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Hey, guys! Thanks for all the concerned emails about the bathroom reno! You guys are so great…like my very own support group! It’s going…..well, let’s just say it’s going. This is a positive blog, remember!


GHers…does anyone remember that Mariah Carey song, Vision of Love? I think it was her first big hit. It was also my hubby’s and my “first official song”. That song was running through my mind as I contemplated the different happenings in Port Charles yesterday. It seems that everyone is looking at life and reality through one vision of love or another…

Destiny surely did treat Maxie kindly…I cannot imagine anything more special than having a vision of the sister that you loved and lost to help you through a turning point in your life. I have to admit, I was also reintroduced to a vision of love with Maxie and Spinelli, as I must admit that I had to keep reminding myself why I liked them int the first place. Luckily, Georgie’s sweet visit with Maxie helped me out. Spinelli is¬† loving and accepting, and he inspires Maxie to be a better person. So…I shook my head in an effort to rid myself of the visions of Maxie and Johnny, and allowed myself to be caught up in the vision of love Maxie and Spin share…just like Maxie did.

Speaking of the hotheaded hottie, John Zacchara¬†was all up in Dante’s face accusing Dante of believing in fairytales when it comes to the person Sonny is. John wants¬†Sonny to pay for what happened to his sister, and that’s completely understandable. I have a sister, and I would turn the world upside down to make sure anyone who ever hurt her got what they deserved. Which must be why John is grossly exaggerating the facts surrounding his relationship with Claudia. Sonny may have treated her like garbage, but he never beat her or slapped her around. Sonny may have been a really bad husband, but Claudia was a horror of a wife. However, John has obviously deeply buried the many memories of when he treated his sister like a pariah, or called her¬†a degrading, hurtful name¬†in the backyard of his memory. And I can remember a time or two John called¬†her a whore himself. I guess if you’re gonna dream up fairytales, you may as well write yourself into one! When John got up on that witness stand, he seemed to be trapped in a vision of love for his sis. Too bad it’s too little too late.

Claire has a vision of love like no one else’s. Her vision includes bringing down the elusive Sonny Corinthos and throwing away the key! She was so consumed by that prospect that when she saw him in the middle of a tirade that would’ve sent most women running, she stood there and took it all in like a man. She was actually looking rather turned on by what she saw, and she was so excited by it, that she was literally breathless by the time she got to the courthouse. I am curious to see how long it takes for Claire’s visions of love for putting Sonny away to turn into visions of love…making!

Morgan Corinthos is one of my favorite characters on GH, possibly because Aaron Revfum¬†is one of my favorite actors. I’ve heard the bad news that Aaron is leaving GH, and that the role of Morgan is being recast. It’s bad news to me because I will miss him, and I don’t like recasts¬†as a general rule. I’m still reeling from the news of Drew Garrett’s departure! Yet, I hear that it’s really good news for Aaron because if the rumors¬†are true, Aaron has gotten¬†himself a pilot, and that’s an amazing opportunity for him. So, I will wish him all the best. Getting back to Morgan, he is trying so hard to connect with his brother, Dante. It just about melts my heart! When Morgan pulled out that Yankees mug to show Ronnie, I realized that Morgan’s¬†dealing with this situation with the heart of¬†a Yankee fan! You have to hope beyond hope for something, even when everything seems to be going against you. And that’s exactly what Morgan is doing; he’s hoping that his dad and his brothers can have a normal “Go catch a Yankee game” relationship, and he’s doing it against all odds.¬†His dad is facing life in prison, his brother is on the run to keep from confessing to killing his¬†stepmother, and this¬†his other brother is the one who set it all in motion when he¬†infiltrated¬†Sonny’s¬†organization as an undercover cop, and then¬†ratted him out.¬†It’s about as hopeful a situation as when the Yankees are 10 games under .500 in August! Morgan’s vision of love looks past the odds and sees all the way to the pennant of brotherhood! How sweet is that?

Morgan’s sister Kristina had a vision of love like many girls her age and in her life situation. Her vision was about being the center of her dad’s universe, like most girls are. Instead, Kristina is barely able to¬†be¬†part of Sonny’s orbit because of his¬†lifestyle and her mother’s¬†precautions. That’s what sent Kristina on that journey of looking for love, acceptance, and being cherished.¬†And, like most girls in that situation, when that ideal vision falls apart, she tries to recreate the vision with the first @$$hole that whispers something sweet, even if he slaps her around afterwards. Listen, I know that we are growing tired and weary of watching Kristina lie, but the truth is my friends, that these things are sometimes covered up for years! At least we know that the end is within sight for this nightmare. What I can’t understand is why people are angry at Alexis, Sonny, and Sam for blaming Ethan!¬†They did not and do not see what we see on TV. They only have what Kristina is telling them, and they all have their own vision of love and trust when it comes to their fragile, roughed-up Kristina, so they will believe her until they have reason not to, and I’m not talking about theories. I’m talking about concrete proof. We just need to hope that Kristina realizes that her vision of love surrounding Kiefer is more like a nightmare!

