort, we can get JaSam the attention and storyline they deserve.

Anne said something that struck a chord with me. In 3 days, we were able to turn a poll where we were at 24% completely around and take a commanding lead because we were determined. Anne also included this little clip:, reminding me that once Jason and Sam were THE NUMBER ONE COUPLE consistently for about three years – including the months following their breakup! And Anne, you’re right, even though the polls may not have a huge impact on the writers, it is a MORALE booster for Team JaSam and a MORALE buster for Team Whoever Else.


It’s funny, everyone seemed to have the same thoughts yesterday- I also got come comments from other readers reminding me about the other polls where we can lift JaSam up, and help silence the noise coming from the opposition. I think what has happened is that other people mistake our nonchalance for polls that don’t weigh on the writers for lack of interest or devotion for our favorite couple. That could not be further from the truth!

Really, what would it take to put Jason and Sam back on tope of the polls? Maybe 30 seconds each time we vote? Would it be so hard to devote even a couple of minutes per day- especially when other fanbases are going to the trouble of removing cookies, opening firefox (whatever that is) and voting from every possible source just to keep a couple who has had almost zero interaction in about a year on top? Only you can answer for yourself, but Anne took such effort in making me see that the actors are aware of (at least) the weekly polls, that I want to do it for Kelly and Steve, but especially for Kelly. The rest is up to you. I will do my part in putting up the link daily, and in voting as often as I can.

Thanks Anne, and Maria, and Darlene, and Jessica and everyone else who is willing to fight for TEAM JASAM! I promise to do my best to encourage others!


Looking back at yesterday’s Port Charles Escapades, there were a few things that stuck in my head.

Sadly, Kristina finds herself atop that list once more. I want to preface what I am about to say with a very clear statement that I am not an advocate of violence or abuse. That being said, Kristina needs an old-fashioned parent-induced ass-whooping. She is completely out of her cotton-picking mind, and she’s out of control. Why isn’t she sitting on the deck reading the Twilight series for the 3rd time? Or why isn’t she planning with a bunch of teenaged girls to go see the Midnight premiere of Eclipse when it comes out tonight? Then instead of stalking Johnny, and being some kind of inappropriate voyeur on his booty call with Liv, she could have been out shopping for a Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirt. And when Alexis told Sonny she was on Kristina like “white on rice”, was that a gross exaggeration, or is Alexis unclear about what that phrase means? I mean, really! Kristina has been to Johnny’s 3 times in one day! I would have her ass on LOCK DOWN!

And really Johnny – couldn’t he have gotten out from under Olivia long enough to walk Kristina to the door, walk her over the threshold, tell her that if she showed up again he was going to call the police, and slam the door in her face. That’s what Kristina needs. Boundaries. Clear ones. If I hear Johnny say ONE MORE TIME that if he and Sonny go after each other and one of them dies, it’s on them, not Kristina, I may be tempted to kill him myself for stupidity.

Why was Olivia bawling when Johnny accused her of putting Sonny before him every time? Was it because the truth hurts, or because she was afraid Johnny won’t let her stomp in and screw him senseless next time the mood strikes? I didn’t get it. Does she love Johnny or not? Please don’t tell me she’s still trying to figure out if she loves Sonny! I wish she would just make her choice and live with it and stop this nonsense! In the meantime, maybe Kate has Tyra’s number, and we can get Ms. J. Alexander from Top Model to teach Olivia to walk a little more gracefully. (Cause it’s getting on my last nerve!)

Once again Brook Lynn is not among the Brooklyn-born I’m taking issue with today. In fact, I was cheering her on when Lulu snuck up, eavesdropped, and then started giving orders to Brook, and unsolicited advice to Michael…again. Brook handled that situation very well, I thought. “Sorry I got you in trouble with your new Ma’!” she said before leaving. LOL! Really, Lulu is kinda acting like everyone’s “ma” lately, and it grates on my nerves. She also continues to cross the line about what she says about Michael’s’ dad in front of him. The things I found to be most unbelievabkle is that she actually went to Sonny and asked him to ask Jason not to run. Hmmm. I was totally okay with her and Dante having it out- just please, don’t let it lead to more —–Make-up sex.

Jason is about to be sprung. (Why did I just think of a raunchy romance novel as I wrote that) Thank goodness he’s about to get out of Pentonville because dammit, Steve Burton is just too good looking to be poorly lit. Besides, even if I don’t see it on camera, I need to know he and Sam are spending their nights together. Claire Walsh won’t give Jason a gun, Dante thinks he’s just going to use Jason as bait, and then swoop in and arrest Franco himself, and I’m not really sure that anyone cares about what happens to Jason. Not even his “best friend” Sonny.

