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Before we get into discussing our favorite daytime drama, I’m asking that you all send good thoughts and prayers to our friend, Becky, (JasamFan) who lives in Hawaii, where a tsunami warning has been issued. We’re thinking of you, Becky! Stay Safe!



GHers, Life is about the best laid plans we make…and when that doesn’t work out for us, it’s about PLAN B. And PLAN B is about being able to adapt, rethink, adjust, and reevaluate the best laid plans. Most of the time, our PLAN B is only as good as the people who help us formulate it.

As I watched Friday’s GH, I realized that life in Port Charles is a lot like ours. Of course, like ours with a lot less mobsters with good hearts, and less hostage crises, and less sleeping around, but you get what I’m saying. Port Charles is a fictional city with fictional characters that we can call our home away from home. Those friendly faces we relate to and come to love have the same dilemma we do: Sometimes Life Just Doesn’t Turn Out As Planned, In Spite of The Best Laid Plans.

And, also like us, sometimes our favorite characters just have to go to their PLAN B. It’s the kind of stuff that warms my heart.

Luke’s quest for “cubans” apparently led to a plan G or H, as I am not really sure how that quest led to John Zacchara’s garage. However, it was pretty good timing, as Lucky stumbles upon his dear old dad for some 411  on Johnny and…Ethan, again. Most importantly, Luke is there to help Lucky do two things:  1.) Realize his best laid plans went up in smoke, and 2.) Consider a PLAN B. Lucky tells Luke that lying to Elizabeth about forgiving her makes him so angry that he feels he’s going to lose it (Now he knows how most of us felt!) Luke speaks GOSPEL TRUTH when he tells Lucky that it’s just too soon to talk about forgiveness, or about responsibility to her boys, or even forgiveness. OH SO TRUE! Luke then asks Lucky to consider that maybe it’s OVER for him and The Fallen Angel, and that perhaps their time is done. (Best Laid Plans notwithstanding) Sometimes the truth can only be heard coming from the lips of those that whispered the first words you ever heard. (Another one of my Grandpa’s Pearls of Wisdom – and I bet he thought I wasn’t listening!) Losing the love one thought was forever isn’t easy. Less easy is hearing that it’s lost forever. But when the person breaking that news to you is someone who has loved you all your life, it’s truth stings less. When Lucky seems to be crushed by that truth, Luke suggests PLAN B: Key West. Mary Sue Price was today’s writer, and she really used the history/chemistry between JJ and Tony Geary to the fullest! When Lucky asked about Ethan and Luke said they’d smack him over the head, throw him in the trunk and not let him out ’til they get there…JJ’s chuckle and smile were as genuine as they come. In his reaction I could see him thinking, “I really missed working with this guy!” Another well-written episode! Luke’s not able to convince Lucky to ditch the PCPD in their time of need, but he does advise Lucky not to confuse his anger with his job. Hmmm… one of the wisest things Luke’s ever said to Cowboy!

Luke’s other son, Ethan came to town to make a killing on some serious money. It wasn’t just the loot under the bar at the Haunted Star, it was the money his strange bedfellow, Rebecca Shaw was about to swindle all of Emily’s loved ones out of. Well, to Ethan’s dismay, Rebecca turned soft and fell in love with all of her would-be victims, and Ethan found himself broke, and in desperate need of a PLAN B. Luckily, Luke turned out to be more than just his “soul mate”, and Ethan found himself with an insta-family in the Spencers. Ethan has done his best to be a good brother and son, but life has grown a little dull.

Along comes Johnny, in a crazy, angry hunt for a PLAN B, since he is no longer sure that Sonny is going to pay for killing his sister. Instead, Johnny wants to play “Doggie, Doggie, Who Stole Your Shipment?” with Sonny, and keeps finding himself in need of a back-up. It takes some convincing and an inadvertent push from Tracy, but Ethan finally decides to take Johnny up on his offer. Let the death games begin!

Am I the only one who can see that Dr. Lisa Niles is completely hell-bent on becoming Patrick’s PLAN B? Oh. My. Goodness. Could she BE any more obvious? I could not believe that she stuck her nose into Robin and Patrick’s argument and lived to tell about it! If I were Robin, I would have wrapped my stethoscope around her neck! Lisa is so transparent, but not to anyone that matters, sadly. Well, I know some SCRUBS fans will be angry with me, but  if Patrick ever falls for Lisa’ scheming, I think Steve Webber would be a great PLAN B for Robin! Just sayin’.

