Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Friends, there are things in life that just happen out of the blue and take us by surprise. Then, GHers, there are things that are just bound to happen; events that seem unavoidable …INEVITABILITIES.

 Recently, my hubby witnessed something extremely traumatic. On his way to work, he was behind a woman at a red light, and at that hour, there was hardly anyone on the road within the city. Suddenly, he says the woman took off, though the red light had not changed. My husband said he immediately looked up to check the light, as at that very moment there was a huge mass transit bus crossing the intersection from the other side. The light was indeed still red. The woman must have been preoccupied, because she didn’t even notice the bus coming straight at her.

My husband only had time to yell “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” the way we’ve seen it done on GH dozens of times. But nothing could have stopped the bus from slamming into the woman’s car on her side. It was an INEVITABILITY. No matter how he tried, or wished it, he could not stop the wreck from taking place right before his very eyes. Though he was safe and unharmed, he was not without trauma. It was all he talked about for days. I am happy to report that in spite of the fact that the woman was critically injured, and suffered severe head trauma and other injuries, she survived and was expected to recover. Thankfully, the driver of the empty bus was not hurt. It was truly a miracle.

 Sometimes, we have the same experience as my husband on different scales. We watch our friends or loved ones headed towards a wreck on the intersection of life, and no matter what we do or say, we cannot stop it. It’s an INEVITABILITY that they will be hurt.

 Port Charles was a breeding ground of INEVITABILTIES during Thursday’s episode. Friends and loved ones witnessed bad decisions, unwise choices, and poor judgment on the part of people they care about. Still, no matter how they tried to intervene, it became clear that some things are just inevitable.

 Last we saw Lucky on Wednesday, he was in the middle of a shoot-out with Bill Clinton, or at least Bill Clinton’s face. A shot rang out, and we were left hanging as to whether Lucky was injured just as Liz winced because her uterus was being swabbed, and his brother-turned-enemy, Nikolas, was signing over another few million to the most expensive incubator in town. (Don’t you just love soap timing? Next time I lay down on a hospital gurney, I’m going to do it slowly, and wonder what huge thing is happening around the world at that very moment) Thankfully, our tortured upholder of the law lived to make it to the precinct in time to give Dante a 50¢ tour of his new work digs. After that, Lucky was off to the breaker of the law’s penthouse to warn Jason that he responded to an attempted break-in at one of the Corinthos buildings. Jason is quick to dismiss Lucky, but Lucky lets him know that Johnny is his to take care of, not Jason’s. Jason tells Lucky that John is just out of control, but Lucky wants to make sure that Jason committing another murder isn’t another INEVITABILITY. Jason probably had his fill of visits from the “Seekers of Justice”, as just minutes earlier, Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh had stopped by for a cup of  really good coffee, and to issue Jason a warning that he will be called as a witness in the trial against his partner. As annoying as it all is, Jason understands that being harassed by the cops is an INEVITABILITY in his line of work.

 Across town at Jake’s, we see our previously masked thug with a death wish limping into the bar. Maxie, who moments before was concerned only with setting the mood for some  “honkey-tonk” loving and boot-knocking with her non-husband Spinelli, but can spot a hurtin’ hottie a mile away, immediately checks up on Johnny. Luckily, Spinelli arrives before Maxie can use any of her “candy striper skills” on Johnny in one of the upstairs rooms. Spinelli, who has truly grown into a PI, immediately puts together the clues and figures out that Johnny was the culprit of the attempted break-in. Spinelli is sad for his friend, because he knows Johnny’s reckless actions will lead to the INEVITABILITY of Johnny’s demise. As the conversation with his beloved continues, Spinelli also picks up on the clues that Maxie is once again attracted to the dark and the dangerous, which Spinelli fears will bring a much more tragic INEVITABILITY to their relationship.

 Coleman sees the signs of the inevitable and warns Johnny not to bring his war with the mob into his establishment. In a moment of heartwarming concern, Coleman also asks John to pay off his tab…just in case John can’t outrun the INEVITABILITY that he will be taken down. (LOL) One last INEVITABILITY that John must face is that when you leave a trail of crumbs, someone will catch up to you…and he may just be wearing a Bill Clinton mask too!

 Down at the PCPD, another person lining up to take down the Port Charles Mob Godfather is his newfound son, Dante. Dante and Lucky compare notes on being cops while having fathers who refuse to be policed. Dante wins on having the worst of it, especially since going up against his father over and over again is an INEVITABILITY.

 Liz has got one hell of a support group at that hospital! I mean, really, I had to have major back surgery to get a “ginormous card” signed by all the staff at my school. All Liz has to do is get pregnant for the third time with a bastard child, and she gets the reception I got after coming back from maternity leave! Kelly reminds her that everyone there “loves her”, and even Epiphany is chuckling at cute-as-a-button Liz. It seems to be an INEVITABILITY that the resident Saint Elizabeth will, as Lulu so rightly put it, come out of this scandal looking like THE MADONNA, not Madonna. It’s enough to make me gag! It seems she will also have added FINANCIAL SUPPORT, because Nikolas added to Jason’s $5 million contribution and he’s also getting a couple of back-up sets of paternityresults for Liz’s baby. Thanks goodness, as Helena has paid off some desperate lab technician who’s about to pay off his school loans at a baby’s expense. Do you all see the possibility that Helena could have done the very same thing Liz was pregnant just to hurt Lucky by making him believe Jason was the father, but he’s really not? It’s so easy…how could she have resisted such an opportunity?

