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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane ~ In Honor Of Sam

I must begin today’s post by sharing last night’s dream with all of you, especially you vidders…I think we’ve established my love affair with the talented Micahel Buble. So you probably won’t be surprised that I dreamed that I was sitting at my computer watching “MY DREAM VID”…a vid set to Michael Buble’s “Save The Last Dance For Me”, with pics alternating between Kelly Monaco dancing with Alec Mazo in Dancing With The Stars, and then scenes of Sam and Jason dancing whenever Michael Buble sings the part…”Just don’t forget who’s taking you home and in whose arms you’re gonna, be…Save the Last Dance For Me”…

In my dream, I was sitting in front of the laptop with  a cheesy smile and a bowl of popcorn and M&M’s…and I kept watching it over and over…happily, blissfully.

So, with my birthday Coming up next Saturday, January 16th, I wonder which of my many blog buddies are also gifted as vidders, and will make “My Dream Vid Dream” come true as a birthday gift? LOL


Moving on…

Our girl Sam has had a rough time of it lately, don’t you think? She’s been sitting in a plexiglass box since before New Year’s, she ‘s been counting down the seconds to a tragic meeting with Fate, and it appears that Jason finally found her with only 11 seconds to find a way to get her out of there. Seems unlikely…

Can I just say that GH has taken the Friday Cliffhanger to a new level? It was more like a season finale of Dynasty…remember those?

I kid you not, that in spite of the spoilers we’ve all read…in spite of the spoiler pics we’ve all seen…when that last scene of the clock counting down to 11, 10…happened, and then it went black, my hands were sweaty and my heart was racing and I realized that I was holding my breath!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Friday’s episode, but I cannot wait until we see what comes next on Monday!

For today’s Sunday Drive, I wanted to leave you with two vids dedicated to our EVERYDAY HERO, Sam and what she means to Jason. Here’s to Sam!

Our first vid is about how Sam’s just “got a way” with Jason, and it’s really a beautiful song with beautiful moments with beautiful effects set to a beautiful song from…you guessed, it the beautiful 70’s!        “She’s Got A Way” Credit: Tammy442, a Sunday Drive All-Star

Our second vid is about how Sam always “saves” Jason, and it’s really a great song that says just that. “You Save Me”, Credit: xanda0627

And, just because I’m sure you’re as anxious as I am for some serious, uninterrupted JaSam lovin’, I’m gonna give you a little “somethin'” to tide you over…

The moment that changed everything“Jason and Sam Make Love 8-25-09, SLO  MO!” What a gift this vid is! Credit: StevesNikki


5 responses

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome….you could be my long lost twin. The video you want made to Michael Buble would be a gift to me as well. OMG…I love him, I love that song and I love Jasam. What could be better? As for Friday’s cliffhanger…can’t remember a better one in years on gh or any soap for that matter. I will watch the videos you just posted as soon as I finish this post…I already know I’ll love them.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance…btw…I hope you get your video and a great Jasam day …make that years…as well. Love them. Thanks for always hitting the nail on the head.

    January 10, 2010 at 2:01 pm

  2. Loved the videos you posted. Billy Joel’s “She’s Got A Way”…was my husband’s and my song for a long time! I cried when I watched the vid. Thanks. Can’t wait for Jasam to continue their reunion…PLEASE…LESS INTERRUPTIONS THIS TIME AROUND. PLEASE.

    January 10, 2010 at 2:12 pm

  3. tchrof6th

    Fantastic! Loved the Billy Joel Mvid….wow…Yeah, some of these yound whipper snappers and their rap songs are good but some old fashioned love songs have so much to say….Thanks for the Sunday drive…Until MONDAY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

    I am on the edge of my seat! 🙂

    January 10, 2010 at 5:27 pm

  4. JAgirl28

    Good Morning,
    I am so excited about today. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Like everyone else has said we have had spoilers, pics and what have you to let us know our babies should be fine but it is sooo fun to watch GH again. I am enjoying the ride. I even dreamed about it again last night cause it has constantly been on my mind.

    I found this beautiful vid on YT by PhickJasam4eva. It sums up to me my feelings and I am sure many other’s feeling about JaSam.

    Until later

    January 11, 2010 at 10:02 am

  5. Tammy442

    I wanted to thank you for posting my video over here and also for directing me to such a great blog. I love reading about Jasam on the blogs and I will definitely keep up with this one. Thanks again!

    January 11, 2010 at 10:39 am

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