How many of you wanted to kiss Jason yesterday when he told Sonny the truth everyone sees but Sonny? (I guess that’s not really fair, as most of us always want to kiss Jason) It’s all about Dante for Sonny. I am so glad that Jason finally pointed that out, and let’s face it: Tough-ass Jason is HOT! He actually had the nerve to ask Jason not to run after they caught Franco, so that Dante wouldn’t lose his badge. In effect, he was telling Jason to go back to prison, to walk away from Sam again, just so that Dante could keep his job. That took balls.

I hope Sonny finds those balls when his next stupid idea literally blows up in his face, instead of crying all over Port Charles. Luke tried to remind him of how eerily similar Sonny’s plan was to Rivera’s plan when he ended up killing his pregnant daughter instead of Sonny. Does Sonny listen? It doesn’t appear so, friends.

Finally, what can we say about Dr. Patrick Drake? First, I have to say that as brilliant as Drake is as a doctor, he is as dumb as a door nail when it comes to Lisa’s manipulations. My goodness, she played him like a fiddle! If all men were this stupid marriage wouldn’t be worth the time it takes to fill out the license. “Shut up,” Patrick said to Lisa. “Make me,” retorted Lisa. I kid you not, I must have used that at least twice in HIGH SCHOOL. I never thought it would work in the real world of adulthood! Obviously, I was wrong, as Patrick attacked her with a kiss and closed the door, not just to her apartment – but to his conscience.

One can only hope that Robin’s experience in Saving the World gives her enough strength and fortitude for what awaits her back home.

Much love,

Angelique 😉



2004: There are so many magical JaSam moments to love in this clip! Pay attention so you don’t miss any! Just look at the look of love in both their eyes!

2005: I love the way Jason is holding her at the end of the clip. They were so freakin’ adorable!


*JaSam Is Love*


Making A Difference For JaSam…Every Day!


Call: GH NY: 212-456-777, Ask for GH comment Line, Then Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583


Here’s a question to ask today…Why doesn’t GH use Kelly’s involvement with Feed the Children in some way onscreen to spread interest, like All My Children did with Susan Lucci? Certainly, there is a way to write that into the story! What a waste!


9 responses

  1. luv4jasam

    I agree. I always wonder how is it that the other fanbase keep winning because there is no way that they would win that consistently and yet FAIL at the polls when it gives up an open playing field. Case in point, last year in December, there was a poll on asking to vote on the choices what the votes want for Jason. (1) to laugh more (2) to marry Sam (3) to get back with Liz. The highest vote went to “Jason to laugh more” (48%).. but the 2nd choice Jason to marry Sam had 41% to 11% for him to get back with Liz. And then a month later, SID instant poll had one going to choose YES or NO.. to Jason marrying Sam.. and YES had 70% to 30% No. methinks, a lot of the other fanbase are cheating/robovoting/creating hundreds of fake emails and names to vote on SID/SOD for the Fave Actor/Actress/Couple.

    Good news is that I think some of these people got the Jasammers so riled up the last few weeks at the SOS PULSE POLL site where they left nasty comments about Sam/Jasam/KeMo. And guess what? it got the Jasammers very determined, because for the week of June 14th, Steve/Kelly/Jasam were all #1 for Fave Actor/Actress/Couple on SOS Pulse. You’re right, if the Jasammers put in the effort to vote and all come out to cast their vote, there is no way, that they won’t be at No.1 in all three categories or whatever other poll questions going for them.

    Back to the show, there were a few whom I wanted to throw under a bus yesterday or feed them to the sharks – Lulu, Kristina, Sonny and I think Sonny has my highest vote. The nerve of him asking Jason to not run and surrender himself back to prison. A loyal man who has gone through thick and thin for this arrogant selfish man, and what did Jason get? Nothing in return. I am totally disgusted with Sonny right now and I don’t know if I will ever get back to liking him.

