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Hola, GHers!

It’s almost the end of the week – and the official opening of pool & beach season! I love long weekends – everyone will be home with me!

Before I begin, I have a really random question…I have to replace the filter on my pool (it’s been 8 years) So do I choose Sand or Cartridge? If any of you have an opinion, please let me know. I am so confused! Thanks in advance…

Another day without JaSam…obviously the GH writers are trying to develop my patience. (Ugh!) Certainly they have and will continue to hear my personal opinions on that matter, but for now, let me share my take on the rest of Port Charles’ Peeps.

Is it me or has Lulu really become hyper annoying? I’ve had it *up to here* with hearing her talk about just how perfect her and Mr. Three Times Falconeri are! PUH-Leez! While she was talking to Maxie yesterday, I had to remind myself that Carly has, with Brook Lynn’s help, already arranged her wake-up call. It was the only way I could bear it!

Speaking of the Bensonhurst Babes…it seems that Olivia is also in need of a wake-up call. Johnny accusing her of treating him like a booty call was almost as hilarious as hearing Olivia say the words “booty call.” Oh, Liv – Johnny is now on Brook Lynn’s radar, so you better watch out. Your cooking may be better, but once Johnny gets over the need to be smothered – I mean mothered, you may be in for a very rude wake-up call! Hopefully Sonny will still be hot for you…

Speaking of Sonny, he got a couple of wake-up calls. First, Bernie was there to drop the bomb that the Trujillos may be feeling the pinch of the recession, as they dumped Sonny for Johnny’s lower prices on whatever “services” Sonny provided them. Sonny encouraged Bernie not to worry since Johnny can’t run business at those prices, but Bernie slapped him upside the head with another wake-up call: Johnny doesn’t care about the money. He only cares about pissing Sonny off! Before Sonny could warp his groggy mind around that one, in blew Hurricane Kristina hurling powerful accusations and strong resentments. Kristina needs help. She needs a therapist that will slow her down and ask her to take one emotion at a time, and give it a “place”. Where is all this anger coming from for Kristina? Trust me, it’s so much more than just missing her brother! We got a glimpse of one of the many layers when Sonny was talking about teaching her how to cook, and Kristina slammed him for making promises he couldn’t keep. I believe Sonny definitely got a wake-up call about just how disconnected he is from his daughter. Let’s see what he does with it.

I fear Claire Walsh is heading towards a literal wake-up call with Sonny. You know that kind that actually comes while you’re sleeping…with the enemy? After Claire spent the afternoon scheming and plotting with Dante to bring Sonny down, Sonny summons her to his den. Apparently, this is where Sonny can be seen in the best light; his dark, cavernous and lonely mansion. Sonny then proceeds to spill his messy guts to the Fed. He tells her about his abusive childhood, his broken wings, so to speak,  and I think he may have even flashed a dimple; but not in a smile, which makes it more effective. Claire is enraptured. And thus begins the all too familiar mating dance of Sonny Corinthos, he reels her in, wins her sympathy, and she’s caught. Claire seemed all too willing to take Sonny up on his offer to take Johnny down, whose wake-up call will come first? We’ll just have to wait and see.

I think I like Luke’s German accent better than his normal one. Maybe he should tell that trick to Spinelli aka Jackal PI. I mean, it seems that Luke can solve any mystery by using his German accent. All he did was say some crap we didn’t understand, and just like that he was led to his missing wife. You’ve gotta love Tracy, her husband shows up and finds her in a stinky, musty, rat-infested cell and she tells him off! It’s just part of her charm. Once Tracy’s wake-up call comes, it will set off a chain reaction of wake-up calls for Nik, Lucky and Liz. How exciting, this is good T.V. folks !

You know that someone is a master manipulator and a professional villainess when they can arrange for your wake-up call without anyone’s help. Helena’s plot has called for Nikolas to become paranoid about being part of his child’s life, and everyone -from Liz to Lucky, to even Robin have played a part in feeding his paranoia. Everyone has said just the right words, as if scripted by Helena herself to incite Nikolas to become more territorial by the minute. All Helena has to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Too bad for Nikolas that his wake-up call will eventually come, even if it’s a little late.

Speaking of Robin, am I the only one who sees Lisa and Patrick having lovers’ spats all over the hospital? Certainly Robin doesn’t see it as she is too busy being knee-deep in Liz’s crap. I’m really starting to believe that the only wake-up call that will get Robin’s attention will have to come in the form of heartache. Certainly she has seen the signs, has heard the signs. . .and she still buries her head in the sand. Oh Robin! Stop trying to fix everybody else’s mess and take a look at your own.

A wake-up call is crucial to what happens next. You can sleep through disaster without a wake-up call, or you can miss a most important day of your life without a wake-up call. It all depends on what the plan was before the wake-up call came. For some in Port Charles, a wake-up call can be their saving grace. For others, a wake-up call can be utter devastation. Only time will tell which will be which.



“This Day In JaSam History” …  May 27 – 2004:      

2005: (Love those scenes!)


3 responses

  1. Jessica

    i love the new addition of this day in jasam history! i could watch these scenes over and over again!! it just goes to show what a lovely history they have!!

    & i rly think i can get into johnny and brook lynn!! so heres hoping!
    thanks for everything you do! 🙂

    May 27, 2010 at 4:44 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the great Blog!! Love, Love reading what you have to say!!

    Still loving the: “TODAY IN JASAM HISTORY”!! Some great scenes, and made me think…. Back then I would NEVER have thought it would be 5 years later and still no JaSam Baby…. Much less a Jake!! Oh well… Thats the life in Soaps!!
    I will say….. OMG, how lucky are we!!! Our Couple is together and Im one Happy JaSam Fans these days!!!

    May 27, 2010 at 4:51 pm

  3. sarah

    Hi there, The “Today in Jasam History” scenes are so great-since I was unable to see GH during that time, and there was no Soap Net replay at night–thanks
    so much for them-they truly set the stage for what followed. This couple is destined to walk through life together, and we just hope TPTB agree with us on that. We all will do our best to make it so. Thank you, and have a nice quiet and rejuvenating weekend—-

    May 28, 2010 at 10:34 am

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