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A MAGICAL SUNDAY DRIVE DOWN MEMORY LANE…and a lil’ something extra!

Happy Sunday, GHers!


Thanks for all of your concern…it simply comes down to the fact that sometimes I think I’m Wonder Woman. When the contractor left, not all of the mess went with him, and everywhere I looked, I found a reminder of him. Long story short: I did too much and ended up paying dearly – no amount of pain meds, rest, or even acupuncture could undo it. (Funny thing is that by too much I meant like staying on my feet for more than 20 minutes at a time or¬†vacuuming)


Today’s Sunday Drive will include my thoughts on the episodes I couldn’t blog about, just because how could I keep all that excitement to myself? Nothing could keep me from watching every moment of General Hospital this week. I was as glued to the TV as I was to the flat surface I happened to be occupying at the moment. And good thing, too! I mean, WOW! What a week!

Let’s work our way up the ladder of success…ful writing, shall we?

Lucky’s world is looking up. After being played for a fool by the two people he trusted most, and having his heart ripped out and stomped on, he sure could use some sunshine, couldn’t he? It seems that the winds of Fate have decided to turn on Lucky Spencer. It seems that he can’t even frown without some lovely lady swooping in to give him some overdue special attention. Just last week, Lucky was tempted to pick up a drink and start boozing when Maxie not only talked him out of it, but flirted and made Liz jealous¬†to boot. NICE! This week, Lucky just decided to chill on a park bench with his (but not his) boys, when in swoops, (well maybe she moped)¬†Ms.¬†Claire Walsh and declared to Lucky that she wanted “one of those”. Too funny! I know most of us were pissed at who cocky she was when she first came to town, but¬†Ms. Walsh is starting to grow on me.¬†What a stroking she gave¬†Lucky’s male ego, huh?…Claire told Lucky he was the perfect catch, husband, father, sperm donor – all in one conversation! Most men have to wait years to hear all that! Speaking of Claire Walsh – boy, what an enigma she is! I just can’t figure her out!¬†Is she just another hard-ass prosecutor, or a misunderstood woman worried about¬†her ticking¬†bio¬†clock? After all, it’s ticking so loudly, even Lucky can hear it. I have to say that for a minute there, I thought she was going to whip out a specimen cup and ask Lucky to make a deposit ! All in all, I thought the scenes were funny, and I’m all for¬†Lucky finally getting involved with a woman. Maybe it will finally cure him of the Teenage Girl Syndrome he suffers from! I’m for Lucky to get a little action, especially if it drives Liz insane!

Someone who would agree with me would be Carly. Of that I am sure. This week, Carly reminded all of us that messing with her kids is a no-no!¬†She will bring your world crashing down around you. That’s exactly her plan with Dante and Lulu – and they better watch out! I am in awe at how Carly can play Lulu while keeping her anger in check! I could never pull that off! Carly sat her down and milked her for all the information she can use to turn around and remind Lulu exactly why blood is thicker than water. I have to admit, I’m going to enjoy it! I used to be able to endure “Lante” with a little more aplomb, and I used to be able to take Lulu in small doses. But no longer. I have had it *up to here* with those two. Dante and Lulu are so self-righteous these days that it makes my eye twitch! I will not mind seeing them knocked down a peg…or two!

Maxie reminds me a little bit of Lucy Ricardo. You know how Lucy always had a plan that SEEMED brilliant to her, but ALWAYS led to disaster? Yesh…that’s just like Maxie. Her latest idea is should have flashing lights all over it! Matt Hunter, MD has always had a thing for Maxie. There is no way he is going to let this opportunity be wasted. He is going to do his best to woo her and chase any thoughts of Spinelli from her blonde head, and it just might work. If Maxie thought Spinelli was depressed BEFORE¬†her latest scheme, wait ’til¬† he sees her out and about with the resident cutie pie!