    June 29, 2010 at 4:03 pm

  2. Oh brother…where do I start to respond to your fabulous blog today?

    #1 …always…Jasam! The polls are all the “others” have. Think about it. We have our couple….back together and in love, and they have their polls. They dedicate hours and hours to doing whatever it takes to win polls. Like many of the other Jasam fans, I just figured..who cares? Guess what? We care! So let’s get crackin’. There’s no reason in the world that Jasam shouldn’t and can’t be back to #1 all over the polls and boards like they were for years. They’re an amazing couple…and need to know we love them. After watching the Emmy’s the other night, I was livid. There’s Kelly Monaco…possibly the most gorgeous female on daytime…with all the charm and personality to go with it…handing out an emmy and being involved in Daytime Gives Back. That’s all good. In fact…it was great. I was VERY proud of her. HOWEVER…How about a decent s/l to provide her with the material to possibly be able to perform at the level she’s so capable of doing and, therefore, being actually nominated herself for an emmy. She’s got the acting chops. We saw it many times in the past…when her baby died, virus s/l, when Jason was dying in Hawaii…etc. I want to see Kelly ACT again. I want to see her cry and scream…and be funny. I want Kelly to bring Sam to life on the screen again. It’s true…we’ve had a few good scenes…and for that I’m grateful…but I WANT A S/L FOR JASAM….and SAM. A good juicy s/l.

    As for Sonny. All I can say is…what a creep. Jason…who has given up his LIFE for Sonny and his family is asking him not to run so that DANTE won’t lose his badge. WHAT? Jason who is sitting in prison to protect Michael..should go back for DANTE? Please….my blood pressure goes up just thinking about it.

    As for Kristina. What can I say? I think the kid is bi-polar like her daddy. That’s all I can up with. She is one hot mess..and Sam is the only one who said all the right things on the dock. Alexis is coming off as a ditz. Sorry. She’s lost control!!!

    Olivia and Johnny creep me out. I know. A lot of people love them. Not me. I actually think they’re Jasam Wannabe’s. Isn’t that awful of me?

    Lulu…pleeeeeeze don’t get me started on Lulu. Everything is about her and Dante. Everyone else can take a flying leap.

    Brook Lynn….I actually think she’s a very colorful character. She’s a beautiful gal…and I love the “Ma” stuff. Cute. Very cute.

    New Michael….I LOVE HIM. He’s got these puppy dog eyes and I really do enjoy him.

    Well…I ranted and raved. Sorry for going on and on. LOVED THE HISTORY CLIPS. Even back then…Sam was all about Michael and helping Jason. Come on writers…you can do it. Write a good story for Jasam.

    June 29, 2010 at 5:42 pm



    June 29, 2010 at 6:39 pm

  4. Karlene

    JASAM IS THE BEST!!! This is my first reply to your blog but may I say, I have agreed with every point you have made!! They should include Kelly’s involvement with Feed the Children somehow. Maybe she could do an investigation into the organization, find someone doing something corrupt and get a lot of money donated to needy families in Port Charles. Just an idea. May I also just say that Jason reminds me so much of Edward from the Twilight series. Whenever I make that comparison with friends that have watched both, they understand where I’m coming from. Jason, like Edward, has to make sacrifices for people he loves and seperates himself from them and it makes him miserable, like Edward did in New Moon. Jason doesn’t think he deserves Sam and Jake b/c of the violence surrounding his job like Edward doesn’t think he can be with Bella b/c he is a vampire. Just saying maybe Stephenie Meyer was getting the idea from a different source 😉 Love the blog and we definitely need more JASAMNESS!!!!

    June 29, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    • Karlene…you won’t believe this, but I tweeted last night sometime after midnight that my daughter was making me watch New Moon with her because she wanted it to be “fresh in her mind” when she went to see “Eclipse” tonight. And I have to tell you -I totally saw the parallels between Edward & Bella and Jason & Sam! I thought of the break-up and how much it hurt them both, and every time I saw Edward “appear” to Bella, I thought of Jason trying to stop Sam from getting trached at Jake’s that night with Coleman. So you and I…are “right there!”
      Of course, my daughter thinks I just see Jason and Sam in EVERYTHING! 😉
      To more JaSamNess….*cheers*

      June 29, 2010 at 9:13 pm

  5. luv4jasam

    SOD has a poll up on their site too..

    Dressed for Success

    June 29, 2010 at 8:31 pm

  6. One thing I want to stress…I thought Kelly doing Daytime Gives Back was amazing. She is a good hearted soul as Sam and real life. I certainly didn’t want to minimize her involvement in this awesome and worthy cause. I merely want her to be able to show daytime that she too can act…and be nominated once again for her ability in that area.

    June 29, 2010 at 8:38 pm

  7. Maria

    I can’t even being to express how your blog touched me today.

    I appreciate you getting the word out there, not only for Jasam but for Kelly. It is deporable what gets said about the actress herself by mixed up fanatics of other ‘fanbases’. I was beginning to lose faith in people.

    I am a faithful shipper and proudly recommend you blog to fellow Jasammers.

    Thanks again!

    June 29, 2010 at 10:18 pm

  8. trini

    My prayers are with you. Thanks for your blog

    June 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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