Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


If ONE word could define Monday’s long-awaited, eagerly anticipated, and expectation-laden episode  of General Hospital, it would be SELFISHNESS. Everyone displayed SELFISHNESS at one point or another…but SELFISHNESS has many faces. Did you recognize them all?

Franco’s montage played again at the very beginning of the episode, and reminded us once again that Franco and Jason are alike in one key element: They are both “missing” something crucial. For Franco it has translated into not feeling remorse or emotion after taking a life, and though it appeared to Franco that Jason is the same, we realized that while Jason feels both remorse and regret after, he rarely thinks about it beforehand. It’s instinct,  it’s necessary: protect those who matter, eliminate those who threaten them.

I totally understood the premise of Franco’s misunderstood obsession with Jason. I imagine that even though Franco doesn’t feel badly about what he does, he still leads a very lonely existence. Upon studying Jason’s seemingly similar existence and experience, Franco thought that they could work together, or at the very least, compare notes and share their feelings. When Jason didn’t seem willing, Franco selfishly forced Jason to play, regardless of whether he was enjoying the game or not. Psychotic, I know, but good story nonetheless. Franco’s last scene, moping around his studio…reflecting on lost dreams and missed opportunities was poignant. Sometimes, we can be SELFISH for totally deluded and deranged reasons.

On that note, James Franco is in fact a mad hottie, and in spite of the havoc he’s caused, it made me wish I could smother him in my bosom the way Olivia does Johnny.


Dante Falconeri came into Port Charles against his mother’s wishes to risk his life to avenge the death of “a good guy” from Bensonhurst and for the greater good because he was coming in to take down “the bad guy” known as Sonny Corinthos. Dante is an upstanding citizen who was willing to do anything to keep from blowing his cover (except stop talking to Lulu “The Mouth” Spencer) ir oder to not blow his cover. When Lulu’s life was in danger, fellow cop Lucky warned that Dante was about to blow his cover. Selfishness dictated Dante’s choices. His undeclared love for Lucky’s sister trumped his obligation to his badge. Sometimes we can be SELFISH for the right reasons.

Kiefer Bauer is every mother’s worst nightmare. He’s what Lifetime movies are made of. He plays the role of intelligent, focused, ambitious overachiever to a T; and that’s everything Alexis wants for her baby girl, and really what mother would admit to wanting a drop-out, dead-beat, going no-where street bum for her daughter? No one. The problem here is what Alexis doesn’t see. Kiefer is a spoiled brat with entitlement issues and probably a lot of resentment against his own dad.  So he sets his eyes on Kristina, who is desperate for her Daddy’s love, whether she can admit it or not. Kiefer plays on that and gets her to believe that he can “make it all alright” with his love. And so after a poor excuse apology for acting like an ass over the holidays, hormone-crazed Kiefer gets Kristina to sleep with him again. Her feelings really don’t matter, he just selfishly uses them to his advantage. Proving that sometimes we can be SELFISH for unhealthy reasons.

Maxie nearly put herself on my list of people I love to hate with her uber selfish, whining over Lulu’s safety, and how Lulu’s death would affect Maxie. Never mind how it would affect Luke or Laura or Lucky or Nik or anyone else for that matter. She knows that her actions when she selfishly pooped on Spinelli’s love to “do” Franco and possibly further her career is what ultimately, however indirectly, put her friend at risk. And what of her other friend, Sam? Did Sam not warrant a word of concern just because her disappearance wouldn’t be attributed to Maxie? Proving sometimes we can be SELFISH for all the wrong reasons.

