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Hello, GHers!

It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey, and I am feeling thankful and contented with everything I have…including you guys and this blog, which allows us to celebrate our common love for so many things! Thanks for being there…and thanks for your support always!

So….Great episode on Monday, huh?

Yeah, it could’ve been even better with some JaSam, but I imagine our girl has to get herself together before she has to say goodbye to her (and our) man again. ;(

However, there were some other great moments we need to discuss…

Was anyone else loving Nik as much as I was yesterday? Nik is trying to get involved with his (believed) child from the get-go, but Liz is still treating him like the booty-call he really was, and now that she’s not really “in the mood”, she has no use for him. Now I know that Nikolas is a smug, self-important, and pompous ass sometimes, but you know guys, as long as he believes that kid is his, he has every right to be involved. And had he been some drunken one-night stand like Zander, (whom, like  Nikolas, she banged, then hated…Who knew?), or even Jason, I might be able to take Liz’s attitude to some extent. But Nik and Liz have been friends – and family, for years. They loved each other, cared about each other’s well-being, and had an ongoing affair – not a one-night stand. Furthermore, Nik did try to leave Liz alone, and instead of allowing him that luxury, Liz roused her babies from their beds and dragged them to Gram’s so that she could go beg Nik not to take off on his gassed-up and ready-to-go private jet. I was FURIOUS when Liz told Nikolas that she had begged him to leave her alone! Nik has her number though…and when Liz said she HATED Wyndemere, I wanted to kiss Nik’s luscious little mouth for his scathing comeback: “You seemed to like the turret room just fine!” Oh, Nikolas, THANK YOU! Thanks for finally telling Saint Liz the Honest-to-God truth! She also seemed to LOVE that launch ride to “that musty mausoleum” just fine, and it wasn’t the only ride she loved, either. *cough, cough* Liz’s sensitive feelings were hurt of course, and she runs off to tell Lucky what Big, Bad, Nik did. *eye roll*  This however, gave me another opportunity to be proud of Lucky. He gave Liz a very clear message: “Girl, You Are On Your Own.”

Lucky’s other brother, Ethan is a little hard up for some money, and some “excitement”, and so he does the practical thing: joins forces with Johnny on his mob war against Sonny Corinthos. Yeah, the same Sonny Corinthos that threatened to kill Ethan just a few weeks ago. Is it me? When Ethan walked into Casa de Sonny with Claire Walsh, I thought, “Hey mate…you’re on your own!”

The final Spencer offspring is worried sick about her good, Catholic boy’s reaction to finding out that she did “the unthinkable.” Lulu turns to Carly, not knowing that Carly plans to capitalize on every single one of Lulu and Dante’s weaknesses. I have to say – I LOVE IT! Lulu once ripped Georgie’s life apart, and got away pretty much unscathed. She can stand a little bit of Life’s payback as far as I’m concerned, and Jeez, Carly really makes it fun! Every time I see Lulu whining about what she should do to Carly, I smile as I think: “You’re on your own, Miss Thing!” And I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy!

Maxie and Matt had a nice little “date” over at Jake’s, and even I enjoyed the conversation and “easiness” they seemed to be enjoying. I loved that they were having intelligent and interesting conversation, and Maxie was actually behaving like an adult. I think that Maxie has so gotten used to Spinelli’s oh-so-unconditional love and worship of her, that she has begun to behave a  bit like a spoiled child. She even carries on like a four-year-old sometimes, and Spinelli reacts with giving in. Unfortunately, that kind of love isn’t what she needs, and it won’t help her be the best person she can be. Proving my grandpa was right when he used to say that “Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing!” On the other hand, Matt is interested in Maxie. In fact, he  has made it very clear that he’s interested, but he’s not gonna beg, and he’s not gonna play games. The second Matt heard that Maxie was using him to make Spinelli jealous…he was done. He let Maxie know, in no certain terms, “Regardless of how into you I am, You Are On Your Own!” And I applauded Matt for doing it. I have a feeling that it got Maxie’s attention, too!

No one heard today’s catch phrase more than Michael. From the moment he arrived at Pentonville, everyone that can utter words has reminded Michael that he’s “On His Own.” Jason, the kid’s dad in every sense of the word since birth, took on the burden of going to prison himself to make sure that Michael isn’t on his own. Sadly, Jason’s arrival was preceded by a violent event, and Jason was too late to save Michael from a trauma. Friends, I don’t know what the trauma was. It appears to have been a beating, but rumors and speculation abound that it was something much more traumatic than that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a beating was traumatic enough for daytime.


My dear readers, I am grateful to know that I am not on my own when it comes to defending the actors we appreciate, and being proactive about keeping GH on the air for years to come! Each email and comments inspired me to remind those who hate…”You’re On Your Own!”

Much love,



As promised… “Today In JaSam History”: May 25th 2004: 2005:

I’d LOVE to see Jason and Sam recall all of these moments while they’re apart….Why not put a bug in  the ear of the TPTB ?

GH NY: (212) 456-1777  and GH LA: (323) 671-4583


6 responses

  1. couchpotato7

    I’m so glad to have u back on a daily basis. Even Jasam lite this show is still GOLD. CarSamSaSon have really carried this show for months and easch have put in Emmy caliaber work. Chad is finding his way and starting to make Michael his own. I am concerned that a Sonny breakdown is near and if the Spumors of Michael are correct then that would be the FINAL STRAW. I am awaiting my Jasam moments and reliving the past until it happens. i still dream of Hawaiian sunsets and Weddings with only a chosen few in attendance….but I can wait. 🙂

    May 25, 2010 at 6:00 pm

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!! I was totally smiling while reading about Nik/Liz!! Love it….. Looking forward to see where Matt and Maxie will go.

    Really love the “Today In JaSam History”!! OMG – Watching that scene….Wow, 5 years ago!! It almost feels like yesterday!! For some reason…. It actually got me teary eyed. Its a great JaSam scene… But what got to me was the history our couple has!!!

    May 25, 2010 at 9:49 pm

  3. JasamFan

    Loving the new addition to the blog “Today in Jasam History” . So nice to be able to see their magic all over again!

    Peace and Love

    May 26, 2010 at 12:06 pm

  4. Yessy

    I’ve missed you sister dear…..glad to see you back in action telling it like it is…..Hope the remodeling went well, and what can I say GH rocks these days….muah!

    May 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    • Yessy!
      Miss you more! 😉

      Guess I’ll see you at the niece’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!
      Hope that man of yours is keeping you smiling!

      May 26, 2010 at 11:14 pm

  5. Haha am I literally the first comment to your awesome read!?

    June 1, 2010 at 8:33 am

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