Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Forgive me for posting so late today, but with surgery on Tuesday, there’s a lot to do! Please send good thoughts and prayers! I’m starting to get a little nervous! *biting nails*

Moving on…

GHers…what an awesome week we’ve had, and we have today’s episode to go! Wow! The GH Team Brought Their Stuff In A Really Big Way This Week! And in team, I mean EVERYONE: Actors, Writers, Directors, shoot – even the wardrobe department was shining brightly this week!

I am really proud to be a General Hospital fan these days!

You know, friends, Port Charles is made up of different people and different personalities. Different situations and different circumstances make each character unique. Each person wears a different hat in the way life plays out in Port Charles, or in this case, different boots.


For instance…Lucky seems intent on trashing his life because of the affair Liz and Nik had right under his nose. He was at Jake’s in the middle of the day, drinking and playing pool, and completely in denial about why drinking is do dangerous to an addict in crisis. Enter Mac. Let me say that for longtime viewers like me, that was a fabulous thing! Mac used his work relationship with Lucky to try to reach out to him. And he uses his own history, the one so many of us watched play out onscreen, to let Lucky know that there is a better way. Mac talking about Felicia was nice to hear…sometimes people don’t really understand his connection to Maxie and Georgie. It was so nice of the writers to use the parallels between Mac and Lucky’s situations: both raising kids that aren’t their own because of the woman they love. Nice touch. In the end, Mac was able to “redirect” Lucky, if not completely turn him around by getting him to do the one thing he’s still sure he’s good at: police work. Mac’s boots were made for being Life’s Traffic Cop for Lucky, even if it went unnoticed.

Poor Dante. He was shot, had life-saving surgery, flatlined on the table, and woke up to tell his new love about his “bad dad” dream, only to learn that it wasn’t a dream. The Godfather of Port Charles is, in fact, his father. I loved the scene of Dante trying to clear his head of the surgery-induced drugged fog, as I am so familiar with that feeling. 😦 While Dante tries to make sense of it all, Olivia walks in and Dante shakes with the effort to control his rage. Olivia does her best to explain and justify her decisions, which were all good reasons, but she could not convince him that she didn’t fail him miserably when she kept the secret even after Dante took on the case to bring Sonny down. While they had some nice moments where I thought Dante might just extend a hand to his mother to bridge the gap between them, it was finally obvious that Dante’s boots were made for kicking Olivia out of his life…albeit temporarily.

Carly and Jax are really facing an uphill battle…in high-heeled boots. Their chance of making it don’t look all that good. Even without the added strain of all the lies, Carly tipped the scales in the wrong direction when she took a chance in deciding to go to Sonny, knowing that Jax would see it as her undying committment to her ex rearing its ugly head again. I think even Carly was surprised by Jax’s calm, as Jax was too weighed down by guilt to have a reaction, but unfortunately, it’s the proverbial calm before the storm. We all knew about Jax’s months of lying and deceit, but once she finds out, I think Carly’s boots will indeed be made for walking….right out of this marriage.

Alexis walked in on the Fab Four discussing Michael’s shocking confession about murdering his stepmother from hell. There were some scenes that made me think, “Thank God!” she was there, because it was just too much for those kids to shoulder alone. However, I could see Michael taking everything she said upon his own shoulders, adding to the guilt and regret he’s been carrying all these months. Apparently, yesterday, Alexis’s boots were made for running Michael to the edge of his despair, as inadvertently as it was.

Sonny the tough guy becomes a shaking, terrified mess when confined because of both his horrible and abusive childhood and his mental illness which lends itself to various phobias and fears. Those closest to him know that, and therefore knew prison would be torture for him.  So Jason, the kind of friend every person needs, was willing to give up everything he and Sonny owned together in order for Sonny to make the incredibly high bail set. Then Carly used her very best verbiage in order to convince Sonny to put those boots to the asphalt and take off running…fast and far, in order to keep his freedom. And even Lady Justice Diane, told Sonny to jump bail at the cost of losing everything, though she cleverly never said the words…exactly. Jason was there to transport Sonny to the private jet, and was about to bid his best friend “adieux” once more, though probably without the mushy thanks and promises they’ve exchanged all the other times they’ve parted ways, as this time, they were a bit pressed for time. That’s when Sonny realized something that makes people love him in spite of who he is and what he does. Sonny decided his boots are not made for walking out of his children’s lives, even at the cost of his freedom. That was deep.

Finally, friends, on a much lighter note, and the very inspiration for today’s post, it seems Sam’s boots are made for turning Jason…frisky!  Woo hoo! For those who are convinced Jason is a prude, and seemingly pretty boring, the writers wanted to remind us that Jason Morgan is a hot, and hot-blooded man in love! And I say “It’s about time!” More importantly, each one of Jason’s and Sam’s scenes together, however short, spoke directly to the many ways they are committed, and completely perfect for one another. Sam was as cool as a cucumber when the police arrived to pressure and lean on them for the stolen evidence. She barely batted an eyelash when Detective Domestico asked about a red wig, and she knew enough to keep her apartment clean, as she was smart enough to anticipate them checking her apartment next. Sam is level-headed and steady-handed in high pressure situations, and Jason has found a true partner…in life and in love. Sam wanted Jason to know that he could lose everything, and she would still be there. She let him know that nothing would drive her away…that she doesn’t need $5,000,000 (oops! too specific?) or the penthouse or the stuff. The writers have shown us yet again how much Sam has grown as a person and a woman. Not only does she not need a man to take care of her any longer, she has the confidence and the ability to take care of her man for a while. And while I am a bit too modern to like the idea of any woman having to take care of any man, Jason is different. He took care of Sam and provided her with a home and family when she had nothing and no one else, and expected nothing in return.  If any man should be taken care of for a while, it’s Jason Morgan. Yup. I said it. And I meant it! Sam has her own life, her own business, and as she so sweetly reminded him…her own place to live. That scene of Sam offering to let Jason move in with her, and Jason asking her to promise to wear those boots at least once a week…just about left me panting! That was one hot scene! I’ve included the link to the scene in case you missed the little head dip Jason did when asking her, or the way he pulled her into the kiss! JaSam 2/4/10 Credit: thepowerof3p

Ay ay ay! Kudos to the writers for using their imaginations to get ours going! Sam’s boots were made for the stuff that keeps us watching….and hooked!