 Again, what the hell is up with Robin? When Liz came out of her procedure to find out which of her two lovers is the father of her most recent bastard, Robin stood there smiling at her as if Liz had just donated a kidney to a needy patient! Is she kidding me? And what about her conversation with Nik? Robin answers Nik’s questions about how Liz is doing with: “She doesn’t give herself enough credit?” WHAAAAT? Well, let’s give her credit where credit is due! She’s a judgmental, lying, two-faced slut! Is that enough credit?  And what about comparing Liz to the woman who lifted the car off the baby who was trapped? “Elizabeth gets her strength from her children,” Robin said. Ummm…No she does not, Robin! She was getting her strength from banging Nik and his magic….well, never mind. But please, don’t insult Nik’s (or our) intelligence, Robin! Liz was living like a phening drug addict, looking for Nik at all hours, needing a “hit” to make it through. Let’s hope Robin is this understanding about adultery when the INEVITABILITY of Lisa making a play for Patrick happens.

 Speaking of marriages in crisis, Jax and Carly are both miserable apart, and tripping over themselves to keep reminding each other of how much one needs the other. Jax tortured Carly with thoughts of slipping around on satin sheets, and fed her yummy Belgian chocolate hoping to inspire a need for more…more chocolate and more Jax. I have to tell you that I am rooting for Jax and Carly to work this one out. Why? Because when Jax and Carly are happy, Jason is happy, or at least less busy. I need for Carly to use up less of Jason’s orbit, so that Sam and romance can take up more of it. Besides, Jax and Carly really do love each other. They had some nice moments looking over the proofs from Baby Josslyn’s christening, but a huge difference of opinion over Sonny was an INEVITABILITY, and therefore, so was moving to opposite corners of the ring. So close, and yet so far…

 Well, GHers, Carly’s anger caused her to drop the box of proofs, which caused her to find a picture of a smiling, smug Franco. Of course, she hightails it to Jason’s where she shows him the picture and says, “It’s Franco”, just in case Jason forgot what he looked like. She then warns, “He’s still after you.”

So we’ve known for some time that Franco’s return was an ominous INEVITABILITY, I just wonder how it will play out for our favorite characters.

 We’ll just have to stay tuned!

 TGIF, readers! Have a great weekend!



6 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Very pleased to see that Nik knows his grandmother well enough to know that he needs a paternity test done away from the hospital.

    As for Liz.. I am so sick of her, and those around her that think she can still do no wrong. Robin.. are you serious.. take of your blinders and look at what is going on around you. Maybe you should pay a little more attention to what your husband is doing and less trying to convince us that Liz is a saint.

    Sam and Jason.. Oh how i miss seeing them on the screen together.

    Have a great weekend!
    Peace and Love

    March 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

  2. sarah

    Once again you have nailed it..your observation are spot-on..all of the inevitable scenarios that our characters bring into play….How delightful to see that your assessment of Liz and Robins attitudes are so like my own.
    Holier than thou…..NOT! And the Carly-Jax interaction is so predictable,
    time to put hubby first, Carly! Have to wonder if the PTB will let our favourite couple, Jason and Sam, have a little happiness somewhere..
    But then again, it IS a soap! Thank you…you are fun to read.

    March 5, 2010 at 2:27 pm

  3. Traveler

    OMG – Todays blog actually had me Smiling from ear to ear and giggling from time to time…. It was just PERFECT!! Love, Love, Love your take on Lying Lizzy!!!

    Hope your husband is doing okay after seeing that accident!! It is great that they survived… Love Miracle Stories!!
    Sad to say.. But a few years ago my Husband was hit head on by a woman that crossed the middle line/divider of the road and she wasnt as lucky. Thank God my husband came out of it physcially okay. Major Bumps, Bruises and some Blood be he survived…. I KNOW how seeing or being involved in a trama can effect those we love emotionally….

    March 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm

  4. missingJASAMalways

    I swear you pluck the thoughts right out of my head and put them into words for me! I agree with everything about your blog today! As usual. I really want CarJax to work this one out, for all the reasons you stated plus, I just like Carly better with Jax! Can’t wait for next week. Hope we get some great JaSam scenes. I need new ones for vids!! Have a great weekend!

    March 5, 2010 at 9:47 pm

  5. I need some advice for my blog….I like your layout. Can you help me?

    March 6, 2010 at 1:33 am

  6. Thanks again for your fantastic blog. Loved everything you said….especially about Liz. OMG…the girl irks me to no end. There’s not an ounce of sympathy I feel for her…EVER. She is completely unrootable…IMO.

    I miss Jasam. Word on other sites is that Kelly was sick with the flu, and I’m guessing couldn’t film for a few days…I MISS JASAM….my addiction!

    Sounds like good stuff coming up for Jasam..and Sam with Kristina and Alexis should be good. Sure beats the never ending smirking WTD s/l. Can’t watch without my blood pressure rising.

    Hope you’re feeling stronger Angelique! From the sound of your blog…your getting there and then some!

    Looking forward to the gorgeous Jasam in white on the island! Can’t wait.

    March 6, 2010 at 10:02 am

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