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Forgive my late posts these past few days, I think I have ADD. My bathroom is in demolition stage in preparation for a major reno, and the noise just does not allow me to have clear thoughts! I can’t even hear myself think, so it takes some time to get it all together! Thanks for being patient with me! xoxoxo


GHers, are you as amazed with how this Kristina story has branched out in all directions and brought characters together like a HS reunion? I love that the GH Writers had a meeting of the minds and pens a few months ago and decided to start bringing characters out of their individual sets and start mixing them up…IT WORKS!

Each day that I watch and see Lucky talking to Kristina, or Alexis having conversations with Lucky and Dante, I think…”Hmmm, this is new.” I mean, really, no longer do we have to wait for a wedding or a funeral in order to see Port Charles’ residents in mixed company. Sense and Sensibility…that’s what it is!

Speaking of Alexis…how is it that such a bright, intelligent woman can show such good sense one moment, and then be completely clueless the next? She seemed to be expressing her concerns about her daughter getting justice to Lucky and Dante sensibly. She was clear, not hysterical, and using her really extensive and impressive vocabulary. I was actually impressed with the level of good sense she was demonstrating. The it was all shot to hell when she refused to hear what Sam was saying about what Kristina needs, and turned it around on Sam and made her feel guilty for trying to remove herself from the equation, and for turning to and trusting in Jason. Ugh, Alexis! I wish my hand would’ve reached far enough to slap some sense back into her!

Luke isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box, but sometimes he seems to be the very essence of good sense when his kids need him most. Those are the times I admire Luke most, and understand why his kids love him in spite of his long and frequent absences from his life. Luke talking about his violent childhood, and then his violence towards Laura was just spellbinding. It is so important for new viewers to understand who these  characters on our screens are, and why we love them. And it is extremely important for Ethan to understand who his father really is, and who he’s not. Brilliant, Michele Val Jean…your writing continues to use Sense and Sensibility at every turn! Way to go!

Another woman who inspires me to want to applaud and yell, “Girl Power!” at the top of my lungs is Diane. I love how Diane continues to show good sense when it comes to her “Shoe Financier” and Super Client, Sonny Corinthos. Not only has she managed to keep herself from tripping into his bed, but she takes it a step further and refuses to let his scary mobster persona intimidate her. When Sonny was obsessing over Ethan while Diane was sensibly trying to prepare for the trial of his life, she thought nothing of it to shout “STOP IT!” the way my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Jost used to when we were fighting over a marker. Even I jumped out of my seat! I think it was exactly what Sonny needed, as he hasn’t had enough people who are willing to shout that to him in adulthood. Diane showed the best sense has to offer when she told Sonny she was with him, and that she too hated bullies who hit little girls, because Sonny needs to hear that Kristina needs him…out of jail. Diane…girl power!

Showing surprisingly good sense was Carly! I say surprising because Sense and Sensibility are not traits I would generally assign to Carly, as she reacts first and thinks later.  Yet, Thursday’s episode found Carly showing up on the island and not a moment too soon in order to stop Michael from taking off to play SuperBrother. Carly calmed Michael right down, yet told him enough to keep him calm. Carly was also able to get some important info from Michael about Kiefer being abusive before. Now if only we could figure out a way to keep Carly this sensical as she heads back to PC!

Jason and Sam make me temporarily forget all Sense and Sensibility sometimes! When Jason came skipping down those stairs to take his girl into his arms and tell her he missed her, I squealed aloud. Am I the only one that wants to melt when he moans as he kisses and hugs her? Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco are hot stuff! Whew! Okay…back to Jason and Sam. Jason is a great listener when Sam needs him to be, just as she is to him when he needs her to be. It’s because of their abilities to listen, that they can hear what’s really going on with the one they love. Jason was able to hear the resentments and anger, the hurts and the damage that have made Sam the complex person she is today. He also heard how she was blurring the lines between Kristina’s story and her own, and knew her well enough to know that she wants to give Kristina what she needs more than anything. Those moments where Jason reassured her and tried to comfort her proved that Jason is an action man…and I’m not talking about his big guns. I’m talking about the fact that Jason is probably not the only man to whisper his love for Sam, but he is the only one to put that love into action. He’s the only one to have shown Sam what love is, and that’s what true love is…more than words. It’s because their love is true that I am not paralyzed with fear about rumors or spumors about trouble ahead. I believe true love will get them through whatever comes. I am also putting my love for them in action by calling those comment lines EVERY DAY, because my JaSam love is TRUE!