Liz Webber continues to astound me with her selfishness. After tucking poor Cam and Jake into their nice toasty beds, she get one call and realized that her on-call booty call is about to leave town and she yanks the poor boys out of their beds and into the cold night in order to appease her selfish needs. As if that weren’t selfish enough, she gets on the Nik’s private jet and begs him not to leave because she NEEDS him. I half-expected to “google” the word SELFISHNESS and see a pic of Liz Webber pop up! She loves them both she says, for different reasons. WHAAAAAT? Could you imagine if we everyone decided that if their significant others couldn’t fill every role an ex did, that we could just have them all? Her nausea-inducing flaws and all, Lucky has loved Liz unconditionally. Does she not listen to herself? She wants Nik, but can’t let go of Lucky. She loves Lucky but she loves Nik because she can be whoever she wants! Ugh! This is nothing new for her! When she was with Jason, she could be the bad girl, with Zander she could be One Night Stand, with Lucky the 15-year-old girl, and with Nik she’s a woman, and I’m starting to think, very kinky. I say she owns who she really is…a SELFISH, lying coward who puts her needs and desires above everything and anyone, proving that sometimes we can be SELFISH for really ugly reasons.

Speaking of the man who “turns not one, Liz, but TWO blind eyes to all of your faults”…Lucky thought he’d lost his sister in an explosion, and Jason shows up with Sam, who didn’t blow up in an explosion. Lucky, who earlier was teary-eyed and choked up about the possibility of never seeing Sam, whom he cares about, again, was now enraged that Jason picked Sam, ultimately leaving Lulu to die. The scene was hard to watch. I felt angry for Sam, and at Lucky, because we all know that if he faced the same choice, he would have chosen the woman he loves too. Jason chose selfishly because he would rather live with the guilt of Lulu’s death, than to live with losing Sam. And Lucky was reacting selfishly because he would rather have Sam die than his sister. And so it was SELFISHNESS vs. SELFISHNESS, and while everyone walked away, they didn’t walk away unscathed. Hurtful words were said that can never be taken back, and a tenuous bond between Jason and Lucky was threatened. Proving that sometimes we can be SELFISH for really noble reasons.

Now…I thought long and hard about how to comment on Jason saving Sam while representing my premise for this blog wholeheartedly: to focus on THE BEAUTY OF GH. It was a bit of a challenge, but I finally recognized that my disappointment also stems from, what else… SELFISHNESS. You see, if I could just sit in front of my TV and watch Jason and Sam for the entire hour, I would be blissfully happy. And if I had written the show, Jason would have saved Sam, and made mad, passionate, desperate love to her from the door of the warehouse to the backseat of his SUV. Lulu would not have been a thought in his or Sam’s head, and Lucky would have had to screech at a paramedic or the innocent Dr. Steve Webber. We also would have taken a very huge departure from who Jason, and even Sam are. In our minds, Jason and Sam should have “exploded” into declarations of love and a need to be one. *eyebrow wiggle* And while maybe one kiss wouldn’t have hurt, the truth is that both Jason and Sam were running high on adrenaline, fear, emotion, anger, and especially for Jason, the weight of knowing that someone’s life hung in the balance of his decision. The second Jason realized that Sam was safe, he realized that he had been forced to make the wrong decision. Recognizing that Lulu was in danger of dying did not diminish his love for Sam or his relief that he had saved the one he loves, but Jason needs to save everyone. For so long, it’s been the one constant. Franco understood that better than even Jason and therefore forced him to realize that he can’t always be the Savior. I too wish that Jason had scooped Sam up, taken her home and taken a long, joint, soul-cleansing shower and slowly washed that freak named Franco right out of her hair and her head…but that wouldn’t be Jason. And really, it wouldn’t be Sam. These two social outcasts are the real community helpers, and put others’ needs before their own. It’s who they are. Look at their track record: the search for the kids after Faith Rosco kidnapped them, the Train Wreck, the hostage crisis, the hospital fire and biotoxin scare, and even Mexico. Jason and Sam react by acting. They swoop in, calm hysterics, ask pertinent questions and get everyone to safety before getting to each other. They both live for those moments, and that’s why we love them.

My dear friend Yessy resents Jason’s superhero complex, but I relate to his need to control the chaos, even though mine is so much less dangerous or dramatic. I too think I really have an “S” on my chest sometimes, and though my “saves” are usually over bullies at school or injustices against those who can’t defend themselves instead of serial killers and balls of poison, I get that same blood-rushing buzz when I swoop in and make it all okay…imaginary guns blazing. It’s who Jason is…not everyone gets it, but I do. And on a positive, I thought the situation showed Sam’s independence and self-sufficiency, which I never want to see lost in the shuffle.