Sonny Corinthos confessed to murdering Claudia in self-defense in order to keep his son Michael, the real culprit, from paying for the crime. He thought he would confess, prove that he did it in order to save Carly and her baby daughter, and he would get off scot-free. Why wouldn’t he think that? He has never been convicted of any of his other crimes. He’s out on bail, and if things start to look “bad”, he’ll just high-tail it out of the country. Enter Claire Walsh. Enter need for PLAN B…like yesterday. I have to say that Mark Teschner, the Casting Director for GH really has been on a roll. Dahlia Salem stepped into the role of Claire Walsh and made it look like she’s been playing her for years. What’s even better is that she seems as competent as Alexis and Diane, which to me, is very exciting! Things look more “bad” for Sonny with every moment that passes, which is why he calls on his Trusty Plan B Enforcer, Jason.  Sonny knows that somehow, someway, Jason will find a way to keep Jason from making it to prison. That’s quite a guy to have as your best friend.

Jason doesn’t always like Sonny’s ideas. In fact, he rarely likes Sonny’s ideas, but he understands that once he has given Sonny his opinion, the decision is Sonny’s. As Jason told Spinelli, “These are Sonny’s orders, it’s just my job to make it happen.” As I watched the scene unfolding, I took note of something huge. Jason really hit the jackpot. You see, Jason used to be the loner, the one that did Sonny’s dirty work, protected Sonny’s business, territory, holdings, and family, and then went home alone. Jason has a support system now. First and Foremost, his Fair Samantha has been his VP of PLAN B’s. She’s a partner in the truest sense of the word, a sounding board, a back-up, and a decoy. She’s also an independent thinker, she keeps him grounded when his world goes crazy, and she loves him when he doesn’t even like himself to boot. Sam makes Jason a better person, a better man. Furthermore, Sam has made Jason realize that he has feelings, and that they aren’t a weakness. Did you hear Jason telling Spinelli that he appreciates him? That was huge! And speaking of Spinelli, he’s Jason’s PLAN B Facilitator! Spinelli makes things happen – red lights, security codes and cameras all over town, and most importantly, he knows what the Cops are gonna do before they know they’re going to do it. The things I could do with a friend like Spinelli for just a day!

Oh, Friends, General Hospital is an exciting place to live…vicariously through our favorite characters. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned, but thankfully, we all have a PLAN B in the quaint little harbor town of Port Charles!


See you all tomorrow for our Sunday Drive!


6 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Loved the scenes with Diane and Alexis, they are priceless. Jason thanking Spin how nice was that, I thought he could have given a nod to our girl Sam. However I also know that she knows how much he appreciates her.

    OH Sonny.. whatever would you do without Jason?

    Thanks for the prayers, the tsunami has passed and we are all doing great!

    You are truly a blessing!

    Peace and Love

    February 27, 2010 at 7:53 pm

  2. Traveler

    Wonderful blog… Hope you are feeling better as each day passes!!

    What can I say… Im one happy GH Fan these days!! Love watching our JaSam and all the other storylines. Love having JJ back… Really gets me feeling for the spencers again….

    But nothing compares to JaSam in my heart!! Looking forward to our Sunday Drive.

    February 27, 2010 at 11:04 pm

  3. missingJASAMalways

    Friday was a good day in PC! We got great interaction with Luke and Lucky, Ethan’s s/l is starting to really heat up, Diane and Alexis are officially co-counsel for Sonny in a murder trial that I think is going to actually give us some great comedic moments from NLG and CH. Can. Not. Wait!! And then we have team JaSam! Sam and Milo had me laughing, as did Spinelli trying to talk in code to Jason. And I loved Jason taking the time to let Spin know how much he appreciates him and his help. i have a feeling he will show Sam his appreciation on Monday before they set the escape plan in motion. Anyone want to take bets on Sonny’s bail being revoked? I’m saying it won’t be. Which is good for Sam and Jason. And us fans! They will have all this adrenaline pumping and will naturally need to find a way to work it off! The thought has me smiling already!

    February 27, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    • Okay a couple of things. Girl I love your blog.Everyday I read it what can I say. Now on to my place away from home. Okay I have allot of Drama going on in my life that is not mine it just comes to me anyway. I would rather watch my GH and the real life drama just would go away won’t happen. LOL So I was just stay in my Jasam world with all you everyday. Now was it me or did I see some frustration in Jason’s eyes where did not even want to go there with Spinelli or Sam if he had to go to South America with Sonny. It was like he thought on minute if I have to no Sam and did not even won’t to go there. I don’t know it just looked that way to me. I to like the new Luke and what he said to Lucky was dead on. I also have to say I like the new Jason and Lucky friendship going on. i just tired of the Sonny and Michael stuff. I do like the sorry has gave us some darn stories with our couple. Sam just got poor Jason back and may have to loose him for awhile. Sucks and I saw the look in her eyes she was not happy about it. I just have one question why must everyone pays for Sonny crimes and not him? I mean it just twisted I Well I am off to bed now. Keep the blogs coming and have a great week. I hope you get better and the snow goes away. Well until next time.

      February 28, 2010 at 12:29 am

    • Sorry about my spelling i took some allergy meds and they were kicking in the drowsy effect big time. So excuse me for the mistakes please.

      February 28, 2010 at 12:32 am

  4. Tammy

    Your blogs are always so great and thought provoking.

    February 28, 2010 at 4:44 am

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