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“That’s The Wrong Answer!”

Was I the only one entirely entranced and thoroughly thrilled by that scene of Jason holding a gun on Ronnie Domestico? And when Jason uttered, “That’s the wrong answer”, a little moan escaped my lips.

Steve Burton is one sexy dude. And he makes Jason Morgan one hot, intense, brooding mobster. I could watch him all day! His scenes over the past few episodes have been absolutely extraordinary. He goes from angry to emotional to terrified in mere seconds, and he makes each scene completely believable. If Steve doesn’t deserve an emmy…no one does!

Well, GHers, Jason seems to be at a complete loss over the disappearance of the Goddess known as Sam. He’s unsettled and distraught, tired and spent, and worried and afraid. Every little piece of information he gets seems to push him closer to the invisible edge, and those closest to him are concerned that he’s “off his game”. One thing is for sure: Jason has once and for all put to rest any questions about where his heart lies. It’s with Sam. He will move heaven and earth to find her, and it has consumed his every thought. It’s beautiful to watch.

The hospital was also the scene of Lisa barging in on Jason holding the gun on Ronnie, and after running to get help, Robin makes the connection between gun-holding man in Mr. Domestico’s room with sandy hair and a leather jacket and races off to take care of it. Lisa of course, asks Patrick why the hell he’s not going with her, and Patrick’s answer to her? “That’s Jason Morgan, Robin’s ex-boyfriend.” Ummm, Patrick? That’s the wrong answer. I could see the wheels turning in Lisa’s conniving little head.

Hence the scene we saw at Jake’s, with Lisa “encouraging” Robin to reflect on Jason’s impact on her life. Robin was “teary” when Patrick walked in to meet them, and Lisa loved it. Patrick, whom you have to love for showing such immediate concern at Robin’s teariness, asks his wife what upset her. Robin unknowingly stepped right into the trap set for her by replying, “Lisa and I were just talking about Jason.” That’s the wrong answer. You could just see the hurt look on Patrick’s face, and maybe even hear Lisa say “Score!” And so it begins.

Also at the hospital, but not sought out by Jason was Liz. In the room she thought was private with the door left ajar and Lucky standing right outside. Lucky stood there long enough to hear Nik ask Liz, “I am in love with you! Do you understand that?” To which Liz patronizingly answered, “Don’t you understand that this is just comfortable and familiar, and we share a lot of history?” That’s the wrong answer. Liz knows very well that Nikolas is in love with her because, unlike Lucky,who picked that moment to walk out of earshot, she knows their affair and intimacies have been ongoing and have gradually changed their relationship. So what may have seemed like a surprising proclamation to Lucky’s ears, to the rest of us was an ongoing drama of a man in love with the selfish woman who keeps feeding his hope and desire with booty-calls and quickies.

Moments later, Nik follows Liz out of the room, and Lucky follows them both. He calls out to Elizabeth and asks her, “Are you okay? You seem a little tense.” To which Nik answers with some cockamamie excuse for why they were having a disagreement. That’s the wrong answer. And what’s worse, it was from the wrong person, as Lucky directed his question to Liz, not his brother. And so, Lucky now looks upon his brother with suspicion and probably a feeling of betrayal, while he looks at Liz with compassion, as another man just couldn’t help but fall in love with his perfect, prim and proper bride to be.

Dominic asks Maxie what she’s doing in Franco’s studio and Maxie’s answer. “The police are going to be getting a search warrant on this place, and I don’t want them finding any compromising photos of me.” That was the wrong answer, and it was also the most self-centered thing she could have said. Maxie continues to make one stupid choice after another. As if going through Franco’s studio wasn’t enough, she has decided to believe that Sam is just “hanging out” with Franco, getting photographed. As if Maxie doesn’t know that Sam would never put Jason through all of this in order to make the same mistake Lulu made with Franco! Not long after, Maxie finds Olivia trying to calm Kate down about having Crimson’s office abandoned. Lulu, who promised to cover is gone, and Maxie throws a hissy fit instead of showing any kind of concern. Dominic is right. It doesn’t make sense that Lulu would take off on her, and Maxie should have known that, too. Really, with friends like Maxie….