I do not want to dismiss anyone’s dashed high-hopes for Monday’s conclusion to the high-stakes, high-emotion Franco saga. I just hope that we have chosen to be pro-active and not just reactive. I hope we flooded those comment lines to tell TPTB just how much MORE we wanted to see of…whatever we thought was missing, without sounding like Lucky or Maxie or God forbid, Liz!

If not…there’s still time: GH NY: 212-456-7777 and GH LA: 323-671-4583 and Brian Frons: 818-460-7020. Before you tell yourself that your call won’t make a difference, let me remind you of the atrocities we’ve endured on screen because of committed phone-call making fans. Make a difference by being one of many!

I have hope that we will get what we’re waiting for, proving that sometimes we can be SELFISH for all the best reasons!


7 responses

  1. Jessica

    Amazing blog once again 🙂 Agree with everything you said. Liz was extremely selfish and i believe that the jason and sam loving will come after!! they both put their needs aside yesterday to save others. Like they always do!

    January 12, 2010 at 2:44 pm

  2. Megan

    I am right there with you! I wanted soo much more from the Jasam reunion. At the very least a passionate kiss. but I guess thats just me being selfish. Anyways I love your blog your always right on with my feels about GH

    January 12, 2010 at 3:31 pm

  3. Wow! Just wow! You did it again. You said everything I felt. I wanted to scream….and scream I did into the comment line the first time I called to express the anti-climatic Sam save by Jason. The second time I called…I was calm…but firm. I told them that Jason and Sam are clearly the Super Couple in waiting on gh. They need good writing. They need time to talk. They need time to make love. They need each other, and so do their fans. I can’t even look at Elizabeth…she absolutely makes my skin crawl. The Lucky outburst yesterday sent me into orbit. I was livid and so hurt for Sam. Not Sam…she took it like a trooper. Jason too! They both let Lucky rant and took it on the chin. BTW…..Kelly Monaco is SUCH A GOOD ACTRESS….She needs some meaty scripts…like in Mexico. I felt her every emotion!!! Well…that’s it! Today was some of the same. I guess I like Lante. They seems to be in love … they don’t annoy me that’s for sure. Maxie…? OMG…I wanted to smack that beautiful face…and Spin for being such an butt kisser to her. BOTH of them…not a single concern for Sam. Well. that’s it! I adore my JASAM…adore them in every way. Kelly is looking gorgeous! Today…she’s a knockout…but, that’s tomorrow’s blog. See ya…and thanks!

    January 12, 2010 at 6:15 pm

  4. mariam

    I agree with you about jasam, they are the social outcasts that save everyone. I think the only difference is that Jason’s efforts often get recognized, and Sam is usually forgotton.

    I think they did lusam wrong, there is a bond that was damaged on Monday. And I was a lusam fan.

    January 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm

  5. tchrof6th

    I have to agree with the fact that although I wanted more, I was extremely impressed byt the fact that Sam has become this independent entity away from jason but the solid rock on which he stands. I am very excited for their upcoming talks and for the new direction they will be going in. I agree that Jasam are the new super couple of the decade and it is time to lay all the other naysayers to rest…

    I will call…and I will thank them for keeping it real and showing that after a long day fighting crimne and injustice…these to always find that one thing that means the most to them…each other! ❤

    Jasam is love baby! 🙂

    January 12, 2010 at 10:20 pm

  6. Nikki

    I really love your blog. You make me see the show and the characters so much better. Thank you!

    Viva JaSam

    January 13, 2010 at 1:29 am

  7. Mariam

    “My goodness, she barely picks herself up and dusts herself off before she gets sucker-punched again.”

    Totally agree and as a Sam fan, it is really disheartening. I wish she was my character, she is too awesome for Gh. I mean how much can ONE girl take?

    Great blog!

    January 13, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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