Speaking of Spinelli, I’d hate to see him hurt, because Spinelli is a great friend. He was sincerely concerned for Stone Cold’s safety and well-being, and the grasshopper is truly lost without his master. He’s also a wonderful friend to our Fair Samantha, and will be a great source of support for her, and vice versa. You’ve gotta love Spinelli, and hope that when Maxie breaks his heart for the umpteenth time – that someone truly worthy will be there to put it back together again.

Well, friends…way at the top of this weeks’ storyline was of course, our beloved Jason and Sam. These two can make me believe just about ANYTHING, and this week, they made me believe that they are more in love than ever and just perfect together! The scenes of Jason and Sam at the cabin made me smile, tear up, laugh, and cry like a baby! How sweet and heart-wrenching wee those scenes? But more importantly, how effective were they at convincing us that Jason and Sam are SOUL MATES, meant-to-be, and able to overcome ANYTHING? I had to smile as I caught up on my comments and emails. I wasn’t the only one who was reminded of Jason and Sam in Hawaii when Jason apologized to Sam for “leaving her alone.”¬†It’s¬†a beautiful thing when fans can be taken back five years in a couple’s history with one phrase,¬†and it was that way in every scene we saw. Everything they said and did took us back to a special moment. From the¬†first memory they share about Hawaii, to the talk at the PCPD about Sam and¬†her “outfit” last summer – they celebrated their long and fabulous History.¬†That, my fellow JaSam lovers, is what a SUPERCOUPLE is made of, regardless of what our friends at ABC Soaps In Depth, or the fans who still tweet Steve about their couple “coming back”, say. I’m not sure what it is about the professional dynamic between Steve and¬†Kelly, but they just sizzle onscreen, and leave all other couples –¬†at GH and elsewhere, in the¬†shadows.¬†By the way, in case you haven’t heard, SoapNet deemed them the “Performers of the Week” for this week’s performances, (check it out at:¬†and they are SO VERY DESERVING!¬† JaSammers, as I read that commentary, I was so proud that we are not the only ones who see the NATURAL, yet UNMISTAKABLE¬†chemistry between Steve and Kelly! It’s not just us – TPTB, and those who matter to TPTB are noticing too! It was a great week to be a JaSam Fan, and I am so glad I hung in there! Aren’t you?

Once again, I’m hoping for lots of memories and flashbacks during the time that Jason and Sam are separated. I’m sharing that wish with TPTB by calling them several times a day…right after I thank them for the Quantity and Quality of JaSam scenes we got this week!


Won’t you join me? GH NY: 212-456-1777 and GH LA: 323-671-4583

I leave you with week’s Magical Sunday Drive. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed¬† putting it together! A sincere thanks to all of this week’s vidders, and a special thanks to Steve and Kelly, for MAKING THE MAGIC!

Love you guys! ūüėČ


Tammy is one of my favorite vidders, and she was just INSPIRED by this week’s JaSam scenes! I knew you wouldn’t mind seeing these scenes over and over! Each song gave it a different “feel”, and I loved both vids – I think you will too!

¬†¬†“I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer”¬†Credit: Tammy442

“MMMM”¬†Credit: Tammy442

And one more vid from Tammy, that just says it all for Jason and Sam’s reunion thus far…”This Time”¬†Credit: Tammy442

This vid says it all…from Jason’s point of view! I just loved it – and I love this vidder! This is an instant fave! “Maybe I’m Amazed”¬†Credit: daysfanalways

Wow! Another one of my favorite vidders! What a great week, and what a sweet little number…JaSam’s Classic version of their Love Song, with some Classic JaSam Lovin’! Her intro comes on first…so just give it a few seconds before the actual vid begins. “Just You & Me”¬†Credit: justagirl1516

Wow! This just sums up the week we had perfectly! I LOVED this vid! Very nicely done! “Here Comes Goodbye”¬†Credit: jasamlova1028

¬†Finally, I leave you with this last vid…by yet another of my favorite vidders, and one of my favorite songs ever! I had my very first¬†real dance to this song…so it holds a special place in my heart! Thanks for making a JaSam vid to it, guys! LOVED IT! ¬†“Can’t Fight This Feeling”¬†Credit: yugottahitpeople

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend – and let’s look forward together to more… JaSam Magic!