Franco stumbled in to Sonny’s office after tagging up the windows at the restaurant in plain sight of my favorite brothers, Max and Milo. Now, I know that Franco’s reign of terror has bitten into Jason and Sam’s time together, and I also know that it has slowed down the progression of their relationship. However, I would like to remind everyone that “angst” is a requirement for a soap couple, and I would take this kind of “angst” ANY DAY over the kind that has a couple ripping up years of devotion and love by having One Night Stands. For that reason alone, I could miss Franco, but there are so many other reasons. Franco has people off guard and off kilter. He shakes things up and surprises us at every turn. And…let’s face it. James Franco is hot! He’s also really playing his scenes with deranged precision. I could feel his delight in the scenes with Sonny. When Sonny asked in that famous sing-song way of his, “Are you crazy, Mr. Franco? You can’t help yourself? It’s what makes you a great artiste?” And Franco answers with a smirk and a shrug, “It’s a gift,” I was enraptured! Although, Max might want to tell Franco, “That’s the wrong answer.”  Sonny is holding a gun, and he’s a bi-polar mob boss protecting his son. Yet Franco smiles and smirks and chuckles! Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm!  I LOVE FRANCO! I will be sorry to see him go, and can’t wait to see what happens for his one-day return in the spring.

Sometimes, friends, the wrong answers lead to the wrong decisions. Sometimes, they’re a wake-up call. Either way, each of the wrong answers on Wednesday’s episode will lead us, the viewers, down some slippery slopes and twists and turns in the lives of Port Charlesians.

I for one, can’t wait! What about you?

Make sure you give me the right answer! 😉


4 responses

  1. JAgirl28

    Jason was uber scary and super sexy when he was choking the info outa Ronnie. He scared the crap outta me and Lisa when he told her to get out! Man DO NOT mess with a pissed off scared Jason!!!! I was cracking up when at first Ronnie was all I don’t know anything, then Jason choked him out that mug goes” oh yeah now I remember” LMBO!!!! YESTERDAY WAS INTENSE AND GREAT TO WATCH!

    January 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm

  2. tchrof6th

    OHMYGosh! What an excellent episode and today’s is great too! Love all the angst and the action….just keep it coming…I cannot wait for tomorrow! The new GH is the right GH and they better stick with it! The only disgruntled fans now are the Liasonites!

    Life sucks on the Liason side and you can either suck on lemons or enjoy the lemonaide!

    January 7, 2010 at 9:06 pm

  3. Not too long ago, I was watching gh with a knot in my stomach because of the destruction of Sam and Jasam. It made me sick. I stuck with it because of my love for Sam and this couple. I waited and watched to see if Jason would at least mention Sam’s name. It didn’t happen for months and months. Then…it started to happen. I was happy….but, certainly not convinced that they would ever reunite. But, miracles do happen! That’s what Jasam are to me. They aren’t only a miracle because they are reuniting … but, because of their chemistry. Honestly…I can’t recall being this hooked on a pairing EVER. That’s not to say that I haven’t like couples before. That, of course, isn’t true. But, Jasam have something very special. They both have made serious bad choices in their lives and have suffered the consequences. They know what “alone” means. They knows what “sacrifice” means and loss and danger and survival. Together…they are perfect. Forgiving each other and willing to risk everything to be together makes them very special…imo. Hats off to the writers and TPTB who recognized the magic of Jasam and Stelly.

    January 8, 2010 at 10:31 am

  4. Nancy

    Oh, yeah. Jason can be and usually is a scary mo fo when he needs to be. His eyes get all squinty and you just know he’s gonna put some serious hurtin’ on ya. For years, I was a Liason fan but I got tired of the waiting, wondering and tears. Oh, just get together already! Nope, didn’t happen. Dang! But then, Sam happened upon the scene again and blam! JaSam was reborn. Oh, my. I am a HUGE fan of DomLu (or whatever they’re calling them). I am *seriously* liking these two together and am waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) for them to take it to the next level.

    January 12, 2010 at 6:57 am

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