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6 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Wow… When Jason came bounding down the stairs and grabbed Sam.. it was if he hadn’t seen her in weeks.. not just one night without her.

    I fell more in love with our couple yesterday.. well if it is possible that I could be more in love with them than I already am.

    I watched Jason and Sam scenes over and over yesterday. I have never seen a couple as in tune to each other as they are. They are each others rock, and together can weather any trouble that comes their way. They have rebuilt the trust they once had for each other, and I don’t think anyone or anything could tear them apart again.

    They are love.. more important.. is the unconditional love they have for one another.

    Peace and Love

    March 26, 2010 at 2:55 pm

  2. OK…you may not believe this…but, I just finished my kitchen being remodeled, and I can totally relate to what you’re going through with your bathroom. Trust me…it’s a mess, it’s loud, but IT’S SO WORTH IT!

    Once again..I agree with everything you said about everyone. JASAM? O M G!!!! Jason galloping down the steps, pulling Sam into his arms, moaning, kissing her…telling her he missed her..I died of pure joy! They’re so amazing together it’s unreal! Their chemistry…their ability to pull me into every single word and gesture. No couple has had this effect on me on any soap! I can attribute this to Kelly and Steve. They just work so well tegether!

    They’re going to have a fight next week and supposedly Sam pushes Jason away. Spoilers hint that he doesn’t go away without a fight. Am I looking forward to this? YES I AM! They are the best at emotion, and this will surely bring on the emotion….not only with them, but the viewers. I’m just hoping their separation doesn’t last long, and that Krissy opens up about the truth…and Sam will be melting in Jason’s arms sooner than later.

    Take care….hope you’re feeling better…and don’t ever forget how much your readers appreciate your blog. IT’S OUTSTANDING.

    March 26, 2010 at 3:11 pm

  3. mariam

    Another great post! I really Diane too, and love her and alexis together, they scream girl power to me.

    I can see where Alexis was coming from. As far as she is concerned, by listening to Krissy, she is letting the man that battered her daughter go. But I can see where sam was coming from too, because ultimately krissy can’t handle trial. She is not strong enough. They always seem to put alexis/sam on different sides, but yesterday was interesting because they were on the same side, but had different opinions.

    I think we finally understood why sam has trouble following the law, even now that she is no longer a con. The justice system failed her, by letting her abusers walk. I think it is interesting that Alexis is all for law and sam is against…writers should really develop their relationship more in this sl.

    Jason was a sweetheart. Now if only they could clarify whether sam is living with him or not. It seems she is always there.

    March 26, 2010 at 3:25 pm

  4. sarah

    Maybe it’s because it’s spring..all the remodeling, and noise. We also are preparing to get a new roof…NOISE!! But, we will all endure…Now, will our couple?? Of course, we have faith, but how long must we watch the disagreements, and discord?? I don’t want to, none of us do. Please keep telling us it will be okay. We know it will, we hope it will, but we need your sensible words to keep us strong. You are so insightful into the storylines of GH. What blows me away is the adults .who have no problem lying, and letting their offspring lie as well…………thanks, Angelique……keep well

    March 26, 2010 at 5:02 pm

  5. Traveler

    No remodeling going on around here!!!! LOL

    Thanks for another WONDERFUL Blog!! I did rewatch our Jasam over and over again yesterday!! I agree… Im not worried at all about whats coming the next few weeks. I KNOW they will be fine and its going to just prove how much they love eachother!!!

    March 26, 2010 at 6:31 pm

  6. Chris dollaz aka Sam's#1 fan

    I loved JaSam in that sceen we need more of them like that more love less mob but still keep the adventure.

    This is a great Sam vid that was passed to me by some friends check it out.

    March 27, 2010 at 7:48 pm

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