11 responses

  1. alwaysaromantic

    Where do I start!!!!!!! Jason Morgan and Sam McCall did more than took “My Breath Away” this week! They have and will always touch a part of me that I JUST cannot explain. I realize that these two wonderful actors are just that actors,but its just something about them that makes smile,laugh cry and so much more! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched their episodes this week! Each one had something so SPECIAL about it!!! Here are just a few: When Jason and Sam came out to his motorcycle on Monday they were”arm in arm” and smiling, when Jason gave Sam that Compass the way they looked at each and FELT each other was amazing, the OUTFIT scene made me jump up and down like a love struck girl and when Spinelli was there for Sam while her heart was breaking-amazing (it needed to be Spinelli that was there for her)! This was an amazing week for my favorite couple and WE are lucky enough to be a part of them and GH (Thanks)! One more thing the scenes between Sam and her mother (Alexis came at Sam as her mother) was about time!!!

    May 23, 2010 at 7:49 am

    • tchrof6th

      Here, here! ūüôā

      May 23, 2010 at 2:41 pm

  2. Angelique..I’m sorry you’re not feeling great after being on your feet too long. REST! The dirt will wait.

    Thank you for your blog and videos. This is the greatest place on earth to share the Jasam love…and LOVE them I do! OMG..there’s so much to talk about this week.

    Only Stelly can bring you from laughter to tears in seconds. They are so great together that I often wonder if they even use a script. TPTB know how fabulous they are or they wouldn’t have reunited them over and over again. JASAM/STELLY ARE GOLD! Their natural chemistry is undeniable and solid as a rock. There isn’t ONE couple that comes close to Jasam…IMO.

    I watched Jason kiss Sam’s shoulder and I melted. I watched Jason hug Sam before being chained…and I cried. I watched Jason on his knees presenting Sam with a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I watched Sam fall apart as she started to undress for Jason. I watched Jason and Sam do that LUNCH SCHTICK and I honestly laughed out loud. Was that the cutest scene or what? I think Steve may have chocked a little for real..because he really did a belly laugh. Sam was ABSOLUTELY adorable in that scene. The two of them are AMAZING.

    I’ve called the comment line several times. I’ve e-mailed Brian Frons….and I will continue to do so.

    Thanks again for being here for us. We love you!

    May 23, 2010 at 8:03 am

  3. I am amazed at the talented fans who made these videos. I can’t pick a favorite. THEY ARE ALL WONDERFUL. I cried! Thank you to all of you who took the time to capture the beauty of Jasam. A true super couple of daytime….! I want a Hawaii beach wedding SO BADLY.

    May 23, 2010 at 9:24 am

    • couchpotato7

      Angelique…I can’t believe you get your dream bathrom redo and then wear your self out before you can enjoy it. but at least you had a week of GREAT Gh moments to comfort you.

      They made me remember why I feel in love w/them. Every scene made me think of Hawaii, Mexico, the Island, Starry nights and even the 2nd kiss/burned chicked scene. The not wanting to leave her alone was the same thing he said in Hi and Mx. Him telling her more often that he loves her, appreciates her and worries that he sometimes takes her strength and support for granted.

      Steve & Kelly were so Amazing this week and deserved their couple of the week NOD. I know we get a few more scenes then it slows down but I can’t wait for thier REUNION it’s going to be EPIC {I hope Val Jean or Price write it}.

      Great Vid choices,,,,I always think of songs that would be great w/them BUT I don’t have the incredible talent of all these Vidders that we see every SUNDAY.

      Rest today…Get LOST tonight and say a birthday prayer for our girl KEllY today. Have a great week..don’t forget candles, bath salts, Michael Buble and utter peace in your well deserved bathroom spa.

      May 23, 2010 at 10:58 am

  4. JasamFan

    So sorry to hear that your back is not doing to well. Time to light the candles, sit back and enjoy a nice long soak in your new bathroom, youso deserve it!

    WOW.. what a week for our couple.. simply amazing!

