Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Happy Hump Day, GHers!

There’s a lot going on in Port Charles these days! It seems that each of its major players is constantly waiting for something big to happen, for the other shoe to drop…

Have I mentioned my OCD? 🙂

Am I the only one who noticed that Dante only took off ONE of Lulu’s shoes? Hey, who can blame the poor guy? It seems that every time they want to *cough* get closer, they are interrupted. Not that they will garner much sympathy from me, as my favorite couple has got to be The Most Interrupted Couple in Daytime! In fact, their latest interruption seems to have inspired Dante’s “desperate” quest for passion. Lulu seems surprised by Dante’s fervor, and worries about him “popping a stitch”, but it seems there was no need to worry, they are interrupted again and again…first by Maxie, then by Ronnie, who whisks Dante away on “police business”, giving “men in blue” a whole new meaning. Lulu gets a visit from her cousin Carly, who tries to enlist Lulu’s help in persuading Dante to show a little sympathy for Sonny, in an effort to keep Michael off the stand. Lulu refuses, and Carly gives Lulu some advice about Sonny and his ability to make people love him. As wrong as Sonny is, you can’t deny what Carly is saying. It’s Sonny’s gift. Carly going to Lulu may have put a strain on their relationship, but Carly is a mother…waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Maxie has obviously learned a thing or two from her friend, Sam, as she comes home to change into an all-black ensemble of  “adventure wear”.  Too bad she doesn’t have Sam’s instincts, as Spinelli’s case is nothing more than a ruse to inspire Maxie to think him as brave and heroic as the men who came before him in Maxie’s lust life. After Maxie holds Chef Robert at butter-knife point, (LOL) she feels badly for tipping him off and insists on joining Spin on his investigation. Spinelli is beyond thrilled, and leads his beloved into the sewer tunnels of love where they went on “their first adventure” in search of the text message killer, on the premise of finding out “where the bodies are buried.” Within moments, Spin manages to “rupture his Achilles tendon” (how nice of the writers to write his actual injury into the storyline) and Maxie is too busy freaking out and screaming over the huge sewer rats to appreciate the romance. In true Spixie fashion, while waiting for the other shoe to drop in their mystery, the sewer gates come clanging down.

Maxie’s cousin Robin might be in need of some real Jackal PI surveillance skills. Robin keeps coming upon Lisa trying to move in on her man territory. First, she finds Lisa trying to make a date with Patrick for some karaoke and “up and overs” at Jake’s, and FINALLY tells Patrick that she doesn’t appreciate Lisa making plans with her husband. Yet, Robin can’t leave well enough alone and keeps hounding Patrick about wanting him to go. Patrick may have said the smartest thing of the month when he said, “I wonder why my wife is always looking for trouble.” I kinda wonder the same thing, especially since the next thing Robin sees is her husband standing next to Lisa in her underwear in the locker room! Robin, get a grip! This really frustrates me, because Robin follows that up with, “I want you to go to Jake’s.” WTH? Robin is willingly sitting back and waiting for the other shoe to drop…on her marriage!

Kristina is in trouble. Everywhere she looks, there is more of it lurking for this poor overachiever with her mother’s penchant for the wrong guy at the wrong time. Kristina continues to throw herself at Ethan, who continues to blow her off for the plastic Jennifer. Ethan, however, is really the least of her problems…as Kiefer comes sniffing around like a blood-thirsty shark. I tell you that as a mother of a 17-year-old daughter, this storyline makes my blood run cold in my veins. We need to empower our girls with the assurance that they deserve NOTHING but the best ALL OF THE TIME! If Kristina really believed that about herself, she could not fall victim to either of these situations. Now Kiefer wants her to go find something “sexy” to wear so that he can show her off like a possession. Ugh. We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop in this tragic, but tragically true storyline.