Sam and Jason had probably given up on any visions of love once and for all…until they found their way back to each other. Then the allure of¬†what they once shared together and the need to be accepted for who they are worked its magic once again, and that vision of love was reborn…better and stronger¬†than it ever was. This time around, Jason and Sam have the benefit of lessons learned and 20/20 hindsight to make this vision clearer. That doesn’t mean stormy¬†days won’t muddy that vision temporarily, but – as I keep reminding myself as I sit in my Noah’s Ark watching the 150 inches of rain go swishing by, the sun will come out again, and the vision before my eyes will be beautiful once again. Jason and Sam are about to have more than a stormy day or two. All indications point to a stormy season, but cheer up…the sun will shine again on our couple. And I believe that they’ll be just fine once things dry up and the flood waters of everyone else’s troubles recede. We just need to hang in there! (And call, call, call! those Comment Lines!)


Stay dry…and hopeful!


4 responses

  1. Rosie

    Hey BFF…

    Miss you lots on twitter!!
    So true about the Kristina’s storyline. As much as we want it to be over and sometimes cannot justify the behavior we see in Kristina most abuse is covered up for years. It still looks Sam has not dealt with abuse from the past and even though she agreed with Jason the first time that she is was reflecting what she wanted Kristina to do , she falling back into old patterns and not seeing the truth. I am just looking forward to seeing Jason being there for Sam. I sure hope MVJ writes thiose scenes, she seems to capture the real Jasam for me.

    Miss you lots


    March 30, 2010 at 3:12 pm

  2. mariam

    You have a tendency of taking the words out of my mouth, and that is exactly what you did when you said this statement:

    “What I can‚Äôt understand is why people are angry at Alexis, Sonny, and Sam for blaming Ethan!”

    I don’t get it! Ethan is innocent, i know that, we all do. But for Sam, Sonny and Alexis’ sake, let’s assume he is guilty. He appears so, Krissy said so, and he just keeps looking guiltier. How many of us will move in week or so, after our daughter or sister is beaten brutally? And we shouldn’t. It is kind of scary to think that we would. I think they are responding reaslistically, and accurately. Like Sam said yesterday, her sister was bitten and she is apologizing. Obviously that’d make anyone bitter.

    I think Sam’s been more action than Alexis. I am surprised Alexis kept it together as awell as she did. I mean this is her golden child. Even knowing that without court, Ethan, the alledged beater will be free, Alexis wasn’t hysterical. I think considering the circumstances, these Sonny, Alexis and Sam are reacting just the way that I expected.

    March 30, 2010 at 3:54 pm

  3. I had to laugh when you evaded the bathroom renovation. I was just there with my kitchen, as I mentioned in another post…it’s the pits! Hang in there, you’ll love the end result…but, it’s like your house doesn’t belong to you while the workers are there. Enough of this.

    As usual…your words and wisdom…perfection!

    Jasam will have their fight….they’ll have some emotion, and in my book..THEY NEED IT. They’ve both been extremely happy in their reunion…but, we all know there are things that need to be addressed. IMO…this will be the jump off point for that talk. It’s like this big elephant in the room. When Jason brings up Jake…Sam’s eyes look like she’s “thinking” about what went on during the SOS. THIS abuse s/l will bring some things about Sam’s past out in the open.

    Now…Drew and Aaron. OMG…I am going to miss them. The fab four….as you refer to them…is now being torn apart. I am hopeful that the recasts are ok…I guess we’ll have to wait and see. No one could be better than these two though.

    Have a good evening. Love coming to your site Angelique. I enjoy it SO MUCH!

    March 30, 2010 at 5:22 pm

  4. sarah

    Oh my Angelique, you do “get it’. And good thing too, because without your insight we might all be losing it….I personally HATE watching the Jason/Sam scenes where they are adversarial…….it hurts!! Even knowing Sam is reliving her pain, I want to scream at her “Think, girl, think!”
    Hopefully the lessons they both learned will bring them through this time of turmoil.
    Hang in there through the remodel….it’s maddening, but you will be so glad when it’s over….and pretty. Meantime, take care of that back!!
    Love from your jasam fans…….

    March 30, 2010 at 6:48 pm

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