    There was never a question.. with those 5 little words Jason told me what I have known all along.. he never stopped loving Sam and that he wanted to be back in her arms long before Mexico.

    The love Jason has for Sam is undeniable.. When he said I am leaving you alone all I could think of.. was Hawaii.. and that just maybe he has left her with a little gift that will make its apperance in nine months.

    The lunch scene such classic Jasam, the shot of them on the motorcycle as they were about to leave and Jason not wanting to start the bike up but to just sit there for a few more seconds and feel Sams arms wrapped around him. The PCPD when Sam asked what his favorite part was and he says “lunch” and she tells him nice save. And of coures the outfit discussion..

    The whole week was magical.. I laughed, I cried and I smiled as so many things that they did reminded me of a little something from their past.

    Although I loved their love scenes in Mexico and the one after the non wedding and would like to see more it is not something I need. They show us how much they mean to each other and how much in love they are with just one look or nod of their head or a few simple words.

    My little Jasam heart is more in love with them now than ever.. and I thought I couldn’t love them anymore than I already do!

    Steve and Kelly were on fire this week, I have watched this weeks scenes over and over. They deserved couple of the week.. it was long overdue!

    Please get some rest as another poster said the dirt will wait!

    Now to watch the vids before I have to head to the airport and pick up our newest arrival of guests. I really think the airport should just reserve me a parking space, I spend so much time

    Peace and Love

    May 23, 2010 at 11:49 am

  5. tchrof6th

    This couple is truly a Supercouple! I want to see them promoted and touted as the next Luke and Laura….they have endured and persevered over some of the toughest times…

    Thanks for the Vids girl! Be careful of your over extention…I would be lost with out the Sunday drive! Also, I hope u don’t mind that I posted some of your vid choices on twitter, but everyone needs to know how fab these two are….escpecially with all the Jasam hating twits we have online that are torturing kelly and Steve! I hope they don’t listen to those psychos!

    I think the next campain should be for Jasam to present at the daytime emmies together! Awesome stuff!!!!

    May 23, 2010 at 2:44 pm

  6. Ro

    Hey Angelique,

    What a great week we had with our Supercouple… I loved evey scene they had and I have been watching them over and over again.

    You are so right about the chemistry Kelly and Steve have on screen. Those that cannot see it must not be watching the same show. I made sure I called in and sent my usual e-mails so that our postivie voice is heard.

    Take care of your back. Miss you lots. Hugs for you and the kids.


    May 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    • Miss you, BFF! We have so much to catch up on!

      May 23, 2010 at 10:32 pm

  7. Traveler

    OMG – This weeks JaSam was the BEST Ive seen in what seems like years!!! And we have had some pretty WONDERFUL JaSam this past year or so. The tears were streaming down my face more that once this week!! There were times I was actually giggling and crying at the same time.
    Jason so Sweet!!! Sam so Brave, trying to hold back her tears!!! Stelly knocked these scenes out of the park!! Grand Slam, Home Run for me!!!!
    ‚ô• ‚ô• ‚ô•
    Loved the Mvids again this week along with the Blog!! Hope you are feeling better FAST!!
    Looking forward to see whats coming for our couple!!!

    May 23, 2010 at 8:02 pm

  8. Tammy

    Thanks so much for always supporting my vids. You don’t know how much I appreciate you posting them on your blog. As for this contractor, why wouldn’t he clean up his mess? Goodness! Well, I hope you are doing well now and wishing you nothing but the best of health.

    As for Jasam, I think they did a wonderful job last week but I’m never satisfied. lol I always want more. There is definitely not enough scenes and I will start to call in again. Yet, I have to see Carly resort back to her childish ways. I love me some Carly but I can’t support her in this one. She’s putting more blame on people who were indirectly responsible, then those who are directly responsible. I will say, however, I’m glad Jax is getting a break. lol

    Anyway, keep up the great work with your blog. I always know I’m going to get a truly great read when I come on your site. Thanks so much!

    May 30, 2010 at 12:21 pm

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