Kristina’s dad, Sonny must feel as though he’s had two pairs of high-heeled shoes drop on his coiffed head. First, he takes on Carly in trying to convince her to let Jason and Sam take Michael to the island for his protection. Jax gets involved and actually agrees with Sonny, but even an agreement between those two leads to a big fight. Sonny finally wins that battle, but still faces a war when he asks Olivia to tell him about his son Dante. Perhaps one of you could help me out here. I don’t get Olivia. When she’s with her boytoy John, Liv sings Sonny’s praises, talks about the “lost boy” still inside him, how she cannot help but love him, and blah, blah, blah. Yet, she’s with Sonny and starts mouthing off about “blood money” and his “freakin’ filthy life” never touching her kid. Am I the only one who wished Carly would back and slap the crap out of self-righteous Olivia? All that talk about Sonny going to lie in the bed he made, and we all know that if Sonny asked her to join him, she’d be lying in it too. Puh-leeze! Sonny manages to walk away without getting his eyes scratched out by the Brooklyn Cougar, only to walk into the Lion’s Den waiting in his living room in the form of Dante and Ronnie. There’s no rest for the weary! Sonny’s doomed to constant live in waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Two people never willing to sit around and wait for the other shoe to drop are our real adventure couple, Jason and Sam! They take action and take Michael out of the country. How funny were those scenes when they were trying to get rid of Dante? Our girl Sam is going to teach Jason a thing of two after all! Jason and Sam’s romance has been a lot of fun this time around, and I love that they can count on each other. I know that’s what will bring them through any bumps in the road ahead. Did you see Jason stroking her hair and holding her legs on the plane while she slept? I think I slept better just imagining that my guardian angel looked like Jason! I also have to give props to yesterday’s writer, Karen Harris, for those really nice moments between Jason and Michael. Sweetly sad, but painfully realistic. It goes back to what we talked about a few days ago…it’s really hard to let go of our babies…even when they’re adults.

Looks like fun times ahead, friends…grab an island cocktail, throw on a lei and settle in for this afternoon’s GH!

‘Til Tomorrow!


4 responses

  1. Trini

    You posted early…must be as excited as I am for some Island loving. LOL. I agreed with everything you said. I am confused about Robin. I get that she trusts her husband and that she doesn’t want to be a jealous wife, but what about an honest wife. Finally she told Patrick that Lisa was annoying. But Shut the Front Door, Robin, please on Lisa’s behavior. I mean parading in front of your husband in your underwear. I agree with the youtube posters, Lisa has nothing on Robin, trashy vs classy.

    Loved Jasam, they are so funny. I really hope Kelly was feeling better during the filming of the island scenes so we can enjoy love in the afternoon, Jasam style! It was nice to see the scenes on the plane. Jason is such a wonderful man, father, lover and mob enforcer, and he is sooooo sexy. Sometimes I can’t hear what he is saying because I am looking at his beauty. JASAM is HAWT.

    Thanks Angelique for allowing us Jasam fans to hang out together.

    March 10, 2010 at 11:14 am

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for another WONDERFUL Blog!! Such a GREAT Read!!!
    Im ready for some JaSam Island Loving today!!!

    March 10, 2010 at 2:15 pm

  3. I feel for Jason we all do not won’t our kids to grown up and get in trouble. I also think Jason is realizing he is not a kid anymore and that scares the hell out of him. I am the mother of three girl 15 14 12 and I can feel his pain. My oldest takes driver ed this month which means a car and boy. I have all girl by the time they get to college I will have no hair left I am sure. I love your blogs as always. Now Lante can feel Jasam pain with all the interruptions. Our poor couple need a vacation where they don’t have to babysit lol

    March 10, 2010 at 4:41 pm

  4. missingJASAMalways

    I loved the scenes with JaSam and Dante yesterday!! It looks like Jason may be learning how to “role play”! He did a pretty good job acting like a guy who just got interrupted during his “race for the finish line”! And Sam was awesome, as usual! KeMo is a wonderful actress and I am so glad that the writers are giving her the chance to showcase her amazing range of talent. And it looks like they are headed in that direction with Jason too! I am lovin’ me some JaSam this time around!! Gotta go watch todays show now!!

    March 10, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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