I can barely wait to see what comes next…


10 responses

  1. mariam

    “Jason is different. He took care of Sam and provided her with a home and family when she had nothing and no one else, and expected nothing in return.”

    It is like you read my mind. I thought that was a nice nod to the jasam history, which started off with Sam pregnant and lone with now where to go, and jase taking her in without any expectations. It’d be nice to see her take of him. Not that she doesn’t help him often, be it with his job or family, it was still a sweet gesture. And I think it is sweet gestures that makes jasam. With a hitman and a con woman(now PI), every sweet word seems like a kodak moment.

    And I think jase’s comment even surprised sam a little, she sort looks shocked, and then he pulls her into the kiss. I guess jase is not a prude. I love your blog as usual. Good with the surgery, I hope everyhting goes welll.

    February 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm

  2. First of all….you’re having surgery? I hope and pray it’s nothing serious and that all goes well! I really mean that!

    As for your blog….we could be twins separated at birth. We think alike…a lot!!! Kind of scares me!

    I’ll just comment on the Jasam part. OMG…they give me fever! ISN’T THAT A SONG?
    Anyway…I loved every second of their scenes…every word…every gesture. Jason Morgan being offered a home and shelter with Sam’s promise to wear those hot boots at least once a week. The writers have this couple down PAT. They know the chemistry they have and the ability to carry off humor! The sex appeal seems to be highlighted a lot also. I am a fangurl for sure! EEEEEEEEE… I am a complete Jasam addict. I want no cure! I will carry this addiction forever. Actually, I have to share something funny. I went to the dentist and sat in that stupid chair for 3 hours. They put sunglasses on me…and ear phones with my favorite radio station. EVERY song that played I thought of Jasam, and that got me through the awful dentist visit. How crazy is that? Ok…that’s it. Love ya for all your fabulous comments.

    PLEASE let us know how you are doing after surgery. My prayers are with you for sure!

    February 5, 2010 at 5:11 pm

  3. JAgirl28

    First I will keep you in prayer about your upcoming surgery.

    Now JaSam this whole week whhhooooweee they are HAWT!!!!! I am loving it!!!! The are smoking again and are better than ever. I love that they have each other’s backs in ALL things. I know Jason loved Sam even more becaue of her offer. Kinky Jason is to die for lol!!!!!

    I felt sooo bad for the fab four. My goodness those poor kids. I wish Alexis could hug them all.
    I will keep checking in and enjoying your blob

    February 5, 2010 at 5:23 pm

  4. I hope everything goes well. We had a great Jasam week. No forget great awesome week. It seems it might just get better.

    February 5, 2010 at 6:05 pm

  5. missingJASAMalways

    Hope everything goes well with your surgery Angelique! Again, we are of two like minds when it comes to GH and JaSam!

    February 5, 2010 at 7:27 pm

  6. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes…they mean so much! It will be my 4th back surgery…hopefully the 4th time’s the charm! *eye roll* As soon as I’m awake, I’ll be on that laptop to let you know I’m okay…and of course, to check YouTube for JaSam Scenes!

    You guys are the best! Thanks for being there…out there…somewhere. It makes me feel better! 😉

    Much love, Angelique

    February 5, 2010 at 7:40 pm

  7. tchrof6th

    LOVED it! Yes, those boots were made to walk right back into jason’s life and heart and Jasam rides again! I hope we get more of this….the romance and the unexpected because it makes their love original and special…
    Creating these special one of kind moments are what Jasam is like and we can never forget all the ways they made our life fun and will make our future brighter. I have to give Kelly Monaco props…I am not sure I could have pulled off that fake accent and story, let alone that outfit!
    She really rocked those scenes!
    Angelique…may your surgery go well, I ahve also gone under a few times…hope all goes well!!! God Bless!


    February 5, 2010 at 7:52 pm

  8. samfan91

    First of all I totally caught Jason’s head movement.LOL
    Secondly, the surgery well only reinforce physically what your mind is… strong! Wishing you a speedy recovery,


    February 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm


    My prayers are with you Angelique during your surgery and recovery. I will watch for your post that you are recovering and will be back to keep the GH spirit going.
    As for JaSam this week, I can not even begin to say how much I enjoyed their surprising scenes. I always look for spoilers, but really enjoy those great surprise Jasam scenes we get like this. I like to call Jason “Frank” when he is flirting with Sam like this and “T A F F double E” was such a cutey pie that we know Jason would love to do a little role playing with Sam.
    I just cant wait to see what comes next for JaSam!
    Once again good luck with your surgery!

    February 6, 2010 at 2:35 pm

  10. Squiggle9

    I’m new to your blog, but I am really enjoying your writing. It occurred to me that I can watch the same JaSam clips over and over, but when they’re set to so much new and different music, it’s as if they’re all new and I can enjoy them all over again.

    February 22, 2010 at 11:27 am

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